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Chapter 3: When Worlds Collide

Somewhere in the jungles of Thailand

"Hold up, I'm gonna check it out," Chris Redfield ordered his companions as he pulled out his sniper rifle and used its built-in bipod to rest it on a fallen tree.

"See anything?" Leon Kennedy asked clutching the Remington shotgun tight in his hands, resisting the urge to swat away at the flies surrounding them in the steamy jungle.

Chris didn't respond immediately as he continued peering through the rifle's scope, remaining on guard for any concealed traps that might have been left in the cave.

"I see the entrance our contact mentioned, but I don't see anybody guarding it. He said they typically had operatives posing as farmers or boatmen positioned nearby to keep watch, but I don't see anything," he said finally taking his eye away and looking back to the blond-haired man, "This almost seems too easy," he spoke with great tension, remembering similar circumstances from years ago before entering the Spencer Estate.

Leon said nothing. He scanned the trees for any possible booby traps and then down to the ground, but couldn't find any tripwires or areas where the earth had recently been disturbed. "Compared to some of the places we've been this must be pretty low priority for them. Usually they have enough guards and traps to put Fort Knox to shame."

"This is Umbrella we're talking about here," Chris replied furrowing his brow, "I don't care if this is low priority to them or not. If they're going to be using this kind of facility for anything we need to find out what the hell's going on and shut it down."

"I'm with you on that one all the way," Leon nodded while looking down the incline behind them, "Think we should get the others?"

Chris nodded, "Sure, tell them to be on guard. These guys are new and I'm not losing another teammate if I can help it," he spoke solemnly.

"Right," Leon whispered turning around and creeping down the slope where their companions waited and waved them forth.

The two recent recruits nodded, the first being a woman in black with short fiery red hair and carrying a Colt M4A1 assault rifle with an M203 grenade launcher attached, and the second a muscular man with his brown hair worn in dreadlocks and equipped with a bionic prosthesis where his left arm should have been.

"Let's move," Chris whispered slinging the rifle across his back and drawing his HK USP as he cautiously approached the cave, pulling out a combat knife with his free hand to slice away at any vines obscuring the way.

So far there were no visible threats as they approached a steel door with an electronic keypad at the side and the B.S.A.A. operative hugged the wall next to it.

"Regina, get us in," he spoke to the woman, who nodded and withdrew a multipurpose tool, screwing the lid off of the keypad and then unhooking some of the wires before pulling out a small PDA-type device and hooking it up to the console. She typed in a few commands and within seconds was greeted by an electronic ding.

"Access Granted," a robotic female voice chimed as the door slid aside, only to reveal a sight that left the four operatives raising their weapons.

"What the hell?" Chris asked shining his weapon-mounted flashlight down a once sterile white corridor now sullied by streaks of dried blood, black pock marks where explosives had been detonated and walls dotted with hundreds of bullet holes.

"Looks like we missed the party," Leon quipped, expecting a pack of zombies to come rounding the corner.

"No time for jokes. We need to find out what happened here," Chris said stepping inside and looking up to find a security camera that had been reduced to bits of scrap by a hail of gunfire. Making his way down the hall he came to a complete halt when he reached the corner.

"Damn," he muttered.

"What is it?" Leon asked chasing after the marksman, only to be halted by the carnage he now bore witness to.

The entire hallway was lined with the corpses of Umbrella security personnel and researchers, all of them lying in twisted poses of agony.

"You think there's been an outbreak?" Spencer called out from the rear.

"No, these people were done in by high-caliber firearms," Regina answered as she inspected the corpse of a guard whose chest was torn apart by a slew of armor piercing rounds, "Somebody was definitely through here."

"Somebodies," Leon corrected, "No way one person could have done this much damage. Think we have competition?"

"I don't know," Chris responded, staring warily at the corpse of a guard who had been left with a crater drilled through his gasmask, "but whoever did this we have to find them."

A throaty cough drew the operative's attention towards a scientist slumped against the wall, the entire area around his stomach stained a deep crimson thanks to a large gash.

"Skull…man…" the figure weakly gurgled before his head rolled limply to the side. Regina rushed over and knelt down beside the man placing her fingers to his neck. He was dead.

Chris tapped his earpiece, "Sheva, come in!"

"I'm here Chris. What's up?" Sheva Alomar asked from the other end.

"We've located the facility and have determined Umbrella indeed had a presence here. Someone else has been here too and from what we've seen so far most of the staff appears to have been wiped out, don't know if there are any survivors at this point," Chris reported looking down another hallway strewn with corpses ripped apart by gunfire.

"Any idea who it could be?" she asked.

"Nope, but we are continuing with our investigation and will gather any available data. We'll report back if we find anything else," the marksman replied.

"Understood, Alomar out!"

"Come on," Chris said motioning towards the others, "We still have a job to do."

"Right behind you," Leon nodded raising his shotgun to waist level.

The quartet continued further until they happened across a security office and Regina again pulled out her PDA preparing to hack the lock until Spencer cut her off.

"Allow me," he said driving his bionic fist into the door and forcibly prying it open, "No need for subtlety when everybody's already dead."

"Whatever you say," Regina replied making her way into a space untouched by the carnage and quickly making her way over to a control panel beneath a row of security monitors. "Maybe this will show us what happened."

The B.S.A.A. operative typed in a series of commands before she was able to shuffle through the myriad of grainy black and white images, all of which displayed the aftermath of a massacre. Dead bodies were everywhere, including those of a few Lickers and Hunters, but no sign of the perpetrators until she happened across a scene in a small laboratory.

"There!" she called out pointing to a shadowy figure in the middle of disemboweling a guard.

"Can you zoom in any further? Give us a good view of the creep's face?" Chris asked staring intently.

"Hold on…crap! He's gone," she hissed.

"Damn it," Chris grunted, "Who the hell was that and why are they here?"

"Any idea who else could have it out for Umbrella this bad?" Spencer inquired while viewing the bloody scenes, the grainy black and white adding an almost 'horror movie' effect to the morbid spectacle.

"No clue. As far as I know Umbrella is pretty good about wiping out their competition before they can really gain a foothold," Chris replied placing a hand to his stubbly chin.

"And he means it quite literally with the 'wiping out' part," Leon added.

"Heh, I've fought worse," Spencer replied.

"No doubt you'll be rethinking your usage of words pretty soon," Regina said rising to her feet.

"We can debate that later. Right now we need to find out what they were working on and then focus on getting the hell outta here," Chris said taking charge of the situation.

The quartet made their way back into the hall and proceeded further into the facility while remaining on heightened alert for the mysterious swordsman or any of his accomplices.

They pressed forth along the trail of slaughter until they reached what they assumed to be one of the main laboratories, a room filled with several stasis tubes that had been smashed open and their mutated occupants lying around the room either shot up or blown to bits.

