title: the burning sun

fandom: Ao No Exorcist

pairing: Rin/Shiemi

dedication: to sara, for obvious reasons. but mostly in the name of eventual world domination. Happy Christmas, lovely.

the burning sun

Semi-conscious and lost to feverish half-dreams, he feels it the moment her mouth presses softly against his own. The scent of her fills his awareness – soap and fresh linen and something sweet that he thinks might be summer trapped beneath her skin. And then Rin stops thinking because Shiemi is kissing him and it feels like his entire body has been wired up to a thousand bolts of electricity and there is no holding back. He is lost to the sudden, fierce wanting that strikes his insides like the flare of a match coming to life.

As she moves to pull away, the oh-so-faint smack of their lips parting, his eyes fly open and Shiemi is frozen, bare millimetres between them. He can feel her breath on his throat and see the throb of her pulse beneath her creamy, unblemished skin.

"Rin?" she whispers, uncertain – startled by the arms that have snaked around her waist to cage her there. Her eyelashes tangle messily in the corners.

"You shouldn't have done that," he tells her and his voice is hoarse, ragged.


He claims her mouth with his own. Control isn't even a word anymore, he thinks briefly – it's not even an afterthought.

Dimly, he is aware of the startled noise she makes at the back of her throat. Rin presses her down into the mattress, legs tangled, bedcovers askew and it fades into the muffled darkness. Her hands move to cup his face, to thread through his damp hair and Shiemi is everything that is warm.

The whisper of her fingertips against his bare skin leaves trails of burning fire lying in their wake.

Later, as the wind howls outside and rattles the windows, Rin's palms cradle her close. She can feel his breathing, the shift of his lungs and ribcage against her own, can hear the frantic gallop of his heartbeat. She feels naked before him, not just because she is missing her shirt. But he looks at her like she is the world, like there is nothing else that matters in this moment but them.

For the first time, she feels like he is hers alone.

"Shiemi," he tries, voice strained and she shushes him, interlocking their fingers as she leans close.

She holds his hand to her cheek and kisses him. And it takes a monumental effort to hold back the fire his presence ignites in her veins, to go slowly when all she wants is more, but she does. Shiemi kisses Rin like he is a precious thing, like he is made of glass and the smallest movement might break him.

"Why?" he asks and his voice is almost cracking. It breaks her heart a little, that he finds it so hard to believe he is worth loving.

"Rin," Sheimi whispers against his mouth, so earnest and quiet and truethat he stops breathing for a moment. His name – the simple, lilting litany of it – echoes through every crevice of her soul to light her up from the inside. And he won't believe her, she knows. Not yet. So in the way of confessions, all Shiemi breathes to life is this:

"I would give you everything."


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