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Summary: Wealthy pure-blood families have the tradition of passing down an engagement ring that has been in the family for generations to the eldest son. These engagements are unique because they only fit onto the hand of the woman that they are suppose to marry. Take a look within three generations of the brides of the Potter and Malfoy families.

The Family Ring

Chapter Six: Scorpius Malfoy & ...

Deciding that tonight was the night that he was going to propose to Rose Weasley his girlfriend of the past five years. So Scorpius left work early to surprise Rose in whisking her away for romantic dinner in his family's beach house.

However, to his surprise he found Rose in bed with her ex-boyfriend Andrew Wood.

~The Family Ring~

Wallowing in self-pity instead of turning to his best friend Albus Potter, Scorpius ends up in a popular night club.

For a couple of hours alone nursing his third firewhiskey to his surprise he found the red hair Lily Potter dancing with her two closet friends who just graduated from Hogwarts that spring.

Hours later and couple of drinks later, the pair found their way to the nearest hotel.

~The Family Ring~

Waking up the next morning with both of them having massive hangovers until they took the potion that was created for that very reason. However, to their surprise Lily was wearing the engagement ring on her finger.

Both Scorpius and Lily tried to remove the ring but it was stuck. So after getting dressed and trying again.

Scorpius thought the only thing possible was to go and ask his parents for help.

~The Family Ring~

Once they arrived at Malfoy Manor, Scorpius quickly escorts Lily to his father's study.

Scorpius then asks "Dad, the ring is stuck on Lily's finger"

Draco looks at Lily's hand to see the Malfoy family engagement ring fitting her finger perfectly but instead asks "Scorpius, why does Ms. Potter have our family engagement ring on her finger to begin with?"

Taking a deep breath, Scorpius says "I went home last night to find Rose in bed with Andrew Wood, so I went out to a night club where I met up with Lily here and then we woke up this morning in bed with the ring on her finger"

"Scorpius don't you remember the stories of our family engagement ring that every first born son presents to his bride" says Draco while directing both Scorpius and Lily to take a sit before him.

Scorpius looks at Lily to only say "It will only fit perfectly on the hand of one that is the perfect match for him and if they are not the magic of the ring shall refuse the wrong woman to wear the ring"

~The Family Ring~

They kept the engagement ring a secret that was concealed with glamour and also the use of a fidelus charm by using Draco as their secret keeper.

That afternoon Scorpius return to the apartment to remove everything that was his and break up with her before heading to the Potter house to tell Albus the truth.

Once inside of the childhood bedroom of Albus, Scorpius says sadly "Last night I return home early from night to only see Rose in bed with Andrew Wood" leaving out the part of getting drink and giving Lily the Malfoy engagement ring.

Hearing the news of Rose betrayal the Potter and Lupin families along with many of the Weasley cousins took Scorpius side in the divide.

~The Family Ring~

Months later Scorpius and Lily started dating much to the pleasure of everyone.

However, on their second anniversary Scorpius proposes to Lily properly and removes the glamour to reveal the Malfoy family engagement ring resting proudly on her finger for the world to see.

~The Family Ring~

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Three Generations

Potter Family:

James Potter and Lily Evans

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley

James S. Potter and Bridgette Moreau (OC)

Malfoy Family:

Lucius Malfoy and Narcissa Black

Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass

Scorpius Malfoy and Lily L. Potter