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Welcome to Chapter 4. Gosh already, ya know, it's fun writing, I just feel free when I write, yeah I'm still in practice, but isn't everyone? Anyway, sorry I took long, I was so busy with stuff, I auditioned for this play, and just performed on the weekend, and I had rehearsals everyday, and was back home around 7. Tired to write, not to mention having writer's block. Horrible stuff. So this chapter I just wrote like nothing, which is what I usually do. :)

Inspired By: Song 'I feel just like a child' by Devendra Banhart. In my story, C.C acts just like a child.

'I'm toast! How the hell am I supposed to cook for three, if I can barely cook for myself. I can get a cook, but that won't be the same.'

As C.C was getting ready, she thought of taking a cooking class, but remembered the last time she did, it did not help her at all, and it would also make her schedule a little harder. Especially when she's ten weeks with twins, she can already feel a small bump on her stomach. While still in bed with her pajamas, she felt as if her day was already wasting.

It was her day off, and she didn't know what to do.

She decided to do a little shopping, something Fran taught her. Feeling happy about the idea, until she put on her designer dress pants.

"Ahh! Ouch—ugh! Stupid zipper!" She threw her pants on the floor, and took another pair from her closet. It wouldn't close either,

"What the hell! Why won't this close!" She cried,

She laid down on her bed and tried it again, but it wouldn't budge, if they were a little tight before, they are tighter now.

After a few pants, she decided to try her skirts.

"Yes!" they fit, but there was only one problem, all her skirts don't belong for winter time.

Then she remembered her jeans, from college.

Luckily they fit. Now she really needed to shop. Hours later, she had bought her maternity cloths for the near future, and some knew pair of pants, where she had grown over two sizes.

It was already five in the afternoon, and C.C was already bored. As she organized her clothes, she had finally had this idea. Niles was a great cook, and he looks like a good teacher,

'What if he can teach me? I think I should call him first.' With that, she dialed his number, and after a few rings, he answered,

"Hello, this is Niles, may I ask who's calling?"

"Hello Niles," she said,

"Hello Ms. Babcock, are you alright? Do you need me to get you something?"

"Well what popped your cornflakes, rubber-maid?"

"It's a time for all to be nice to the lonely and the helpless," he said plainly,

C.C rolled her eyes, but decided to ignore it, and continued

"Listen, Niles I was wondering maybe I could come by tomorrow morning, I really want to learn how to cook, and breakfast is the most important meal right? You think you can teach me?"

"Well let's see, should I add another hour of torture from the evil one? I guess so,"

"Thank you Niles,"

"I'm sure you are,"

Although he was excited, he couldn't let her hear that.

The Morning came, and C.C was ready. Sort of.

As she was getting ready, she noticed another change in her body. Two things that are different.

"Oh my GOD they're growing two! They look bloated!"

At the Sheffield's C.C. was waiting in the kitchen, she heard foot steps from the stairs behind her, and smiled when she saw Niles. As soon as he saw her, he felt like there was something different about her, he thought about the pregnancy glow, but to him, that glow was always there when it comes to C.C. Then he realized something really different. Her breasts were a different size. He took a deep breath, and wondered what he got himself into.

'Oi!' He thought.

"Well, let's get started, shall we?" he said coolly.

Niles had all the ingredients, the only simple things you need in breakfast.

"So are you ready to make toast?"

"What? Niles I know how to make toast, I may not be Julia Child, but I can make a piece of toast!"

Niles laughed.

"I was kidding. How about eggs, sausage, and bacon."

"Really? Ok."

With Niles being the teacher, she didn't need to waste any eggs to make a perfect sunny side up egg. Ok so it took a few tries, but she got the hang of it.

"So what finally made you want to cook?"


"Tired of eating T.V Dinners?"


"So Niles, who taught you how to cook?"

Niles looked over at C.C and smiled, when he thought of his mother.

"Well, my mother was the one who taught me everything I know,"

"Really? Well, my mother had never touched a pan, not once, so the cooks did everything. It felt like eating in a restaurant everyday. Though the food was always delicious, I always wondered how home cooked meal tasted like, you know, the way your mother accidentally burned the turkey on thanksgiving, or you complaining about the meat loaf being to dry. I guess I just grew tired of having things fancy, you know, like if I grew tired of eating meat every single day, and just try eating eggs, or something. Maybe a salad."

