Draconis: Hm...no one to talk to.

Voice: How...disappointing for you. Ha ha...ha ha...ah ha ha ha! !

Draconis: That voice...i-it cannot be!

Voice: Ah yes it is I! Kefka Palazzo!

Draconis: Ah...

Kefka: Hm? What is it boy? Paralyzed with fear?

Draconis: Fuckin' sweet! My favorite Final Fantasy villain!

Kefka: Huh? Say what now? You're not scared?

Draconis: Hell no!

Kefka: Well son of a bitch! I hate...HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE failing to scare up a new dummy!

Draconis: Ah don't worry about it. I don't scare easily. (Thunder) Oh shit!

Kefka: (amused) Don't scare easily huh?

Draconis: (glare) Dammit. Anyway I wanted to write a Final Fantasy VI fic after taking the time to beat the game.

Kefka: You make it sound like you've done it for the first time recently.

Draconis: What? As a kid I blew right through the game without taking the time to level causing me to get stuck at the friggin Floating Continent.

Kefka: Ah yes...the Floating Continent. Lemme guess the Atma Weapon?

Draconis: How'd you know? !

Kefka: Call it a hunch. Now get started fool!

Final Fantasy VI A Story Retold

Chapter 1

Found in an Unfamiliar World.

Draconis: Begin.


Three large mechs marched through a field as a blizzard blanketed the area. One of the mechs walked ahead of the the other two. The pilot of the middle mech was a young woman with green hair done up into a ponytail in the back. The front portion of her hair covered her temples and hung down to her neck. She wore a dark red strapless dress that cut off at mid thigh with a slit at the side cutting up to her waist. She wore matching stockings that cut off just past the knees and white heel boots On her head was a ring like crown with a jewel standing out in front on her forehead. She had a neutral blank look on her face.

Behind her on the same mech was a young man wearing a dark red vest with a sleeveless shirt under it. He wore a pair of gray jeans. His face had a single scar on the left eye which had a blue iris. His hair was red in color and hung down past his neck. To their left and right piloting the other mechs were two soldiers in uniform.

The man looked up at the sky. The girl turns toward him. "What is it Kenshin-San?"

"It's nothing Terra, but something about this job Gesthal gave us bugs me." Kenshin says. "Usually he sends an entire platoon to retrieve an esper."

"Could it be because we're using Magitek armor?" Terra asks.

Kenshin shakes his head. "Even then." "He would send a platoon in case the esper lashed out."

"Hey General!" "Are we almost there? !" The man to their left asks.

"Narshe is a little further ahead Vicks!" Kenshin says. "Have some patience!"

"Well we're anxious to get out of this blizzard." The man to their right says.

"I know what you mean Wedge." Kenshin says. "But it could be worse!" "We could be accompanying that jester look-alike Kefka to Figaro!"

"Right? !" Wedge laughs.

Kenshin shakes his head as the two men cackle and turns to Terra. "Are you cold?"

"It doesn't bother me Kenshin-San." Terra replies tonelessly.

Kenshin sighs. "OK if you say so." Looking up at the sky he goes into thought. "It's been about three years since I appeared in this world." "I'm betting people back home think I'm dead." "Well...I've investigated every possibility into returning home and it turns out I'm stuck here." "With no way of being able to return to my family and friends."

He inwardly sighs. "Not that I could return knowing what's going on in this world." "This woman in front of me is Terra Branford...a half esper half human being that was by all means enslaved by the empire of Vector." "As for me my name is Kenshin Kuroshi." "I somehow appeared here one day while I was sleeping and was quartered into the Imperal Army of Vector." "It was around this time I met Terra."


Three years ago.


"So you're my new recruit?" A man with short blonde hair that seemed to stand up straight and point out forward. He also wore a light greenish jacket with gold trimming and gold shoulder guards. On his wrists was large golden bracers. Accompanying this was a skintight suit of the same color.

"I guess so." Kenshin says. "Sorry I don't believe I got your name."