"Man what a mess," Leon remarked cautiously stepping around the upper torso of a Hunter blown in half by a grenade blast. "Too bad whoever did this isn't on our side. They must be pretty badass to tear through a bunch of B.O.W.'s like they're nothing."

"Don't be so quick to become a fanboy, kid. For all we know they might try doing the same to you when you're begging for their autograph," Spencer grunted checking over the remains of a Licker missing the top portion of its skull.

Chris ignored the banter amongst his teammates as he observed the storage tank at the center of the room, its inhabitant also missing and judging by the size, likely wasn't a Hunter or Licker. Staring at the empty tank took him back to the secret laboratory at the Spencer Estate where he first became acquainted with something that should have only existed in a child's worst nightmares. It had been a battle that put him and Jill through Hell.

"Jill…" he muttered staring blankly towards the shattered glass.

"Chris, are you alright?" Regina asked stepping up alongside him and staring warily towards the empty tank.

"Yeah…never better," he lied looking over to the red-haired woman, "Think this might be the laboratory with the main database?" he asked looking past her to the panels of computers lining the side walls.

"I can check," Regina replied again pulling out her device and approaching one of the abandoned workstations.

"Yeah, do that," Chris said looking around the room, his eyes drawn to a cardboard box that appeared out of place in the lab.

"Damn it Chris, pull it together," he told himself as he looked to the ceiling so his eyes could avoid the multitude of empty tanks.

He always lost his train of thought when his missing partner came to mind, a woman he had been through so much with.

"She sacrificed herself just for me, but why?"

It was a question he had asked himself a million times over since that fateful night. He was forever tormented by the images of Jill throwing herself through that window so she could stop their hated adversary Albert Wesker, the very man they entrusted their lives to on that mission so many years earlier, one who had been working for the accursed pharmaceutical conglomerate and viewed them as nothing more than guinea pigs for a very messed up science project.

"Damn it Jill. Why did you have to play the role of the hero like that? That should have been me sacrificing myself to save you. Why damn it, why?" he asked himself, feeling a solitary tear stinging the corner of his eye.

"Man, they have so much data here I don't think I'm gonna be able to fit it all onto one device," Regina called out, "This place is a goldmine."

The woman was interrupted by the hiss of hydraulics and the four operatives whirled on their heels with guns drawn ready for a battle.

"Who the hell?" Leon asked staring towards their lone visitor.

They were greeted by a dark-haired man in a black bodysuit with a skull design over his chest, a smoking assault rifle in his hands.

"Freeze B.S.A.A.! Identify yourself at once!" Chris ordered training his gun on the man's chest.

The mystery man said nothing and only regarded him with an icy glare, unafraid of the firearms trained upon him.

"This is your last warning," Chris continued taking a step towards the man, "Now we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Your decision pal," he said looking over to his heavily-armed companions.

A smirk crossed the man's face and he raised his rifle, firing a grenade from the attached launcher in their direction.

"Scatter!" Chris shouted diving behind a support pillar for cover as the grenade exploded behind him, a wave of heat washing over him and leaving him sweating buckets. He could hear the rattle of Regina's assault rifle and the booms of Leon's shotgun, peeking his head out to see Spencer shooting his hand towards the rafters, using it to pull himself over the flames and attempt a zip kick on the man.

The mystery man came prepared and pulled out an EMP grenade, chucking it into the air before the bionic command could connect.

"Oh sh-" Spencer managed to blurt out before he was hit by an electromagnetic shockwave that disabled his appendage and sent him crashing to the hard floor. Chris witnessed his partner's predicament and jumped into the open firing a barrage of rounds into the man's chest.

The curling of the mystery man's lower lip was the only indication he felt the impacts against his chest, otherwise he continued pressing forth like a machine firing away at his four targets, only halting when Leon fired a shotgun blast that came too close for comfort and sent him rolling for cover behind one of the tanks.

"This has to be that 'skull man' the researcher mentioned," Leon shouted to Regina over the popping of Chris' handgun.

"You think?" Regina sarcastically retorted as she stepped out to fire another burst from her rifle at the man.

The mystery man had run out of ammo for his assault rifle and was now down to using dual SIG Sauer P226's against Chris, who in turn pulled out an MP5, both of them firing wildly as they closed in on each other. Before he could fire another volley the man rolled towards him and delivered an uppercut which forced him to drop his gun.

Chris reached for his knife out of desperation, but the man head butted him and then picked him up and slammed him down to the floor.

"You were in my way, just like the others. Nothing personal," the man spoke training his gun on the agent's forehead, but was halted as something latched onto his ankle and pulled him backward.

"Come 'ere!" Spencer shouted using his bionic hand to draw the gunman in and followed up with a hard punch that sent him flying across the room.

"Is that it?" Leon asked training his shotgun on the unconscious gunman.

"Alright, enough of this Metal Gear hiding-under-a-box crap!" a loud, obnoxious voice called out and a figure clad in a black and red bodysuit with a mask covering his face kicked off the aforementioned box Chris noticed, "Hey, wait a minute! Where's that badass background music I had in the third game?"

"Who the hell is this clown?" Regina asked staring towards the awkward masked individual.

"Beats me," Leon replied, "Damn, his voice sounds like gasoline mixed with gravel. So annoying it almost makes you wanna put a gun to your head and pull the trigger."

"Alright, that's far enough," Chris shouted training his submachine gun on the masked man, who raised his hands in mock surrender, "You are interfering in an official B.S.A.A. investigation. Give up at once!"

"Uh…don't I at least get to plead my case like the other guy did?" the annoying man asked.

"No, because pleading would mean you gotta open that annoying yap of yours again," Leon retorted, "What the hell are you even doing here anyway? This isn't a damned costume party."

"So that really is the Punisher over there then?" the masked man asked pointing with his thumb towards the prone man in black, "He's not really that creepy Goth kid who works at the Hot Topic down the street?"

The four agents looked to each other scratching their heads in confusion while the masked man walked over to Regina extending his hand, "Well hello there! The name's Deadpool by the way, sweetie. Why don't you gimme a call sometime?" he asked making the phone motion with his right hand, "Better yet, what's your e-mail address? Why don't you look me up on Facebook sometime? I don't do the Twitter thing because I had the stupid name. Who the hell even thinks a cutesy little bird looks good in a logo anyway? Might give kids nightmares."

"Uh yeah, yeah Mister…uh, Deadpool," Regina said adopting a business-like tone, "Can you tell us if that 'Punisher' guy over there was responsible for what happened here?" she asked motioning towards the demolished laboratory and the shot up corpses lying around.

