A Daughterless Father

It's been over 5 months since the DWMA defeated the Kissin and everyone's trying to regain a sense of normalcy in their lives. Although there is one person who can't return to his calm demeanor that he once had, Dr. Stein. He's sitting in his office, half thinking/half mumbling out-loud to himself.

Enter Stein:

As I look at my child for who she has become; I can't help but wonder that if I were more involved in her life growing up, would she still be plagued by her personal demons… Or would my presence have made it worse?

At that time, 14 years ago, it seemed like the right thing to do, to leave Chrona in Medusas' care. Things weren't going well for the mother and me, but I knew myself all too well that I'd never be able to raise Chrona. I would have been an unfit father…

I can barely get a grip on my ever-slipping idea of sanity as it is, if Chrona were thrown in the mix… Well, while psychology isn't exactly my field; even I know that it unhealthy for a developing child to see her father constantly trying to fight his temptations of surrendering himself to his own madness.

But was leaving her with Medusa the right choice?

If I had known if Medusa was a witch, would I have still made the same choice?

I knew Medusa could be cold and heartless at times, but I had no idea that she would beat Chrona into submission or put her through horrid psychological warfare. But I guess I'm no better… It would be like asking, "Which would you prefer: To burn to death or to drown?" They're just different methods with the same results.

Which Parent is more fit to raise a daughter,

a clinically insane father or a sadistically abusive mother?

Though none of it matters anymore anyway; Medusa's dead and Chrona has been attending the DWMA classes regularly. Chrona is still unaware that I'm her father, and every day I want to tell her. But my fear of the reality, as well as the severity, of the situation always prevents me from doing so.

I was never there for Chrona when she needed me,

why would she want me in her life now that she doesn't?

I'm terrified of Chrona developing those same resentful eyes that Maka has whenever she looks at Spirit. I'm not sure if I'd know how to deal with that…