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Final Fantasy VI A Retold Tale.

Chapter 27

A Castle from Ancient Times.



The airship landed at the border of the desert. Locke reached over smacked Edgar over the head. "What was that for? !" Edgar shouts.

"For living in a desert!" Locke shouts back.

"Yeah, good luck tunneling the castle down through solid rock!" Edgar snapped.

"Ladies, ladies calm down and let's just get moving." Kenshin said. "Cyan, Celes, you two come with." He said as he, Terra, and Edgar disembarked.

"Gotcha." Celes said.

"Of course." Cyan said.

The group of five arrived at Figaro castle without much incident. Kenshin walked down to the prison while Edgar went to speak with the engineer. "Why did you come down here?" Terra asked.

"I remember Edgar saying that when he had to sneak back in here with a band of thieves he snuck in through here. I'm thinkin' maybe this might lead to another path once the castle hits the tunnel again.

The castle began moving, and soon it shook. "Whoa!" Kenshin said as he and Terra had to catch themselves on the wall. Kenshin looked into the cell with the hidden passageway and saw a tunnel. "Edgar, I think we're here!" Kenshin shouts. Edgar, Celes and Cyan walk down to the prison and they enter the tunnel.

"Hmm..." Kenshin looked around as they proceeded through.

"What is it Kenshin?" Celes said.

"This tunnel." Kenshin said.

"What about it?" Edgar asked.

"It was dug recently." Kenshin said.

"Well, maybe it got uncovered when the world was ruined by Kefka." Cyan suggested.

"No." Kenshin shook his head. "Look here." He said placing his hand on the rock wall which looked rather smooth. "If this tunnel was unearthed recently, don't you think the walls would have sustained a lot of damage?"

"He does bring up a good point." Terra said. "Also...if the tunnel was like this even before Kefka ruined the world...wouldn't look weathered and dusty?"

"What are you suggesting? That someone came down here awhile ago and dug this tunnel?" Cyan asked.

"Such a feat would require the technology that only my kingdom possesses now. At least to smooth out the path to this extent anyway." Edgar said. "And the report stated that my engineers ran across this tunnel days ago...I doubt my own people would lie to my face."

"There is a way." Kenshin said looking over at a stalagmite. "Observe." He said walking over to it. He called upon the power of wind and brought his hands to the stalagmite. His hands slowly started grinding it away to nothing, until the space it occupied was as smooth and flat as the floor.

"...But how?" Edgar said. "You've been with us this whole time, you couldn't have dug this tunnel."

"Even if he did, he would have investigated what it led to and told us about it." Celes said.

"Are there other elemental knights out there?" Cyan asked.

"Yes." Kenshin said. "My sisters were here. I can smell traces of their scent all over this tunnel...the only question I have is why?" He said. "...Did Shin have something to do with this?" Kenshin thought.

"Well, I suppose we can wait until later for that." Edgar said. "Let's keep moving."

The group of five eventually came upon a ruined castle. "..." They all looked around.

"What in the...?" Celes said.

"A castle?" Terra asked.

"Seriously? There's been a castle underground all this time?" Edgar said.

"It would seem so." Cyan said.

"...Yukari, Miyuki...what is it you wanted me to see down here?" Kenshin wondered.

Suddenly three men rushed out of the doors of the castle. "Hey, we're friendly! We just don't know where we are!" Edgar said.

"..." They didn't respond.

"!" Kenshin saw balls of fire roaring toward them. "Hey look out!" Kenshin shouts blasting them with wind. It didn't affect them and they were blown away by the fireballs.

"...I think we're caught in some sort of flashback." Celes said.

A fourth man came out of the castle. "An Esper attack? ! Very well let's show him some of our esper magic!"

The images faded away and Terra stepped forward. "...Terra?" Kenshin said.

"One thousand years, a battle was waged here." Terra said.

"A battle? It certainly looks that way." Cyan said.

"Wait, one thousand years, then that would put it during the era of the War of the Magi!" Celes said.

