One Piece Newhart's Voyage:

By Mathieu Leader

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Chapter Recap:

The Summit at Belfair Castle has finished, with the death of CP9 agent Nero. Who was assassinated by an incompetent Ussopp? One thing can be said as an outcome for this important incident.

The seas are going to be stormier...

Story notes:

The World Government leader that Sabo speaks to is the youngest of the Five Star Elders whom I've named Hammarskjöld.

Because the resemblance between him and the second UN secretary general Carl Hammarskjöld is uncanny with the hairstyle and facial structure is uncanny..

Go on Google Images then type Carl Hammarskjöld. You will see the resemblance, please do comment on this fact in your review I'm interested in your thoughts...

Chapter 5 Turncoats


"Elder Hammarskjöld, the assassin Ussopp achieved his objective of killing a delegate CP9 agent Nero. But the consensus of the summit was that Köln Island. Within the next three years Köln will become the nation of Celeste. I hope you are pleased my progress and our decision respectful elder," Sabo explained with pride

"The armistice has taken effect, over forty hundred thousand slaves from our nobility. They have signed the emancipation agreement revered charmed Saint Tekamah. So this scheme is starting well," spoke Elder Hammarskjöld excitedly

"That is good news, but what are we going to do about the Cape War? Which has started due to the death of Nero Dania?"

"Sabo-Kun, the answer to that is we will not get involved with this war. Unless citizens get hurt after all the more pirates the safer the seas are going to be," Hammarskjöld explained in a quiet whisper

"But Elder Hammarskjöld I mean you no disrespect..." Sabo spoke skittishly his face going pale with fear at the reaction of the elder.

"But what World Noble do you have to say against our actions?" spoke Elder Hammarskjöld venomously

"The reason why I'm against your choice esteemed elder as I know that the Twin Capes is not the true name of the Twin Capes. you do know this?" beckoned Sabo curiously

"Yes I do know the name. But thanks to our censorship that name for it is long lost," Elder Hammarskjöld said with immense pride

"Alas Hadrian, if only it where true there is a grandmaster chef called Red-Leg Zachariah Essen, former captain of the Cook Pirates knows of the truth of the Capes. As do most upstarts during the era of the Pirate King," St. Tekamah explained coldly

"Well if that's the case then we need to have the Marines and some of us to deal with the situation if it progresses further," Hammarskjöld muttered indignantly

"But I do have a question to ask of you Sabo then what is the real name of the Twin Capes?" Hammarskjöld asked grimly

"The name of this sea is indeed the legendary All Blue," Sabo answered quietly

"Correct World Noble we taught you well in world affairs," Hammarskjöld spoke with pride with a grin on his face

Seafloor below the Twin Capes

A bright Canary yellow submarine, it was painted with an orange smiley face had now submerged below the icy depths of the ocean.

A brown shaggy furred humanoid reindeer with a bright blue nose with grey eyes whom was dressed in a green medical gown flashed a bright light into the high ranked marines face.

"Toni, so this is Vice-Admiral Llanfair for a marine from HQ... He's not very strong," said a thin broad shouldered marine in a yellow shirt with an orange smiley face. He also wore a floppy white furred black spotted cap.

"No, he's not bro Law. The main source of his power came from the Devil Fruit that his weapon been coated in the Bug-Bug Fruit Model Scorpion which has been reconstituted into its original form," Toni said happily pointing to a blue coconut with grey lines on a jar.

A white polar bear in an orange boiler suit with wide dark eyes spoke in a nasally nervy voice "Why are we helping a high-ranking Marine?" the bear crew member spoke perplexed at his captain's decision

"Bepo my trustworthy assistant, we would not want to give the Marine any disservice I took an oath to preserve life. Remember my furry friend. I'm a pirate but I also be a competent doctor I will not neglect my duty which is to cure the sick," spoke Captain Law with pride

"But how will it benefit us? "Retorted annoyingly a thin young adolescent who wore a hat with a scarlet pommel

"Penguin, There are generally Seven Warlords of the Sea. Some who had long terms and short terms in power as a warlord, however sometimes there are openings within warlords. But all positions are closed for the moment. But we're not going to be Warlords. But something else entirely the Marines have created a special organisation called Turncoats whom are pirates that are willing to help the Marines and the World Government... "

"Trafalgar I don't understand the purpose of the Turncoats?" said Toni confused

"If a crisis occurs in the seas sometimes if the Warlords are not enough to contend with warring pirates outside of the Grand Line sometimes the Marines call upon other pirates to help them acting as a military force to contend with the rest." Trafalgar explained calmly

"So are you saying Trafalgar-San, that if we return the powerless Vice-Admiral to them alive we will be part of the Turncoats?" said Bepo kindly

"Precisely my smarter than the average bear," Law commented swiftly

"But who started the Turncoats?" asked Penguin with interest

"Penguin-Chin, I do know who started this group over a single century ago. Fleet-Admiral Persephone the eminent grace. She thought that the Warlords where far overpowered to be in one small group for them to rule the Grand Line. So she entitled most high-ranking pirates to be a Turncoat, however this proved to be a costly mistake the Turncoats killed one and other so the bloodshed rained from the sky. To stop the bloodshed Fleet-Admiral Persephone declared that all the Turncoats should be stripped of their authority. From thereon in the Turncoats became the Marines secret assassins they are known as The Assassins of the Seas."

"How do you know all of this stuff First Mate Chopper?" asked Law with intrigue

"Oh it comes from Maritime Memories by Lt. Seine of the marines," answered Chopper pleased with himself holding out a blue leather bound book with the title in bronze copperplate writing.

Then the Vice-Admiral's single grey eye opened wide as he awoke from his sedation.

"Where am I?" the Vice-Admiral groggily moaned

"Well Vice-Admiral you're on the road to recovery I'm your physician Dr. Trafalgar Benetton Law," Trafalgar Law explained calmly

"But why would a pirate want to help a marine we're sworn enemies?"

"Relax Llanfair, I'm a doctor first and foremost, my shipwright Bepo has repaired your vessel while we cured the poison that has affected your body." Trafalgar explained calmly

"How can I ever repay you?" asked Llanfair tearfully

"Make my crew a member of the Turncoats," Law replied in a quiet whisper

"It will be done the Heart Pirates once I return to HQ:," croaked Llanfair

"Captain I want you to see this?" panicked Bepo

Law rushed over to the yellow periscope and saw a mighty wooden raft with a large black flag with three skulls as this pirate's symbol rushing towards them.

"Ah so you are the infamous Surgeon of Death. How bizarre that you saved a life you do not live up to your nickname perhaps a better name would be the Samaritan Sailor," echoed a deep gruff growl from the ships intercom

"We will see Blackbeard as we do battle?" asked Law coolly

"I accept your offer to fight with good faith," answered Blackbeard in mock kindness

To be continued...

Does this mean the Newhart Pirates will have to face the Turncoats the shady marine pirate alliance in the Cape War in the future?

Also a battle is brewing for the Heart Pirates and Teaches crew what will happen?

Find all out this out in Battle Beneath the Waves