So, we're still in Wally's POV and I'm enjoying the positive feedback and the questions. If you have any please ask! I might actually have an answer!

"Yea, Roy wasn't lying for once. Though he freaked out over the fact that there is a guy my age here, who he can't constantly watch," she tells him annoyed with the over protectiveness of her Roy.

"We hang out all the time though!" he says punching her shoulder lightly as she rolls her eyes at the comment.

"Yes, but that's at the manor where there are cameras everywhere. You could watch someone do anything, like talk on the phone," Rachel says flipping us off from behind her Wally. So, I guess she did notice that she was being watched. Once again, must be a bat thing.

"Dinner is ready," Alfred tells us and that gets me excited! DINNER means FOOD!

"Race you there, Kid Flash," Rachel's Wally says to me, which confuses me until he quickly zooms off on his wheelchair, rivaling me and my Uncle Barry's speed. I quickly race after him. I caught up at the door and beat him in, but this guy is fast for a dude in a wheelchair.

About a minute later Rachel and Dick come in with Bruce tailing them. He obviously doesn't trust her yet and isn't leaving Dick alone with her. I catch the last bit of her conversation, "The wheels are designed not to wear out with the constant friction from the speed he goes at. It goes best in straight lines though. It's really awesome that his speed isn't centered around his legs, even though he isn't able to run, his metabolism is still ridiculously fast and he needs to be fed."

So, he was kid flash at some point in his life. I wonder what happened to him that caused him to be paralyzed. Before I can open my mouth and ask the food comes into the room and I start stuffing my face. I catch Rachel's eye and she looks at my eating habits in disgust. The other Wally is eating normally and laughing at the faces Rachel's making.

"What caused your accident," Bruce asks bluntly at to the other Wally. You know what I'm naming him Wally2. Okay, so Bruce is being rude to Wally2 right now.

"Bruce!" Dick yells in a fatherly sort of voice. I guess it's like he's chastising a child.

"It's okay, it was on one of my first missions as kid flash. I don't even remember who I was fighting, but a bus was flipped and kind of landed on me. Or more importantly, my legs. Even with the advanced healing I was paralyzed for life. My arms still work pretty fast and so does my mind, so there isn't a real problem. I go to Gotham Academy with Rachel on scholarship, but sadly I'm graduating this year. So, I'll be abandoning her for college," Wally2 replies wiping a fake tear from his eye.

"You're such a drama queen. Honestly, I'll survive without your immaculate presence," Rachel mutters loud enough for us to hear causing everyone to laugh except Wally2 who just pouts.

I notice that Bruce and Robin are looking each other contemplating silently. I bet their communicating telepathically. "Wally, do you remember the first time that we visited Central City? You almost got crushed by a bus, but I got you out of the way. Do you think that that's the day he was talking about?" Dick questions me and the two from the other dimension stop and turn to us.

"That would make sense. Bruce wanted me to spend time with other girls my age. I was with Barbra Gordon that day. The next week was going to head off to Central to meet Kid Flash, but he was in a wheelchair and Flash told us Wally would never walk again. So, I guess that my gender changed a lot of things," Rachel says rubbing her temples tiredly. I notice that Wally's fists are clenched, but his face is showing that he's calm.

"Rachel, I've accepted the fact that I won't be able to walk again. Don't beat yourself up over this. It was an accident, I made a mistake. Obviously, me not being kid flash makes me smarter since this kid flash doesn't seem like the brightest lit bulb on the chandelier," Wally2 says making me angry, I mean I'm smart, sometimes.

"Hey, I recreated the flash experiment!" I shout at him frustrated. Rachel rolls her eyes at my frustration.

"Stop playing who's smarter, Wally and Kid Flash," she orders and then turns to Bruce, "So what are you going to do with us? It's not like we have clothes for a long trip and from what I've been told it might take a few days for the portal to be fixed. I only have spare clothes for one day," Rachel informs him and he gives her tired look.

"Kid Flash, Dick, please take these two to get some clothes. I'll try and see if I can help solve this dimensional headache,"(A/N get it? It's the title of the story! XD) Bruce tells us walking off into another room.

About an hour later we were all walking down the streets of Gotham with Rachel pushing Wally2's wheelchair forward. Both of them where wearing disguises. Rachel just put in some brown colored contacts, while Wally2 on the other hand has a blonde wig on. I took a little while to get what we needed, but Rachel got everything. They were chatting about something in their timeline and laughing about it.

"Maybe you should stick with blonde hair. It doesn't look bad on you," she teases him and ruffles his wig making sure not to knock it off. Those two are obviously best friends or maybe something more... They're constantly flirting with each other. I guess that my attitude didn't change through the dimensions.

"Wally, is that you?" I hear a voice call out from behind me. No way, it can't be her. I turn around to see a familiar blonde ponytail attached to Artemis.

"What are you doing in Gotham?" I ask her sheepishly rubbing the back of my neck. I could swear I heard Wally2 cough out 'smooth.'

"I live in Gotham, Wally. I have a better question what are you doing here and why are you hanging out with Richard Grayson?" she asks me suspiciously. I really hope she doesn't figure out Dick's identity. Batman would kill me.

"Hey, Crock, it's nice to see you too," Dick replies good naturedly.


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