"Whoa…he did all this?" Deadpool asked looking around, "I mean I knew he was a hardcore badass and everything, but goddamn! Wish I had my camera with me, this would look good on YouTube!"

"Does this guy ever shut up?" Spencer whispered into Leon's ear.

"Uh sir, sir," Chris said stepping in the masked man's face, "Seriously, we need to know if you were aware of what was going on around this facility?"

"Well sir," Deadpool said scratching his head, "All I know is I was down at the local Burger King having a Big Mac and then I was about to shoot the cashier for giving me onions when all of the sudden I saw this big flash of lightning and BAM! I'm in this place-" when the motor-mouthed man abruptly stopped himself, "Uh hey, is this all gonna be on 'Cops?' I love that show!"

"Okay, maybe I shouldn't have bothered to ask," Chris sighed face palming.

"Shh, do you hear that?" Leon blurted out waving his shotgun around the room.

The others followed his lead, while Deadpool struck an awkward pose and used his free hand to pantomime zipping his lips.

Thunderous footfalls could be heard from a distance and they were getting closer to the lab.

"Crap, looks like our friend over there missed one," Spencer whispered prepping his bionic arm.

Chris nor the others said nothing as the footsteps drew closer and he found himself withdrawing his grenade launcher.

"Would now be a good time for whatever this thing is to say 'fee, fi, fo, fum?'" Deadpool blurted out.

Before Chris could turn to yell at the motor-mouthed madman a massive claw punched through the wall and they felt back ready for a fight. The claw again penetrated the concrete surface and the eight foot tall gray-skinned behemoth forced its way through, closely resembling the very first Tyrant he ever encountered, even with the exposed heart.

"Open fire!" he ordered and began lobbing grenades at the oncoming brute.

"My friend, I like your way of thinking," Deadpool said withdrawing a pair of submachine guns and firing away like a man possessed.

"BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG!" he joyously cackled firing every round he had into the approaching monstrosity until the B.O.W. drew its arm back and sent him flying across the room with deep gashes covering his torso.

"Damn it," Chris spat as he slapped some fresh shells into his grenade launcher and fired a liquid nitrogen round to temporarily freeze the Tyrant's advance before firing a regular grenade into the sky and then two more, all three projectiles knocking the beast from its feet, but only knocking it out for a few seconds before it was pushing itself back up.

Regina and Leon then joined the assault, the female operative attacking with a device called the 'chainmine,' firing five mines into the ground, while Leon withdrew a heavy machinegun and fired a burst into the monster's exposed heart.

As their partners did battle with the Tyrant, they heard another rumble coming from above and quickly moved out of the way as several rafters collapsed to the floor, heralding the arrival of another brute.

"There's another one," Chris shouted to his teammates as he withdrew the more powerful M29 magnum and began pelting the beast with rounds while Spencer charged up his bionic arm delivered a punishing blow that sent the monster flying across the room and impaling it upon a fallen drainage pipe, yet it had managed to survive and pushed itself back to its feet.

Yet another wall gave way and a third Tyrant made its presence felt, causing both men to stand with their backs to one another.

"Now I know Punisher, Skull Guy or whatever the hell they call him really missed something!" Spencer shouted as he readied his bionic arm for another power blow.

Chris said nothing and fired away at the new Tyrant, shooting until his clip ran dry and he was forced to draw his Ithaca M37 shotgun, firing every shell until that too ran empty and the brute was standing tall over him.

"Damn it! Not like this!" his mind screamed over and over again as he stared into the giant's soulless white eyes, too petrified to move. All he could do now was stand and accept his fate.

There was a screech of metal and suddenly Deadpool was perched atop the monster's shoulders with dual katanas drawn.

"Honey, I'm home!" he shouted before slicing both blades simultaneously, cutting through the giant's neck and sending its head rolling to the floor, "You know I make it look easier than in the 'Resident Evil' games, yes you do! No rocket launchers necessary baby! Hahahahahahahaha!"

"How the hell are you still alive?" Chris asked the masked mercenary, completely dumbstruck by how he could shrug off an attack that would have eviscerated a normal human being.

"What's the matter? You're not impressed by my Adonis DNA?" Deadpool asked flexing his muscles, "I guess the author must really like me."

"Who?" Chris asked, staring at him as if he had just grown a second head.

"You know, the guy typing this up on his computer as we speak!" Deadpool explained knocking on the fourth wall, "He's writing a story that has ten reviews in just two chapters!"

The B.S.A.A. agent said nothing, not knowing what to think aside from the fact that the man he was dealing with was bat shit crazy.

"Nobody ever gets it," Deadpool sighed sadly, his shoulders sagging in emphasis, "Oh well, I do know one thing that will make me happy…" he said and his tone abruptly changed, "…killing me another Tyrant!" he said raising his swords and leaping high into the air, propelling himself off a nearby wall and slicing the second Tyrant across the throat.

The behemoth did not go down and marched menacingly towards the assassin, the fragmented pipe still protruding from its chest.

"That didn't work, oh well time for Plan B then," Deadpool said again rushing towards the brute, "It's cutting time!"

With inhuman speed the assassin slashed away wildly at the Tyrant until it dropped to its knees. "Marvelous!" he exclaimed, his word coming out in a large yellow bubble, which he then grabbed out of thin air and drove the pointed end into the monster's skull.

"Yay! I slayed the big ugly beast! What's my prize? Do I get that sweet new XBOX 360 I asked Santa for?" Deadpool called out to nobody in particular.

"Okay, that's just too messed up for words," Chris said rubbing his eyes to make sure he wasn't hallucinating and turned this attention towards the remaining Tyrant, who still somehow managed to trudge through everything Leon and Regina were unleashing upon it.

"Damn it! This thing won't go down!" Leon shouted trying to retreat so he could load fresh rounds into his Remington, while Regina had expended her last hand grenade upon the methodical beast, fumbling for her Desert Eagle when a lone shot rang out and the Tyrant collapsed to the floor with a fresh hole driven through its skull.

The quintet turned to see The Punisher had regained consciousness and withdrawn a PSG-1 sniper rifle, firing the fatal round.

"Must be a bunch of rookies if you need to waste that much ammo," The Punisher spoke lowering the rifle.

"I'd watch my tongue if I were you and you still owe us an explanation for everything that went on here," Chris said walking up and getting in the man's face.

"How am I supposed to explain anything?" the vigilante replied, "For all I know I was in the middle of blasting through some Colombian drug runners and then next thing I know, I'm in this place with a bunch of spooks wanting me dead. I did the only thing I could think of," he said nodding to his rifle.

Chris tapped his earpiece, "Sheva, come in. We've collected the data and are ready to roll out. Send Josh in for an evac-"

A loud crackle interrupted the agent and he looked around the room to see all of the computers and other electronic devices beginning to flicker on and off.