"Yes." Terra nodded. "...Kenshin?" She said seeing Kenshin glancing to his left with wide eyes.

"Huh?" Celes, Cyan and Edgar said looking in the same direction.

"Good Grief, I go off on an expedition to find and kill that pasty faced psycho and the castle gets lambasted." A man with tanned skin, black hair and blue eyes, wearing a black vest and matching pants stood in front of the castle. On his back was blood red Zanbatou with the visage of a dragon on the front.

"Kenshin what is it? Do you...know that person?" Celes asked.

"That's not just anyone, that man matches the description of what the Elemental Knight is supposed to look like!" Edgar said with wide eyes.

"...What is it then Kenshin?" Terra asked.

"...That man is my master." Kenshin said.

"Wha? !" Everyone said.

"Kenshin, the Elemental Knight is your master? !" Edgar said.

"Yeah, apparently." Kenshin said. "His name is Shin Tatsu."

"Haah..not only did I not find him, he could be coming here." Shin Tatsu sighed. "I better make sure Odin's alright."

"This man Sir Tatsu was hunting, who do you think it was?" Cyan asked.

"I'm not sure, but...what I saw just now, told of a battle between a powerful sorcerer and the esper, Odin." Terra said. "I couldn't see who the sorcerer was."

"..." Kenshin narrowed his eyes, remembering what Shin Tatsu had told him in his letter.

"Come on, there's no sense just standing around out here." Celes said.

Everyone proceeded into the castle. They found a statue of Odin in the great hall. "Instead of turning to magicite, Odin forced himself to turn to stone." Terra said.

Shin Tatsu's image walked by Kenshin. "...Dammit...that bastard lured me away so he could attack the castle while Odin was still recovering." Shin Tatsu sighed. "Such a rookie mistake." His image vanished.

The group then walked to the right, walking into the bedroom. "Huh?" Kenshin said noticing something shining in the bookshelf.

"A book encrusted with jewels...the queen's diary?" Cyan said.

"Well, it's safe to say the queen's gone. Might as well take a look." Edgar said.

Celes opened the book and read it aloud. "...I realize now...that I am in love with Odin, this goes against every rule of our society, but my heart longs for this noble, elegant man...tonight I plan to ask Sir Shin Tatsu about how to approach him, and once the fighting is over, I will bare my soul to him..."

"Love between a human and an esper?" Terra said.

"Well, it looks like it's not something that just started between your parents." Kenshin said. "It's strange though..."

"What?" Cyan asked.

"Earlier, my master actually sent me a letter, he said that after we're done running across the world, he wanted me to come to the mountains in Narshe. He said he wanted to talk to me about Kefka." Kenshin said.

"That is strange...Kefka should have nothing to do with the Elemental Knight." Edgar said.

They went back to the grand hall and observed Odin's statue. "What do you think Kenshin?" Celes asked.

"Odin definitely knew Shin Tatsu. I can sense latent energies inside this statue. Some of it feels elemental." Kenshin said. "Like my own."

Terra placed her hand on the statue only for it to crumble away. The dust scattered to reveal a piece of magicite. As the group walked away from the throne Edgar stepped on a button on the floor.


"? !" Everyone looked around.

"It sounded like it came from the Queen's room." Cyan said.

"Let's go then." Kenshin said. They walked back into the Queen's room and saw a set of stairs had appeared.

"A secret escape tunnel perhaps?" Edgar said.

They walked down the stairs and into the room below. They would have proceeded if not for the dragon's roar they heard. "Hang on." Kenshin said walking toward it.

"Kenshin..." Terra said.

"It's OK, I can handle this." Kenshin said gripping Kuroi Jigoku's hilt. "Serene Demon Sword!" Kenshin shouts, shooting by the dragon, beheading it.

"Jeez..." Edgar said.

"Sorry." Kenshin said. "Back home I kinda had a knack for things like this."

"Hey, who is that back there?" Edgar said pointing at the figure at the back of the room.

