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1. Return

I hold Peeta's hand tightly as the doors of the train are opened. The cameras flash brightly as they capture the moment the victors return home.

I search the crowd for my family and I soon find them making their way towards me. Gale is with them, as I knew he would be. My mother is tearing up; Prim is bawling; Gale is smiling, as if this is the happiest day of his life. My own mouth stretches into a wide smile and I almost forget the heartache I had experienced being away from them. Then I remember Peeta.

I glance over at him. He is smiling, but the smile doesn't touch his eyes. My smile falters very briefly, but then I remember the cameras and force myself to maintain it.

Haymitch comes up from behind us and tells us to go see our families. I give Peeta a quick peck on the cheek and then break into a run, each step closing the distance between me and move loved ones. Prim runs towards me with her arms extended to hug me. I scoop her up and twirl her around.

"I knew you could do it, Katniss." She whispers, tears rolling down her pale cheeks. Our mother hugs us both.

"Katniss I'm so happy!" She says, her voice trembling.. I turn my head to look at her. There are tears streaming down her face. I wipe them away with the back of my hand and place Prim back on the ground so that I can embrace my mother. She squeezes me to her chest.

When she releases me, I turn to face Gale and, as soon as I do, I'm in his arms.

"Welcome back Catnip." He murmurs me. I'm surprised to see that he, too, is crying. Before now, I had never seen Gale cry. Not even when our fathers died. I hug him tightly.

After a few minutes with my family, Haymitch comes to find me.

"The Victory Tour is in a month." He tells me "Your stylists will come to prepare you. Any questions, you know where to find me." He leaves and I turn to Prim.

"Are you ready to see the new house?" I ask her. Prim nods excitedly. I'm about to ask Gale if he's coming with us, but he is already gone. "Let's go then." I say and we walk towards Victors Village. Part of me dreads this new house because I can remember all too well what it cost.

As we walk I notice Peeta and his family walking the same way. Peeta's head turns and for a brief moment I'm looking into his ocean blue eyes. He looks away the moment my eyes meet his, but that moment is long enough for me to see the pain in his eyes– pain that I caused. I did this to him. Peeta loves me and everytime I look at him I'm hurting him. I try to tell myself that this isn't my fault, that I can't control who I love and who I don't love; but then my mind is filled with that hurt look in his eyes and I feel despicable.

We reach our new home and my mother opens the door. We step inside and I'm awestruck. The house is absolutely massive. I notice stairs. That means that there are two floors. Two!

We look around the main floor first. Prim flips on a light switch and the room immediatly brightens. We have electricity? That would take some getting used to. In District 12 the electricity would come and go. The only time we would definitely have electricity was during the Hunger Games. Watching the Games was mandatory.

We walk into the kitchen. The room is larger than I could have ever imagined and its whiteness is almost blinding. I throw open the door to a pantry to find that it's stocked with food. I also notice that we have a refridgerator. There is only one person with a fridge that isn't a victor and that's the mayor. The surprises seem never to end as I also find that we now hhave running water. I almost feel happy, but happiness is an impossibility now. Being happy would be wrong because Rue is dead just as many others are dead. While Peeta and I are afforded luxurious new homes, the families of the other tributes languish and despair because their children, their siblings, their loved ones are dead. Peeta and I won the Hunger Games, but are we really winners?

We walk into the next room. This room has high walls and a television surrounded by comfortable looking chairs and sofas. There is a bathroom to the right and the stairs are to the left.

"Let's look at our rooms." Prim suggests. I nod and we walk up the stairs.

The first room we walk into has a sign reading Primrose on the door. It is a light blue, the same colour as Prim's eyes. There is a large bay window overlooking the streets of District 12. This would be perfectly lovely were it not for the state of destitution that District 12 resides in.

Against one of the walls is Prim's bed. It is a canopy bed and it matches the walls. There is a T.V mounted to the wall. Prim rushes over to the closet doors and swings them open. It is a walk-in closet filled with lovely dresses. Each of them look like they were made exactly for Prim, which, of course, they were. This is the life she deserves, she who has never done anything wrong; but not me.

"Let's look at your room Katniss!" Prim exclaims. I nod silently.

"If you don't mind, I'm going to look at my room." My mother says. She leaves us then.

Prim grabs my hand and pulls me towards my new room. Like with Prim's, there is a sign on the door that bears my name. We walk in and the room suits me perfectly. The walls are an ivy green and the carpeted floor is only a few shades lighter. The bed is a delicate shade of emerald. I open the closet doors and the closet is almost the same size as my room. In it are more outfits than I could ever possibly wear. The T.V stand in the middle of the room holds multiple DVDs. The bedside table has a laptop and a telephone on it.

"It's perfect for you." Prim whispers. I nod because I can't disagree; it really is perfect. I attempt to stifle a yawn, but it escapes me nevertheless and I realise that I'm tired. Very tired. Today has been a long day.

"You should rest." Prim suggests.

"I will," I say, "but there's something I have to do first."

I have to talk to Peeta.

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