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A Fairytale Romance

Chapter 5: The Invitation

After Adam arrived back at the palace about fifteen minutes before 6 o'clock, he went to Billy's study where he told Sarah and Billy what happened.

"She was very beautiful. She was petite, pale, and had lovely long, pale blonde hair!" Adam gushed dreamily.

Sarah looked excited while Billy looked concerned, "Did she tell you her name?" The blonde haired princess asked.

Adam had been wandering around the room like he was in a dream, when Sarah asked him the girl's name, he had to think for a moment.

Adam sat down near Billy and he squinted in thought, "Her name is Nora." He slowly answered.

Hearing this, Sarah and Billy looked quickly looked at each other.

Adam noticed this and he raised an eyebrow, "What's wrong?"

Billy was about to say that Nora and Sarah were sisters, when Sarah caught his arm and she gave him a "don't tell" look.

So Billy kept quiet.

Adam then sighed, "I just wish that Nora wasn't a peasant. Then I could bring her to my birthday gala." Then he stood up and took his leave.

That's when Sarah's face brightened with an idea.

Later that day, Sarah hurried down the castle's corridor's to Duchess Emily Lee-Shiba's sleeping chamber.

At this time of day, Sarah knew that Emily would be back from her riding.

Just as Sarah was about to knock on the door, Emily came out of it, and the two almost collided.

Emily stopped abruptly and grinned up at her best friend (Sarah is a little bit taller than Emily), "Sarah! I'm sorry! Are you okay?" The Asian girl asked with a smile.

Sarah nodded, "I'm fine Emmie, but I need to speak to you! It's urgent!" She spoke in a whisper.

Emily nodded as she stepped back, "C'mon in!" Then Sarah entered the room and took a seat at a small tea table, and Emily joined her there.

After Sarah told Emily about Nora and Adam, the girl in the yellow riding habit, white blouse, yellow boots, and shoulder-length black hair (Emily) was confused, "But, what am I supposed to do?" She asked her royal friend.

Sarah smiled brightly as she pulled a white invitation out of her dress's pocket and handed it to Emily, "I would like you to ride down to my family's book store and give this to Nora. Would you please do that for me?"

Emily glanced at the piece of paper she was holding, and then she understood why Sarah wanted Nora to have this.

It was an invitation to Adam's birthday gala (or ball or party) that weekend, and Sarah wanted Nora to be there, so the two could be together.

Then Emily looked up with a smile, "Of course I'll take it to your sister!" With that she stood up and hurried out of the room with Sarah exiting as well.

Emily ran to the stables and mounted her horse, Spark Fire. Then her cousin and horse trainer, Cameron Watanabe, angrily approached her.

"Emily, may I ask where you're going this late?" Cam asked as he held Spark Fire's bridal.

Emily rolled her eyes, "Cam, I've got to get to the Oliver's book store before it closes! It's urgent!" She tried to pull her horse from Cam's grasp, but he wouldn't let go.

Emily calmly breathed in, "Cam, I'll be back before dinner, so please don't worry, and tell Jayden not to worry either!" She gently pleaded.

Cam thought for a moment, then he let her go, "Just don't get hurt!" He called after her as she headed off to the city.

Are the rangers getting close to escaping the fairytale? Will Nora attend the ball? Find out in Chapter 6, so stay tuned!

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