TAPS Investigation: Fentonworks House, 3:36am


"Do you want to play a game?" Grant Wilson addressed the dark, empty room, EVP recorder held out enticingly. There had been quite a few sightings of a young, male apparition in the basement of the house they were investigating. It had long been abandoned, but from what equipment and debris had been left behind, it felt to the TAPS member like a mad scientist's lab. So he was down here with Jason Hawes, trying to coax the paranormal occupant to show itself. "It's called Marco Polo. Do you know how to play that?" His voice echoed in the cavernous room. "I'll call out 'Marco', and you try to respond with 'Polo,' and we'll follow your voice to try and find you." Silence met his query, but he continued, undaunted. "Marco."

Instead of the expected reply, there was a soft, barely whispered giggle that sent chills racing up both men's spines, and a low, inaudibly murmured voice. Grant's hand tightened on the EVP recorder and he shot a wide-eyed look at Jason. From the other man's expression, he'd heard it too. Jason boldly took up the line of questioning. "Was that you?" Silence. "I don't think we heard what you said properly, can you repeat yourself?"

"I said, you're supposed to close your eyes." came a voice directly near Grant's ear. The TAPS member, though he had been ghost-hunting a long time and was used to the unexpected, couldn't help the strangled yelp as he jolted in shock, twisting his flashlight around to catch in its beam-
-silvery hair-
-pale, translucent skin-
-bright green eyes-
-which, in fact, the specter had squinted, flinching from the light, raising a white-gloved hand to shield his vision from the glare. "Hey, mind pointing that someplace else?"

Too speechless to do anything else, the TAPS member turned the beam to the dusty basement floor.


A/N: Just a snippet folks, sorry. A plot idea that became formed enough to create a blurb. Anyone interested in adopting and expanding this can PM me. I own neither Danny Phantom, Ghost Hunters, or TAPS, but love all three. (And I apologize to the RP I wrote RPF about.)