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Team Jinchuuriki: Village Hidden in the Darkness

Chapter 3: I'm just like you


"I'm Naruto Uzumaki" Naruto patted his chest with pride.

"Hello, I'm Gaara." the red head said as he squezzed his teddy bear in joy.

"It's great to meet you Gaara." Naruto's smile dimmed a bit.

"I heard what they called you..."

"I'm a monster, I know I am, I-I killed my uncle," Gaara clutched onto his teddy bear. He shifted his body away from the blond. Gaara's gourd smacked the blond in the side. Gaara then turned back to Naruto, with all the saddness his brain would allow he told Naruto, "The Kazekage told him to kill me."

Naruto was shocked. He chose his next few words wisely, "He attacked you so you defended yourself. That doesn't make you a monster... What makes you a monster is killing people who you know can't defend themselves... You go rampaging sometimes, right?"

Gaara's eyes widened at that. It was also so random.

"I thought so, you see Kyuubi; the demon inside me told me that when you fall asleep the crazy Shukaku takes over."

Gaara eyes were now both widened and showing surprise, "You… you're... just like me."

"Yep, and were going to be the best of friends Gaara." Naruto smiled genuinely.

Gaara once again was shocked, "b-best friends?" he then smiled and got excited.

"Yeah the best of friends forever!" Naruto answered as he saw Gaara's eyes become brighter, "Do you want to eat something? I'm starving."

"Follow me, I can show you somewhere you can eat." Gaara motioned to a nearby vendor, "Here they sell, dango and ramen and-"

"RAMEN!" Naruto screamed as he jumped up onto the stool, Gaara following him a little stunned at how loud he just was not really used to happy yelling.

"Excuse me sir?" Naruto called.

"Yes?" The vendor man turned to the blond, "What will it be boy?"

"I want twelve bowls of pork ramen please."

"Twelve? Twelve bowls of ramen?" The man stuttered.

"Yep, I love ramen." Naruto said patting his stomach, "I might eat twelve more!"

The man was now blithering like an idiot. He soon got right on his order.

"Gaara come on" Naruto patted the seat next to him.

Gaara seemed a little hesitant, but he soon sat next to Naruto, fidgeting in the seat holding his teddy bear to his chest trying to look invisible with the gourd on his back making him lean back due to the weight. Gaara's ringed eyes were then looking towards the ground.

The man turned around with a bowl of ramen. He then saw Gaara, "Why are you in my stand? You are bad business. No one's going to eat here if they know the monsters been here. So go on and git." He began to shoo at Gaara.

Gaara then went to get off the stool when Naruto grabbed his arm; Gaara looked back at Naruto in shock once again.

"If he can't eat here because you think he is a monster, then I can't because I'm just like him old man!" Naruto said to the confused vendor.

"What are you talking about gaki?" He asked angrily.

"Naruto just stop, let's go." Gaara said quietly.

"No Gaara," Naruto started still holing onto Gaara's arm. He then turned to the vendor, his eyes turning red with slits, "You will not deny Gaara! He is not a monster mortal."

Naruto was trying to scare the vendor man by trying his best to sound like the Kyuubi, and it worked, "O-okay, just please don't kill me. I'll tell no one."

The man then slid a bowl in front of both boys.

He then hurried to the back of his stand.

The boys were quiet for a while.

"Thank-you Naruto, no ones ever stood up for me before." Gaara graced a small smile.

Naruto turned to Gaara, he started to talk with noodles hanging out his mouth, "Of course *slurp* we are best friends now Gaara, it felt like it was the right thing to do." He then flashed a cheesy smile.

Gaara felt a lot better now and began to eat with Naruto with a smile gracing his lips.


Hiruzen Sarutobi was being attacked by both the Civilian and the Shinobi council. The meaning to this attack was one Naruto Uzumaki.

"What do you mean you can't find him?" Sakiri Haruno yelled out to the Hokage.

"I hate to agree with this woman but she is right, why can't Naruto be found?" asked Tsume Inuzuka, a clan head.

"He is invaluable to our village, Sarutobi" Donzo said in conviction.

"I am your superior not an equal, I am to be addressed as Hokage" the third said to Donzo.

"Yes Hokage-sama." Danzo said bitterly.

"Back to the issue" Humora said to the Hokage.

"Yes" said Hiruzen. He was becoming restless. It has been a week and three days he has been 'missing'. He was hoping to give Naruto at the very least a month to get as far away as possible so he can act surprised that he is 'missing' so he can send out an amateur team to find him within five miles of the village.

"If word were to get out Hokage-sama, to the people that we have lost the boy, there could be some minor to major complications." Shibi Abruame, a clan head, said to the present council members.

"Yes, sir, Shibi is right, there could be reactions ranging from celebrations to riots demanding for his head." Choza Akamichi, a clan head, said to the Hokage.

