Thursday, September 22 Tino Cruz Entry

The other night I couldn't sleep with out having wet dreams Paul's naked body was all I really saw. Him panting and begging. This morning I took a cold shower to make it go away. Normally, sex is the easiest thing for me to get when ever, where ever, how ever. But this times different. I'm gonna make him love me and not the sex.

When I walked down stairs, Theresa was already there wearing cloths similar to my all black. "Sam said Paul can come with us." She told me. I guess I must of smiled because she said something along the lines of "Puppy Love." which was true in a way but still far from it. Dad came down the stairs and gave both me and Theresa lunch money; the normal two, fifteen. A knock came from the door and I found myself racing to it which is why dad and Luis were laughing at me along with Theresa. Opening it, I saw Paul standing with four large white square containers in his hands. But I was mainly staring at his outfit. A purple long sleeved shirt with a black hood and tight black overalls that went to his knees. "Hi Tino." "Hi." Really! HI! That's ALL you can say! Is what I was shouting at myself. The four of us walked to the truck; Luis in the driver's seat and the rest of us on the flat bed. As Luis drove, Paul's hair fluttered in the wind and made him look like a wingless angel. "Here guys, I made you lunches." Paul said shyly to me and Theresa as he gave us each a box. "And this one's for Luis."

By time we reached the school I just KNEW my life was almost over. Victor ran over at least ten kids like a bulldozer and would have raped MY Paul if I hadn't made him fall straight into the grass. Captain my ass. "Why you little-" "I'm not little, but you probably are." Is what I found myself saying to him. Everyone but Paul laughed. He didn't seem to really know what I meant by that comment. Didn't expect him to.

By time lunch came around, I was wondering what Paul had made for us to eat. At least I know why he asked us what we liked to eat. I sat across from him once again and opened the white box. It was separated into sections. White rice, cajin shrimp, fried dumpling, and some other things I told him about. Theresa's was similar to mine's but the cajin shrimp was lemon and pepper shrimp. "Thanks Paul." He blushed hard before looking away fro me. Was it THAT hard to like me? "Tino, ask him the dance." Theresa whispered to me. I forgot all about the dance tomorrow night. "Hey Paul," Victor started but stopped. I think Maya kicked him because she got this shit eating grin on her face. "Paul, do you have a date for the dance?" I asked stupidly. Of course he doesn't have a date! He hardly knows anyone but us, plus he's so shy. "No. I didn't know there was a dance." "Well you have one now." I told him with a smirk. His blush got even deeper than before and I loved it. Paul's so cute.

Thursday, September 22 Tino Cruz Entry- Later

That night the wet dreams came back full force. I felt slightly annoyed because something would interrupt them. Theresa being the first. She constantly walked in and asked me things I don't feel comfortable saying or writing. By time I went back to sleep, the wet dreams stopped. They were replaced by a long slide show filled with clips of Paul. He smiled in most of them or had that cute pout that made me (and others) want to rape him. Anyway, g2g before Theresa wakes up.