A/N: Welcome to 'One Hundred Footprints in the Sand'. It is a series of 100 word drabbles about our favorite fisherman: Toby! Follow him through his life on Castanet (and earlier), as he finds love, feels hate, and discovers who he truly is. Each chapter is exactly 100 words, minus author notes. I'm hoping for 100 chapters, since they're easy to write. I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: Let's just say this applies to all chapters! I do not own Harvest Moon: Animal Parade.

Toby was a simple man of simple pleasures. To pass the time, he liked to watch the clouds lazily drift by overhead. For a hobby, he liked to relax by the ocean side, watch butterflies, and sniff flowers. For a living he liked to fish.

Yes, Toby never needed much to keep himself occupied. Even during the slow, drawn-out summer haze, he could always find enjoyment in the subtle simple things in life. Some might call him easily pleased, or easily amused. He liked to call himself open minded.

It was a simple life. But certainly not an easy one.