Sarutobi just fell into a thinking pose, "well… no… hmmm…. This is difficult to say, I really can't think of anywhere else he could have gone to. I have looked all over his normal hiding places."

"Hokage-sama" Koharu asked for his attention, "Maybe he has found a new hiding place. He has an amazing sense of stealth, with having the ability to allude the ANBU; we should wait another week to see if he turns up."

'Yes I will take it. It's not a month but I will take it!' Sarutobi thought.

"Yes Koharu, that sounds like a good solution. However, I want regular patrols through out the village, and to up security, if this is a kidnapping it could start a war." Sarutobi paused for a second; he adopted a very serious demeanor, "A word of caution to everyone… if you find him and don't tell me, there will be hell to pay. Also if he is dead or near death, the Kyuubi could escape and destroy the village, please no one is to take any reckless actions."

He had received a nod from everyone on the Shinobi council, the civilian council was a different story, and "You mean to say that if the boy were to die the demon will be released?" A merchant asked horrified.

"Yes, so while you villagers were out trying to 'kill the demon' you were actually going to set it free." Sarutobi said flatly.


"Haruno-san, it sounds as if you are challenging the God of Shinobi; the professor of the ninja world." Shikaku Nara said in a bored expression, looking at the clouds out the window wishing he were asleep.

"That is a very unwise thing to do Haruno-san" Inochi Yamanaka said looking to the bubble gum head woman.


Sarutobi just sighed wondering where Naruto was. You see he did not actually tell a lie, just not the whole truth. Hiashi Hyuga just sat patiently watching the most unamusing show, 'I want to leave.'


Gaara was walking with Naruto down an empty street, it was six o'clock. The sun was just reaching the end of the horizon.

Naruto stopped and waited for Gaara to look at him, then with a smile, "Gaara, do you want to come with me on my adventure?"

Gaara was once again shocked. Had he heard the blond straight? Did he just invite him to leave the village to travel to parts unknown? "Really, you want me to go with you?"

"Duh silly, were best friends and we are the same; we are the holder people of great beasts."

"Umm... I do have family here" Gaara said with a frown.

"Oh yeah, I never thought about that, I'm an orphan so all I had to do was leave when it got dark outside." Naruto said to with a frown. A moment had passed, "Do they make you happy?"

Gaara visible winsed and hesitate to speak. However, he finally was able to speak, "Well my father killed my mother when I was born. My brother now thinks I'm a monster because I killed Yashamaru, my sister feels bad for me but she doesn't try to help me. And my father is the Kazekage, he's sent many people to kill me but the sand always protects me so that I stay safe."

You see Naruto was shocked. He had always wondered what it would be like to have a family but he had never imagined what it would be like to have a family who did not love him.

Then the thought had occurred to him Gaara's own father has been trying to kill his new best friend!

"Gaara," Naruto said extremely seriously, "Do you want to stay here or come with me?"

Gaara seemed to hesitate.

"Sure it will be dangerous on our own, but I'm traveling with these two really nice men and I'm really happy and I know you would be too. The fun is in not knowing what would happen next, Gaara, we are now best friends and I will protect you with my life. If you want to stay I will stay with you, if you want to come then we will leave at dawn."

Gaara contemplated Naruto's proposal, Gaara smiled at Naruto, "Let's go."

Naruto was over whelmed. He now won't be alone on his travels, and he won't have to stay here in Suna either. Naruto smiled as he grabbed Gaara's hand, "Let's go and tell Hoshi and Mogoni that you're coming with us!"

It was a little difficult for Gaara to run with his giant gourd on his back, however he managed.

As they were running off they failed to notice a green haired brown eyed girl watching them leave from the shadows.

"Gaara-kun" she whispered into deaf ears.

*With Hoshi and Mogoni*

"Boy I said to the left in the cart! Not the right!" Hoshi yelled as he smacked Mogoni in the side of his head with his cane making him almost drop the mule feed he was holding.

"Oji-san! Oji-san!" Naruto yelled as he ran up to the cart.

"Hello youngin" Hoshi said to Naruto.

"Hello Naruto" Mogoni strained as he put down the mule feed to nurse his bruise.

"Who's the kid?" Hoshi asked pointing to the red head with the teddy bear in his right hand.

"This is Gaara; he is the very tired friend I was telling you that I needed to find."

"Hello, it is nice to meet you sir." Gaara deeply bowed to the older man then a sir to Mogoni and a small bow.

"See that Mogoni even this kid is more respectful than you are."

Mogoni just sighed at Hoshi's antics.

"What was that Mogoni?" Hoshi asked as he readied his cane above his head.

"N-nothing" Mogoni said quickly.

Hoshi then lowered his cane.

Gaara smiled at the two.

"Okay kid go and get ready to leave, we leave for Snow Town at dawn."

"Yes sir" Gaara said as he slightly bowed to the kid man.

