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Chapter 2

Mason pov

"Get them out!" Rose yelled.

Isaiah shoved Rose to the floor while watching us escape. I knew that I had to go back for Rose. I couldn't leave her behind. My heart wouldn't be able to take it.

We had gotten a few blocks before we stopped and rested on a curb. Christian looked really pale. As pale as a ghost. Mia looked pale, but not as pale as Christian. Eddie looked like he was about to pass out.

I looked around me. Some snow covered the sidewalks and roads, but most of it had melted. I had to leave them here. A soldier never leaves his troops behind. Escaping had been Rose's idea. She just needs to be here.

I got up to go back to the house.

"Where're you going, Mase?" Eddie asked.

"I'm not leaving without Rose," I replied. I then tore off down the street back to the house.

I got there right when I heard Elena say, "I'm hungry. I'm just saying you should-"

"Let or go, or I'll kill you." I said menacingly, picking up the gun and aiming it at Isaiah.

They all trued around and looked at me. Isaiah looked to be studied me.

"Sure," Isaiah said finally. He sounded bored. "Try it."

I didn't hesitate. I fired and I kept firing until I'd emptied the entire clip into Isaiah's chest. Each bullet made the Strigoi flinch a little, but otherwise, he kept standing and holding onto Rose. This is what it meant to be an old and powerful Strigoi, I realized. A bullet hurt a younger vampire like Elena way more than Isaiah. For him, it was just a nuisance.

Rose noticed that I had realized this as well. I threw down the gun.

"Get out!" Rose screamed. Not without you, I thought.

I didn't listen to her. I ran toward them. Rose started struggling even more, probably to get Isaiah's attention, but it didn't work. He shoved her into Elena and seized a hold of me, exactly as he was with Rose.

"You want to be a blood whore, too?" Isaiah growled menacingly at me, as I struggled to get out of his grip. "You're a fool for coming back to try to save the little maggot. And now you both are going to die."

I looked over at Rose. She was looked at me. I knew that fear and love were showing in me eyes. I looked into Rose's eyes and show complete and utter fear. We were going to die. This was our fate. I looked away; I didn't want to remember her like this. I felt tears coming down my cheeks.

It was quiet for a few heartbeats. I looked up and saw Isaiah's fangs coming closer. I started whimpering in fear. Then, the sweetest sound of all. Another gun rang out.

The guardians had arrived.

I was thankful. But the fight wasn't over yet. I was still struggling for my life. Rose was too. I was that the bullet landed in Isaiah's right cheek. He was distracted for a moment. I took this as my chance to escape. I kneed him in the stomach and he automatically let go. I saw Rose was doing the same with Elena. They were battling it out. Rose round-house kicked her in the chest. She doubled over. I took this opportunity to push her into the fire.

Rose and I looked at each other. She smiled and gave me a high-five. By this time, Isaiah had already been taken care of by the guardians. I recognized Guardian Hathaway, Guardian Petrov and Guardian Belikov. I grabbed Rose's hand and squeezed it, silently telling her that it'll be okay.

Rose pov

After Mason and I had taken care of Elena, I looked over at him. I smiled and gave him a high-five. I saw that Isaiah had been taken care of. I also saw mom, Alberta and Dimitri all looked at us. Dimitri looked like he was relieved that I was okay. I could have sworn I saw the look of love in his eyes, but as soon as it was there, it went away. He put his guardian mask up. Mason reached over and grabbed my hand, squeezing it, silently telling me that everything was going to be okay.

I hoped so.

We walked over to mom, Alberta and Dimitri together. I didn't know what kind of trouble we would get into at this point, but whatever it was, we probably deserved it.

We stopped right in front of them. Mom came forward and hugged me. I let go of Mason's hand and hugged her back. She was crying softly, muttering how sorry she was for never being there. I muttered back saying that it was okay.

I looked over at Mason and saw him lightly talking with Alberta. It broke my heart to know that I'll be breaking his heart within a matter of hours. I hated seeing him upset, but it's necessary. I loved Dimitri, not Mason.

Speaking of Dimitri, I looked over to him and saw him looking at me. He gave me a small smile, then walked away, pulling out his cell phone. I stared after him in disbelief. Oh, I was definitely going to talk to him about this later.

Alberta and Mason walked over to us and mom let go. We all then walked outside and into the awaiting van. It was just us in there. The others aren't here, I realized.

"Where are the others?" I asked the adults.

"They should already be on the jet," Alberta explained. "They all had to get medical treatment. Plus, the Moroi needed the feeders."

"But Mia wasn't hurt," I argued.

"She had a few minor cuts and bruises," mom added on.

