A/N Thanks for the reviews! Okay so there was a quesiton about how all of this is possible and why Rachel is older than Dick. Well, technically worm holes are possible if you look into the fine science of it, it would impossible to generate the energy for it though, with our current technololgy. But, this is a fanfiction so it is possible. And Rachel jumped dimensions, why couldn't she be older? I mean she could be younger...they don't have to be the same age. OKAY, on with the story!

"So, any questions?" Rachel says turning towards us with a grin on her face. I bet evil bat thoughts are running through her head right now.

"Yea, how did you get here anyway?" Dick asks suspiciously. Rachel rolls her eyes in response.

"You know how people like kidnapping Grayson us for cash? Well, these guys thought it would be really funny to send me through some portal. I guess they thought it would take me to their hideout. Well, it didn't really go as planned," she tells us shrugging it off like it's nothing.

"What was traveling through dimensions like?" I ask really curious. Yes, I, Wally West am interested in something scientific.

"Not sure. I lost conscience before they threw me in. Sorry, about that. Got your hopes up for nothing," she answers when we hear a door open and slam in another part of the house.

"Show time," Dick says waving his arm in the direction of the door. Rachel picks up her backpack, swings it over her right shoulder and follows. I walk behind her and notice the similarities to Dick and Rachel. They walk with the same stride even though Rachel is in inch heels. I bet they're like super heels. Like they might have some sort of drill in them for later use. Her hair is much shorter than in her school picture. It's cropped to a short shoulder length cut. I suppose that it's better for fighting.

We make it to the front parlor in about a minute. Bruce Wayne is standing there looking over Rachel like she was an imposter. "You're Rachel then?" Bruce questions her and she nods back with a serious face.

"How do I know that you aren't an imposter?" asks her taking in her every move. They then have a glare down and Bruce then goes all Batman and throws a bat-a-rang at her head. She dips into a bridge position having the projectile miss by inches. Immediately she retaliates by throwing a bird-a-rang back. Bruce was expecting it and moves slightly to the left. It misses by inches and hits the door behind him.

Rachel pushes a button and an electric shock comes out of both weapons connecting the two. I guess this is bat talk for 'we're comrades?' I will never understand Bats.

Suddenly, Rachel's phone starts ringing again. "Oh, dear, this is going to be interesting. Excuse me for a moment," she says walking away from the entry way and down the hall where she assumes it's quieter.

Dick gives an evil chuckle and hacks one of the many hidden cameras in the manor and then Rachel's holographic image appears. I dash over to Dick and look over his shoulder to watch the live streaming. I feel a presence behind me and turn around to see Bruce staring at the image as well. I guess even the Batman is curious about this girl too. Right as she flips open the phone the fun begins.

"Hey, I'm really sorry about this. You must be so worried. I know we planned to do something tonight. I'll make it up to you, I promise. Yes, put Bruce on the phone," Rachel says to the person on the other line. I wonder who she was talking to. It sounds like a boyfriend, but I could be imagining things.

I focus back on the screen to see that Rachel is pinching the bridge of her nose in agitation. I'm going to assume that her Bruce is grilling her over the fact that she ended up in another dimension.

"No, I thought I told you this already, I don't bring the taser to school-" I think she got cut off. Wait, bring what to school! "Look, I'm fine. Wally and Barry are working together on this. I can take care of myself-" cut off again. This Batman must be really protective of her. I guess having a daughter does that to a guy…hope I never have a daughter, it seems really scary. I can only hope that the guy she's dating is good enough for her or Bruce will kill him or at least make him disappear.

"I'll keep up my training. I won't taste strange liquids. I'll make sure no guy gets his hands on me. Stop worrying. Talk to you soon. Bye dad," she says concluding her call. She leans against the wall and angles her head back so it's facing the camera. I swear I could see tears trying not to spill from her eyes, but then again I could be wrong because at this exact moment she winks and waves at the camera we're using. How does she know?

Dick closes the screen as she walks back into the room. She has a grin on her face looking at our slightly flushed faces from her catching us. "So, your Bruce wants you to carry a taser with you? That's so not whelming," Dick tells her with a smirk and she rolls her eyes in return.

"Sorry about that. So, what are we going to do now? Do you guys have some master plan, because from what I've been told there isn't anything for me to do, but wait," she explains quietly waiting for us to answer.

It kind of weird to see her vulnerable. I wonder what her mentor said to her to change her behavior so much. I mean ten minutes ago she was out going and spunky. Now, she's quiet and contemplative.

"You're welcome to stay here, Miss Rachel. I assume Master Richard and Bruce feel the same way," Alfred asks coming out of nowhere, like normal.

I swear Bruce's eyes bugged out when Alfred welcomed the new girl that showed up about a half hour ago. The bat family isn't the best at trusting people, I mean it took me three years to learn the identities of Batman and Robin and Batman still isn't happy about it.

Out of nowhere there is a bright flash. We all cover our eyes and there's a loud thump followed by a crashing noise.

"Oh my, Wally! What are you doing here! Flash always tells you not to touch anything!" Rachel shouts running over to the where the flash had come from.

There is some noise from the other hall. It sounds like clinking of metal into place and when the both round the corner I see a guy wearing a flash t-shirt, plane jeans and neon yellow polo shoes, he has shaggy red hair that's down to his ears and some of it hangs in his face messily, a lean wiry build, he has familiar bright green eyes, but the most noticeable thing about Rachel's Wallace West is the fact that he's in a wheelchair.

"Roy wasn't lying, in this dimension I am kid flash, cool," he comments looking at me with a smile. How can he just look at me so calmly? How has he not broken down into a rage? Then I notice that Rachel is putting a comforting arm on his shoulder. Is he dating her?

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