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Living Dysfunctional chap 7.

Giovanni and gohan flied extremely fast over to chichi and goten. They landed and ran over to them. Giovanni picks up chichi and gohan picks up goten and carries them quickly in the house and laid them down on the floor. Goten wakes up after gohan tried to get him up. Giovanni was still trying to get chichi up.

"Chichi, chichi!" shouted Giovanni, looking worried as he was trying to wake her up. "She's not waking up gohan!" *Thinks to himself* "what have I done!" then gohan picks her up.

"Giovanni, I have to take my mom up to kame's lookout, I'll explain as we on goten!" he said, as they walk out the door and fly off. Then at kame's lookout, dende, piccolo and Mr. popo sense something was coming.

"Who is this coming?!" ask Mr. popo, not having no idea who was coming up there.

"It's gohan!" said dende, getting excited.

"And he's bringing and chichi's new Guy." said piccolo. Then they land on kame's lookout. Piccolo and Giovanni started to stare at each other

*Running over to dende carrying his mom* "Dende, I know this is unorthodox but please heal my mom?!" ask gohan in distress.

"Yes gohan, *lays his hand on chichi* I will heal your , if you had of waited any longer, she would have happened?!" ask dende, being concerned.

"Gohan and I were sparing, she and goten happen to be outside when we were fighting and the power of our sparing was can I say , they crashed into the house.I never meant for this to happen.I'm so sorry!" he said, feeling bad about what happened.

"The word extreme isn't powerful enough to describe the way we were fighting Giovanni!" said gohan, smiling. Dende finish healing chichi, then she open her eyes and saw the three of them hovering over her smiling. She grabs gohan by the collar and shakes him real hard.

"ARE YOU COULD HAVE KILLED US AAAAALL!" Screamed chichi, and Giovanni grabs chichi's hands and pulled them off of him and turns her around to him.

"If you're going to shake him, shake me also because I was putting out all that power as it!" demanded Giovanni, chichi had a shock look on her face because she didn't know that he had the same ability as her two sons and ex husband goku.

"Why didn't you tell me, you had the same fighting ability as my sons and ex ?!" ask chichi, with a serious look.

"I was going to tell you but I had to wait for the right I guess this was the right time.I hope!" He said with a silly grin. Chichi shakes her head smiling as she looks at him and piccolo had remembered what king kai had said and the power dende, Mr. popo and he had sense earlier put then he figured it out that it was Giovanni that was one of the persons who was giving off that power and he thinks to himself.

"So, this is what king kai was talking about and that explosive power we sense earlier.I can't believe how strong this guy is and how he's good at holding back his power without anyone finding out.I sense there is more he's holding back, maybe it is true that he's a drug lord! It's good that goku's coming home but until then, I'll keep an eye on Giovanni. Then Giovanni, who can also read minds, had been reading piccolos mind all of this time, so he started to talk to piccolo's mind.

"So, goku thinks he can just come back into there lives and pick up were he left off?! I doubt that.I love chichi and her boys and I will not allow them to be taken from me!" said Giovanni in anger.

"Do you really love them or are they just pawns in your hands for your pleasure, so no one can discover who you really are!" said piccolo in anger.

"Heh! Heh! Heh! Heh! You can't begin to fathom who I really am Namek!" he yelled.

"How did you know I am a ?!" piccolo yelled.

"Oh, I know a lot of things more than you than you ever will know.I'm warning you out of my business or I'll kill ?!" demanded Giovanni. "Oh, and one more thing, tell goku that chichi's soon to be husband said hi!" Then he picked chichi up off the floor and showed no signs that he had been talking to piccolo in his mind.

"Thanks for healing my mom dende!" Said goten, smiling at him as he gets ready to fly off.

"Thanks 're the ya!" said gohan waving as he takes off in the air.

"I really appreciate !" said Giovanni, taking off in the air with chichi in his arms and he looks over at piccolo with a smirk.

"Thank !" said chichi, smiling and waving at them as they started to fly away.

The next day at orange star high school during lunchtime gohan, sharpener, carly and cixx were out side sitting in the courtyard of the school.

"I can't believe how good this courtyard looks since they remolded It." said carly, looking around smiling.

"Yeah, and what makes it so special is that some of the kids from this high school are the ones who did all of this artwork." Said gohan, smiling as he looks around.

"You can see rayon's work in the left corner, niccos work in the middle and Tina's work at the bottom." Said sharpener, as he was looking around.

*Feeling Annoyed* "And you can see the many other artist who were chosen to do this yada , lets talk about something that makes do you think about having gummy candy at my party Friday night?!" cixx ask, smiling at them. They all look at him like he was crazy.

"I think you've smoked one to many joints cixx!" said sharpener, wondering was he okay. Cixx takes out a plastic bag full of gummy candy.