They approached it, only to find it was a woman. "Even the Queen was turned to stone." Terra said.

Shin Tatsu's image appeared next to Kenshin. "...Even you...dammit, I swear I will make that bastard pay." It said.

A tear dropped from the statue's face. Odin's magicite started to hum and glow. "Huh?" Terra said.

"It's changing." Kenshin said. "It's getting stronger and changing to something different."

"..." Terra looked it over as the light died down. "You're right, it's now become known as the esper, Raiden."

"...I think that's everything." Kenshin said.

"How can you tell?" Celes asked as they walked back into the great hall.

"I can still smell my sister's presences all over this castle. I think they already cleaned it out." Kenshin said.

"Alright, let's get out of here." Edgar said.



Back on the Falcon.

"So, the Elemental Knight is someone you know personally?" Setzer asked.

"Yeah." Kenshin said. "He's a demon like me, it's not surprising that he was around a thousand years ago, but what's surprising is that he was brought here...did the Triad have something to do with that as well?"

"Who knows?" Locke shrugged.

"So what do we do now?" Setzer asked.

"There's a beast in the northeastern end of the map called the Zone Eater. It could cause problems if Kefka decides to..."

"I see." Kenshin said. "Terra, You, Mog, Umaro and Shadow will come with me on this. Setzer, you land the ship, let us hop off and get back in the air, got it?"

"Yeah." Setzer said. "If this thing is as it's name implies I wanna be in the air."

The ship flew toward the northeasten island. "Alright, go go go!" Setzer said.

Kenshin, Mog, Terra, Umaro and Shadow hopped off the ship. The Falcon took back to the skies and the group of five began looking around. "Sooo, does anyone know what this thing's even supposed to look like?" Mog asked.

"I've heard of this thing before, it's supposed to be a giant worm." Shadow said.

"I I guess we gotta wait for the earth to shake." Kenshin said.

"Gruuaahh!" Umaro roared.

"What is it?" Terra said looking around.

"Something's coming." Kenshin said as the earth began to shake.

Suddenly a giant worm tore through the earth. "Gh!" Kenshin and the other tried to hold their positions as it sucked them in. "Oh damn! !" Kenshin shouts.

"It's sucking us in!" Mog yelled.

"Looks like we might have to fight our way out." Shadow said.

"Aaahh!" Terra yelled.

"Gruuaaahhh! !" Umaro roared.

The five eventually came to in what looked to be a cave. "Huh?" Terra said.

"What's going on here? How are we still alive?" Mog said.

"I get it...this thing must be connected to some sort of interdimensional space." Kenshin said. "Or at the very least it's mouth is."

"Ya think this might be what brought you here?" Mog asked. "You know at the Warring Triad's request?"

"I doubt it." Kenshin said. "Come on, let's look for a way out."

They took a few steps in and saw a beacon of light. "...Aaannnndd found it." Mog said.

"..." Shadow looked behind them.

"What is it Shadow?" Terra asked.

"...There's someone in here." Shadow said.

"Huh?" Kenshin said glancing back. "...He's right. There's definitely someone or something back there."

"Should we go and see if we can try and help them?" Terra asked.

"..." Mog sighed. "Well, I guess we can't very well leaven them back here."

The group proceeded downward. Umaro, Kenshin and Shadow ripping apart any enemies that came forward. They saw sentries on broken apart bridges marching back and forth. "Mog." Kenshin said.

"Right, Umaro, take 'em out." Mog said

"Grruuuaahh!" Umaro roared, hopping across the bridges knocking the sentries off.

"Shouldn't we be trying to save them?" Terra asked.

"Those things are just corpses at this point. The best thing we can do is destroy this thing after we get out." Shadow said.

"..." Terra looked over at Umaro who stood at the other end of the bridges.

Kenshin, Mog, Shadow and Terra came across the bridges and into the next room.


"Well...I think we found what might have killed them." Mog said looking up at the raising ceiling.

"No kidding." Kenshin said. He looked over at the chest to their left. "There! Run now!"