"If you ever tell anybody of our little conversation, I will deny it, and you will never see daylight again! You got it,"

Niles' eyes grew with disbelieve. Then he smiled, and nodded to the now moody blonde in front of him.

"You know, you can always join the Sheffield's for dinner anytime, and you already come for breakfast."

"Niles, why are you being so nice to me all of a sudden?"


"Not enough sleep."

"So how do you flip the egg without breaking it?"

"well we're pouching it, which means, there really isn't any flipping involved,"

"well that's good news, but what the heck does pouching mean?"

Niles rolled his eyes

"I'll just show you step by step,"

After an hour of hard work, for C.C that is, breakfast was served. Niles didn't tell the Sheffield's that C.C helped with breakfast, they would have thought she had put something in it. C.C thought it would be funny to tell them right after they finished eating, that way they would be even more scared.

Niles tried to keep everything the same between C.C, well except for the slips and falls, but insults and practical jokes are as the same as always, he just has to remember to wax less. The floors that is.

"Niles this looks delicious, and I take it C.C is joining us, right C.C,"

"Maxwell, I don't—,"

"Nonsense, I want you to join us, not a question, in fact, I would so much love it if you joined us for dinner as well, any day you feel like eating, come join us, and the refrigerator is open whenever you want a munch,"

"Yes, Ms. Babcock, ya wanna sit next ta me, I'm good company!" Said Fran,

The Sheffield children, and the socialite were confused. Why were the grown ups being so nice to C.C. Fran gave a look to the children as in saying, 'I'll tell ya later,' they all nodded, and went back to eating.

It was quiet for a minute, until, no surprise, Fran started talking.

"So Ms. Babcock, what are ya plans for today?"

"Uh, work."

"Oh yeah, ya know, you and I should go shopping sometime, ya know, a girl can nevah have to much clothes, that's what my mothah always say,"

"Ms. Fine, I thought your mother always said a woman can never have to much chocolate,"

"well that too, Mistah Sheffield, but ya know she's nevah wrong,"

"So C.C how about we take a break with work today huh, why don't you come with us to the park?"

"what? A break, Maxwell are you sick? Having a fever?"

Maxwell laughed, and C.C felt more uncomfortable than she was a second ago.

"No, I just thought maybe you need a break, you look tired, and I think I could use a break myself. We all do. Niles, your included. I don't need to tell you Ms. Fine, since you are probably running to your room wondering what to wear," as he turned towards where Fran was sitting, he knew she was already gone.

He rolled his eyes, and smiled to himself.

"well, what has gotten into all of you, why are you all being so nice to me? Am I dying!"

"No C.C, I think your overreacting,"

"Overreacting? Niles has been semi nice to me, Nanny Fine just invited me to a shopping spree, which I'm starting to think might be a punishment of yours, and you are finally thinking of me instead of you? After, what? 10 years? What is going on? I don't understand you's. The only people here who are semi-normal are the children!"

"C.C, why don't you finish eating, and go home and change, we're going to the park,"

"Ugh! I feel like I just lost my freedom!"

Niles tried not to laugh, since that was usually Maggie's line, being pregnant sure changed her, heck it even change others as well. As himself.

"So why is everybody being so nice to Ms. Babcock?" Asked Maggie,

The three sat on Fran's bed, already ready, while Fran was in her closet, still looking for something to wear.

"Well, don't ya think it's time for us to be nice for a change,"

"Fran!" The three said simultaneously

"Alright I'll tell ya's," Fran walked to the bed and sat down, with then.

"Kids, ya know Ms. Babcock isn't good with children right?"

"Is that a trick question?" asked Brighton,

"B! Anyway, well... you know how strange she's been acting these couple of weeks, well it turns out that she is going to have a child of her own."

"She's pregnant!" They all shouted again simultaneously.

"Shhhh! She doesn't know that we know!"

"Well, then how do you know that she's pregnant? She's not even showing,"

"Because ma told me, and believe me she knows a lot,"

"Really? Sylvia Fine, is the one who figured it out? The woman who said—,"

"She said all lot of things, but ya know she's nevah wrong,"

"what about that time—,"

"nevah wrong! Jeez what is it with ya people always judging." Fran rolled her eyes,

"So why do we have to be nice?" Asked Brighton,

"So she can know that we are here to help her,"

"Oi! What does Niles think of all this? And daddy?"

"Well, I think ya fathah is a little happy about having a baby around the house, ya know after last time,"

"You mean when you accidentally kidnapped the baby?"

