One Piece Newhart's Voyage:

By Mathieu Leader

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"The ragtag band of pirates known as the Redeemer Pirates, led by Captain Peter Newhart a proud former Marine officer formerly of G-11. This base was destroyed during his defection now Newhart is a rouge element of the Marines he now wants to redeem himself by setting sail."

Story note:

The theory of Blackbeard being an ancient weapon comes from the recent revelation that the Mermaid Princess is the Ancient Weapon Poseidon

Also this chapter marks the beginning of the Cape War Arc

Chapter 2:

The Final Command

The Redeemer Pirates have settled on Vento a calm Spring Island at the start of the Grand Line, with picturesque thatched cottages in great hills from the humid muggy island of Köln.

Their navigator Lyle Seine a hoarse voiced man with sandy hair was a competent seaman under the command of Capt. Newhart as a Marine but now the thoughtful writer had decided to join an office of the Grand Line Times to accomplish his dream of being a Marine Correspondent.

Lyle agreed to keep Newhart updated on any news that came his way to be reported to him.

After Newhart had said his farewell personally he and Maurice with Elspeth Clancy went inside to the Rams Horn a local bar.

They sat at a table a lunch of duck in a rich orange sauce had been prepared for them for free. Due to Lyle tipping off the chefs that Newhart was a proud Marine Captain, unaware of his defection.

Soon after starting their tangy lime sorbet after Elspeth's second spoonful of her dessert, she had noticed somebody had joined them.

Sitting cross-legged at another stool was a man with a blond pompadour with dark brown eyes dressed in a floral teal suit with a white foulard on his neck with brown sneakers.

He had a thin jagged stitched scar running down his cheek.

"Thatch?" asked Elspeth unsure of herself

The man replied cheerily "Why yes I am Thatch Arnos, 4th Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. Therefore you must be the Widow of the Sea?"

"Yes it's me... But what brings you here Thatch?" asked Elspeth with intrigue

"Well Ms. Clancy, the last time I saw you Clancy was back when you tried to propose you Emperor Whitebeard. But you failed in your conquest of love?" Thatch answered curtly

At this Elspeth blushed

"But still the question remains what brings you here Thatch?" Maurice asked thoughtfully

"I'm a good friend of Newhart's... The last time I saw was when you committed your dereliction of duty, and the destruction of your base?"

"I remember like it was yesterday..." Captain Newhart fondly reminisced

(Flashback Newhart's POV)

2 ½ Year Ago Base G-11: North Blue:

On the Kyat Islands a long chain of relatively small islands with its marshlands. The islands main landmark was the long rectangular metal bridge which connects all the islands together.

The bridge leads to a large grey domed hut with G-11 in bold letters.

The domed hut was base G-11 home to the 37th Branch of the Marines; it was an administrative base but was charged with mainly assigning warrants and bounties of pirates. With only three specially trained units of marine soldiers capable of defending the base.

Commanding this base was Captain Newhart a different marine officer than most who preferred being a pragmatist when it came to matters of justice.

In his office sitting in his high-backed leather chair sat Captain Newhart dressed in his white officer coat with blue wristbands. He had his greying handlebar moustache neatly trimmed.

"Captain, we have a Code Red situation on the island! The 4th Division of the Whitebeard Pirates have landed on his island. We have apprehended their commander a Mr. Arnos do you want to speak to him sir?" sternly spoke a uniformed Ensign

"You may bring the offender in for questioning ensign," curtly replied Captain Newhart

The ensign nodded. Then a few moments later the ensign accompanied with an able seaman, brought in the handcuffed offender who had a blond pompadour wearing a beige shirt styled with red crosses with brown sneakers.

The Ensign escorted him into a comfortable armchair facing Captain Newhart's desk

"Judging from your distinctive hairstyle, I'd assume your Thatch 4th Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates?" asked the Captain with a tone of rising interest in his voice.

"Yes that is correct Captain," The man answered pleasantly

"Anything else you want to ask?" politely inquired the Commander

"Yes there is... But I will have to ask Ensign Rawlins to leave but my protégé Seaman Seine to stay with me,"

Then Ensign Rawlins's left through the door slammed.

"I will give you a pardon as I'm in command of this base. I and my protégé have grown tired of the bureaucratic nature of being Marines so we've decided to become pirates so we can be free to explore the open sea,"

"Captain Newhart, will give the orders for the troops to stand down with immediate effect if you cooperate. For your pardon and ships safety we need your assurance that we can be alive," spoke Seaman Seine kindly

"I NEED ALL OF THE MARINES TO STAND DOWN IN THE BASE RIGHT NOW!" bellowed Captain Newhart in the green spotted snail transponder

"But Captain -?" responded a timid voice

"Rawlins this is my final command, it has been an honour to serve with the marines for the past 10 years as a civilian as well as being the commander of your base for the last three years. However due to the inefficiencies in marine procedure...

"I hereby revoke my rank as captain. All Blues must have the same the level of justice! So I hope to get the Marines attention by committing this one unjust act of militant terrorism on the importance of safety in all of the fair seas... I'm truly sorry but sometimes desperate times call for drastic measures!" Captain Newhart said with pride brimming with tears


Suddenly the window was broken into tiny pieces as a bluish ghostly apparition of a phoenix appeared flecked with gold.

"Marco your here!" exclaimed with joy at the phoenix the phoenix nodded and grabbed the two marines and his comrade in his claws.

Newhart spoke calmly "Just drop us in that longboat Marco,"

The phoenix nodded and complied and dropped them off in the longboat.

Then the phoenix transformed into halfway he was a man with a mop of unruly blond hair styled like a pineapple he had thin eyebrows and steely grey eyes but his blue gaseous wings remained.

"Why did come to the base anyway?" shouted Newhart

Then the man called Marco drifted to the edge of the boat with Thatch now standing beside him.

"Oi Yoi, Your extensive archives have only one of the few materials pertaining to the fabled Ancient Weapons, on either side of the world. We believe that one of our crew a man by the name of Marshall D. Teach is a living example of one of these weapons which would explain his odd anatomy and the potential to consume two or more Devil Fruits," Marco explained swiftly

Marco continued kindly "We do have space for you two within the fourth division if you want to join us?"

"I appreciate offer - But no I would like to uptake the challenge under my own name, I mean no disrespect to the Strongest Man in the World,"

"None taken by foolhardy friend," Thatch replied gently

The two powerful pirates flew away into the sunset

"Captain Newhart sir, I will join you as your ships navigator until you say otherwise Newhart," Seaman Seine spoke proudly

Newhart nodded

"What shall we call our motley crew of two Captain Newhart?" asked Seaman Seine quietly

"I've always wanted to redeem myself, for the mistakes I made as I marine. So hence forth we shall be known as Redeemer Pirates!" shrieked Newhart with happiness

Then Seaman Seine stirred the ship away from the burning wreckage that was the Marine base...


"So you where instrumental in the founding of our crew but that still does not explain why your here Thatch?" asked Maurice angrily

Thatch gave a deep sigh...

"Alright then... I do not have some good news apparently because of your scuffle on the Island of Köln the scuffle which was documented by a Camera-Ku, it has gone unnoticed a war is soon to begin that could engulf the Twin Capes some are already calling it The Cape War..."

"So what does this mean?" Elspeth asked scared

"It means you're enlisted to aid us in this war," Thatch spoke quietly

To be continued...

Next time The Battle for the Twin Capes Begin!

With the Redeemer Pirates enlisted in this seafaring war an unlikely ally for the Whitebeard Pirates...

But who else is going to fight in this war?

But there still an odder ally to join the fight an ancient lighthouse keeper and his whale...