POV's will be switching every so often, so pay attention! =D

Wally's POV

Running around my best friend's house can be so fun most of the time. Except when it's I'm running around Batman's house and I'm stalling because I need to study for a history test tomorrow.

"Wally, come back here! I don't have time for this! Bats is going to kill me if I don't get your history tutoring session done before midnight!" Robin, no Dick yells after me, we totally don't see each other enough outside of the super hero business. I turn the corner to the next hallway to see an unmoving body lying on the carpeted floor. I skid to a quick stop and nearly trip over my feet and hit a wall in the process.

"Dick, dude, were you expecting any guests today because there's a girl on the ground in front of me," I tell him urgently. I move closer to the girl and see she's wearing a Gotham Academy uniform. I try not to ogle her body too much, because she is one of the most attractive girls I have ever met. I'm a teenage boy, sue me. Back on topic, from what I can tell she's wears glasses, keeps a bird clip in her strikingly familiar raven black hair and is about five feet six at max height.

"She's so not feeling the aster right now," Dick says to me giving his signature grin while checking her pockets. So not cool, but I don't protest.

"I've never seen her in school- AHAH! Found her school ID! Wait, this isn't possible," Robin exclaims reading the ID and handing to me. It read: Rachel Grayson. I know Robin doesn't have a sister so maybe he was cloned? We do not need another clone problem.

My lovely thoughts were disturbed by 'Rachel' waking up. She opens her eyes and reveals a startling blue, the same shade as Dick's. She mumbles something in a language I don't understand, but apparently Dick does. He turns to her and starts talking back. All I understood was when they introduced themselves.

"So, it seems that I'm from a different dimension. That wasn't how I wanted to spend my Wednesday afternoon. This is so not whelming," she grins and Dick returns it by laughing amusedly. Oh, great, there're two of them now.

"You must be Wally. You're kid flash in this dimension?" She questions me and I nod. I guess I'm not kids flash in hers. I wonder if she has a young justice team too.

"I'm gonna call Bats. I'll be right back. Wally, behave, right now she's your age and I don't want you having perverted thoughts about me from another dimension," Dick warns me as he leaves the room. Wait, so she's a female version of Dick? This is just really weird.

I turn back to Rachel to see her looking around at the walls. I also notice that she's digging through her backpack absently until she pulls out a glove and a circular communicator. She slides the glove on and a hallo computer screen pops up and she starts typing, her fingers like blurs across the keypad. I can probably run as fast as that girl can type.

"So, what's the Wally like in your dimension? Is there a Young Justice team? Is Kaldur the leader? Who's on it? Is Speedy still a jerk?" I ask bombarding her with questions. She stops typing and looks up her icy blue eyes analyzing my ever move.

"The Wally in my dimension isn't kid flash and that's all I'm telling you. Yes, there is a Young Justice team. Kaldur isn't the leader and Super Boy, Artemis, Speedy, Zatanna, Miss M, Kaldur, and I make up the team. Speedy isn't a jerk in my time line. What did you do in yours?" She questions casually ask she opens up another screen on her computer and starts typing again.

Before I can answer Dick comes running back into the room with a grin on his face. "Batman's coming as fast as he can. I think the thought of having a female ward freaks him out-" Dick was cut off by the sound of Rachel's communicator going off. The R in the middle of her communicator was blinking with each ring and it's getting really annoying, really fast.

"Robin here? Zatanna, slow down. I'm fine. I'm putting you on speaker," Rachel says to her version of Zatanna. Suddenly the screen lit up and expended so that we all could see the people of the other end. Zatanna, Artemis, and Miss M are standing there and I could vaguely see the outline of Super Boy and Speedy talking in the background.

"Mind telling me how you guys are managing to contact me. I'm in another dimension after all," she questions her friends quietly. And yet it sounded almost playful. Such a Robin thing to do.

"Wally hooked it up. I never knew how smart he was until now. Flash normally doesn't let him hang out with us-" Miss M was cut off by Artemis who looks around and sees me and Dick.

"Who's going to be in charge of the team while you're gone and care to explain the two guys standing next to you?" Artemis asks Rachel urgently. WAIT! Rachel's the leader of Young Justice in her dimension! Rachel cocks her head to the side obviously in thought and snaps her fingers when she has the answer.

"Get the boys over here, this is a team discussion," Rachel tells them and I see the girls from the other dimension calling the boys over.

"Sorry about the poor team dynamic…I guess they're lost without me. They're totally feeling the aster, heavy on the dis," Rachel tells us and Dick is rolling on the floor, cracking up over her use of the English language. I still can't believe that this is another version of Robin. It's so weird considering she's hot and all. Eww, did I just have that thought?

"Rachel, are you okay? When Wally came and said that you were missing we all assumed the worst," says the other dimensions Conner.

"Why are there two guys next to you? I swear if either of them lays a hand on you, they will pay," their Speedy tells us. I gulp, but Rachel just laughs.

"Roy, you really have to cut the over bearing brother act. I can knock most guys twice my size out. On top of that this is me in little preteen male form! And the other kid is Wally as kid flash," she informs him and could have sworn I heard Roy growl at the mention of my name.

"So, who is going to take over for you?" Kaldur asks from the other end and I can see everyone gathering around the communicator to hear her answer.

"Kaldur, you're in charge and please make sure that everything runs smooth…or at least as smooth as the team ever runs. Good luck," she orders him and closes her communicator.

So, whatcha think? Was it what you expected? Probably not. If you did virtual cookies for you! =) There might be some more romance in later chapters. Not sure though. You know Wally though, can never keep his hands to himself.



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