"Chris, what's going on?" Sheva called out from the other end.

Before he could answer, all six of the occupants disappeared in a bright ball of light.


Somewhere in the Bavarian countryside, Germany

Jon Talbain grunted loudly as he stirred back into consciousness, grabbing handfuls of grass as his eyes fluttered open.

"Gah…where the hell am I?" he asked aloud, finding himself in an open field in the dead of night.

The werewolf stopped to gather his thoughts as he tried to remember what had just happened.

"I remember now," he told himself, "I was in the middle of training Liam and Ellie when it looked like a storm was brewing…and then the lightning…"

"But why here?" he asked aloud staring off to the full moon over the mountains, "And where the hell is 'here?'" he asked again scanning his surroundings.

Walking towards a dirt road, he came to a halt and stuck his nose into the air as he caught the whiff of a familiar scent.

"Brimstone," he muttered and ran down the road using his nose as a guide traveling for miles until he was led to a church.

The building appeared to have been abandoned for quite some time, its paint peeling, the stained glass windows shattered and a rusted bell hanging from the tower. Jon was almost confused as to why he would have been drawn here, until he spotted a faint flicker of light from within the dilapidated structure.

Finding himself drawn forth he rushed through the overgrown grass and then up the weathered stone steps, pulling one of the large oak doors open and stepping inside.

Jon looked towards the front of the chapel, where he spotted a lone figure lighting a row of candles beneath a statue of Jesus Christ. The individual sensed his presence and turned to face him.

"Welcome-" the figure spoke as it turned to face him, only to stop and stare at him wide-eyed as he took in Jon's animalistic appearance, "Mein Gott im Himmel."

The occupant himself was of an unusual appearance covered in indigo-colored fur, pointed ears, fang-like teeth, yellow eyes, three fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot. He was clad in a red and black outfit with an opening in the back where a prehensile tail stuck out from.

"And who in the bloody hell are you? One of Pyron's stooges?" Jon demanded baring his fangs.

"I do not know who you speak of," the demon-like figure replied in a thick German accent.

"No? Then one of Jedah's boys?" the werewolf continued stepping towards the nameless being.

"I do not know who you are talking about. My name is Kurt Wagner and I mean nobody any harm. This is my sanctuary you have entered," the mutant gestured towards the church which they occupied.

"Right and I'm the bloody Queen of England," Jon snapped displaying his razor-sharp claws, "I'm already having one hell of a bad night, might as well blow off some steam."

"Mein freund, I sense you are deeply agitated and do not wish to fight with you and I must ask you to leave at once if you do not cease with your unnecessary aggression," Nightcrawler replied, inching towards the altar where he kept a sword concealed.

A bright ball of light suddenly flashed in the room and two figures fell from it.

"What the hell gives?" called out another German-accented individual, a scarred middle-aged man clad in a yellow military-like outfit with long brown boots, a red scarf and a matching beret atop his head, several grenades strapped to his being and a green staff in his hands.

"Could this be the work of the Heavenly Father?" Nightcrawler asked as he made the Sign of the Cross.

"Judging by what they're about to do, I think not," Jon called out as he observed the second individual, a hunchbacked man clad in a medieval court jester outfit, readying for an attack.

Letting out a shrill howl the werewolf launched himself towards the shorter individual like a comet with his 'Beast Cannon' attack, only to be halted as the toad-like man fired a glob of acidic saliva that left him writhing on the ground in pain.

"The name's Toad," the man introduced himself as, "I wanted you to know because it's going to be the last name you ever hear."

Meanwhile, Nightcrawler had drawn his sword and compared to engage the militant invading his personal sanctuary.

"I have no idea who you are, but it sickens me that you would bring your transgressions to consecrated ground such as this," the mutant swordsman said going into a defensive stance, "I will fight until my last breath to defend this blessed house of God."

The soldier scoffed, "My name is Rolento Schugerg and I seek to prove the might of my army, regardless if I must do such in a place of worship."

With amazing speed for an ordinary human, the soldier flipped himself backwards into the air and tossed a knife towards the blue-furred warrior, who easily parried it with his sword. Rolento would then roll along the ground towards him and rise up spinning his staff with alarming precision.

Nightcrawler had barely managed to block all of the attacks with his sword and performed a graceful backflip to avoid a thrust kick aimed at his face. His opponent was relentless in his assault and flipped towards him, swinging his staff downward and striking the stone floor just as the X-Man barely rolled out of the way.

"Impressive" Rolento remarked, "Join me and I can make you a very powerful man."

"I will do no such thing, herr. You are a man of great malice and are a disgrace to those fighting for noble causes." Nightcrawler replied.

Rolento furrowed his brow and attempted a sliding kick, which the mutant would flip over and then attempt to swing his staff around as he rose to his feet, which Nightcrawler would avoid by disappearing in a puff of smoke, a distinctive 'bamf' noise following.

Nightcrawler would reappear behind the militant and plant his tail against the ground, using it to spring himself forward and deliver a flying kick to the man's gut. As his opponent staggered he leapt high into the air and pushed off on the man's shoulders, sending him tumbling forth as he teleported again, this time phasing right through him and knocking him to the floor.

Jon Talbain had returned to his feet and dodged another glob of acid fired upon him before Toad used his superhuman leg strength to leap towards him in an attempt to crush him, but the werewolf barely leapt backward and blocked a flipping kick sent towards him.

"CLIMB RAZOR," he shouted as he channeled a fierce amount of energy and leapt into the air with a flaming foot extended, knocking the mutant backward and sending him flying through a weathered wooden pew.

Toad wasn't stunned for long as he shot out his prehensile tongue and wrapped it around the werewolf's waist, swinging him around in a circular motion before chucking him across the room and into the statue of an ancient venerated saint.

"You're just like a gigantic fly to me, pesky but easily disposed of…and easily digested!" Toad cackled before shooting his tongue out again.

Jon barely managed to roll out of the way and executed another 'Beast Cannon' as he leapt into the air, dropping the henchman and following up with an attack from his nunchaks he called the 'Million Flicker,' netting several blows upon Toad before performing another 'Climb Razor' that knocked him from his feet.

"You're wrong, whelp! I'm the alpha male around here!" the werewolf asserted.

"Stay still maggot!" Rolento shouted chucking knives towards Nightcrawler, who was either able to teleport or flip out of the way as they flew towards him, eventually clinging to a nearby wall and climbing into a shadowy area where he was able to blend in thanks to his indigo fur.

The militia leader had finally had enough and withdrew a line of grenades, "A little scorched earth never failed in taking out some bothersome leeches like you."

