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[Calling]: Communication through communication link or phone.

"Report," A woman wearing an elegant suit ordered in a harsh tone.

"Mission complete," "M" answered nonchalantly. "We did face minor resistance and the I.S' we used received level C damage, but all in all, the mission was a success." She continued with an uninterested tone.

"I see," The woman muttered, smiling slightly. "And did you have any sort of contact with her?"

"M" snorted loudly before shaking her head. "My head wouldn't be on top of my shoulders if I had contact with her." "M" smiled wistfully. "She's still really pretty." She commented under her breath.

The woman shook her head in exasperation as she leaned back on her chair. "Were you able to kill the boy?" She asked and "M" instantly frowned.

"No," "M" growled in frustration before brandishing her pistol. "Thanks for reminding me, I need to kill the person who stole my prey." M muttered before heading to the exit.

"Is the boy dead?" The woman asked again forcefully.

"M" Stopped in her tracks and looked back at her, "I don't know if he could survive being impaled on the heart." M answered casually. "Still, if he's dead, we may have earned ourselves a new and a more powerful enemy."

"Are you saying that one woman can destroy Phantom Task?" The woman inquired with an amuse tone.

M chuckled before nodding. "If it's Nee-san, then yes, I think she could do it." M exclaimed knowingly.

"And if that's true, then at least we have you to stop her." The woman commented, earning her a laugh from "M".

"Don't expect me to fight her." "M" remarked casually as she exited the room.

The woman chuckled as a predator like smirked adorned her lips. "Madoka, Madoka, Madoka, the only reason you're here is because you were tailor made to fight Orimura Chifuyu."

(Scene Change)(Ichika POV)

I was hovering over 20,000 feet above the ground as the White Knight I.S glowed faintly around me. I was able to fly for 20 miles (I think) before the machine suddenly stopped. I thought something was wrong with the White Knight, but suddenly several hologram screens appeared in front of me and the suit started formatting for me.

I didn't complain and I worked on trying to contact someone that would help me save my new friend faster. "Tabane-nee, please pick up!" I begged and prayed at the communication line that, hopefully, connects me to my sister's best friend and, arguably, the best and greatest as well as the maddest and craziest scientist of this era.

After five minutes of waiting for a reply, the voice that I was hoping for answered. ["Hello, Hi hi? This is Shinonono Tabane speaking!"] The hyperactive voice of Tabane-nee filled my heart with relief and hope.

"Tabane-nee, it's me, Ichika." I greeted her anxiously.

[Ikkun! What a surprise! I heard about your kidnapping and how you could pilot my I.S! How's my beloved White Knight treating you? Has she been a good girl?] Tabane-nee overwhelmed me with several questions as the screen that showed her face zoomed closer

"Tabane-nee, relax; Shiraki's (White Princess) been doing well for me." I answered quickly before my eyes widened in surprise. Where did that name Shiraki come from? I don't know anyone name Shiraki.

[IKKUN!] I flinch at the sound of Tabane-nee's loud voice. I glanced at the hologram screen and flinched at the sight of her demented smile. [Did you just call White Knight, Shiraki?] She asked me excitedly, the smirk on her face was slightly disturbing, but I knew that it was because she was happy.

I nodded slowly, not knowing if it was a good thing or not. To my surprise, Tabane-nee squealed in delight while dancing in her compact workspace. [Finally, my eldest has settled down. Chi-chan and I are finally in-laws!]

"WHAT?" I asked suddenly, startled and disturbed by Tabane's sudden words. Tabane-nee and Chifuyu-nee being in laws, I really don't want to imagine that.

[Nothing, Ikkun, nothing. Now, why did you call your favorite mother-in-law, and yes, you have my blessing.] I suddenly had the urge to take a very cold shower. Tabane-nee's voice when she said 'mother-in-law' caused a shiver to run up my spine.

Shaking those thoughts away, I adopted a very serious expression. My friend needs me. "Could you track down someone for me?" I requested in a begging tone. If there was anyone in this world who could track Kanzashi and her kidnappers in a short time, it would be the genius who claims to live 35 hours per day.

