Chapter One- New Day, New Town, New School

Amy's Point of View

"Ring! Ring!" The dismissal bell chimed, telling us that school was finally out for the day. I hated this school and I hated this town. I hated the most that my mom took it upon herself to uproot my little sister and I from the only house we've ever known to move to across California. I loved my life and school before we moved to the Valley. I hated being eight hours away from all my friends. I grabbed my backpack and quickly headed out of California Valley Junior High. Worst part of this move is that we moved here with only two months of my eighth grade year left.

"Amelia! Wait up!"

I turned to see who was the owner of this annoyingly whiny voice. It was Lisa; the girl in my class that took it upon herself to be my friend the first day I got here which happened to Monday. It was Friday now and I just wanted nothing more then to go to the place I sadly now called home.

"Oh, hey Lisa!" I faked smiled as she neared me.

"I was wondering if you wanted to come with me and a few other girls to watch some guys play baseball on the school's baseball diamond thingy."

Yes, now she was talking. Baseball; my one and only. I absolutely love baseball.

"Sure." I coolly said hiding my excitement.

We walked to the back of the school while Lisa babbled on about some hot guy on the team and how all the girls were in love with him. I zoned in and out of listening to her. All I could think about was baseball. (As you can tell, since I've moved here I've been completely and utterly deprived of my true love.)

When we got there, I saw a bunch of giggling girls sitting on the small old bleachers by the baseball diamond. The game hadn't started yet and both the opposing teams were still in their dugouts. I sighed and took a seat on the bleachers by Lisa, as she and some other girls went on about some guy named Benny.

In the Sandlot Gang's Dugout

No one's Point of View

"Okay you all know what bases you-" Benny began before being rudely cut off by Yeah-Yeah.

"Guys did you just see that girl walk by the dugout with that redhead?" Yeah-Yeah gawked at Amy as she walked to the bleachers to sit with the group of girls.

"Yeah-Yeah, focus." Benny couldn't finish his short sentence before the rest guys saw who Yeah-Yeah was talking about.

"Whoa, who is she?" Kenny replied.

"I don't know, but she's like five Wendy's put together." Ham stated.

"No one will ever be more then Wendy, but that girl's pretty close." Squints declared.

"Squints, you're just too in love with Wendy to see this girl is way better." Yeah-Yeah retorted.

"Guys! Come on! We have a game to play!" Benny yelled trying to receive their attention with no avail. Then Benny caught a glimpse of the golden blond haired girl in the super short purple plaid skirt. Benny never really took an interest in anything that wasn't baseball but she got his attention right away. He shook it off and got the guy's heads in the game.

The game ended with the Sandlot Gang winning by a long shot thanks to Benny of course. Through out the whole game Amy wanted nothing more then to be in the game instead of watching, but she didn't get her wish. At least not yet.