So an Emo kid and a Cool Guy walk into a Bar…

Soul woke up to the stench of vomit, and reeling from last night. What would have been an otherwise cool night, he realized that he was in a jail cell and that Chrona wasn't with him.

"Crap!" Soul screamed.

Soul tried his best to remember what happened after he and Chrona entered the club in Vegas, but it was like trying to make out the picture on your television screen when all you were getting was static. Then African-American policewoman walked up, jeering her nose at Soul as he lay on the floor.

"Get enough sleep kid?"

"Yeah… Um, I didn't piss myself did I?" Soul asked as he realized the smell.

"Don't worry you didn't wet your pants?"

"Thank god," Soul exclaimed.

"One of the other detainees let out his stream on your back and neck when you were passed out," the policewoman said with a smile.

After that little disturbing image left his head, Soul began to contemplate whether or not to ask if they had Chrona, but decided against it after realizing that he would have seen him otherwise. Soul didn't think his friend would need an aneurism from getting a police record, so he'd have to look for him later. Right now, he'd have to concentrate on talking his way out of police custody. Finally the policewoman opened the gate and called him over to see the chief. Soul was soon standing before a man with a Santa Claus-like physique; just replace the white beard for a brown soul-patch.

The chief began, "Son, can you please explain to me what the HELL you were doing in my city?"

"I can honestly say sir that I can't remember."

"Well that's to be expected with all of the alcohol we found in your system boy. Lucky for you no drugs or I wouldn't even bother talking to you."

"Okay, so am I free to go?"

"Oh, not in a long shot boy. But I like your jib for tryin! You still haven't answered my question; what are you doing, here, in Las Vegas son?

"Like I said before sir, I can't remember anything I did."

The police chief then gave a small grin to the young Deathsythe, and pulled out a picture. It was the strip-club they were at last night. "Uh-Oh," thought Soul. Now it was starting to come back to him…

8:30 p.m.

Soul and Chrona just walked out of the parking garage, and went to explore the rest of Las Vegas on foot. Chrona still wearing the clothes bought earlier and Soul deciding to stick with his blood-red dress shirt to go under his black and white pinstripe-suit. Soul decided to start things off slow for Chrona. He took him to a place he saw while driving there called, "The Kit-Kat Club."

"B-But Soul, I've never been a part of a club before. I don't know how to deal with this," Chrona whined.

"You're thinking about a different kind of club, those that you're thinking of are only in places like school and I wouldn't be caught dead at one. Hell the only thing they got going for them is the name!"

"O-Okay, then what's t-the difference?"

Soul smiled and proclaimed, "At these the women dance for you, you get to try great drinks, you meet interesting people, and sometimes you can get an extra service if you can play your cards right!" All while patting Chrona on the back.

Inevitably they walk into the strip-club and, of course, Chrona freaks out.

"Th-Th-These women aren't wearing shirts Soul!"

"Chrona, you need to relax buddy."

"How the hell do you expect me to relax Soul," Chrona screamed as he violently shook Soul.

Soul expected something like this to happen, just not this early in the trip. Though he wasn't complaining for having to sell out some cash, he was legitimately curious as to how well Chrona could hold his alcohol.

"Alright Chrona, we can just hang out upstairs for a while. Don't worry, there aren't any naked women. It's just somewhere were guys hang out and sip their drinks," Soul said as soothingly as possible.

While Chrona was skeptical of Soul, he followed him upstairs and to his surprise Soul wasn't lying to him. Soul had already ordered their drinks.

"Consider this an apology Chrona, I guess it was just too much for you to handle," Soul stated as he handed Chrona a clear drink.

"It's-it's okay Soul." He takes a sip. "What is this anyway Soul?"

"Hmm, some people like to call it Courage-In-a-Bottle." Soul slyly remarked.

A wide-eyed Chrona yells, "It works like that!"

Barely able to hold back his laughter Soul states, "Yeah, but sometimes it gives you too much courage."

Chrona exclaims, "There's no such thing as too much courage!" As he downs his second glass of Vodka.

Soul decides to leave Chrona alone at the table for a while and come back later to see how much he's progressed. It's been forty-five minutes now, and Soul was getting mad at this red-headed guy for hitting on the strippers and then crying afterwards. The guy seemed familiar, but whatever. Then he goes to check up on Chrona, but he's missing…


I wonder what'll happen when you mix Black-blood with hard liquor? Well, Soul's about to find out and it may shock Soul to his core; considering he had black-blood as well! Hope you enjoy the third chapter; please favorite and/or review my work so I know how to improve or where my strengths are. Thank you for reading! ~Traffic9991