The Beginning of a VERY Complicated Friendship

We enter the two-bedroom apartment of Soul and Maka, where they are currently in the middle of a screaming match. Where for some people arguing is unpleasant and usually avoided, to Soul and Maka it's as common as the rising sun on a Saturday morning.

"You're DOING this Soul and that's final!" Maka exclaimed.

Soul retorted, "Considering you're not my mom Tinytits, and the fact that I'm the one who's always cleaning the house and paying all the god-damn bills; it's still no."

"Why, pray-tell, won't you spend the day with Chrona?"

"It's not like me or Chrona are that close of friends. Either way I don't think… He?... She?... I'm not even sure if it's a guy or a girl!"


"Oww! Bitch…"

"Chrona's not an "it" Soul! They're a living being and you better not say things like that to him when the two of you are out!"

"Alright, I'll go!... But you still never answered my question as to why you want me to do it, why not you?"

"For one, Chrona's still afraid of the world and everything in it. We've taken them out before and Chrona IS a lot calmer than how they used to be, but they've still got a long way to go."

"Okay, THAT I understand but where do I come into all of this?"

"MAKA CHOP! Don't interrupt Soul, its rude;" Maka said playfully.

"God… She'll kill me one of these days."

"So anyway, the reason you have to take Chrona is because they're still not used to other people. I mean, yeah Chrona can deal with Ms. Marie and me fine, but the way they interact with everyone else is still pretty off. Considering you both have black blood, I thought you'd be the perfect candidate to help Chrona expand their horizon!"

Maka stood there for a good couple of minutes with a Blackstar-like smile while pointing her index finger directly at Soul as if he just won the chance to be a participant in "The Price is Right." (During the Bob Barker years)

After Soul showered and got changed, he walked out to pick up Chrona from Stein and Marie's place. Soul then stopped midstride and an evil grin began growing on his face as the gears began turning in his twisted head.

"It's not like Maka gave me any restrictions for where we can and can't go. Hell she gave me a blank slate and told me to run with it," Soul muttered to himself.

Maka immediately felt a chill go down her very soul forcing the hair on the back her neck to stand up.

"(shutters) Why do I feel so… afraid for Chrona?" Maka wondered out loud.

At that moment Soul reaches their house and before he could even knock, Marie busts through the door and hugs Soul in a way that could only be compared to a Boa Constrictor.

"Oh Soul! ThankyouThankyouThankyou!"

From the back Stein half-heartedly utters, "No… Stop… You'll kill him…"

Soul choked, "I hate… you so much Stein…"

"But I'm doing everything in my power to help you Soul," Stein feigned.

"Then… Why are you standing there!"

Chrona then began to creep out from the top of the stairs to see what was all the noise and witnessed Marie with Soul in a choke-hold while Stein was sitting comfortably in his new E-Z Boy chair snickering as he watched Soul change colors.

"Uh, H-Hi Soul… Are y-you here to pick me up?"

"Um, yeah," Soul expressed as he attempted to regain his composure.

Stein called Marie inside, thinking it best for Soul and Chrona to bond on their own.

After stepping outside Chrona then asked, "So where's your motor-thingy?"

Soul chucked, "You mean my motorcycle? I thought that might be a little too over the edge for you. So I borrowed my older brothers' convertible."

As Chrona got in the car they gasped, "You can take the top off!"

Soul laughed as he adjusted the driver's seat.

"So where are we going anyway? I-Is it far?" Chrona asked.

"Yeah, it's a little far. You ever hear about a city called, Chicago?"

A.N: So yeah, again I must say that I went for a different style of writing than what I'm used to. So be kind! I am going to make this into chapters and I hope you enjoyed it. Wonder what'll happen when Soul and Chrona get to Chicago? Forget when they get there, what's in store for these two while on their way! ~Traffic9991