"Ah." "Where are my manners." He says extending his hand. "My names Leo."

"No last name?" Kenshin asks.

"Nah." "Don't know it." Leo says. "And you are?"

"Er...Kenshin Kuroshi." Kenshin answers. "Nice to make your acquaintance."

"Likewise." Leo says. "So what's with the staff?"

"Oh it's just a bo staff." Kenshin says taking it out and spinning it a couple of times.

"Nice choice of weapon." Leo comments.

"I'm looking to install a small serrated edge onto it that sends a dose of poison into my enemies body." Kenshin says setting it back onto his back. Kenshin then took out a knife and cut his arm. Leo looked at him incredulously. "What are you doing?"

"Cure." Kenshin intoned. Leo's eyes widen as a green light shone over Kenshin's cut healing it instantly.

"W-Where did you learn to do that?" Leo stammers. Kenshin shrugs. "I dunno." "It just came to me." "I also have wings."

"W-Wings? !" Leo shouts.

"Yeah." "Watch." Kenshin says closing his eyes. A pair of red scaled dragon wings sprouted from his back. Leo's mouth gaped open. "H-Holy crap." "He's like the half esper girl!"

"Uh Leo...close your mouth before a fly goes in." Kenshin says casing his wings. Leo shakes his head and sets his head on Kenshin shoulders. "Kenshin you need to keep this a secret." "If anyone asks I put you up for magical infusion."

"Er OK." Kenshin says confused. "What's the big de-"

Kenshin was cut off as he and a girl bumped into one another. "Ouch." He says looking over at the girl. "Hey are you alright?" Kenshin asks.

She nods. "I'm fine." Kenshin gets up and extends his hand to her. She takes it and pulls herself up.

"So what's your name?" "I'm Kenshin Kuroshi the new recruit." Kenshin says.

"Terra." "Terra Branford." She introduces. Kenshin notices a lack of feeling in the introduction and in her voice in general. "Excuse me I need to be leaving." Terra says. Kenshin nods stepping out of her way.

She walks away and Leo sighs. "That poor girl."

"What is it?" Kenshin asks. "She seems...kind of emotionally disconnected."

"Can you keep a secret?" Leo asks.

"Yeah sure I can." Kenshin says. Leo looks to the left and right and walks into a room with a cot. "This is your room." "What I am about to say will not leave here understand?"

"Roger." Kenshin says. Leo nods. "Very well." "That girl is half esper." "Espers as you heard earlier are beings and/or beasts of great magical prowess." "The emperor raided the esper's world with a large platoon of soldiers." "Killing her father the esper Maduin and leaving her mother for dead she was brought here."

Kenshin's eyes widen as a light gasp escapes his lips. "D-Doesn't she know?"

"Of course not." Leo says. "Her will isn't even her own." "Around the time she became a teenager she was fitted with a slave crown making her completely obedient to us." "The Emperor's right hand man Kefka Palazzo is the man responsible for it." "He enslaved her against her will and had her assault and pillage numerous towns."

Kenshin scowls down at the floor remembering his run in with the jesterish looking man. Something about the man made his skin crawl. "Isn't there anything we could do?"

"Not really." Leo says. "Not without betraying the emperor."

"I see." Kenshin says. "Is that everything Leo-San?"

"Yes." "I'll leave you to get situated." "If you find yourself in need of magic training seek out Celes Chere." "She's a young woman around your age, but she's a general just like me."

"Thanks." Kenshin says. Leo leaves and Kenshin lays down on his cot.

"Terra Branford huh?" Kenshin thought. "I'll find a way to set you free." "I know what it's like to be used."

(flashback end)

"Unfortunately things didn't go quite as planned." "Palazzo kept Terra around like his own personal lap dog which irked me to no end." Kenshin thought. "The only thing I could think to do was ascend the ranks and become a general alongside Leo and Celes." "At least that way I could accompany Terra and make sure Kefka didn't overstep his boundaries."

"We're getting close." Terra says.