Tabane-nee grinned at me, giving me a major confidence boost. Snapping her fingers, a hologram that has several numbers written on it appeared in front of me, startling me. [Follow these coordinates. They're going to arrive there in 30 minutes. With your White Knight, you can get there in 20.] Tabane-nee told me with a smile on her face.

"Tabane-nee," I mumbled in amazement. "How did you know?" I asked, surprised at the fact that Tabane-nee could know what I would ask before even asking her. Forget that, this is Tabane-nee I'm talking about here. I really shouldn't be surprised. .

[Ikkun, Ikkun, Ikkun,] Tabane-nee mumbled repeatedly, the mischief in her sing-song voice evident. [I always protect my precious people, Ikkun. They're lucky that they have a hostage with them. If they didn't, I would've shot them off the skies the moment my scanners detected them.] Tabane-nee said with a sharp smile that made me flinch. Still, her smile assured me that Chifuyu-nee and Houki would be safe.

"Tabane-nee, thank you for being our Guardian Angel." I told her with a solemn smile.

Tabane-nee smiled gleefully at that. [Ikkun, I'm not an angel, I'm more of an all seeing eye.]

"Cant I just refer to you as the Goddess of Mad Wisdom?" I said with a small chuckle.

Tabane-nee looked thoughtful for a moment, which I found cute for some reason. [That'll do, I like it, and it's really catchy. For today onwards, I, Tabane Shinonono, will be known as the Goddess of Mad Wisdom, all those who…] I chuckled nervously as Tabane-nee stood up and posed like a girl on a quest to find the holy grail or something.

I shook my head before glancing at the numerical figures written on the hologram on my side. To me, this numbers made no sense. "Tabane-nee, one more thing." I called in desperation.

[What is it, Ikkun, need more weapons, soda, you want a carrot?] Weapons, I don't mind. Soda, I'm okay with it. Carrots? Not in this lifetime. How she was going to send me those things, I'd rather not know.

"These number things, what do they mean?" I asked, confused.

Tabane-nee clapped her hand as a look of realization dawn to her. [I almost forgot, your brain's not as evolved as mine yet!] Tabane-nee, everyone's brain is considered inferior compare to your brilliant mind. [Just upload the coordinates to White Knight and set it on autopilot. She'll bring you to the location safely.]

I nodded before taking a deep breath. "Shiraki, upload coordinates," I requested, suddenly, calling my I.S White Knight seemed awkward. I felt like calling her Shiraki. I felt like White Knight was her title and Shiraki was her real name.

I suddenly felt a wave of comfortable warmth envelop my body. I shifted my head to the side and my eyes widened when the White haired girl from my dreams appeared. I'm ashamed to say this, but this girl looks prettier than Chifuyu-nee… Ichika-no-baka, how dare you admit that? Plus, Chifuyu-nee is the most beautiful. A girl more beautiful than her is impossible.

My musings were cut short when I felt a hand on my cheeks. I look at the girl and I was once again surprise when I found her lips with mine. Pleasure beyond anything I ever felt before course through my body, my heart began to beat rapidly, sweat poured down my head, my eyes soften, my hands clench into a fists. This feeling was beyond heavenly.

Our lips parted and our eyes meet. "Let me change your perspective." She whispered before capturing my lips again. This time, she entwined her tongue with mine and sucked it loudly. My name is Ichika Orimura, and I'm a 10 year old getting my first kiss from a girl I didn't even know. Chifuyu-nee, please save your brother before he becomes a pervert

I closed my eyes and returned the kiss, listening faintly as Tabane-nee cried through the communication link. [They grow up so fast.] I could hear her cry before she let out a small laugh. [Shiraki, remember, I'm too young to be a grandmother.]….. Wait, WHAT! And what are those soft things that are being press on my chest?

(Scene Change)(Kanzashi POV)

I'm alone in the dark again. I wasted the efforts of the angel when he saved me before by being caught again. Now he's gone, he died trying to save me again, parrying a strike that only an I.S could block. He parried that blow in order to save me. If we never meet, he'd still be alive right now. Why did I have to curse him with my presence?

"He died for me, he shouldn't have done that. He shouldn't have sacrificed his life for mine. He's worth a hundred of me." I mumbled repeatedly as I shed tears for the angel that should still be living. His sister must be grieving now, that devil showed that she cared for the angel.

