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Explanations/Rant: I had an idea and then it grew into this after I started messing with a few thoughts.

Summary: Allen is a girl. She has a little brother. They both have secrets they would like to keep from both sides of the war.

Warnings: AU, OCs, OOC, F!Allen, H!Arks, Timeline is not what it's cracked up to be after the first chunk, you will/might be confused with the massive age changes but it shall be explained later on as the story progresses on, might have spoilers
Warnings: mentions of rape, abuse

Italics - Thoughts or emphasis
Bold - Time skip


"Don't touch him!" a girl with brown hair yelled.
"S-Sister!" a smaller boy stuttered.

The little girl looked to be around 8 years of age. She had ratty brown hair and large brown eyes. She was wearing a dirty shirt nd brown pants. Large bruises shown on her face and wrists with lighter colored ones on her body. Her left arm currently uncovered showing her disfigurement. A bloody red arm with a weird green cross embedded in the middle of the back of her hand. The girl was currently trying to stop her so called parents from hurting her little brother, after they found out he was different as well. The brother had similar brown hair and brown eyes, he was 4 years old. Unlike his sister his clothes were neater and there were no bruises on him. However his shirt was slightly opened revealing a cross on his chest and that was what their parents saw. The parents thinking their son was now cursed wanted to get rid of the mark. It was just luck that his sister was there at the time to help him. The girl rammed into her father making him lose his balance. While their mother tried to pin down their son. It took awhile but soon the girl and her little brohter was out the door and running through the streets. It was dawn as two children ran through the alleys of England, stopping right before the docks.

"Don't worry, I won't let them hurt you. It'll be okay." the girl said before pulling him close, hugging him.
"Sister." the little boy whimpered before crying in his sisters arms.
'I'll protect you no matter what.' the girl thought as she comforted her little brother.

- Time Skip -

Explosions ran through the air as the cries of women and children rang through the city. Doors broken down as people in uniform marched in searching all rooms of the homes of others. Some of them had dogs to sniff out anyone in hiding. The uniform consisted of a navy colored long jacket with slits on the sides, high collared, silver star pinned on their right chest, belted across the waist to hold their sabers, white gloves a rifle strapped to their backs handguns out, black pants with a handgun holder on their thigh, black combat boots, with a slit to hold a dagger. The uniformed people had a navy hat on their heads and gasmasks around their neck. The uniformed people consisted of both men and women of all ages. In one of the homes a group of four searched through the place. The youngest kicked opened one of the locked rooms. He was about to leave when a whimper reached his ears. Looking around he could tell someone was hiding in the dresser and judging by the size of it, it was probably a child. He was unable to kill the young childs life and turned to leave when a shot rang out. Looking up he saw his older sister with the handgun held out. Looking back he saw the blood of the young child seep out the dressers doors. He immediately ran over there, flipping open the dresser to see a young girl about 6 years of age dead. He turned back to yell at his sister but stopped cold at her eyes.

"Leave no one alive." was all she said before leaving him there, stained in the young girls blood.

- Time Skip -


A group of men chased after the two teens. The teens were rather skinny for their age, living in the streets for so long. Ratty clothing barely hanging on to their bodies, they ran with stolen goods. They tried to get away only to be blocked off at a dead end. There was a gap and the taller, older teen pushed the smaller, younger teen through the gap along with the goods. The teen was halfway through until a meaty hand grabbed the teens ankle pulling the teen back.

"RUN!" the older teen yelled.
"Break off and head around to get the other brat with the goods!" a gruff voice behind the teen barked out, "NOW!"

The older teen struggled, but all it did was get the teen beat up. The cap on the teens head fell off after a harsh punch to the face, revealing long brown hair. It didn't take long for the men to rip the teens shirt open revealing the teens true gender. The revealed 'girl' soon struggled more knowing what they would do to her now that they had found out.

"Hehe boys lets have a little bit of 'fun'." one of the men chuckled grasping her face.
"No-No! Noo!" the girl yelled, trying to kick the man in front of her.

The other men leered at her body lustfully, before moving in.

- Time Skip -

"Kill them! Burn the witches."

The villagers cheered as they set fire to the home of the two teens. Trapped in the bilding they were unable to unescape and screamed as fire crawled over them. Their cries of help drowned by the cheers of the villagers.

- Time Skip -

"The names Allen, and this is my little brother, Cain." the 'boy' said glaring slightly at the tall man.
"It's nice to meet you two." The man in the clown suit replied smiling.

The 'boy' was slightly weary of the man knowing not the trust people so easily after all those betrayals the two had experienced years before. However, 'his' brother was a good judge of character at times, and decided to trust this man.

- Time Skip -

"MANA! Look out!"

He couldn't get out of the way in time. The carriage slammed into him. The cries of two children as they ran towards the man. The two cried in the dead of night, the Christmas cake forgetton and crushed by the road side.

- Time Skip -

"Do you wish for him to come back?"

- Time Skip -


The voice shouted as one, into the skies hoping the one they cherished would come back to them.

- Time Skip -

"I love you..."

The metal skeleton had said before it was destroyed.

- Time Skip -

"...become an exorcist?"

- Time Skip -

"Always keep walking."

Those words snapped the kids out of their trance, and tears fell from their eyes. The red haired man soon left the room.

- Time Skip -

"Brats, here," the red haired man said.

Dumping a wad of papers on the teens he then left as soon as he came. One look at the wad immediately sent the older teen into depression. The younger just grabbed the wad and dumped it with the others.

-Time Skip-

"We're finally here!" shouted a white haired 'boy'.
"This is the Black Order? I can see why he wouldn't want to come here." The other boy said as the two walked towards the gate.
"Well this is going to be our new lives now, little brother" the white haired teen said softly.



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