I nodded along, waiting for any other explanation. There was none. So I asked, "Are they all okay?"

This time Dimitri answered. "Yes, they all are fine." He thought for a moment. "Well, physically, at least. Emotionally…not so much. This experience has taken a dramatic toll on everybody; mainly you two." He looked pointedly at me, but looked away not even a second later. I couldn't even be sure that he had looked at me.

It was about an hour and a half flight back to the resort. When we had landed on the Ski Resort's air strip, Lissa was waiting for us.

"Rosemarie Hathaway, never leave without me again!" She ran up to me, hugging me tightly. She looked over at Christian, who looked almost back to full health. "You too, Christian Ozera!" She attacked him with hugs and kisses. Hm, I guess their not mad at each other anymore. That has to be a good thing.

Christian and I looked at each other, then said in unison, "We promise."

"Good." She looked at both of us. "Now you both are in complete need of showers. Now go."

Christian sighed. "Yes ma'am." He went off to his room.

"You too, missy," Lissa said, looking at me, with her hands on her hips. "And while you're in there, we are going to need to talk."

I rolled my eyes. "Yes, mom."

I walked off toward our room while Lissa took care of Mia, Mason and Eddie. I knew that Liss was telling them exactly what she told me and Christian. From the bond, I could tell that Liss was really pissed. But she also had some twinge feelings of nervousness, scared, love, and relief. I wonder why she was nervous. I knew that she was scared that we wouldn't come back, and that she was relieved that we did. I also knew that she loved both me and Christian. But she has to reason to be nervous.

I got to the room the Lissa and I shared. I got out my bathroom toiletries, then I went over to the closet. What should I wear? I took a few minutes but I had picked out a pair of neon green skinny jeans, along with a neon green shirt. I got out my usual pair of tennis shoes and some neon green lingerie.

I was about half-way through my shower when someone opened the bathroom door. From the bond, I knew it was Lissa. Her emotions were all over the place. "Liss, what's wrong?"

"A lot of things, Rose. First, you run off without telling me where you were going. Then, you take Christian with you! Do you know what would happen to me if one, let alone both, of you died? I already lost my family, I don't need to lose you guys." She sounded like she was crying.

I felt really bad now. But it had to be done. "Liss, I was concerned about your safety. I didn't want you to be in any danger. Calm down, everything will be okay." She calmed down a little. "So, why are you so nervous?"

"Sorry, it's just that the hormones are getting to me."

That still didn't answer my question, but I decided to let it go…for now. I knew she wanted to tell me something, but whatever it was, I would allow her to tell me when she was ready.

An hour later, I was walking around the Resort when Mason came up to me. "We need to talk."

I nodded. I knew this was going to happen, I just didn't know when. I guess now.

We walked over to the little café they have and he ordered two hot chocolates. We sat down across from each other, sipping on our drinks. It must have been, like, ten minutes before anyone started talking.

"Why did you follow us?" he started.

I sighed. "You guys were being complete idiots. You were defenseless. You saw what happened, you would have gotten killed if you were caught alone."

He looked down, not saying anything. I took this moment to ask him what I've been wondering since he had come back. "Why did you come back for me?"

"I knew you were going to ask that," he whispered.

"You can't avoid it forever."

He took a deep breath. "I went back to save you because…because I love you. I couldn't live with myself knowing that, if you had died, it would've been my fault. Let me finish." I saw that I was about to interrupt. I sat back in my chair and waited for him to finish. "It would've been my fault because I was perfectly fine, except for a little on the shaken side, and I didn't go back and save you." He ran a hand through his hair. "To be perfectly honest, I just can't live without you."

By this time, I was speechless. I knew that he had fallen for me, but I didn't know how much. Now I do. This was going to be harder than I thought.

I closed my eyes. "Mason…I can't be with you."


I opened my eyes to his hurt ones. "Because I love somebody else."

"Are you involved with him?"

Was I? Are Dimitri and I involved? I couldn't speak, so I just nodded. I hoped I was right about this.

He rubbed the back of his neck angrily. "Who?"

"I can't tell you."

"Why not?"

I swallowed. "Because…he's…he's…" I struggled for the right word. I couldn't say my mentor because I didn't want to get him fired. I couldn't say a guardian because then the school will search him out. What other choices did I have? "He's…older."

"How much older?"

What was it with these questions? "A little under ten."

Mason stood up angrily. "Great. I lost to an older man. Technically you're little relationship is illegal. I will find out who he is. And I will get him arrested." He walked out.

Great, I thought sarcastically, with that, life's just fine and dandy. I better go warn Dimitri that Mason's after him.

I got up and left the café, on my way to find Dimitri.

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