Nightcrawler's eyes widened as he saw what was about to happened and looked down to where the werewolf had just succeeded in knocking out Magneto's former henchman Toad. He teleported to the floor and grabbed the wolfman by the shoulder before teleporting again, taking them outside just as the church was blown to kingdom come behind them.

"What the hell?" Jon demanded as he again found himself mysteriously transported outside and found himself standing alongside the mutant swordsman, his attention drawn to the blazing church. He remained silent as Nightcrawler whispered a prayer while clutching at a crucifix.

"This is all too weird," he muttered as he watched the wooden structure collapse before his very eyes, powerless to do anything to halt its destruction.

The flutter of helicopter blades caught his attention and he looked over to see a helicopter fast approaching, watching as it lowered a rope ladder and flew away with both Rolento and Toad clinging to it.

Nightcrawler watched passively as the chopper took off, wondering why everything had to happen like this. He didn't know whether he should condemn or pity those two men for their actions.

"C'mon, we'd better get out of here," Talbain said tapping the mutant on his shoulder and starting to walk away.

Nightcrawler said nothing, watching as a storm began to brew in the nighttime sky above.


Mojave Desert

"How's your search coming along so far Tony?" James "Rhodey" Rhodes asked from the command center back at Stark Tower.

"Heh, well if you consider that I'm looking for a bunch of dirt and rocks I'd say it's been going good so far," Tony Stark, the billionaire industrialist also known to the public as Iron Man, sarcastically remarked as he flew over the sun scorched land in his trademark armor. "No anomalies have been detected so far, but that doesn't mean they aren't here."

"Watch yourself Tony; they've been popping on and off the radar. It's unlike anything we've ever seen before," Rhodey replied.

"I'll keep that in mind when I finally spot a 50 foot scorpion appearing from out of nowhere," Iron Man chuckled.

"Sir, an anomaly has been detected 50 yards north of your present location," his home computing system J.A.R.V.I.S. reported.

"Thank you Jarv, I'll take it from here," Iron Man replied adding additional power to his rocket boosters.

He spotted a pillar of smoke in the distance and then the large crater that served as its source.

"Rhodey, I've encountered something out here. I'm scanning it now," Iron Man reported using heat sensors and other advanced medical sensors to search for any survivors, "Wait, I'm picking something up right now and it's right in the middle of the crater. I'm gonna check it out."

"Be careful," Rhodey replied.

Iron Man positioned himself over the crater and carefully lowered himself until his boots touched the soil and he was able to get a clear view.

"Rhodey, I've found out what it is…it's a kid…in blue armor," he reported.

The prone figure looked more like a teenager to be exact with some weird red light on his helmet and what almost looked like a cannon where his right hand should have been.

"Hmmm, this doesn't appear to be any of my work," Iron Man said scanning the figure's vitals, able to confirm it wasn't human, "Weird…it's unlike anything I've ever seen."

The robot suddenly gasped as if it were a human and shot its green eyes open.

"Whoa, easy there kid," Iron Man said kneeling down and offering his hand, but was instead met by a cannon being pointed in his face.

"Are you a Maverick?" the robot demanded.

"Uh no, son, I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about," Iron Man replied grabbing the robot and helping him back to his feet.

"Sigma…" the blue warrior whispered before his eyes widened, "Zero!"

"Whoa, wait there! Slow down!" Iron Man said as the robotic being shoved past him and began clawing his way towards the top, "What are you talking about, with this…uh, Zero?"

"Zero, my partner!" the figure shot back as he finally reached the top and searched frantically before tapping his helmet, "Zero, come in! Zero, speak to me!"

Iron Man used his jets to boost himself back to the surface and pushed a switch that opened his mask, showing his human face to the robotic warrior. "Kid, just what the hell are you?"

"Mega Man X," he replied with a sharp glare, "and we should be more worried about finding my friend…who knows what Sigma and the others could have done to him."

"Behind you," Iron Man called out as a comet suddenly materialized in the daytime sky and was heading towards the earth.

"Tony, are you there? I'm picking up more unknown activity on the radar! It's near your location-" Rhodey called out.

"Yeah, and I'm looking right at it!" Iron Man hollered back just as it touched down, a mushroom cloud of desert sands erupting into the air as it made contact.

X said nothing and ran towards the site of the disturbance while Iron Man flew overhead and was able to make out four figures lying in the crater, much in the same manner as when he discovered the blue armored robot.

"Well what have we got here," he said lowering himself towards the nearest figure, an Asian man clad entirely in white and wearing a matching headband.

"Ugh…did somebody get the number of that Cyberbot?" the young man groaned weakly reaching an arm up to rub a large bump on his forehead.

"Well at least they're all alive," Iron Man whispered as X finally made his way towards the crater and slid down the incline to help a blond-haired man clad in blue and white armor with a large star on his chest and a ruby visor over his eyes.

"Tony? Tony Stark?" a voice called out.

He looked over to see a familiar face among the individuals, a Native American man clad in a blue and gold bodysuit with a bionic right leg.

"Forge?" he replied walking over to help his old friend with the fourth man, a Japanese fellow wearing a white headband and a black and white uniform, "Haven't seen you in a long time."

"Indeed it has, but right now we've gotta worry about helping these guys out," the shaman said looking over to the other two nameless men.

"I'm fine…really," the guy they were supporting grunted, reaching down for what almost seemed to be a pummel without the blade, until he pushed a button which caused a green plasma blade to form.

"I mean you no harm," he said stepping towards the armored warriors, "My name is Hayato Kanzaki and I am a bounty hunter from Japan. I was tracking down my latest target when I suddenly appeared here…wherever I am now," he said looking around to take in the arid environment in which he now stood.

"Well you're certainly far away from Japan," Iron Man said observing his plasma sword with great interest.

"Yeah, and I'm quite a ways away from Metro City," the blond-haired man spoke walking over to the assembled trio, "Captain Commando at your service," he said extending his hand.

"Uhh…nobody still told me if they got the number from that Cyberbot…" the man in white groaned as Mega Man X helped him over to the group.

"Jin Saotome! What brings you here old buddy?" Captain Commando said walking over and grasping the young man's hand, pumping it until he was crying out from his arm nearly being ripped out of its socket, "Whoa, sorry about that, but still good to see you!"

"Yeah, you too Cap," Jin replied, the shockwaves of pain helping him regain his wits.

"We still need to figure out how all of you got here," Iron Man stepped in, "and why you are here and more importantly, who could be causing this if this isn't some weird natural phenomena."

"And what kind of technology could have caused it," X added, "or where they could have obtained it."

"I think I might have a few ideas as to who could have," Forge chipped in, attracting odd looks from the others.

Iron Man then activated his suit's built-in communicator, "Rhodey, come in!"

There was nothing but static from the other end.

