Had this in my mind for quite a while now. enjoy

Und ich weiƟ ob ich will oder nicht

Das ich dich zum Atmen brauch.

~ Schwarz zu Blau ~

I'm back from a mission, smelling like sweat and totally tired. I like that. Have to raise my feet over a some drunken men that rot on the street before me. Some rats are feeding to their hearts contents in the shadows of a snack bar. I don't bother making way for the puke on the ground, gonna wash my clothes later anyway. Some junkies are high and wanna-be-gangster spit on the ground. I have to laugh a little at some high-society-boys who are looking for the high society.

My smile fade upon a pierced girl that wants me to read a newspaper she and her friends had printed. I buy one and give her some extra money so she can buy herself something for breakfast.

A glance at the station clock tells me it's half past five and my eyes beneath my mask are burning. I let out a yelp when I accidentally step on a man that sleeps between some pigeon corpses. Breathing in and out I step over him and look over to where screams are coming from. I am alarmed at first but it is just the usual upraise. Two girls are screaming hysterically at their what seems to be boyfriends. Apparently their names are Duncan and Sam. "Shut your fucking mouth or I'll punch you one!" Duncan screams. Sam's afraid as hell but he can't stay down either. Crimson red drips on the pavement.

Suddenly I feel sick and let out a sigh. It got cold.

I open the shaggy paper and stare at the punchline.

Good morning Bludhaven.

Did I ever told you how ugly you can be? Dirty and gray.

I never noticed how wonderfully gross you were, your nights are eating me up. I guess I do best if I go home and just get a good hand full of sleep. And while I make my way through the streets black turns to blue.

I see tired persons in the neon lights of the club behind the bus stop. They have deep wrinkles in their faces. It's the first shift of the day but they all keep quiet. I can see them getting frustrated because the bus doesn't come in time. And the streets are crowded with garbage and dirt. To keep your clothes clean you need the ability to fly. Everybody seem to have a dog but no one has someone to talk. I'm constantly breathing through my mouth, that's part of my life now. The smell would be insufferable otherwise. Somehow I don't feel that healthy.

Maybe I should drop the sleep matter and get a cocoa at Nolan's Pastries. I could have a little chit chat with Ana there, the cute sales-girl. What should I say, I dig her. She has red hair.

There is loud music coming from an oversized hummer. R'n'B as it sounds. Even the street-gangs are going home. A hooligan lays in the arms of his girlfriend and cries.

Well...looks like the city ain't as hard as it appears.

Oh Bludhaven...

I'm so tired and rub your dust out of my eyes, fitting my mask back in place the same second. You know you're not really pretty. Your panorama is screwed.

You don't even look pretty from the distance.

While I walk through the streets I slowly start to understand Bruce relationship to Gotham City.

I know whether I want or not, I need Bludhaven to breath.