"Uh, yeah. But I don't really know what Niles thinks about the baby, all I can say is, he can no longer wax the floors like he used to."

"That's for sure," Gracie said.

"So, how do you know she would want us to be near her baby?" asked Maggie,

"She needs help whether she admits it or not, she is the most stubban woman in the history of stubban woman! And that's anothah reason why we gotta act nicy nicy,"

"She is Stubborn. So then we should make a plan then, like how to make her feel welcome."

"She's been here for 10 years, Grace. Not welcomed yet. How are we going to do that if we have less than nine months!"

"Well, we never tried."

"She's right,"

"Wait. What did she ever do for us? Why are we going to help her?" Asked Brighton,

"Brighton! Because it's the right thing to do! Whether it's a cold hearted, blue blooded woman!"

An hour later, Fran finally found the perfect outfit. Blue jeans, a purple long sleeved sweater, and flats.

C.C was wearing a yellow ruffled v-necked shirt dress, with a white loose belt just under her breasts, and black leggings. Black flats, that were made for comfort She had thought about dressing different before she loses her figure. She had left her face looking natural, with a very light pink lipstick, and a small amount of blush.

Niles couldn't stop staring, Maxwell was awed, Fran and the children were complementing how cute she looks.

"So Niles, you have the picnic basket? You are coming with us right?"

"Do I have a choice?"


"Then why are you asking?"

C.C felt uncomfortable, right when the family started talking about their day. It left Niles and C.C.

"Are you still sick of mushrooms?"


"Do you still want to learn how to cook?"

"Yes, of course. When do you suppose that would be?"

"Whenever you have time."

C.C smiled and nodded.

When they arrived, they laid a large blanket for all to sit on.

"Here Ms. Babcock, you can take the middle, that way you don't have to worry about sitting on the grass." said Maggie,

"Uh, ok thanks...uh Marty,"

"Close enough,"

Not a second later, they started eating, the food was delicious, and after they finished, they talked a bit more.

A man suddenly came up to C.C and smiled at her. Fran was ready to flirt with the tall handsome man, until the guy asked C.C out on a date. Brighton wanted to laugh.

"I just wanted to ask if your single?"

"Yes, I'm single,"

"Great! Would you like to go on a dinner date? Say Saturday?"

"Su—," 'oh, no. I can't do this. What if he freaks out when he finds out I'm pregnant? What if this relationship goes farther, if I decided not to tell him till it's to late?

"I'm sorry, but I don't think so, but thanks for asking." He nodded his head disappointed.

After the man left, everybody stayed quiet, and they all stared at C.C, she felt uncomfortable once again.

"What are you's all looking at?"

"Ms. Babcock, you said no. He was a very handsome man. Why'd you say no?" Asked Fran

C.C shrugged.

"So CC, what are your plans for Saturday?"

"What do you mean Maxwell?"

"well, isn't that why you turned the man down, because your busy on that day,"


"Say why don't you come have dinner with us Ms. Babcock? On Saturday." Said Gracie,

"Yeah, Ms. Babcock, why don't you?" Said Maggie,

'What the hell is going here? Why is everyone so nice to me? Even Niles is being nice to me!'

"Uh, ok," She finally said

A few minutes left, the kids, Fran and Maxwell had left to walk around the park, for a family time. Which left Niles and C.C.

"So, what is the reason for turning down the man? I mean god knows you need one,"

C.C rolled her eyes,

"Not your business rubber-maid, but to tell you the truth, I don't think he was that into me, he was looking for a one night stand,"

"But isn't that what your used to?" he smirked,

"I'm done with all that, and NO! Not always a one night stand. And at least I have a life, when was the last time you had a good time?"

He laughed,

"You want to walk around with me?" He asked.

"Sure, my legs are falling asleep for sitting down to much, plus, it's a beautiful day, and I don't want to waste such a good day,"

"Yes, and the wind is hitting us just right,"

She smiled.

Niles was putting all the things back to the car, while C.C went to throw the garbage away, which surprised Niles. Once they started walking, they started talking.

"My mother left, I thought, that maybe if I stay away from others, I wouldn't have to worry about other people leaving me."

"Have you thought about looking for her?"

"Well, I have met her, a few years go. No 'Hi, daughter,' not even a 'I'm sorry I left you.'"

"Well, what did she say?"

"She told me she still owns me,"



"Whatever you learned from her, isn't true. There is love in the world and it's better to feel and get hurt, then not feel at all,"

"wow, Niles, did you get that from a chocolate wrapper?"

