This is a oneshot I wrote after watching the episode "Greetings from Earth." Minor spoilers for that episode. I don't own Battlestar Galactica. Or Starbuck :(


Apollo couldn't help but smile as he looked at Starbuck and Cassiopeia sitting together in one chair with the children on their laps. They looked so natural, like Cassie was meant to hold a little boy and Starbuck to balance a little girl on his knee while laughing at the antics of two robots, though Apollo would never express that opinion to his friend.

Still, when Starbuck offered to tell a story to three children who didn't want to sleep and helped Cassiopeia herd them into the bedroom while rambling about the time he was "surrounded by Cylons," Apollo could not help but think that maybe someday when the two were finally sealed, he might just tell them what natural parents they would be.

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