"Yeah." "This blizzard's starting to let up." Kenshin says. "How odd."

"Yeah it's snowing like crazy back here and ahead it's like there's nothing at all." Vicks says.

"Well maybe the storm is moving out of Narshe's area." Wedge suggests.

"I doubt it." Kenshin says. "We aren't coming in from the mountains and the only thing south of here is Figaro desert so wouldn't the snow turn to rain?" "It seems awfully convenient that the blizzard suddenly lightens up when we get close to Narshe's front door don't you think."

"They know we're coming." Terra says.

"Fan-friggin-tastic." "Ok Vicks Wedge stay on alert." "We don't know how well they've prepared for us and I don't want to take a big risk."

"Sir." Vicks and Wedge say dutifully.

Kenshin leans forward setting his hand on Terra's shoulder. "Ready?"

"Yes." Terra responds.

Kenshin begins looking around as they get closer to Narshe. "What am I so worried about?" "We're in Magitek Armor and reports say that the Narshe Militia has been run down as of late."

"Kenshin-San is everything alright?" Terra asks.

"Yes." Kenshin says. "I'm just wondering if I'm over thinking this."

"You're just following standard protocol." Terra says. "We don't know the situation and would rather get out of this without any casualties."

"I guess." Kenshin says. His eyes narrow hearing Vicks and Wedge whisper back and forth to one another. He closed his eyes as his ears shrunk into his head and two cat ears grew on top of his head.

"What is the General doing here?" "This job didn't require his services." Wedge says.

"Didn't you know?" "He feels he needs to protect that sorceress." Vicks says.

"Seriously?" "That witch wiped out fifty of our magitek troops in just three minutes." Wedge replies.

"Don't let him hear you say that." "He was able to accomplish the same feat in four." "How do you think he made General so fast?" Vicks says.

"I know." "There's a reason he's called the 'Demon of Vector.'" Wedge says.

Kenshin opens his eyes as the cat ears shrink back into his head and human ears reappear on the sides of his head as they come up on a mountain outpost.

"We're here." Terra says.

"Hey why don't you two take point." "We'd rather not take any unnecessary risks." Vicks says.

Kenshin scoffs. "Whatever." "Terra let's lead the rookies to the objective."

Terra says nothing as the three mechs make their way forward. Not even ten steps into town and two guards run up to them. "Imperial Magitek? !" "Dammit not even Narshe is safe now!"

"That's right boys." Kenshin says hopping off Terra's Magitek and setting his hand on his bo staff. "Lead us to the esper and you might just live."

"Go to hell!" "Attack!"

One of the guards rush toward Kenshin who closes his eyes. "Can't say I didn't warn ya." He swings the staff to the left breaking the guard's arm and sending him into the wall of a building.

"Next." Kenshin says.

The guard didn't have time to react as a dark red beam of energy shot out from behind him at his right. It died down and the guard was gone. "Hmph." "Nice work Wedge." Kenshin comments. "Vicks kill this one as well."

"Sir." "Bolt Beam Activate." "Fire!" Vicks shouts.

Kenshin closes his eyes as a electricity pulses toward the guard killing him instantly. "Move along."

The group makes their way forward. Kenshin hears barking and looks to his right two more guards with Lobo Hounds he saw making their way toward them. He jumped back onto Terra's Magitek. "I'll let you three handle this."

"Narshe's freedom depends on us!" The men shout releasing the hounds.

"Terra." Kenshin says. "Use the Confuser on them."

"Yes." Terra says. Kenshin turns his head. "Vicks Wedge cover your ears."


A loud sound was emitted and the hounds suddenly turned and attacked the guards

Kenshin shook his head. "Too bad." "I guess a hungry dog isn't very much loyal at all."

The group continued onward. Suddenly a guard appeared behind them and another with a lobo in front.

"We have you now!" "Attack!"

Kenshin looked around. "We've been pincered." "Lovely." Kenshin says. "Vicks turn around and handle the man behind us. "Wedge Terra attack these two."