Everyone took off for the chest as the ceiling came crashing down. The ceiling crashed around them, finding themselves in a safe zone. "...Whew.." Everyone let out a relieved sigh.

Mog looked around and saw another chest. "Over there!"

Everyone ran toward it. When the ceiling crashed down. Umaro and Kenshin stood back to back in front of the chest, Mog resting on Umaro's shoulder while Terra was being carried in Kenshin's arms, while Shadow stood on the chest. "That was too close..." Kenshin said with a bead of sweat dripping down his face.

"No kidding." Mog said.

Shadow glanced over. "I see the exit, it's to the right."

"Your right or my right?" Kenshin asked.

"Mine." Shadow said as the ceiling raised back up. "Go! Go!" Everyone broke away for the exit.


"...Hahahahahahaha!" Kenshin cackled.

"Whew! We made it!" Mog said.

"Yes, but we're gonna have to make a return trip." Terra sighed.

"Hm.." Kenshin looks at an opening in the wall just past an obstacle course of jump spots. "Umaro." Kenshin said extending his hand.

"Go ahead." Mog said hopping on Umaro's back.

Umaro grabbed his wrist and Kenshin uncased his wings flying over to the opening. "Huh, you're pretty strong." Mog said. "Umaro's pretty damn heavy, but you don't even look strained.

"Eh, it's no big deal." Kenshin said. He set the two of them next to the opening and flew back over and grabbed Shadow and Terra, just stand on my feet, it's fine." Kenshin said.

"The person we're looking for is beyond this opening." Shadow said.

"They are?" Terra asked.

"Yeah." Kenshin said.

Once Kenshin got them all to the opening they walked in to see a person wearing odd clothing. "Is that a man..?" Shadow said.

"A woman...?" Terra wondered.

"Should we even ask?" Mog said.

"Hey, what's your name?" Kenshin and the figure said at the same time. "..."

"Huh?" Terra said.

"OK, seriously." Kenshin and the figure said. "Seriously! Stop, talking when I'm talking!" They both shout.

Shadow narrowed his eyes and appeared in front of the person, holding Striker at their throat. "What is...your name?"

"Gogo! Master of the simulacrum!" They responded.

"Good." Shadow nodded and retracted Striker. "Please refrain from mocking our demon friend back there."

"OK." Gogo replied. "My bad."

"It's fine. How did you end up in here?" Kenshin asked.

"I could ask you the same question." Gogo said.

"Ngh...ugh..good point." Kenshin said.

"What do you mean when you say simulacrum?" Mog asked.

"I'm an expert mimic." Gogo said. "My miming skills will leave you astonished!"

"..." Kenshin narrowed his eyes and unsheathed his sword. "Katensho!"

"Katensho!" Gogo said moving his arm as if to slash a sword at the same time as Kenshin actually did slash his sword. Two arcing flame blasts shot out and hit the wall.

"Whoa!" Mog said.

"...Huh." Kenshin said.

"That happened...that is a thing that just happened." Ryuushin said.

"Well, at least he's true to his word." Terra said with an amused smile

"Let's just get out of here." Shadow said lifting a warp stone into the air.

The six of them reappeared outside on the island. They were about to call Setzer over to pick them up when the Zone Eater reappeared. "Gogo, do what we just did again."

"Got it!" Gogo said.

"Katensho!" Kenshin and Gogo shout firing their attacks at the Zone Eater, completely obliterating it.

"That's done." Shadow said.

"Now all that's left is Kefka." Terra said.

"Yeah." Mog said as the Falcon landed. They all hopped on and introduced Gogo to everyone.

"He's a mimic?" Sabin said.

"I wouldn't believe it myself if he didn't copy my Katensho." Kenshin said.

"He did." Terra nodded.

"Alright, that only leaves Kefka himself now." Edgar said.

"Hang on. Before we head that way take us to Narshe." Kenshin said.

"Yes, Kenshin needs to see some people there before the final battle." Terra said.

