Things Keep Happening

After the DWMA students woke up, there was a greyhound bus waiting to pick them up and drive them to Canada (They had to blend into society after all). As they drove off, Kid was lost in a sea of his own thoughts because his father didn't give him a satisfactory answer as to why Scott Pilgrim was never enrolled at the DWMA. Obviously this guy had to have some serious power, considering he defeated a Kissin on his own. So why didn't Shinigami-sama reach out to the boy?

Was he even an ally?

Did he have an allegiance to another force that Kid was unaware of?

Was it that he was dangerous?

Was it negligence on the DWMA's part?

Too many questions were plaguing Kid's head about the whole situation, which was why he absolutely had to meet Mr. Pilgrim himself to better understand the situation.

"Hmm," Soul mumbled.

"What is it," Maka asked with a cocked eyebrow.

"Look at Kid. I think something's bugging him," Soul whispered.

Maka discreetly looked over and nodded, "Yeah, he looks worried about something. I think it's about that Scott Pilgrim guy."

"I think so too," Soul agreed, "You remember the face he made when Shinigami-sama told him that they knew Pilgrim had a soul wavelength but never let him enroll?"

Maka nodded, "Uh-hum, and it's actually bothering me too," she added seriously, "Why would the DWMA deny someone education knowing they had a soul wavelength?"

Soul remained silent.

"I mean, I've read that meisters who are left untrained will end up becoming dangerous to themselves and everyone else around them. But I never would've imagined that it would've already happened and that we allowed it," Maka stated while fighting back the urge to scream.

By this point everyone on the bus was listening in on the conversation, and started contributing.

"Maybe the guy's just REALLY unstable and the DWMA couldn't do anything for him," Liz theorized.

"No. Dr. Stein is unstable and he's our god-damn homeroom teacher," Soul grimaced.

Liz confessed, "Yeah, good point."

Maka added, "Even if he were unstable that's what the DWMA is for."

"He could be the son of a witch, like Chrona, and that's why we couldn't do anything," Tsubaki suggested.

With no other plausible explanation that anyone could suggest at the moment, the group to run with the theory that Scott Pilgrim was the son of a witch and continued from there.

"Assuming that Scott Pilgrim is the son of a witch, do you think meeting him would still be such a good idea," Kid asked.

"Well, Chrona is Medusa's son and even though he's always sad he's always trying to be nice to everyone," Patty exclaimed with her carefree smile.

"Yeah, and as the man who's gonna surpass god! I'd like to meet the guy who beat a Kissin without any help," Blackstar challenged.

"Not to mention the fact that if he were fighting on the witch's side, he wouldn't have fought that Kissin either," Soul contributed.

As the students were entering Toronto, our secondary hero is visiting his sister at her work, "The Second Cup."

"Well Scott. I'm not sure if the fact that Romona still wants to marry you is a testament to how much of a smooth talker you are or to how desperate she is," Stacey smugly commented while she pour Scott his coffee.


"I'm not sure… Hey Scott, did you scream "Flame on" before you burn Romona's house down?"

Scott muttered, "Go to hell," as he left before even taking his free coffee.

Stacey sighed under her breath, "Dammit Scott… What are we gonna do with you?"

As Scott wandered aimlessly around town, he saw a group of kids getting off a bus who looked like they were getting ready to move in. They looked weird in the most awesome way possible. The first thing he said,

"Dude, I how'd you get your hair like that with the three white strips! I totally want it like that!"

Before Scott could begin imagining himself with those badass strips, he found himself mauled by this 5'3'' monster…

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