"Right." Vicks replies.

"Roger." Wedge says.

Terra merely nods as the line up in formation.

"You know what to do from here." Kenshin says.

"Ice Beam!" Vicks shouts as his armor fires off a blue beam freezing the guard to death.

"Fire Beam!" Wedge says moving in front of the Lobo Hound. The attack burned away the dog to nothing.

"Bio Blast." Terra says as a multi-colored cloud of gas pour out of the front of her armor. The guard choked to death and fell to the ground.

"OK OK chop chop double time folks." Kenshin says hopping off the armor and dashing forward. Terra and the other follow.

Kenshin runs into two more guards with Mammoth like creatures. "We must protect these mines!"

"Some fools just don't learn." Kenshin says shaking his head. "Alright come on!"

One of the mammoths charge forward with the other close behind it. Kenshin assumes a power stance and catches the creature by it's tusks. "Rrrruuahhh!" He roars lifting it up much to the guards shock.

"What is this man?" One of them ask.

"That is no man...he's a monster!" The other says.

Kenshin throws the mammoth onto the other and rushes forward spinning his staff. "Time to die." He rams the staff into the mammoth's chest and hovers his thumb over a button. Pressing it down the mammoth's body suddenly jerked and it's body collapsed. Pulling the staff away a short blade stood out at the end. Jumping over the first mammoth he drove the staff into the second one's throat killing it.

He smirked toward the guards. "Come at me boys." "Come on it's not much fun if you cower so early."

"Rrrrraaahhh! !" The guards shout charging at Kenshin. Kenshin blocks an incoming sword swipe and grabs the blade tossing him into the air. A Fire Beam incinerated the man. Kenshin grabbed the other man by the face and drove him into the ground.

He then held the blade of his staff at the man's throat. "N-No!" "P-Please spare me!"

Kenshin's eyes twitch. "Hm." "My apologies." "You're in the way of my mission." "I can't you running back to them." "Tis a shame." "If you had laid low you would have lived."

Kenshin swiped the blade across the man's neck killing him. Flinging the blood off the blade he pressed the same button and the blade retracted back into his staff. "Sorry." "You have something to protect...well so do I."

"General!" "Why'd you just take off like that? !" Vicks asks.

"Because I'd like to get this over with now that we're here." Kenshin said. "Now then the esper's supposed to be in this mine up ahead." "Let's get moving." "And stay sharp." "The enemy is probably holed up in here."

The group made their way into the mine shaft and came up to a gate. Kenshin moved out of the way. "Vicks." "Take down this gate."

"Leave it to me sir." Vicks says. He backs his Magitek up and rams the gate down. A guard ran out to meet them. "We will not hand over the esper!" "Whelk get them! !"

Kenshin's eyes narrow. "What are they doing with a lightning whelk?" He says to himself as a large snail like creature with a large purple shell slithered up to them.

"Alright you three hit it with everything you can!" "And for god's sake do not attack the shell!" Kenshin shouts.

Kenshin turns back to the whelk as it lashes out at him. "Gah!"

"Tekmissile." Terra says as a single missile nailed the monster in the face.

Kenshin scowled beginning to chant a spell. "Fire 2!"

A column of white fire lashed out at the whelk hitting it successfully.

"Vicks Wedge beams now!" Kenshin shouts.

"Right!" "Ice Beam!" Both men shout marching up to the whelk firing their beams.

"I'm going to try to attack it once more!" Wedge says.

"Grrruuu..." The Whelk growls. Kenshin's eyes widen. "Wedge get back here it's going to retreat back into it's shell!"

"It was too late as his beam was fully charged. "Fire Beam!"

"Oh...Bollocks." Kenshin says as the shell begins glowing. Lighting struck all four of them.

"Grah!" Kenshin shouted in pain.

"Dammit!" Vicks and Wedge both cursed.

Terra said nothing but her face contorted in pain.

"OK!" "Nobody fucking attack after the next goddamn wave!" Kenshin shouts as the Whelk comes out of it's shell.