"Right." Setzer said. "You care if we all come? Well except me of course because I'm gonna be manning my airship."

"Sure." Kenshin nodded. "I think what's going to be said there is something everyone needs to hear."


Narshe Mountains.

Kenshin, Terra, Locke, Celes and everyone arrived at the mountains to find Yukari and Miyuki lounging in the battlefield. "...Huh?" Locke said.

"How are they not cold?" Sabin asked.

"Yukari, Miyuki." Kenshin.

"?" Yukari glanced over at him. "Oh heya Kenshin." She waved.

"Hey Onii-Chan!" Miyuki waved.

"Why are you two here?" Kenshin asked.

"Well we came to take you ho-" Yukari was cut off.

"Nonono, I mean why are you HERE, freezing your asses off in the mountains?" Kenshin asked.

"Oh...well we have taken residence in one of the cabins down there, but we were training until just a moment ago." Yukari said.

"Yeah, we were getting ready to head inside before Shin sensed you." Miyuki said.

"I see, I see." Kenshin nodded.

"You were training out here in the snow?" Sabin asked.

"Don't underestimate them Sabin, with the elements they are just as good as I am, maybe even better now since I've not been using them in four years." Kenshin said.

"Yes, I can sense great magic prowess in both of them." Strago said.

"They're both really pretty." Relm said. "I'd like to paint them sometime."

"Heheh, you're too kind." Miyuki said with a grin.

Edgar approached Yukari. "Hello ma'am, my name is Edgar Rene Figaro, King of the Figaro Kingdom." He presented a rose to her. "A pleasure to meet you."

"Yukari Tsuki, and I don't care who you are." Yukari said. "I won't be staying in this world long."

Edgar slumped. "I-I see."

Sabin laughed. "You struck out again brother!"

"So, you two are swordsmen like Kenshin here?" Cyan asked.

"I am, Miyuki's not." Yukari said. "So Kenshin, are you ready to go?"

"..." Kenshin went silent.

"Yukari, I've told you once already. He probably won't leave until that clown is dealt with." Everyone looked up to see Shin descending the mountain. He cast away his cloak to reveal the same garb Shin Tatsu from the flashbacks in the Ancient Castle was wearing. The crimson Zanbatou appeared on his back.

"...Th-The Elemental Knight." Edgar said with wide eyes.

"Whoa, it's not every day ya meet a living legend." Locke said.

"Kenshin, this is your master?" Sabin asked.

"Yeah." Kenshin said.

"So what brings a legendary figure like yourself to our world anyway?" Shadow asked.

"Same as them, I've come to bring Kenshin back to his home." Shin Tatsu said. "Only I get why Kenshin wishes to put the decision off."

"You want to take him back home..." Terra said with a glare. "And where would that be exactly? To a place that reviled and despised him?"

"..." Yukari, Miyuki and Shin Tatsu said nothing.

"She has a point." Locke said. "According to Kenshin himself, his home and him have a lot of bad blood between each other."

"You think we don't know that?" Yukari asked. "But at the same time, we're his family, Miyuki and I. He belongs with us."

"And just who are you to decide where he belongs?" Celes asked with a scoff.

"I am his twin sister, and just who the hell are you to decide where he belongs yourself?" Yukari asked with a glare.

"I am his surrogate sister, Terra's his lover and this child here is his adoptive son." Celes said pointing to Terra, then to Gau.

"Papa!" Gau said climbing on Kenshin's back.

"Kenshin..?" Shin Tatsu said.

"I was left here for four years Shin, did you expect me to do nothing?" Kenshin asked.

"No." Shin Tatsu shook his head.

"I exhausted every means I could to make it back home to you all, but I later found out that I was brought here by the three goddesses known as the Warring Triad." Kenshin said. "I'm in too deep to go home now, at least not until Kefka Palazzo is dealt with. All I ask is that we shelf this decision until then."

Yukari closed her eyes and nodded. "Alright."

"OK Onii-Chan." Miyuki said.

