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This story takes place right after the cell games. Goku didn't want to be wished back because he thought it would be better for everyone if he stayed where he was at so he wouldn't bring anymore trouble to the earth but goku was wrong because his wife and kids needed him more than he could ever know.

Living Dysfunctional

*Thinking to himself as he walks towards his house* "I can't believe that my dad thinks that he is helping us by staying away! I need you dad. mom needs you. She's going to be having a baby.a baby you will never get a chance to meet and see grow up! How am I going to explain to mom that dad decided to stay in the outer world because he didn't want to bring anymore trouble to the earth?! Said gohan, opening up the door and walks in the house.

*Chi-Chi excited runs up to gohan giving him lots of hugs and kisses* "AAAAAAAAH! "GOHAN YOUR HOME! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! I SAW WHAT THAT MONSTER DID, UNTIL THE TV BLACKED OUT! BUT THAT'S OKAY, YOUR HOME AND THAT'S ALL THAT MATTERS! WHERE'S GOKU?! Shouted chi-chi, who was really excited.

"Yeah gohan, where is he?!" Ask the ox king, smiling.

"Hi gohan!" Said lime, waving and excited to see him.

"Hi lime, it's good to see you!" said gohan, surprised to see her.

"GOHAN! Where is your father!" Yelled chi-chi, sternly and starting to become impatient.

"Uh, look so beautiful! It's your.

*Grabs gohan and starts to gently shake him* "GOHAN, TELL-ME-WHERE-IS-YOUR-FFFFFFFATHER!" Screamed chi-chi, in anger.

*Feeling nervous* "M-mom, dads dead! Shouted gohan, in fear. Then chi-chi looking wide-eyed and froze in shock. then her father started to talk to her.

"Chi-Chi honey, snap out of dear me!" Shouted the ox king, as he was gently shaking chi-chi.

"Oh gohan, I'm so sorry!" Said lime, feeling sad for them. Then chi-chi snaps out of it.

*Talking slowly and looking strait ahead* "go-han, please tell me. you wrong. Please tell me that?" ask chi-chi, acting like a zombie.

"Yes mom, he's dead." Said gohan, looking down at the floor. Then surprisingly chi-chi straightens up and didn't get upset or cried.

*Being calm* "Alright, call bulma and ask her for the dragon radar to search for the dragonballs, so we can wish goku back." Said chi-chi, looking serious. Then gohan look up at his mom with tears in his eyes.

"Mom, we can't!" Shouted gohan, crying.

"Gohan, are you crying?" Ask chi-chi, putting her hands on both sides of his face and wondering what was wrong.

"Dad has decided that since he always the one who brings trouble on the earth, it would be more he stayed in the outer world!" then chi- chi- started screaming and ran out the house and gohan and the ox king ran after her while lime stands at the front door watching them.

*Screaming and running* "NNNNNNNNO!" "HE CAN'T DO THIS TO US!" "HOW DARE YOU ABANDON YOUR FAMILY GOKU FOR THE EARTH?!" "YOU ALWAYS PUT THE EARTH FIRST BEFORE US! NOW, I AM PREGNANT AND THIS BABY WONT NEVER SEE YYYYYOU!" Screamed chi-chi, as she stops running and drops to her knees crying. Then her father and gohan catch up to her.

*Picking her up off the ground* "Their, their let it all out! Said the ox king, holding her in his arms.

"IT'S NOT FFFFFFAIR! IT'S-JUST-NOT-FFFFFFFAIR! AAAAAAAH!" Screamed chi-chi, as she was kicking and beating on her father to release all of her anger.


One year later, lime, gohan, carly, Tj and cixx were by the lake and had just finish playing football and now were sitting at the table.

"Just admit it! You lost to two girls and me!" Said gohan, smirking and folding his arms.

"All right, Mr. girly man.I'll admit, you beat us but I bet you losers wont beat us next time!" Said Tj, frowning.

"Tj's such a sore loser! It's pathetic!" Said Lime, smirking.

"Loooo-sssssser!" Said carly, being sarcastic.

"Why you nappy headed.

"Stop it Tj! It was only a game!" Said gohan, as he was interrupting Tj.

"Yeah, stop that or I wont give you babies what I brought in my picnic basket!" Said cixx, smirking and started taking out sandwiches, cups and a bottle of liquor, beer and wine.

*Picking up the liquor bottle and handing it to gohan* "Take a drink gohan; you won't know if you like it or not until you taste it!" Said cixx, smirking as he takes a drink of beer.

"Yeah gohan, *sipping her wine and eating her sandwich* drink it!" Said carly, encouraging him.

"Are you guys cracked?! We are not allowed to drink this stuff!" Said lime, sternly.

"This stuff is not for kids!" Said gohan, looking serious.

"Why not? My parents let me drink beer sometimes!" Said Tj, starting to drink some beer.

"So do my say it puts hair on your chest!" Said carly, smiling.

"Come on gohan and 's no big deal! Just because you drink a little bit that wont make you a bad person!" Said cixx, picking up the bottle of wine this time and pours some in two cups that were in front of them. Then they both picked up the cups of wine and drank it.