"Yeeesss sir." Vicks and Wedge say.

"Terra fire another tekmissile." Kenshin says. "Vicks Wedge another round of beams!"

"Right!" The two soldiers yell. Terra nods and launches another missile into the Whelk's face.

"Fire Beam!" "Ice Beam!" Wedge and Vicks shout

"Fire 3!" Kenshin shouts as a dark red line of orbs collide with Whelk and explode.

The monster begins to melt away. Kenshin pumps his fist into the air. "Yeah!"

"Alright!" Vicks and Wedge cheer.

Terra as usual remained silent. Not even a smile tugging at her lips. Kenshin turns and notices this. "Ugh I gotta find a way to ditch the goon squad and take that crown off her."

"Kenshin-San let's get moving." Terra says while the two men celebrate. "The esper should be ahead."

"Right." Kenshin says. "Hey Vicks Wedge quit making out and get the molasses out ya asses!"

"G-General!" "We weren't making out!" Vicks says embarrassed.

Kenshin walks forward chuckling. "Yeah, but it got your attention didn't it?"

The four come up to an ice formation with a creature inside. "This must be it." Wedge comments.

Kenshin's stares at it in thought. "Tritoch?" "What's he doing here?"

A blue light emanated from it making a humming sound as it did so. "General Kenshin!" "Orders? !"

Kenshin grabbed his staff. "Get ready."

"What's the matter with this thing?" Wedge asks. "Does it know something we don't?"

Terra walked up to it. "Terra?" Kenshin says walking up next to her. Tritoch begins emanating a strange light encompassing the four of them.

Kenshin looks down at himself. "What's going on?"

"H-Hey? !" "Where's this light coming from? !" Wedge asks panicking. "Ahhhhh! !" Wedge screams out as his armor explodes.

"Wedge!" Vicks says. "Ahhhh!" He screams as the same happens to him.

Kenshin turned back. "Vicks!" "Wedge!" His eyes suddenly widen as he and Terra step back. "Wh-What's happening? !" "I-I can't c-control my body!"

A blue aura surrounds Tritoch Terra and Kenshin. "You girl...I shall attune you to your esper heritage...and you boy...I will strip you of your power and strength."

"What? !" He turns his head to see Terra's Magitek short-circuiting. He jumps up to it and grabs her out of the cockpit as it explodes. Kenshin slams into a wall carrying Terra.

"D-Dammit...getting...weaker." Kenshin says staggering to his feet with Terra in tow.

"You do not belong in this world boy...so I rid you of the power you brought to this world...you will attune yourself to the power of this world." "When you are ready come try to take it back." Tritoch says to Kenshin.

"What...?" "What do you...mean?" The glowing died down and Kenshin looked down at Terra. "Hey." "Hey come on." "Wake up."

Terra gave no outward response. Kenshin placed his fingers on the side of her neck. He felt a pulse and sighed. "Thank goodness." Reaching up he removed the slave crown on her head. "Now...let's get out of here."

Kenshin begins staggering out of the mine. "Dammit." "I...can barely hold myself up." "I at...least need to get out of Narshe."

"I doubt...my wings could support both of us." Kenshin says as they exit. His body convulsed and he hit the ground.

He hears footsteps and closes his eyes. "Here to do me in?" "Fine...just leave the girl."

"Kenshin-San?" A male voice sounds.

Kenshin looks up as his vision blurs. "Who...are...you?"

He passed out as the man walked up to him. "What's Kenshin-San and the sorceress of the Empire doing here?" "Bah no matter." He grabs Terra and walks away with her. "I'll be back for you."



Kenshin's eyes snapped open. "Where...am I?"

An elderly man walked up to him. "Ah you're awake." "My name is Smith." (A/N: Just a name for the old man that saves Terra.)

"Kenshin" Kenshin says.

I know who you are." Smith says. "You're Kenshin Kuroshi the 'Demon of Vector.'" "Also a member of the Returners."

Kenshin nods. "I see." "You must be a Returner yourself."

