Hello! This is my first fic ever so bear with me.
This is mainly a MerDer fic set a couple weeks after 8x10 Dark Was the Night. This isn't really a Grey's Private Practice crossover but Addison does make a brief appearance and Amelia is a main character in this story.
This chapter is short but I promise the next ones are longer.

I want to send a HUGE thank you to Sarah for encouraging me and convincing me to publish this and for being my guinea pig throughout this process.

Hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

"Derek, you need to get up!"

Derek was vaguely aware of Meredith's voice breaking through his sleepy haze but couldn't make himself respond.

"Derek! Seriously!" Meredith moaned. "We have to leave for the airport in 45 minutes."


This news seemed to get his attention.

"I called the airlines, talked to Owen, packed our bags, and now I need you to shower and clothe yourself so we can make this flight."

She had lost it. There was no other explanation he could think of to explain his wife's current ranting.

"What in the world are you talking about? Why are we flying anywhere? It's 6 in the morning and didn't you just get off a 36 hour shift?"

Meredith proceeded to continue to ready herself despite her husband's protests and hastily ran a brush through her still damp hair.

"I'll have time to explain in more detail on the plane but, long story short, Addison called me and-"

"What? Addison called you?" Now he was really awake.

"Addison called," she stated more forcefully, sending him a look that warned him against further interruption, "and she said we, well you actually, needed to go to L.A. For Amelia." Her expression softened as she put down the brush and made her way over to Derek.

"She's in rehab," she stated softly as she lowered herself next to him on the bed.

"Actually," she amended, "she's getting out of rehab. Soon. By the end of the week. And she needs you there. She asked Addison to get you on a plane and Addison called me to help make that happen so that's what we're gunna do."

She pushed herself back off the bed and looked down at Derek who was still sitting on the bed, managing to look shocked and stern all at once. His jaw was set firmly and his forehead wrinkled in angry concentration.

"Derek," she said running a soothing hand through his hair, trying to break him out of his glaring contest with the wall, "I know you're angry and you're hurting, but so is your sister. And I know you. As angry as you are now, you'll be even angrier with yourself if you don't get on this plane."

He sighed deeply and ran his hands over his face, banishing any last traces of sleep from his eyes. With a final sigh he looked up at her and said, "What time do we leave?"

"We need to leave in 30 minutes," Meredith answered gently and leaned down to kiss his still wrinkled forehead. She gave him a small, loving smile before turning to pick up one of two over stuffed suitcases.

"I'll start bringing stuff down to the car. I packed everything I can think of and took care of anything that could be considered urgent so you just focus on showering quickly and getting dressed. I'll have coffee waiting when you're done and then we can go."

With one final encouraging smile, she left Derek in their bedroom.

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