"Come on Gaara we have to get your stuff." Naruto smiled as they left for his house.

It was about ten minutes after they had left for Gaara's house when Gaara poped Naruto a question, "Naruto what's outside of Suna? Is there more sand?" (Sorry Codename-Shadowfox -.- I just adored this scene, had to tweek it)

"Nope; after the desert there are trees. Where I come from the village is known as Konaha, or the hidden leaf, there are many trees, trees as far as you can see. It's just like how your village is called Suna, for its sand, and all you see when you look out is sand."

"So there is only sand and trees in the world?" Gaara asked genuinely.

Naruto chuckled a bit, "Nope; where we are going is known as Snow Town, in Snow Town there are open fields of green grass and some type of wet, white... powder on it and from the sky falls snow flakes which is really cold water and it makes snow on the ground, and it's really cold too." Naruto said trying to remember everything that Hoshi said about snow and about Snow Town.

"Whoh, that sounds so cool" Gaara said in awe, he never thought that there ever was such a place that had existed in the world.

"Yeah it does, I've never been there before but it sounds super cool!" Naruto said very excitedly to Gaara.

Naruto paused one second and looked ahead of himself. He had seen in front of him a very large dome-like building, "Is this your house?"

Gaara nodded his head as he opened the door and lead Naruto inside. No one was home by the sounds of things, it was dark and quiet. "Is any one home Gaara?" Naruto whispered as he saw a picture hanging on the wall by the front door. There was an older man in traditional Kage robes and hat, a boy who looked like the spitting image of the fourth Kazekage, the older man in the picture, and a girl with dull blond hair in four separate pony tails. However there was no Gaara. Gaara was not in any of the pictures Naruto could see around on the walls. This only made Naruto want to help his new found friend even more than originally, if that were even possible. It was mostly otivation that hit him hard.

"No one is home" Gaara said closing the door behind him.

Gaara's house looked like a maze to Naruto.

"So where is the room you sleep in?" Naruto asked quizzically looking down a dark hallway.

"I don't sleep remember?" Gaara asked as he walked to a stair case.

"Oh yeah, I guess I forgot" Naruto scratched the back of his head in embarrassment.

Gaara lead Naruto up a flight of stairs to his room. Gaara's door was missing and his room looked as if it had been stepped on by a giant foot. At least thats what Naruto had thought.

"What happened in here?" Naruto asked in a wondering tone.

"When I had transformed the other night I had knocked my sand tail on my bedroom." Gaara said as he turned to Naruto who was looking up to the non existent ceiling.

"Whoh, well we should get your things and go before someone gets here or sees us through the missing roof." The blond stated.

"Right" Gaara answered as he got out a backpack and filled it with some things such as: water, some jerky, and a towel to use as a blanket because his blanket was to big. Everything in this house was too big.

"Let's go Gaara" Naruto said as they both went to walk out the bedroom.

They were about to step down the stairs when they both heard the front door open and close.

They were panicing. What if it was the Kazekage? What if he came to kill them? Oh what to do!

"Gaara?" The sound of a girl's voice rung through the house

"It's Temari" Gaara said to Naruto.

"Do I hide? What do I do?" Naruto whispered to the red head that just clutched his teddy bear.

"Nothing" Gaara said as he just stood there, "Temari!"

Naruto looked at Gaara as if he had been betrayed. Gaara just put a finger to his lips, "Shh."

Temari ran up the stairs to her brother, Naruto was quiet against the wall.

"Gaara, I'm sorry" She said as she busted through the room and hugged her brother with the strength of ten men, "About the other night, I didn't mean it."

Gaara just sighed, "I'm leaving Temari" he then looked towards Naruto. Temari then put her now blue faced brother down.

"What? You are leaving?"

"Yes with Naruto" Gaara said as he pointed to Naruto finally getting his older sister to look in that direction.

"Hiya" Naruto waved a single stroke to the lighter blond haired girl.

Temari took a defensive stance in front of her little brother.

"What are you doing here?" Temari asked coldly.

"I'm here to help Gaara, what do you care, you think he's a monster too don't you?" Naruto said equally as cold.

Temari then dropped here stance, "No I don't."

Gaara looked up to his sister, "Really?"

"Really Gaara, I never thought you were a monster." Temari then hugged her little red headed brother.

"Well still, if Gaara stays here his father will eventually kill him, so I think what's best for Gaara is to go away." Naruto said crossing his arms.

"He's right Temari, you are the only one here that cares for me" Gaara said, "but I need to leave." Gaara then hugged his suster.

Then they heard the door open, "Temari?" a boy's voice yelled out through out the house.

The two siblings began to panic; it was Konkuro, their brother.

"Okay Gaara I will distract him while you two sneak out the front door got it?" Temari whispered.

Receiving a nod from the boys she turned around to hear Konkuro walking towards the bedroom.

"Hey Temari- WHAT THE HECK?"

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