"Rhodey, come in!" he shouted and waited a few tense seconds before turning to the others, "Damn it, nothing!"

"This is all just too damn weird," Jin said grabbing his temples as he shook his already sore head.

"Heh, tell us something we don't already know," Hayato replied staring off into the distance.

"So now what do we do?" Captain Commando asked, "We're stuck in the desert with nothing."

"Maybe not for long," X called out pointing in an opposite direction where another storm was fast approaching, very similar to the one he spotted before he wound up in the desert.

"This doesn't look good," Iron Man replied.


Tokyo, Japan

"Man, I can't wait to check this place out," Hinata Wakaba called out practically dragging her two best friends Batsu Ichimonji and Kyosuke Kagami along as if they were dogs on leashes.

"Sure thing," Batsu gagged as the small girl tugged at his collar until he was beet red in the face.

"Is it necessary you drag us?" Kyosuke shouted, inviting the stares of some onlookers as he managed to free his neck long enough from the hyperactive teen's iron grip.

"I heard Gan's going to be there! You know how he is," Hinata shot back as they rounded a corner and nearly collided with a food vendor.

"Okay you make a point, but why here of all places?" Batsu shouted.

"Sakura and Natsu have been raving about it nonstop and you know how good they are at recommending awesome new places," Hinata winked.

"Heh, the last time I listened to them I got hot water thrown in my face by that cute girl at the sundae shop," Batsu yelped the last few words out as he bumped into an elderly woman, quickly muttering an apology and getting out of there before she could smack him upside the head with her purse.

The trio raced two more blocks before they finally happened across a building with a sign labeling it as 'Casa de El Fuerte' in red, white and green letters along with a cartoon caricature of a masked man dressed like a chef.

"We're here," Hinata happily shouted, finally releasing her stranglehold on the two boys and they collapsed to their knees clutching at their sore throats.

"Hinata!" a voice called out and she turned to find a familiar dark-haired girl in a schoolgirl outfit and white headband.

"Sakura!" the Taiyo high student replied and rushed over to greet her childhood friend and then noticed two more familiar faces, "Natsu! Kei!"

"Casa de El Fuerte, huh?" Batsu asked looking up to the sign.

"I've heard of that guy. He used to be a big time luchador who went on to compete in one of the Street Fighter tournaments," Kyosuke added looking warily towards the sign, "From what I hear he's a bit…'off the wall' so to say."

The duo and several onlookers watched in amazement as the aforementioned Mexican wrestler-turned-gourmet chef suddenly leapt out from behind the sign with a frying pan and in hand.

"It's super dynamic cooking time!" the high-energy warrior shouted as he flew towards the crowd and landed gracefully on his feet to the cheers of the awestruck spectators and stopping to pose for pictures. "Hello and welcome to Casa de El Fuerte, where I deliver a smack down of scrumptious delights from all the corners of the world! It is simply enough to send you straight to the heavens!" the short man roared triumphantly.

Batsu looked around and noticed several familiar faces amongst the spectators.

Directly across the street from the restaurant the pink-clad developer of the Saikyo-ryu martial art, the one and only Dan Hibiki, put up a futile effort to distribute more flyers for his dojo as more and more passersby were drawn towards the restaurant, more concerned about getting a fresh meal in their tummy than learning a brand new style under the so-called 'greatest.'

Not much farther away the woman warrior biker Akira Kazama reclined against her motorcycle as her older brother Daigo and his associate Edge fought in vain to restrain the mighty Gan Isurugi from plowing through the line of people waiting patiently for admission, a task that was next to impossible when he was hungry, which was almost every other minute.

The hot-headed baseball star Shoma Sawamura and the calmer soccer player Roberto Miura showed up to mingle with Hinata, Sakura, Natsu and Kei, while not much farther away the American exchange students from Pacific High, Roy Bromwell, Tiffany Lords and Boman Delgado would all arrive in a limousine.

To him it was like one huge reunion, the last time all of them being together to fight Kurow Kirishima and a possessed Hyo Imawano.

"Hey Batsu! Kyosuke! What's up?" another voice called out.

The duo turned to see two brothers approaching them, both of them wearing black baggy pants and long, sleeveless salmon Kung Fu shirts, yellow wristbands and sneakers. The first brother had long hair worn in a traditional Chinese queue covered by a blue baseball cap with a yellow visor, a white shirt with blue trim and carried a skateboard, while the second had shorter brown hair with long bangs and wore a red shirt with a pair of rollerblades slung over his shoulder.

"Yun and Yang? What are you guys doing here?" Batsu said running over and shaking hands with both of the Lee Brothers.

"Just passing through and visiting a few old friends, that's all pretty much," Yun replied straightening out his cap.

"Knowing you Yun, I doubt that's 'everything,'" Kyosuke replied.

"What? A guy's gotta have some fun every now and then!" the elder Lee sibling said raising his hands into the air as his brother and Batsu both stared sharply at him.

"Please don't remind me," Yang grumbling burying his forehead in his palm.

"Well it looks like you're just in time for some event of importance," Kyosuke said motioning towards the restaurant.

"So that guy's still in business, huh?" Yun asked staring at the small building and the line of people waiting outside, "With some of the stuff he's whipped up in the past I'm surprised he's still in business."

"Yeah, I heard about that stuff he gave to Zangief and Honda. I don't think either one of them was ever the same after that," Yang added with a shudder.

"It's that bad huh? Aw damn it," Batsu said shaking his head, "just when I was about to get an appetite."

The doors finally opened and the line of people began piling inside and they were able to hear Hinata shout, "C'mon Batsu and Kyosuke! You're gonna miss out!" just before she and Natsu barely managed to slither around the wall of muscle and bone known as Gan.

"No! No damn it!" they could hear Dan Hibiki crying out, "Please, I'll give you your first round of lessons for free! Heck, I'll even throw in an autographed 8" x 10" glossy of yours truly and some free workout gear, compliments of Dan Hibiki, Incorporated!" the pitiful entrepreneur called out as the last person disappeared through the door, leaving him, Akira, Sakura, Batsu, Kyosuke and the Lee Brothers out in the cold.

"Well it was worth a try," Yun sarcastically said to Dan, who almost appeared to be on the verge of tears at his latest failure.

"Oh hey there, haven't seen you boys around in a while," Akira said walking over to the duo.

"Hey Akira, how have you been doing?" Kyosuke asked.

"Hanging in there as always," she replied, "Pissed as always that my school won't let me work in the garage, but I'm almost outta there anyway. Getting the hell outta dodge once I'm done."

"Heh, you're not the only one," Batsu replied scratching his chin, "Don't know where I'm going just yet though."

"Then again you are typically one to rush into things without proper planning," Kyosuke remarked.

