Dear Hawkeye,

Dunno why I'm addressing this letter to you, it's really for everybody, Hunnicut, and Margaret and Klinger and Radar and the Padre, and even that old sourpuss, Winchester, so share it with all of em' okiedokey? This old warhorse has seen a few good runs in his time, you bet, but now it's time for me to go to the big pasture. I hope you all won't miss me too much, but I suspect you will. Don't worry though, I'm with my old buddies again, and with Mildred, and we'll save ya a seat at the table. Maybe I'll chew the fat with Henry Blake. Bet he could tell me a few yarns about you folks! Please know that I loved you all, and had deep respect for you, professionally, as well as personally. I'm a man of few words,Pierce, so I'll leave you with this, you asked me once if being in Korea made me a better doctor, I'm not sure, but it made me a better human being, and so did all of you.


Sherman T. Potter

Author's Note

I heard today of Harry Morgan's death, and I wrote this little tribute. It's based on something he actually said: that he did not know if being on M*A*S*H made him a better actor, but it made him a better human being...which he was. Rest in Peace, Mr. Morgan.