"It's not fair..." I muttered as my body shivered. Because of my existence, a sister lost her brother. Because I still live, I cost this world a wonderful boy.

I couldn't help but cry at having my everything taken away from me. I knew him for barely a day and it hurt me to think that I would never see him again. I wanted to know him. I wanted to spend years getting to know him. I wanted to create a bond with him. I wanted to be his friend. I wanted to be more than his friend. I wanted to be… I wanted him, and I still want him.

But I can't have those anymore. He's dead, my angel is dead. He cannot survive that kind of wound, that wound that he receive was too close to the heart. His beautiful heart was destroyed because of my recklessness, because he was so noble, too noble for his own good, too noble to risk his life for mine.

"I'm useless, I'm so useless." I whispered to myself as tears spilled from my eyes. "I wish he was here." I whispered, trying to stop myself from crying.


I stumbled to the ground as the room that I was in suddenly shook.

(Scene Change)(Ichika POV)

I gazed at the moving sea vessel 5,000 feet below me. It was massive and, thanks to the scanners of the IS, I could tell that it was armed to the teeth. White Knight gave me the full list of weapons that ship has. 7 x Anti-aircraft missiles, 4 x Vulcan cannons, 2 x Linear Cannons, 12 x CIWS (Close-In Weapon System), and 5 x massive coilguns. That ship was made for war and I was really lucky that there's no weapon on earth that could surpass an I.S.

I extended my right arm and the signature broadsword of the White Knight materialized in the palm of my hand. The sword was massive, as large as the White Knight, but light as a feather. I grasped the sword tightly with both hands as I prepared the thrusters. "Shiraki, are you with me on this?" I asked my new friend as I shivered slightly inside of the I.S. Truth be told, I'm really scared right now.

I knew her for barely a day yet I was willing to charge into that ship just to get her back. Still, I felt scared. Seeing my sister and Kanzashi's mother fight those I.S pilots was enough for me to know that they fought to kill. They weren't the kind of opponents that Chifuyu-nee fought in the Mondo Grosso. The first opportunity that they get, they'll kill me. The prospect of dying scared me, but it still doesn't change the fact that I'll walk through hell and back to save any of my friends. Chifuyu-nee, Houki, Rin, Dan, Ran, Tabane-nee, and now Kanzashi. I'll protect them and I'm willing to die for them.

I felt to pair of arms circled around me and I saw Shiraki hovering behind me, her arms holding my body protectively. Her skin looked pale and she was wearing a simple white sundress, her beautiful, snow white like hair obscured her face. I frowned as I unconsciously tucked her hair to one side. I still couldn't believe that a girl this beautiful could exist.

She smiled at me as she intertwined her fingers with mine and lifted my left hand away from the hilt of the large broadsword. "I am with you, my master." She whispered to me as a large cannon materialized on my left arm. She pulled the trigger and the cannon shot a red beam towards the ship. The beam didn't hit the ship; much to my relief, but it shook the ship of its course and almost turned it over. I instantly dove down, the cannon and Shiraki disappearing as I descended.

The shot Shiraki fired alerted them to my presence and I suddenly found myself facing a rain of anti-aircraft bullets and several anti-aircraft heat seeking missiles. Thanks to the hyper sensors of the White Knight, the missiles, to me, were moving in slow motion. I weaved through the bullets quickly while cutting down the missiles with the giant broadsword.

I was faster than anything they were throwing at me, but the sheer number of them kept me from rushing the ship. I spun around to avoid a shot that came from the linear cannon before using the flat surface of the sword to block several shells that burst out of the five coilguns. The shots attacks didn't bother me thanks to the powerful barrier of the I.S, but the constant attacks are getting on my nerves.

"Shiraki, can you give me a visual?" I asked her. Tabane-nee told me that the Shiraki was capable of several high-tech visions. From night vision to infrared vision and much more, the White Knight was equipped with cutting edge technology that enhanced the pilot's natural senses.

A hologram screen that showed several thermal images appeared in front of me and I quickly smiled as I spotted the thermal outline of Kanzashi. "There she is." I muttered in glee as I swung my broadsword in an arc, cutting down seven missiles before diving to the location where my thermal sensors spotted her.