"Hey!" Batsu roared at his cousin, "I do a lot more planning than you think!"

"Right, sure you do," Kyosuke replied with a roll of his eyes.

"Well I don't know about you two lovebirds, but I'm starving," Yun spoke up motioning towards the front doors.

"You sure you want to be around Batsu and his most dreadful table manners?" Kyosuke asked, inviting another frustrated grimace from his cousin.

Just as the Taiyo High hero opened his mouth to scream there was a loud roar from above, causing him to look down at his hands and wonder if he really had that much power.

"Look!" Akira said pointing to the sky, causing Batsu to breathe a sigh of relief that he wasn't possessed by some evil entity.

The group of youngsters looked up to the sky where a streak of fire raced at an alarming rate, prompting several other onlookers to stare anxiously as it suddenly began descending towards them and finally retreat as it got closer to the street. Looking to each other, the youngsters scattered and then braced for impact, only to stare in awe when the 'comet' landed feet first on the pavement.

It was a figure made of fire.

"Where am I?" the blazing figure spoke before shouting "Flame off!" and taking on the appearance of a normal blond-haired man clad in a blue uniform with large 4 embroidered on his chest.

"And people thought you were hotheaded," Yun quipped to Batsu, who stared in awe at the unusual newcomer.

"Um okay, can somebody please tell me where I'm at?" the man asked impatiently, "Wait a minute, I'm the Human Torch! You guys should know who I am!" he said pointing towards the group of young warriors.

They all looked to each other in confusion before Sakura spoke up, "Uh no, sorry we don't know who you are. Are you supposed to be somebody famous?"

Johnny Storm's mouth fell open as he found himself deflated, "Don't you people know who the Fantastic Four are?"

"Well I'll admit your entrance was fantastic, but other than that no," Kyosuke replied.

"Yeah, I've seen flames used before, but that was pretty original," Batsu added.

"Don't patronize me, junior," Johnny replied furrowing his brow towards the high school student.

"What?" Batsu shouted, "I'm so going to kick your ass for that!"

Johnny found himself laughing at the threat, "Son, I've battled would-be conquerors from other dimensions. What makes you think I wouldn't be able to handle some pipsqueak runt like you?"

"Oh you're so going to get it now," Batsu growled getting into his fighting stance.

"Oh yeah, now it's on!" Yun whooped, "Sorry Batsu, but that entrance did it for me. I gotta go with 'Fire Man' on this one!"

"Human Torch," Johnny corrected.

"Then I'm kicking your ass next!" Batsu snapped as he went for his first attack, only to halt himself as the Human Torch suddenly ran into the restaurant.

"Ha, well whatta ya' know? Looks like I've already won the fight before it even started," Batsu laughed, just as a lightning bolt struck from above and within the blink of an eye, he along with Sakura, Akira, Yun and Dan all vanished, leaving behind a shell-shocked Yang and Kyosuke.

Johnny pushed his way through a number of patrons before finally reaching the wall mounted plasma screen TV at the opposite side of the room, drawn to it by a sight he didn't expect.

"Ben?" he called out in disbelief.


New York City, New York


The powerful elbow strike sent Hugo Andore reeling against the ropes, yet somehow the 'Iron-Blooded Giant' managed to hold on before he could tumble out of the ring.

"C'mon Hugo, don't give up on me now!" his managed Poison shouted from outside the ring, striking her riding crop against the apron to snap him out of his slump.

Using the ropes to pull himself back to his feet the giant violently shook his head and once again made another head on charge towards his opponent, who would duck underneath his attempted clothesline and deliver a drop kick to his massive back.

"Weak!" called out his opponent, a scarred muscular man with long blond hair kept out of his eyes by a red bandana and wearing olive green overalls, matching open fingered gloves and brown combat boots.

Alex had been fighting his long-time rival back and forth now for several minutes, but the tide was beginning to turn in his favor as the capacity crowd rallied behind him, chanting 'LET'S GO ALEX!" in unison.

The reigning Street Fighter champion leapt over an attempted 'Meat Squasher' and then ducked beneath a 'Giant Palm Bomber' aimed at his head before he leapt into the air and grabbed the behemoth by his neck and spun around drilling him head first into the Capcom Wrestling Association's (C.W.A.) logo in the center of the ring, a move he called the 'Spiral D.D.T.'

The crowd exploded with delight as they could sense the end was near. Now all that needed to happen was for Alex to put the exclamation point on the finish.

With a mighty roar Alex signaled for his signature move and he waited for Hugo to stagger back to his feet before running up behind him and performing two German Suplexes in succession before he leapt into the air and delivered a mighty Power Bomb, the crowd shouting 'HYPER BOMB' as the giant's back connected with the canvas.

His opponent finished, Alex threw himself onto the prone being and waited patiently as referee Harry Hicks counted to three and the bell sounded.

"Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of tonight's main event and still world heavyweight champion, ALEX ROCKMAN!" the announcer called out triumphantly as the referee handed the street fighter his championship belt and he climbed the nearby turnbuckle to soak in the cheers of the adoring crowd, blinded by the flashing of cameras as he posed with his belt held high and proud.

The festive atmosphere came to an abrupt halt as Alex's 'Jazzy NYC' entrance theme ceased and all eyes were diverted towards the entranceway beneath the Slammer-Tron, where there stood a massive figure whose features were obscured by a trench coat and fedora.

"So this is where the tough guys hang out, huh?" the figure asked in a gruff voice as he marched towards the ring, many of the fans not knowing what to make of the mysterious new challenger.

Alex was not intimidated and stood in the center of the ring. He was never one to back down from a fight and would once again show the world why he is both the current Street Fighter champion and C.W.A. world heavyweight champion. He waited as the mysterious figure carefully stepped over the top rope and approached him.

"I take it you're supposed to be the big tough guy around here?" the figure asked.

"Yes I am. Looking for a challenge?" Alex asked.

"Heh, been a while since I had one. Why not? Game on, kid!" the man asked throwing off his coat and fedora, causing many of the spectators to gasp.

The man, if he could be called that, appeared to be made entirely of stone, a bulky orange figure that closely resembled a golem clad in a pair of blue spandex pants with a number 4 on the waist.

"Ben Grimm," he said extending a four-fingered hand to Alex.

"Pleasure to meet you," the champion replied accepting his handshake, "and I accept your challenge."

"That's what I was hoping to hear," The Thing nodded and looked to the fans, "Now why don't we give these people their money's worth?"

"Let's," Alex replied and went for his first attack.

"FLASH CHOP!" he shouted, charging towards the rocky figure with a sonic driven knife-edged chop, which only staggered his opponent, who responded with an uppercut that he barely dodged before catching him with a hammer punch that knocked him back a few steps followed by a front dropkick that took him to the mat.

