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I know I owe you Chapter 3… or 4, sorry I forgot, of the story 'My, Oh Gracie!' which probably some people forgot, lol. I know I did. But to tell you the truth, I've been busy writing suite life stories from Disney channel, which I enjoy watching only because my favorite actress from Passions (A Soap Opera) Erin Cardillo (Playing Emma Tutweiller). I fell in love with the Marion and Emma couple, like I did with C.C and Niles. So yeah, but I will stick with both, and also, I'm working on a crossover ok many crossover stories, that includes both of my favs. So here we go…

Inspired By: The Show, Sixteen and Pregnant. Although, not the sixteen part. HEHE!

It was her birthday. C.C Babcock was 34, and she didn't like it one bit, especially when the nosy butler kept asking what her real age was. But this birthday was different. It was a one night stand that changed her life, especially when it was unprotected. No she didn't gain any disease, but even that, C.C wished she had. Instead, she ended up pregnant. Already two weeks, at least that's what the doctor told her. She closed the door behind her, as she was walking out of the clinic.

As she walked to the parking lot, she thought about the father. Who is the Father? She thought long and hard. The cold wind hit her cheeks, as she was unlocking the door of her car, with a single tear coming down her face. The only memory of the day was the booze running down her throat over and over, a boring Saturday that's all she knew. She was too drunk to remember what happened. As she drove to her apartment, to change before work, she couldn't stop thinking.

'What will they think of me?' They, as in the Sheffields. Her eyes grew larger, at the thought of Niles. What will he say? What will he think? 'Well, Babcock, who knocked you up, I thought you passed menopause by now?' What about Nanny Fine? 'Jeez Ms. Babcock, are ya really? Can I be the Godmotha? Oh please!'

The thought of it all that just made her want to vomit. Then all of a sudden, she had a flash back. Dark hair. Green eyes. Or was it hazel? No green. Very handsome, but couldn't remember his name. He probably never gave her his name. Remembered, how they both agreed to never give out their names, and will just be a one night stand, and only a one night stand.

Then a second thought. Abortion?

'Oh don't be stupid, I don't want a vacuum inside me just too practically take a living thing out of me!'

"Damn it!" she screamed.

An hour later, she went straight to the mansion. And promised herself she wouldn't tell anybody about her pregnancy. Yeah she'll get bigger, but when that time comes…well, she decided to let future C.C handle that. For now, it was a secret. Right when she came out of her car, she felt heavy around her stomach, now that she thought of it. Since she realized she was pregnant, she felt like she was carrying a small break inside her stomach. Realizing, makes her think, and thinking, makes her feel. As if it opened her eyes.

She walked slowly to the Mansion door, and nervously raised her hand to the doorbell to ring.

'It's just like any other day C.C, now stop shaking like crazy,' she thought.

Finally, she stopped, and pressed the button, a minute later, Niles opened the door. He shrugged, and then slammed the door on her face.

"Damn it Niles! Open the door!" Although, what he did made her feel a little more comfortable, she wasn't going to let him get away with it.

Niles tried not to laugh, as he opened the door, and slammed the door once more on her face.

This time C.C's face became red,


With Niles still looking through the glass, of the door, he pretended to leave, but before he could, he waved his hand goodbye.

"NILES! Come back here and open the door!" She screamed.

Then ringing the doorbell several times, until, well until he opened the door. Knowing how he'll get in trouble for not getting door, he decided to open the door and finally let her in.

When he did let her in, she gave him that, 'Don't mess with me, or you'll get it for sure,'

Niles smiled innocently,

After that she ignored him, and marched straight to the office.

'Damn that man!' she thought.

Though he made her feel like nothing happened, which made her feel comfortable since the news…sadly to say.

"Maxwell, I'm sorry I'm late, I had a doctors appointment,"

Maxwell, looked up from his papers, and looked up at C.C.

"Really? So what did he tell you?"

"Nothing, I'm fine."

After that she started working, sat down on her green chair, and read through some scripts. Though she was tired, she kept on working, from tiredness to headaches. Through lunch time, she decided to go out and by lasagna, since that was the one thing she craved for. Then, went back to the mansion.

"Hiya, Ms. Babcock!" C.C rolled her eyes. As if her day couldn't get any worse. Well, at least this time the nanny opened the door, and not Niles. That was a good thing.

Before Fran could say anything else, C.C speed walked to the office. That way Fran won't have to tell her story about her mother's cousin's great grandmother's sister's day and other nonsense. When she didn't see Fran following, she whispered a 'yes!' to herself. And walked back to her little green couch.

It was nine-thirty, and C.C was already starting to fall asleep. To wake up, she decided to go to the kitchen, and mess around with the butler, after all, she did tell him she was going to get him back.

C.C thought for a while, trying to think of a way to get him for that little trick he did to her.

Then, after a minute, she smiled to herself, and finally came up with an idea. She got up from her chair, got out of the office, and went straight to the kitchen to find the butler.

When she saw him, she smiled evilly, as he was cleaning up the kitchen.

First she went to the refrigerator, and spotted what she wanted. Hmm, cake. As she grabbed a slice, she walked towards, him, tapped on his shoulder, and as he turned around. Smack! The cake was on his face.

Well hello again, hope you liked it. Sorry it's short, but I promise Chapter 2 will come. If I have at least 3 reviews (fingers crossed). So anyway, during my time writing this story, I will have a Christmas story, a crossover actually, and I hope you take the time to read it.

Merry Christmas

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