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Another "Little" Detour

It had been a long drive since leaving Las Vega. They made only one stop at Boise, Idaho to rest as well as to buy another set of clothes for the two of them (since their wardrobe was in the trunk when it got stripped for parts).

Chrona finally spoke up, "Um, Soul?"

"Hmm," Soul grunted.

"W-We're going to Chicago right?"

Soul didn't like where this conversation was headed so far.

"Yeah," Soul answered reluctantly.

"S-So why did we go from New Mexico to Nevada and then Idaho?"

'Crap,' was all Soul could scream in his head. In reality Soul had forgotten to get a map and relied on his instincts and signs on the highway to navigate wear he was going, but he had too much pride to admit making any mistakes. Especially if it was Chrona; otherwise the guy might not think Soul Eater Evans was cool, and as the sensei of cool he just couldn't have him thinking that.

Soul had to think of something to cover his mistake, and had to do it quick without Chrona realizing that he was lying out of his ass.

"Pfft," Soul retorted, "Chrona, do you REALLY think that this is just about us going to Chicago?"

Chrona gave him a blank stare. "It was about us needing to bond, right?"

Soul began internally cheering because of how perfectly this was going to work.

"Exactly," Soul shouted, "I'm taking us there the long way so that we can get more comfortable around each other and so that you see as much of the world as possible."

Chrona began gleaming with a mixture of happiness that people cared that much about him and embarrassment that they'd go this far to help him.

As they continued driving without a map, they began passing billboards for Disney Land, and Soul paid them no mind. The same couldn't be said for Chrona, as he was completely captivated by the images of families having fun at this place.

"Do you really think it's the happiest place on earth Soul?"

"Is what is," Soul asked completely at a lost with Chrona's train of thought.

Chrona answered, "You know, the place with the mouse with the head that's too big for his body."

Soul arched a brow, "You mean Disney Land?"

"Yeah," Chrona responded excitedly, "One day I'll be able to go there."

Without think Soul questioned, "What, you've never gone?"

As the excitement drained from Chrona's face he said, "No… Medusa showed me a video about it once, but just so she could say I'd never be able to go…"

Soul screamed, "Oh, Son of a-"

Soul managed to cover his mouth before finishing that sentence.

His hatred for the deceased witch came back again as he thought about the fact of how sick of a mother she had to be showing a video of other kids having fun to her child, who was completely isolated from the outside world, just to say that he'd never be allowed to play with them.

"Sick," was all Soul could mutter under his breath.

"I-I'm sorry Soul, I didn't hear what you said."

"Don't worry about it man," Soul comforted.

He then looked up and saw that he could reach something peculiar on the highway sign. He then made an erratic turn that nearly crashed their newly purchased car.

Chrona wearily, "W-What's wrong Soul? I-I'm sorry if my question bothered you."

Soul yelled, "That's not even it Chrona! I just decided to make a little detour!"

Chrona then hesitantly asks, "So… Where are we going now?"

The memory of Soul's little detour to Las Vegas still fresh in Chrona's mind and was understandably nervous about what Soul had in store this time.

"We're headed to California man," Soul excitedly exclaimed, "I'm taking us to the happiest –damn- place on earth!"

Chrona got wide-eyed, "Y-You mean we're-"

Soul cut Chrona off, "Yep, we're goin to Disney Land! And I'm sure they'd accept last minute reservations from two teens with more money than they know what to do with!"

This was topped off with Soul's signature shark grin that was accompanied by his sinister laugh that made him someone to seriously be feared at the DWMA.

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