"Um, This taste good cixx." Said lime, smiling.

"This is some good 's not like I thought." Said gohan, smiling

*Pouring liquor in there cups* Try it; this also taste even better!" Said cixx, smirking devilishly. Then gohan and lime tried the liquor also. While they were drinking and eating, cixx takes out a joint, lights it up and puffs on it.

*Hands it to gohan* "Now, try this gohan." Said cixx, smirking. Then gohan puffs on it and starts to coughs and hands it back to cixx.

*Coughing* "What is this stuff?! It has a strong taste and smell to it!" said gohan, covering his mouth.

"It's called marijuana, weed, least that's what I was told." Said cixx, smiling and hands the joint to Tj.

"I don't want to smoke this stuff, what's the purpose of it anyway?! Ask gohan, frowning.

"It makes you feel good on the inside!" Said carly, puffing on the joint that Tj passed on to her.

"Not only it makes you feel good, it has a sweet taste. You'll get use to the strong taste and smell after awhile.I did." Said cixx, smiling.

"Yeah, said Tj and carly." Smiling.

"Gohan, I know since your dads been gone you haven't been happy. If it's any comfort to you, just maybe if you smoke this, you'll feel better." Said cixx, looking serious at him.

"Lime, do you want to try some of this! It wont hurt you unless you're planning on smoking this all the time, which is not good." Said tj.

"It's the same as keep doing that, it can cause you to get sick with diabetes or something. "Lime, we have been friends for a long time and I would never offer you something that will hurt you." said carly handing the joint back to cixx. Then lime and gohan look at each other for a moment and started to smile.

"I'll try it." Said lime, taking the joint from cixx and puffs on it. Then hands it to gohan and he takes it and holds on to it.

"You said this would make me feel better?" Ask gohan, smirking.

"Oh yeah, like floating on a cloud." Said cixx, smiling and starting to get high. Then gohan takes a puff on the joint.

"Whoa, it's strong but like you said cixx, I will get use to it and it does have a sweet taste.I think I'm going to like this." said gohan, smiling as he takes another puff. Then later on that evening at Capsule Corp, bulma was waiting for yamcha to bring chi-chi over.

"Vegeta, make sure you feed trunks on time!" Said bulma, looking at herself in the mirror.

"Look Women, I'm not stupid! I know to feed the brat!" Said vegeta, walking over to her.

"Oh really now, the last time I left you here with trunks, he was crying and you didn't feed him nor was his diaper changed and you was sleep with a liquor bottle in your hand!" Said bulma, folding her arms. Then they both started to walk down the stairs.

"When I was his age, I was left by myself for five hours.I wasn't feed nor was I changed and I cried myself to sleep and lived through it! "This is why these earthling brats are so weak.I don't want my son to turn out that way!" I want him to be a real man with backbone not a powder puff!" Said vegeta, smirking.

"Shut up vegeta! That is probably the reason why you're never was nurtured as a child and now you want to do our son the same way.I don't think so bub! If our son is not taken care of properly while I'm gone, you will not sleep in our bed for a week and that includes not having vegeta?! Shouted bulma.


*Getting in his face* "Yes. Said bulma, softly with a sinister grin. Then the doorbell rings and it was yamcha and chi-chi. then vegeta lets them in.

"It's that psycho yamcha and kakarots crazy wife at the door!" Shouted vegeta, as he stormed out of the room.

*Walking in the house* "What's up with him?!" Ask yamcha, shaking his head.

"The wild look he had on his like he was scared of something!" Said chi-chi, looking serious

"Oh, he scared of something alright! But anyway, yamcha, I can't thank your girlfriend Gina enough for helping me out at the last minute with her catering service for my party last week." Said bulma, smiling.

"I'm just glad she was able to help 's usually booked but luckily someone canceled and that gave you the opportunity to take their spot." Said yamcha, smiling.

"What ever happen to the other catering service you already had?" Ask chi- chi.

"Well, they accidentally. so they say, put in the computer the wrong date to bring the they couldn't cater my party because they were all booked up and there was no way around it but at least I got my money back." Said bulma, smiling.

"Bummer." Said chi-chi.

"Well ladies, its time to go to Gina's party.I'm sure there is no parking in site but that's alright, I'll just park my car in her garage." Said yamcha. Then they walk out the door. One hour later at the party, chi-chi, bulma and Gina where sitting down on the couch talking.

"I'm sorry to here chi-chi that your husband decided not come back." Said Gina, looking sad.

"He's my ex husband now and I had to really realize if he wanted to be with his wife and kids, he would have let himself be wished back with the dragonballs!" Said chi-chi, looking serious at her. Then a man who was six feet tall with long jet-black wavy hair, blue eyes, with a well shape muscle bond body and wearing all burgundy in a casual dress outfit walks over to were the ladies were sitting. It was Gina's long life friend Giovanni who is in the architect business, just moved back in town three weeks ago.