"Now..." Kenshin said. "You seem to know a lot about the things going on here, so I'll ask the first were you brought here?"

Shin Tatsu crossed his arms. "The same way you were, by the Warring Triad."

"Any reasons why?" Terra asked.

"The only thing I could guess is that they needed me to help deal with the chaotic sorcerer their enemies had acquired the services of." Shin Tatsu said. "I'm sure you all saw it in the Ancient Castle, but not even Odin was a match for him."

"Was he really that powerful?" Strago asked.

"Yes." Shin Tatsu nodded. "He was fiercely powerful, the most vexing thing about him though, was that he had this great power for no reason, he seemed only want to cause destruction and mayhem with it. The war finally ended when I killed the bastard." Shin Tatsu said. "Or thought I did anyway. Afterward, the espers asked me to help them create a dimension where they could live, and then to help seal it away. The Warring Triad, also fearing that someone might try to take and abuse their powers asked me to seal their powers and have them placed in the Sealed World as well."

"Is this seal still in effect?" Edgar asked.

"No." Shin Tatsu shook his head. "Once the alignment of the three statues was knocked off balance, the seal was damaged, granted the seal would have self repaired had the alignment been restored, but just looking at this world, I can see that didn't happen. The mana of this world is slowly being sapped away."

"What if we stop Kefka, what then?" Celes asked.

"If the one causing this is stopped, the Warring Triad's magic will be released and gradually restored to the planet over the course of the next few centuries." Shin Tatsu said. "However with that comes a price."

"What is it?" Terra asked.

"As the mana is restoring itself, there will only be enough for nonmagical creatures to survive, such as humans." Shin Tatsu said. "The four of us, Kenshin included will be spared, because we are not apart of this world to begin with."

"!" Everyone except Yukari and Miyuki shared a gasp.

"...What about half espers?" Kenshin asked.

"...I don't know." Shin Tatsu said shaking his head. "Back then when the Warring Triad told me of these possibilities, there was no such thing. Odin and the Queen were about the closest thing, but they never conceived."

"What about the Mage Warriors? How did they come to be?" Strago asked.

"There are three ways to become a mage in this world. extract an espers life force using machines using magitek." Shin Tatsu said. "This can also be applied to people as well creating Magitek Warriors."

"That's how the Vectorians did it." Edgar said.

"Second, you find a piece of an esper's remains and do it that way." Shin Tatsu said. "No one knew about this back then, but I see they do now."

"And the third?" Terra asked.

"Forge a bond with a living esper, earn their trust and have them teach you." Shin Tatsu said. "That's the way the kingdom of old, that stood against the magitek empire did it...their descendants must be your Mage Warriors."

"I see..." Strago said.

Kenshin nodded. " you said you thought you killed the sorcerer, what did you mean by that?"

"Who else could have told this Vectorian Empire about the Espers?" Shin Tatsu asked. "I didn't kill him, but I did weaken him greatly that he had to put himself into a stasis for the next one thousand years."

"...Wait..." Edgar said with wide eyes. "You can't be suggesting that Kefka is the sorcerer you fought, are you? !"

"I am." Shin Tatsu said. "That man...he has no goal, no real one anyway. He just revels in destruction, mayhem and death. He will do anything to cause it. You won't be able to talk him out of his ways, though you're welcome to try."

"..." Everyone went silent.

"And we were dumb enough to let a man like that become a god? Dammit!" Locke cursed.

"Well no matter." Kenshin said. "It doesn't matter if he's an all powerful sorcerer from the War of the Magi. He must be stopped, and we're the ones who will stop him.

"...Haha...haha..Aahahahahahahaha! !" A sinister laugh rang over the clearing putting everyone on edge.

"What was that?" Yukari said gripping her sword's hilt.

"It's...It's him..." Terra said.

"Grhh..." Kenshin growled gripping Kuroi Jigoku's hilt.

"Come on out Kefka! It's time we ended this!" Shin Tatsu shouts.

" you wish Shin old nemesis!"