Niles laughed,

"No. It's true,"

"How do you know?"

'Because everyday I hurt, knowing I'll never have you. Because I love you.'

"I don't need proof, Ms. Babcock,"

"Maybe your right. Because I sometimes think about it. Love. I have never felt it, and sometimes I catch myself thinking, wishing I had felt love, and not caring if I ever get hurt. But never had the courage to. And if you tell anybody I said that, I'll make you regret you ever said anything!"

"I won't," He said while laughing,

"Saturday will be my free time to help you cook, dinner that is, are you up for it?"

"Yes, I am."

It was now Saturday, and Niles and C.C were ready to cook.

"You have to,"

"Why! It's so gross, you do it,"

"Ms. Babcock it's just meat, you have to get used to it."

"Uncooked meat! It's disgusting!"

"Just do it!"

When she finally did, Niles couldn't help but laugh at her reaction to the slime-like meat.

"I hate you. You could have done this,not me."

"I know, but the funny part is, your face."

"Oh shut up!" She yelled, as she was still kneading the meat. 'This is so gross,' she muttered

Niles shook his head.

"I'll take out the flour,"

"Why do we need flowers?"

"Flour! F-L-O-U-R!"

"What is that?"

Niles rolled his eyes.

"I'll be right back with the flour and I'll show you how it looks like,"

"It's not like this is it?" She asked, picking up the now kneaded meat.

"No, it's not,"

While Niles was walking towards the pantry to retrieve the flour, he had thought of a pay back, remembering the cake on his face weeks ago. He smiled devilishly, and thought of the perfect plan.

When he came back with the flour, he put it on the table to open, and took a handful of flour, and showed it to C.C

"And this is flour,"

"Wow, it looks so weird. I wonder, what would happen if you blow on it," once she had said that, she took a deep breath and blew, which had made it go all over Niles' face, and then laughed.

"This means war!"

He picked up an egg, and poked on it in half, over her head, which made the yolk and whites, to splatter all over her head.

"EWW! Gross! Niles!" She ran to the meat bowl, and put two hands together, and grabbed as much meat she could carry, and threw it to Niles. Luckily she didn't miss, and hit him on the face, once again.

Laughter could be heard through the empty house, and they were lucky that Maxwell, the children and Nanny fine were out shopping.

In just two minutes, food was everywhere.


Niles took a step and nearly slipped, if it weren't for the counter. He had given up, and pretended to wave the white flag, and C.C laughed, and joined him on the floor.

Both were breathing hard, and covered with food, head to toe. Niles turned to C.C, and she turned to him.

"Why did we have so much fun together?" She said, with huffs,

"I don't know."

After that they didn't say a word. Niles, without thinking, leaned in for a kiss, surprisingly, C.C didn't pull away when he did kiss her.

It was a light kiss at first, and then it deepened, slowly. But then C.C remembered one thing. She pushed him away, and got up and started running away, until Niles caught up and took her hand.

"I know,"


"I know about the baby, and you don't have to run,"

"How did—,"

"Never mind that, C.C. I Can love you and the baby. I think already do. Love the baby."

'can he love the other baby?'


"No, Ms. Babcock please let me finish, I can take care of both of you. I love you. I know you love me to. How do you plan to take care of the baby? I can't just leave you to the job by yourself."


"CC! I can help."

"Niles! Can you please let me talk! Niles it's to much. Yes I'm pregnant, but I have more than one. I have twins. That's what I've been trying to tell you!"

"really!" He said,

"And, I lied. I do know how love feels like. You love you too, and I love my babies, but I don't know. I have to put them first. And you know that."

"C.C you know you always wanted a mother right?" C.C nodded

"Well, how you felt, the babies will feel, only they will thirst for a father one day, and will question you their father."


"Why? Because C.C, you are the whole package. I don't care if you are carrying another man's baby. Or in this case babies, all I care about is you, and the babies, as long as the man is not in the picture. Is he?"

C.C laughed.


"Thank god. So, will you give me a chance?"

She didn't know if it was her hormones, or her. But she cried, and nodded, then kissed Niles.

"I love you,"

"I love you too,"

I don't really like this chapter, but I was in a hurry, since this chapter is so long over due. But I promise the next will be better. Well, I'll try not to take long, since I have auditioned on a musical and this month will be the show. So I hope I can get everything all together. Sorry if you didn't like the chapter.