Chapter 10- Prologue

What I thought to be the worst move in the complete world turned out to be a great, wait scratch that, AMAZING move. San Fernando Valley was where Benny was, my baseball team who were also my best friends, and most importantly my home. Philips never messed with me again (thankfully). Summer was sadly at its end, but the good thing was that Benny and I would be starting Freshman year together. Oh gosh, I can't wait.


"Ready?" I asked looking up at Benny.

"Ready." He stated and he pushed open the big brown doors of San Fernando High School. We walked down the great hall with our fingers intertwined and I wore his Dodgers jersey that said 'Rodriguez' on the back. Benny wanted me to wear it so everyone knew I was taken. I took the liberty to write, 'Taken by Amy' on his hand with sharpie.

I saw the group of giggling girls from middle school who had been obsessed with Benny. They stopped and stared at Benny and me. Their faces were of shock and jealousy. I couldn't help but stifle a laugh.

Everything was alright in the world, in fact they couldn't be better. My name's Amelia Grace Hale and I'm happy.

Okay, so not my best work but I just wanted to end the story and the last chapter pretty much did. So I plan on finishing my other Twilight fanfictions and starting a Harry Potter one. You should read them :) Sincerely, Jamie.