Author's note: This one is about where Adam Park and Nora save the day.

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A Fairytale Romance

A Power Rangers Fairytale

Chapter 1: The Angelican Wand

Argo's Lair, The Moon: Argo, the evil slug king, was sitting in his throne room waiting for his head general, Eclipse, to return from an expedition to find the legendary Angelican Wand.

Argo hadn't told Eclipse what he wanted the mythical wand for, all he told him was that it was very important and he needed it right away.

At that moment, Eclipse, with his squadron of Wornets, filed into the throne room, "Master, we have found The Angelican Wand!"

"Yes Eclipse, I can see that. Now, let me see it!" Commanded Argo, with a quick hand motion.

Eclipse motioned for the two Wornets who were carrying an old wooden chest, to come forth with the chest, "It's beautiful!" Argo boomed, after the chest was open.

"So, Master, what are we going to do with it?" Eclipse asked his master.

"Well Eclipse, since you're so eager to know. We are going to use this wand to transport the Power Rangers into a fairytale and only true love's kiss will break the spell, but we aren't going to let that happen." Argo boomed once again.

Woodland Ca, 2012: The Star Rangers, Prince Willem, Princess Eyela, Nora (Argo's good daughter), Billy Cranston and his former teammates, Adam Park and his former teammates, Ashley Hammond and her former teammates, Hunter Bradley and his former teammates, and Jayden Shiba and his teammates, were all gathered at the Woodland Public skating rink to ice skate and play hockey.

"Hey, it's sorta like soccer," Adam yelled from the rink.

"Yeah, right," Kimberly yelled back, who was a goalie.

"Can we just get this game started now, please?" Shouted an impatient Ben, who was the other team's goalie.

"I don't like playing against Adam!" Nora whined.

"Fine, you two can be on the same team, Sarah you can switch places with Nora." Ben spoke hurriedly, he was wanting to get this show on the road.

"But I don't want to be playing against Billy," Sarah whined a mock whine just to get under Ben's skin.

"Ugh," Ben groaned disgudtedly.

Then, all of the friends began to fade, "What's happening?" Emily Lee screamed.

"I don't know!" Billy answered in a confused tone, and they all disappeared thanks to Argo's spell.

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