"Yes." "Banon told me you were one of us." Smith says. "Who is the girl accompanying you?"

"Her name is Terra." "She was under the control of the Empire thanks to this." Kenshin says holding up the slave crown. "I've been waiting to remove it and that girl is the only reason I didn't immediately defect."

"I see." Smith says. "Well we are waiting on our associate to arrive here." "Although he doesn't know anything about the girl or your involvement with us so don't be surprised by his attitude."

"I see." Kenshin says getting up. He immediately grabs his head. "Nngh."

"Take it easy you've only just woken up." Smith says.

"I'm fine." "Where's the girl?" Kenshin asks.

"She's in the back room." Smith tells him. Kenshin nods and walks in. He finds Terra asleep. "Good...she's alright."

Terra's eyes open and she gets up. "Mornin' Sunshine." Kenshin says. Terra walks toward him only to fall to her knees. "My head hurts...badly."

"Take it easy Terra." Kenshin says kneeling down next to her. "I only just removed this crown a short while ago."

"What is it?" Terra asks looking at the ring like object in his hand.

"It's a slave crown." "It's given people power over you." Kenshin says. "With it gone you are your own person again."

"Who are you?" Terra asks. "I faintly remember you from somewhere, but I can't place your name."

"It's OK." "The crown also gives it's wearer a slight case of amnesia when it's removed." "I'm Kenshin." He says smiling.

Terra looks up at him. She suddenly recalls a smiling face saying something to her. "Kenshin-San?"

"He he." Kenshin laughs lightly. "Yeap." "It's me Terra."

"What have I been doing?" Terra asks. "I can't remember it at all."

"It's not something I can explain right now." Kenshin says looking away. "I explain it when we leave town."

"Alright." "I-I understand." Terra says getting to her feet.

A loud canine barking was heard followed by. "Give us the girl the boy and the Magitek Armor." "Open up we want the girl and boy!" "They're officers of the Empire!"

"Shit." Kenshin curses. Terra turns to him. "Empire?" "Magi...tek armor?"

Smith runs up to them. "No time to explain!" "Get out of here immediately."

"Right." "Terra follow me!" Kenshin says grabbing her hand and taking off out the back door. As they were crossing the bridge to a cave opening the militia soldiers took notice of them. "There they are!"

Kenshin cursed and dashed into the cave. He stopped and began panting. "Wh-What the?" "I'm winded already?"

"Kenshin-San are you OK?" Terra asks. Kenshin turns to her smiling. "Don't worry." "Just over extended myself is all."

"A-Alright." Terra says.

Kenshin walks forward. "We need to get moving." "We do not want those goons catching up to us."

"Yes." Terra says walking behind him.

"Is this what Tritoch meant by ridding me of my power?" Kenshin thought. "By weakening my endurance?"

"Terra you have a sword on you correct?" Kenshin asks.

"Yes." She replies. Kenshin nods. "Good." "I'm gonna need your help."

"Are you injured?" Terra asks. "I could heal you really quick."

"Nah." "I'll live." Kenshin says smiling. Terra nods. "Ok if you say so."

The two make their way to the back of the cave when suddenly the soldiers surrounded them. "We have you now."

Kenshin set his hand on his staff as he and Terra stepped back. "What's the rush boys?" "I mean it's not like you have a lot to do?" Kenshin says.

The two found themselves backed into a corner. "Screw it!" Kenshin moved forward as the ground shook. It gave way causing Kenshin and Terra to fall down a hole.

"Dammit!" "Find them!" "And go contact the militia leader!" The leader of the group orders.

Kenshin and Terra hit the ground hard. "T-Terra...are you OK?" Kenshin asks.

"Y-Yes." Terra says as they both stagger to their feet.

"Good...No...now let's keep mov-" Kenshin says then falls to the ground.

"K-Kenshin-San..." Terra says falling to the ground and passing out.

"Dammit...what the hell is going on?" "I can't even take a little fall anymore?" Kenshin thought going under.