"Damn, that was like being hit by a freight train," Alex thought to himself as he pushed himself to a knee, "but I'm not going to let that stop me. Beating Gill sure wasn't a walk in the park."

Alex leapt into the air and through a dropkick of his own at the rocky behemoth, who saw him coming from a mile away and blocked the attack before the champion ducked low and surprised him with a rising shoulder strike before following up with his 'Air Stampede,' bringing his big feet down onto the man's shoulders.

The Thing was only mildly staggered by an attack that would have left a normal man writhing on the ground in pain and managed to catch Alex before he could land, dropping him onto his shoulders in an Argentine Backbreaker before tossing him off to the side with one hand.

"Gonna take more than that kid," Ben chuckled ambling over to his opponent before the street fighter showed he had another trick up his sleeve.

"STUN GUN HEADBUTT," Alex cried out launching himself towards the Thing and unleashing four rapid fire head butts on his opponent, who was knocked backwards and left him open for another super attack of his.

"BOOMERANG RAID," the New Yorker shouted alternating between punches and backhanded chops before catching his challenger and hitting him with a German Suplex to finally take him off his feet.

The Thing grunted and pushed himself back to his feet, "You're a lot tougher than a lot of the punks from the U.C.C.W. that's for damned sure."

"Thanks, you're definitely no pushover yourself, but right now we've got a match to continue," Alex said rising to his feet and charging towards the golem-like being, engaging him in a collar and elbow tie-up leading to a test of strength which once again found him being tossed across the ring like a rag doll.

Aside from his battles with the massive Hugo and the god-like Gill, the New York native wasn't used to being manhandled like this, yet the support of his fans continued to drive him forth. He also noticed some of the fans were starting to get behind Ben and there were now dueling chants in the packed arena.

Alex waited for Ben to come to him and launched himself forward delivering a big boot to the man's gut, who in turn would attempt an overhead hammer blow that struck the ring as he rolled out of the way and then got behind his opponent, locking him in a sleeper hold.

"Heh, that tickles," The Thing chuckled as Alex tried to clamp down on his neck, launching himself into the air fast enough to cause the street brawler to lose his grip and go falling back to the ring. With his opponent again eating canvas, the strongman grabbed him by the back of his neck. "Enjoy the ride!" he shouted as he began to spin him around with one hand before tossing him high into the air, only to have the blond-haired man fall into his waiting fist and be launched even higher.

By now the reigning champion ached all over his body as if he had been struck head on by a freight train, yet he still willed himself to continue the match, crawling on his stomach and grabbing the bottom rope in an attempt to pull himself back to his feet.

"It's…not…over yet!" Alex shouted as he reached for the top rope, prompting a look of concern from his opponent.

"Whoa there kid, I think you've had enough," Ben said raising his hands in an attempt to calm him, "You gave me a good fight, but I don't wanna end up sending you to the morgue."

"Don't worry about that…just fight me damn it!" Alex shouted and was again preparing to charge the superhuman, until there was a loud crash from above and the spectators gasped in horror as a figure fell from the rafters and crashed through the middle of the ring.

"What the hell's going on now?" The Thing asked approaching the hole. Alex limped over to investigate as the crowd fell dead silent, not knowing whether to feel shocked or relieved as a black gloved hand reached out of the abyss.

"Carol, what the hell?" The Thing asked as a shapely blonde-haired woman pulled herself into the open, clad in a black one-piece outfit with a lightning bolt-like design on it and a red sash tied around her waist, her identity obscured from the civilians by an eye mask around her eyes.

"Ben we've gotta stop them…they're coming!" Ms. Marvel gasped as The Thing helped her to her feet, the crowd oblivious crowd applauding in relief to see her unharmed.

"Who?" Ben demanded holding her back as she tried staggering towards the ropes.

There was an earth-shattering crash from above, diverting Alex and the fans' attention towards the arena's ceiling, all of them yelling in horror as the rafters began falling towards them.

"This is just terrific," the reigning champion thought to himself sarcastically.


Author's Note: Well it feels good to finally have gotten this out of the way! Whew! I would've gotten this out on X-mas Day, but I got sidetracked by other things so I hope this more than makes up for it.

Some of the interactions I include in this chapter between the new characters are based around on whom I could perceive as possible rivals if this had been an actual game, like Leon vs. Punisher (both of them being weapons experts, plus it could provide intriguing dynamics given them being polar opposites in terms of personality), Jon Talbain vs. Nightcrawler (both of them being misunderstood non-human-looking creatures who are both excellent martial artists and being known for their prowess with certain melee weapons), Batsu vs. Human Torch (both of them being brash, fiery youngsters, yet possessing strong senses of justice) and Alex vs. The Thing (both of them being 'tough guys with hearts of gold'). I could see Mega Man X, Captain Commando or Jin being rivals with Forge due to the fact that they all possess expertise in advanced technology like he does.

For those who you who have never heard of the game, the Capcom Wrestling Association that Alex is champion of is based on the wrestling organization which was featured in "Saturday Night Slam Masters," a highly awesome and highly underrated wrestling game, and later its sequel "Slam Masters II: Ring of Destruction," both games which Haggar competed in and the latter featuring cameos by Balrog and Zangief, the former featuring a cameo by Chun-Li. I wanted to somehow include a reference to that game because I miss it so much and wanted it to have some form of representation in the present times since it has been largely forgotten.

Also, 'Rockman' is not intended to be a canonical last name for Alex, but I included it because to me it felt kind of awkward to have an announcer call out just his forename after he's successfully defended a world title against one of his biggest rivals, hence my reason for giving him a made up last name.

"Mein Gott im Himmel" means "My God in Heaven," "mein freund" is "my friend" and "Herr" means "sir" in German, I wanted to do like they do with Nightcrawler in the comics to lend some authenticity to his German background with actual tidbits of the language.

I also wanted to make a reference to the movies in including the robotic version of Tony Stark's butler rather than the actual flesh and blood butler he has in the comics. I could come up with a cover story that Edwin Jarvis was once an actual person who dies, but then Stark uploads his consciousness into a machine so that he may continue to serve him even after his passing.

Once again, this is for anybody keeping tally:



The Punisher, Nightcrawler, Forge, Human Torch, the Thing, Ms. Marvel


Apocalypse, Sabretooth, Toad



Samanosuke Akechi, Tessa, Regina, Leon Kennedy, Jon Talbain, Mega Man X, Jin Saotome, Captain Commando, Hayato Kanzaki, Batsu Ichimonji, Dan Hibiki, Akira Kazama, Yun Lee, Alex


Bison, Demitri Maximoff, Dr. Wily, Urien, Vega, Vile, B.B. Hood, Hauzer, Rolento Schugerg

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