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Chapter 3:

I Pray On Chirstmas


Sleep was all that was on Victoria's mind as she walked through the icy cold. She hugged herself so that the could winds wouldn't penetrate her thin, old jacket. Shw wished she had just stayed at George's house.

She quickly forgot about the offer and pressed on and when she finally reached her house, She began too walk more slowly. The warmth of her house shocked her a little but she didn't care.

Victoria walked up to her room and changed. As she climbed into her warm bed, The phone in the hallway began to rang. Victoria let out a frustrated sigh, Flung the covers off herself, And walked into the hallway and grabed the phone of it's stand.

"Hello?" Victoria asked, Pushing sleep out of her voice and replacing it with happiness.

"Hey! Is this Victoria?" Asked a fimliar voice.

'What on EARTH is she calling me at 10:30 for?' Victoria thought to herself.

"Yes, This is Victoria. Now, Emily, Can you please tell me what your calling me at 10:30 for?" Victoria anweserd.

"Yhea, I was gonna tell you anyways. I was wanting...Ummm...Uhhh... I was wanting to know if you were coming to school tommorow. YHEA, That's what I wanted to ask." Emily said. Victoria shook her head and smiled to herself.

"Emily... Your a terriable liar. What did you REALLY want to talk to me about." Victoira said, Walking into her room and flopping on the small couch she had placed by her window.

"That's what I really wanted to talk to you about!" Emily defended.

"Emily!" Victoria said, Throwing her head back.

"Okay, Okay! I really called to see if John was gonna be at school tommrow." Victoria could almost hear her friends face turning a bright red.

"Haha. Yhea. I would think he would... Well, This is John talking about. So... Maybe." Victoria replied teasingly to her friend.

"Well, Do you mind calling him and asking him if he's coming?" Emily asked.

"I don't know..." Victoria said.

"Victoria, Please!" Emily pleaded.

"Okay! I will! Now I have to go. Im falling asleep." Victoria said.

"Okay... Bye! See you at school!" Said Emily, With that bubbly personality.

"Don't you mean John?" Victoria said, A small smeerk on her face.

"Oh... Bugger off!" Emily said kiddingly. Victoria laughted and hung up. She didn't care much about putting the phone back on it's stand. She was litarly falling more asleep with every step she took. She jumped into her bed, Carwled under the covers and FINALLY feel asleep... And she quickly began dreaming.

She was walking through the dark roads, George, John and Paul walking and talking with her.

As the foursome kept on walking, Victoria began to notice ravens feather black smoke bleeding into the dark navy blue skys, Choking the starts about their heads.

When the four countiued to walk, They noticed flames. Orange and yellow and red danced against the black somke. The group exchanged worried looks but countied walking.

Then, As they turned onto their street, That's when they saw it. The fire, the smoke, Fire trucks, Police cars... Victoria's house up in flames. And a man in all black.

Victoria stood quiviring. She prayed that her praents were okay. She hoped she was dreaming when the man in black walked right up too her. She only relized that she wasn't dreaming when the man in black told her that ger parents didn't make it. She also knew she hadn't hoped enought when he told her nothing was left and that she would have to live with her aunt a few houses away.

Victoria relized that her prayers weren't being anwserd when the man in black handed her the chared golden locked her mother always wore and the old snake skin lighter that her father used everyday. Victoria stood there, Silent. Looking at the locket and the lighter.

And that's when she shot up in bed. Panting and sweating like a dog. When she calmed down, A single tear ran down her face. She looked at the clock... It blinked in digital letters 2:39.

After that, She layed down, resting her throbbing head on her pillow. She spent the next few minutes crying silently.

She had lost everything... Her home, All her memories... Her parents. But the worst part about the whole situation...

She lost it all a day before Chirstmas.

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