*Puts one in his mouth* "This is something new that I just got from one of my friends a few weeks ago and I didn't want to let none of you know about it until I tested it first but only take one, you'll start to get high if you eat two." Said cixx, as he was chewing on the candy and passes the plastic bag of candy so each person can get a piece. Angela walks over to them and sits next to gohan.

*Sees the plastic bag of candy and takes one* "Hey, gummy you finally decided to share this with us?!" ask Angela, smiling at him.

"I thought you was the only one that knew about the lying moron!" Said sharpener in anger.

"Listen . Air head *looking and frowning at Angela* happened to have came over after I got the candy and I told her I'm not giving it out until I test it first, you idiot!" said cixx in anger at sharpener and they both stood up and started to stare at each other with a look that would make your flesh crawl and they were about to fight but gohan stops them.

"Whoa their guys *sees the dean walking over to them* the deans coming." Gohan said smiling and the dean stops at their table and Angela puts the gummy candy away with out the dean seeing her.

"Can anyone tell me what's going on here?!" ask the dean sternly.

"There was a misunderstanding 's already been taken care of!" said gohan, smiling at him.

"Is this true carly?!" ask the dean, looking at her seriously.

"Yes it is was all just a misunderstanding." She said smiling at the dean.

"Alright, I'll wont ask this time what the misunderstanding is "because I trust carlys answer but *looks at sharpener and cixx* I will be keeping an eye out on you on!" said the dean as he walks away. They all smile as the dean walks away but the moment he turns the corner cixx and sharpener were at it again.

"I could have gotten busted you nimrod. Now I have to lay low awhile on bringing my goodies to give out!" said cixx in anger.

"You don't need to bring that stuff to school anyways you drug lord?!" as sharpener yelled back at him.

"Enough what the dean said.I don't think you want to end up in his office today!" said gohan sternly. Then Angela saw lime walking towards their way and she quickly starts kissing gohan catching him off guard and of course he likes it but doesn't kiss her back but from the direction lime was coming from, it look like he was kissing her back. She walks over to the table and snatched Angela by the hair then floors her.


*Looking wide eyed* "LIME, ARE YOU MAY HAVE.

*Pulling him from the table* "SHUT UP. SHE'S FINE!" yelled lime as she was pulling him down the hall by his collar.

At the sons home chichi was singing and hanging up the last of her laundry and went into the house. Then as she entered the kitchen Angus was sitting at the table and it frighten chichi.

"WHO ARE THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Screamed chichi shaking in fear.

*Getting up and walking towards her* "Is this how you treat all of your house looks like I have to teach you some manners!" said Angus with an evil smirk. Then chichi gets in her fighting position.

"THE ONLY ONE THAT NEEDS TO LEARN SOME MANNERS IS BUM!" Yelled chichi, in anger and she charged at him and he zaps her with a freeze attack and she was frozen in the spot she was in and he unfreezes her by slapping her real hard which knock her backwards over the couch but it wasn't enough to knock her out and she gets up with her mouth and nose bleeding, getting back in her fighting position.

*Walking towards her* "You're a tuff one that still wont save you from do you see in Giovanni?!" he ask, bluntly.

" IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!" screamed chichi in anger. Then Angus disappears and reappears in front of her and grabs her by the throat with both hands, lifting her up fast in the air strangling her.

"I'M MAKING IT MY BUSINESS YOU ME WHAT YOU SEE IN GIOVANNI OR YOU'LL DIE!" Screamed Angus at chichi in anger. Then trunks and goten who came in the kitchen seen what was going on, and shot a ki blast at the same time at Angus hitting him in the butt. Then he screamed, drop chichi and grab his behind because it hurt real badly.

"LEAVE MY MOM ALONE YOU BULLY!" yelled goten in anger.

"LETS FINISH HIM GOTEN!" screamed trunks in anger. They charged at Angus in full force and just when it look like they was going to hit him they both disappeared but when they reappeared behind angus, he disappeared and instantly reappeared in front of them and bashed both trunks and gotens heads together and they fall to the floor and was knock out, chichi seeing this, was already calling 911 and angus who heard her talking on the phone hysterically, shoot a electro blast at the phone receiver in her hand and blowing it up and she screams and runs out the house and he comes after her.

"YOU CAN'T ESCAPE ME WILL ANSWER MY QUESTION!" he said in anger. Then Angus disappears and reappears in front of chichi causing her to crash into him really hard. She falls down and he picks her up off the ground by the waist with both hands holding her up in the air and tears started to fall down chichi's face.


"You do have a brain.I have to give it to Giovanni this time, you're not like those other airheads he usually dates but it doesn't matter, I have had sex with all of them and your next!" angus said sarcastically with an evil smirk. He puts her on the ground and instantly rips off all of her clothes except for her bra and underwear and starts kissing her with passion as she was trying to fight him off.

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