Randy woke up to the sunlight hitting his face. He became aware that there was a beautiful female sleeping partially on him. Randy hadn't woken up to a woman in a long time. All the times he had a female over, he kicked them out after he was done with them.

Clearly, Randy Orton wasn't prepared for this. He tried remembering what happened last night. When he seen the face of the woman, it all came back to him.

Randy had a hangover though nothing too bad. He's had much worse. It was a simple headache that should go away after a shower and some breakfast.

Kelly started to stir awake. She woke up and cocked her head to see Randy's face.

"Good morning." Kelly greeted him with a smile.

"What are you still doing here?" Randy replied rather emotion-less.

His words stung Kelly Kelly and her smile dropped. Then she thought about the answer to his question. 'He was drunk last night and spoke from his heart when he said everybody leaves him but he wanted me to stay. Now he's sober and speaking from his brain. He would rather get rid of my presence because he doesn't want to get attached only to get hurt in the end.' It all made perfect sense to her.

"Last night, you said everybody leaves you. So I stayed. Because I'm not everybody. I'm Kelly. I'm not whoever wronged you in the past. I understand though. I know, Randy. I've been there before."

Kelly knew Randy was keeping his guard up. He could tell she understood. That doesn't mean he was going to trust her though.

"Sorry. If I hurt your feelings, I'm really just looking out for mine." Randy said basically as a heads up and Kelly Kelly nodded.

"Understood. I'm gonna head back to my room and change. Maybe I'll run into you downstairs for breakfast."

Randy walked her to his room door. Before she could say goodbye, Randy decided to walk with Kelly to her room. It was on the same floor as his just not as close as it could have been. It was a silence filled walk. Enjoyable though. When they reached her room door, no words were spoken. Randy pecked her on the cheek and they parted ways.

When Randy got back to his room, he kind of laughed and shook his head for a moment. She's not what he expected. 'She's something else. I like it.'

Randy came down a little late for breakfast as it was dead when he arrived downstairs. Though, this is how Randy preferred it. He got his food and was about to take a seat at a table when he noticed Kelly Kelly sitting by herself. She didn't see him because her back was to his direction. So Randy silently walked over to table. He placed his tray on the table and asked, "Is this seat taken?"

Kelly's face lightened up and she replied, "Nope, its all yours."

Randy took the seat which was across from Kelly. He noticed her tray was empty. She must have ate already.

"How come you were still here sitting by your lonesome?"

"Oh no reason, just got lost in my thoughts."

"Don't think too hard before you hurt yourself."

Kelly playfully punched Randy in the chest. She smiled and he laughed.

"Why are you so rough with me?" Randy fake pouted.

Kelly smirked, "And here I was thinking that's how Randy Orton liked it."

Randy couldn't help but smirk a little too. "What else do you know about Randy Orton?"

"Not enough."

"And how do you plan on solving that dilemma?"

"Umm, 21 questions?"