Terra was seated in a chair in a small room. Behind her was the jester looking man Kenshin had mentioned on the way to Narshe. His name was Kefka Palazzo. (A/N: I'd go nuts trying to describe his outfit.)

"Ah my sweet little magic user!" "With this slave crown I practically own you!" "I could do anything to you without the barest hint of resistance!" Kefka laughed manically as he walked over to her. He set the crown on her head as her eyes dull and nods toward him.

"Ha ha ha ha ha!" Kefka laughed.

Fast-forwarding a bit Terra was in an magitek armor surrounded by fire as three soldiers ran up to her. She made her way to the front soldier and killed him with Fire Beam.

Kefka walked up to the soldiers. "Ha ha." "Ha ha." "Ha ha ha ha! !" "That's good!" "Keep it up! !" "Set everything ablaze!"

Fast forwarding again Terra stood next to her magitek as Kefka Leo Kenshin and a woman with long blonde hair wearing a white jacket with a lime green one piece stood behind an elderly looking man wearing a black suit of armor with gold trimming with a jacket of the same color. "My soldiers!" "We stand on the edge of a great breakthrough!" "We are on the cusp of witnessing a complete revival of magic!" "This is our destiny!" "We must claim what is rightfully ours!"

Kefka Leo and the blonde walk up behind the man. "With our newfound power nothing can stand in our way!" He shouts as the three generals salute with the rest of the soldiers. Terra looked on ahead and noticed Kenshin smiling at her. She hears him say. "Terra." "I promise I'll set you free."

He begins joining in the salute. "Long live Emperor Gesthal and the Vectorian Empire!" He shouts getting everyone else going.

"Hurrah!" "Long live Emperor Gesthal!" The soldiers shout in unison.

(Flashback end)

"This was my past?" Terra wonders.


Back at Smith's house

Smith was staring into the fire of his fireplace when suddenly the back door opened up. A man with short sliver hair wearing a black jacket and matching jean pants.

"Jeez took you long enough!" "Tell me Locke how's the thieving business working out?" Smith says.

The man shot Smith an annoyed glare. "That's TREASURE hunting!"

"Hah!" "Semantics Seblantics!" Smith says.

"There's a huge difference!" Locke shouts. "Aaannnnyway...were you the guy who sent for me?"

"Yeah there is a girl and boy I'd like you to meet and escort." Smith says.

Locke rushes over to him. "This had better not have anything to do with that 'Demon' and the Magitek riding witch!"

Smith backs away and nods. "The Empire is pursuing them as we speak." "This town is no match for their full might." "Our survival's only hope is to align ourselves with the Returners." "The boy is a double agent in the empire and the girl was not responsible for her actions." "We must get them to the Returners."

Locke backed away and nodded. "Alright." "I guess we can help them out."

Smith nods. "Right." "First after you've gotten them head toward Figaro and speak with their king." Locke nods taking off toward the cave where Kenshin and Terra ran off to.

(chapter end)

Kenshin: Kind of abrupt don't you think?

Draconis: Yeah, but I gotta stop somewhere.

Kenshin: So instead of having a chapter about the sole OC me. You're opting to do flashbacks.

Draconis: Yeah. Cause the focus won't only be on you. One of the things I loved about FF VI was how it transitioned between characters and made it feel like there was more than one main character. You hardly ever see that these days.

Kenshin: Ah.

Draconis: So anyway if you didn't see it on the way in the pairings for this story will be Terra/OC Celes/? Not sure about who Celes should go with while the journey progresses. I mean her being paired with Locke is practically canon.

Kenshin: Why not pair her with Terra and I?

Draconis: It's an idea, but my other two stories had the main character in a harem sort of situation and I was kind of wanting to write a story where my OC is in an actual committed relationship with one person. I kind of wanted Celes to be a sister to you.

Kenshin: Oooohhh.

Draconis: Anyway to anyone who says he's overpowered Tritoch weakened him. More will be written on this later.

Draconis678 out.