She still hasn't come back. I'm starting to think that she may never come back, that she's dead. Rose hasn't lost hope though. Well... at least, she acts like she hasn't. She seems so strong. Always optimistic. But one night, I heard her sobbing from her bed. I realised then, that she wasn't as strong as she seemed.

No one really believed the story, where, she went crazy from spirit and ran away, as if to try and escape it. Most think she was kidnapped, and taken away someplace, where she can't be found. Some people say she was murdered and dragged off so people wouldn't know. And some, well, some think she was turned strigoi. Rose says, the murder theory is stupid, and... well, untrue. I suppose the kidnapped theory is the most likely. The strigoi can't get past the wards... and, I don't think humans could either...

There's a search party that was put together a couple of weeks ago that Rose oversaw. Almost everyone went. Most morri have left court as well though, their reasons are completely different from the guardians. It's really quiet now. Almost deserted. Rose isn't going. She says it's because she needs to look after and protect me and my little baby half sister, Jillian-Rose. But, she's really staying behind because she's pregnant. She says that she could still take on a strigoi any day but... she keeps getting bigger and bigger and soon, she's going to have the baby. The doctor said next month.

No one is quite sure how she got pregnant. I don't think even she knows, but right now, I don't think she cares.

She's just waiting.

We all are. Waiting.


Waiting for Lisa to come home.