Shin Tatsu slashed downward, hitting a barrier as Kefka appeared right in front of him. "!" Shin Tatsu's eyes widened.

"You've gotten weaker...peace has cost you your strength, victory has defeated you!" Kefka shouts driving his fist, amped up by magic into Shin Tatsu's chest.

"Guuhaaah!" Shin Tatsu gasped, releasing his grip on his sword, using wind magic to send it over to Kenshin. "Kenshin, use ZanRyuu to take him down!"

"Huh? !" Kefka turned only to get ZanRyuu run through his chest. "..."

"Yukari, Miyuki now!" Shin Tatsu shouts.

"Right!" The two said rushing toward Kefka.

"Serene Demon Sword! Lightning Spear Thrust!" Yukari and Miyuki exclaim, slashing and stabbing at Kefka's neck and head respectively.

However Kefka raised his hands and expelled a powerful force sending them crashing into the rocks, they fell to the ground unconscious. "Yukari, Miyuk! !" Kenshin shouts.

"Tsk tsk tsk...did you forget Kenshin...?" Kefka asked. "I'm a heartless WRETCH!" He shouts grabbing Kenshin by the head and slamming his forehead into Kenshin's sending him staggering backward.

"After him now!" Edgar shouts taking aim with his crossbow, firing a volley of exploding arrows at him.

"Nice try Mechanic King." Kefka said stepping out of the smoke completely unharmed.

"Gogo Cyan, on me!" Sabin said. Gogo nodded and the two shot toward Kefka before spiralling around him, striking from every direction. "Bumrush!"

"Bushido Shichi! Tempest!" Cyan

"HmhmhmhmHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ! Look at you with your fancy little martial know, if this was a year ago...this would actually be making a difference!" Kefka said batting them all away, knocking them unconscious.

"Grrraaahhh! !" Umaro roared rushing after him with Mog on his back.

"Get him!" Mog shouts.

Kefka's barrier came back to life and blocked Umaro's fist and Mog's spear. "It'" Kefka said with a crazed smile as he flicked his fingers, another powerful force sending them crashing along the mountain floor.

"Fire Skean! Bolt Edge, Water Edge! !" Shadow shouts.

Kefka turned to him as the items took effect. "This won't work either...I recognize you!" He said snapping his fingers as the flames, electricity and water all fizzled out. "You're that hired ninja who thought he could stop me foolish you were!" Kefka said.

"Bolt 3! Ice 3! Fire 3! Pearl!"

Kefka turned to Terra, Celes, Relm and Strago who had been the ones to launch the spells. "Nice try ladies and fossil. Would you like another?"

"No!" Shin Tatsu shouts gripping Kefka by the neck from behind. "You're coming with me!"

"Hahahahahaha! Very well then!" Kefka shouts.

"Warp!" Shin Tatsu intoned as both he and Kefka vanished.

"..." Kenshin stared at the space they occupied.

" the hell just happened?" Edgar asked.

"Kefka's become almighty, that's what." Kenshin said with a glower. "Grab everyone and let's go back to the Falcon."


"So, Kefka's basically invincible, is that it?" Setzer asked as they flew. Everyone was standing on deck.

"Pretty much." Sabin said. "Except Kenshin, you were able to cut through his barrier."

"With ZanRyuu here." Kenshin said.

"Yes, but Onii-Chan not even Shin himself was able to do it." Miyuki said.

" looks like Kenshin might be the only one who can fight Kefka." Yukari said.

"Are you two not going to try and go home?" Celes asked. "Not meaning any offense, but..."

"No, Shin Tatsu was our way over here, we can't go back until he's back with us." Yukari said.

"So I hope you don't mind us intruding on this final battle." Miyuki said.

"Of course not, the more the merrier." Locke said with a grin.

"Alright, Setzer set a course for Kefka's tower. It's time we ended this." Kenshin siad.

"Right." Setzer said.

The Falcon pointed due south, flying toward Kefka, toward the final battle.

(chapter end)

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