*Talking in a deep medium Scottish accent* "Hey Gina, sorry that I'm late for your party.I had some last minute business to deal with!" Said Giovanni, smiling.

"Now you know vanni I 't even worry about it." said Gina, smiling.

"Thanks for being understanding. *He looks over at chi-chi* Well, hello is your name?" Ask Giovanni, smiling at her.

"My name's chi-chi." she said nervously to him because he was extremely gorgeous with a great body and had a lovely accent that mesmerized her.

"I'm Giovanni. *He takes her hand and kisses it* come and dance with me chi- chi." said Giovanni, with the same hand he kissed he puts it in his hand and walks with her to the dance floor.

"He's quick; I hope chi-chi can handle this." Said bulma, being concerned.

"Giovanni has always had that kind of affect on woman and besides chi-chi is now single and she wants to go on with her life." Said Gina, smiling. Then after the party Giovanni took chi-chi home and she invited him inside.

"I have never had so much fun in all of my life!" Said chi-chi, feeling a little tipsy, going into her refrigerator.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself tonight." Said Giovanni, smiling, sitting at the table and checking her out. Then he gets up with out her knowing it and slowly walks over to her.

"Did you want some juice ask chi-chi, then she turns around and he was behind her and it scares her but he caught the juice before it could fall and puts it on top of the refrigerator.

"Chi-chi, you are a very beautiful woman and you deserve the best." Said Giovanni, smiling and taking her in his arms and starts to kiss her with passion. He picks her up and takes her over to the couch and lays her down. Then gets on top of her and kisses her more and starts to unzip her dress. Then she stops him

*Softly pushes him back* "I can't do this Giovanni.I just met you!" Said chi-chi, feeling nervous and gets up.

"I'm sorry, I'm so use to having sex on my first date." Said Giovanni, getting up and walking over to her.

"I'm not like that Giovanni.I like to get to know the person first." Said chi-chi, looking serious.

"All right, can I see you again and take you out to dinner tomorrow." Ask Giovanni, smirking.

"No, I will fix dinner tomorrow so you can meet my boys." Said chi-chi, smiling.

"Ok, that will be good!" said Giovanni smiling. Chi-chi said goodnight and Giovanni left.

The next day in the evening. "Mom what's up with this new guy were meeting.. I thought you wanted to stay single!" said gohan, frowning.

*Putting her hands on her hips* "Gohan, theirs nothing wrong with meeting people and getting to know them and that's what you and goten are going to do tonight so be on your BEST behavior!" said chi-chi. Giovanni soon knocked on the door and chi-chi opened the door and greeted him. He met the family and sat down and had dinner with them and it was a great evening. Chi-chi and Giovanni soon started dating more often that week and by the next week she was sleeping with him chi-chi was vulnerable and Giovanni was a good man with money and he got chi-chi what ever she and the boys wanted. ******* *Four years later* "Gohan, hurry going to be late for SCHOOL!" shouted chi-chi.

"Would you HOLD ON I'm COMING!" "MAN, she's always on my BUTT!" Gohan grabbed his books and walked out of his room and ran into goten.



"SHUT UP!" said gohan. Goten ran downstairs.


"You know what goten, I over heard about what you were doing and if you don't stay away from gohans bedroom door, I'm going to whip your !" Said chi-chi, sternly.

*Laughing at goten* "Ha ha ha ha ha!" Laughed gohan, out loud.


"GOTEN!" "DON'T YOU DARE SAY IT! "GO TO YOUR ROOM RIGHT NOW!" commanded chi-chi. Then goten stormed out of the room. Then lime came down the stairs.

"Good morning chi-chi." Said lime, smiling.

"Good morning dear." Said chi-chi, smiling.

"See you later and me are going to eat breakfast at Joes. Said gohan, getting ready to walk out the door with lime." Chi-chi stops them.

"I wanted to remind you gohan about your appointment with Giovanni after school about a job! So don't miss it gohan!" Said chi-chi, sternly.

"I know !" said gohan, rolling his eyes as he and lime walk out the door.

In Giovanni's office. "I don't care what you have to do fool!" "Get the heroin to them NNNNNOW!" Shouted Giovanni, slamming the phone down. Then one of his associates walks in.

"Giovanni, the shipment of heroin didn't make it because the FBI got to it first!" "But the good news is, all of our men escape!" Said the associate.

"THAT'S NOT TRUE!" "THEY CAPTURED SOME OF THEM!" "IF PETE DOESN'T GET THAT SHIPMENT OF HEROIN BACK, SOMEBODYS HEAD IS COMING OFF!" Screamed Giovanni, slamming both fist down on the table, which put a big crack in it.

"So, do you want me to cancel all of your appointments today?" Ask the associate.

"No, I promise my lady friend that I would give her son a job!" "As long as we don't do nothing stupid, they wont be able to trace the heroin back to us!" Said Giovanni, looking serious.

So, Giovanni's more than an architect he's also a gangster. Will he show gohan about the architect business or will he show him the business of being a gangster? Find out in Chap 2.