Lloyd bent her over the desk with his full body.

"Cecile-chan!", he teased, "_"

"Ll-loyd-san! Wha? Please, let go!"

"uh, uh, aaauh.", she could hear the shaking of his fingers. "That's not what you're supposed to say"

She could feel him against her tight ass. She moaned, forgetting herself before she slammed back to reality, dominated by blush, hormones, and a certain silver-haired earl.

He ground into her, powerfully seductive and slight.

She moaned again, louder, this time, and took up a cry.


He stilled, and she felt him throbbing against her.

"Oh-ho-ho-ho", he chortled, "yes, my darling?"

Biting her lip, she pushed back into his body and whimpered out, "Please...please, "

Suddenly, Lloyd took her by the wrists and flipped her to face him. He slammed her back on the table and climbed on top of her. He nibbled at her neck as he opened her uniform with deft fingers. Pert nipples reacted wonderfully as he sucked and pulled. Losing her timidness, Cecile cried out again and again with each slow drag of Lloyd's tongue.

Her tear-filled eyes finally found focus on Lloyd's wicked grin. She nodded her head.