Kelly Kelly was walking down the hallway of the hotel the WWE superstars were residing. It wasn't exactly early and it wasn't late. Most of the superstars were out at the bars or clubs. Surprisingly Kelly was in the hotel having no plans.

As she walked down the hall, a door opened without her noticing in time. Thus, she got hit by the door and fell to the floor. That door was to the room that Randy Orton was staying in. Out came Randy looking down.

"Falling for me already Kelly?" Randy half smirked.

Kelly looked up at him and smiled. "No no just gravity." She replied in a rather playful tone.

Randy Orton offered her not one but two hands. She took his hands and let him pull her up defeating gravity. Randy used more force than he needed to and Kelly ended up close with him body to body.

The two stayed in that spot for more than a few seconds before stepping apart. However, Randy had forgotten to let go of her hands. Kelly didn't seem to mind though.

"Why aren't you out with the rest of em"? Randy inquired.

"I could ask you the same Mr. Orton" Kelly said. "Then again I never see you really out with the other superstars. You usually do your own thing."

This was correct. Randy had more acquaintances than friends in the business. And whenever he would go out on the towns, he usually went solo. No one ever really knew where he goes but they always assume its a club.

"Ahh so I see you've taken notice of me." Randy went on to say.

Kelly laughed a little, "Yeah you can say that."

Randy took a quick notice of the clock on the wall in the hallway. "The night is still young. I think I'll head out for a little tonight."

Kelly Kelly agreed. "Yeah you're right. I think I'll go to that club the other girls went to tonight. I wouldn't mind bumping into you again tonight." Kelly blushed a tiny bit as she said that last part in a quieter tone.

Randy had picked up on it though. "I wouldn't mind either."

She looked down to not show her blushing face and to hide from his gaze. That's when she noticed they were still holding hands. Randy caught on and finally let go. Kelly looked up at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek goodbye.

A few hours had passed til it was around 4 AM in the morning. Kelly Kelly had just walked out of the club by herself. Her Diva friends had chosen to stay longer and they couldn't get her to stay. They didn't want her leaving by herself but she had convinced them that she can handle herself. She was a professional wrestler just like them.

In her line of sight, Kelly had seen a tall figure a block away leaving another club. A closer look would prove that the club in sight was a strip club. The figure had on khakis, black leather Prada shoes, and a black button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Kelly Kelly was walking towards the figure and as she got closer, the more familiar the figure seemed. When the moonlight hit the figure's arms, Kelly finally noticed the tattoos covering both arms.

It was Randy Orton.

Kelly was only a few feet away from Randy now. She called his name and he turned around.

"Well if it isn't the one person I don't mind running into, Kelly Kelly." Randy shot her a half smile.

Kelly saw that Randy's shirt wasn't as tucked in or as buttoned all the way up. You could smell the liquor on him too. There was also lipstick on his neck.

Kelly shook her head and smiled a tad before saying, "Looks like someone had a good time tonight."

"Nothing out the ordinary I suppose but I think I would have had a better time if I was with you."

"Randy, you're drunk." was all Kelly could say. She didn't know if what Randy said was true or if he was just drunk and trying to have a one night stand with her. But she was not that kind of girl if that were his intention. Then Kelly thought what if Randy means just spending time with her and not just the physical aspect. Kelly sighed and concluded that she was thinking too much into one drunken statement made by Randy Orton.