(Scene Change)(Kanzashi POV)


Several explosions echoed outside of my prison. Through the walls, I could feel the vibration caused by the multiple explosions that were, apparently, happening outside.

I suddenly heard the door being kicked down and three women rush into the room. "GET THE GIRL." One of them shouted. The two women rushed to my side and one of them yanked my hair in order to pull me to my feet. It hurt, but I was too worried about the explosions to care. What's happening?

They were dragging me by the hair towards the door when a tip of a large sword penetrated the wall that connected my prison to the outside world. From that small hole, two large hands burst and gripped the sheet of metal before ripping it open.

My eyes widened at the sight of the I.S that suddenly appeared in front of me. It was the White Knight I.S, the first I.S that appeared in the world. It stood majestically in front of me, the light of the moon giving it a divine look. The helmet was hiding the face of the pilot so I couldn't see who it was.

My captors drew their guns and open fired at the White Knight, but it just ignored them. Contemporary weapons that aren't developed for I.S are useless for fighting them. The bullets weren't even touching the armor of the machine.

The pilot turned its head to my direction before lifting the massive broadsword and throwing it towards the person who was holding my hair.


The massive broadsword dug into the steel wall, the edge of the blade almost touching the shoulder of my captor. All three of them dropped their guns and ran away from the I.S, each of them shrieking in fear. They forgot all about me in their panic.

I stood in front of the legendary I.S, frozen, not in fear, but in wonder. I never, in my wildest dreams, would've thought that I'd lay my eyes on the I.S that brought women to their current glory. The White Knight looked so heavenly, standing before it felt like standing across a God. I could feel the eyes of the pilot on me as it approaches me at a steady pace; luckily, the room was big enough to fit an I.S. The I.S stopped in front of me and, to my surprise, it knelt before me.

I opened my mouth in shock; I didn't expect it to kneel before me like some knight in shining armor. The giant broadsword disappeared in a brilliant flash of light, temporarily blinding me. When I opened my eyes, I couldn't help but gasp in shock. My heart stopped beating as the pilot of the White Knight gave me a smile. The angel who defended me earlier was kneeling in front of me, like a prince rescuing a princess.

I was so shocked that I barely noticed his hands wiping the fresh tears that were falling from my eyes. Whether they were tears of disbelief or joy, I didn't know.

"Thank Kami-sama I made it in time." He whispered to me and I swore that my heart leapt in joy. That voice, that beautiful voice belong only to him. I wanted to make sure that he is still alive, that the angel standing before me is not an illusion. I wrapped my arms around him and snuggled on his chest. This warmth, this heartbeat, this feeling, it's him, it really is him. He is still alive and he came all this way for me, to save me again.

He held my shoulders in a comforting way as he looked me in the eyes. "Let's get out of here, Kanzashi." He told me with such a gentle tone that I smiled as I lost myself in his eyes. My will to live suddenly came back to me the moment he said my name.

"Thank you," I whispered to him in gratitude.

"You're my friend." He told me before carrying me in his arms, bridal style. "I'd face the devil himself to protect my friends." He said to me in a passionate tone.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and snuggled on his chest, tears of joy flowing from my eyes. With me in his arms, I felt like the world itself revolved around me. Other than this angel, there is no one alive that can make me feel like this. He is my prince, he is my angel, and, when we survive this and if things go my way, he is going to be my husband.

My sister could have the Sarashiki Family, I just want him. I'm happy with just him in my life.

"Hold on tight, Kanzashi!" He told me before running towards the exit that he made, a white light surrounding his body. In the corner of my eyes, I could see wings of light growing on his back

I had never seen such a beautiful sight before in my life.

(Scene Change) (Sarashiki Matriarch POV)

In a military standard battleship near Japan's borders, the Sarashiki Matriarch was about to commit murder.

"Anything yet!" I asked in frustration as the urge to kill the captain of this ship increased ten folds. My daughter is with our family's mortal enemy and this people aren't working fast enough or hard enough to find her.

"I apologize, Sarashiki-dono, but we have yet to detect the ship." The sound of metal being ripped like paper echoed in the bridge. Everyone in the bridge, including me, glanced at Orimura-dono, and I swore I could see the devil in her eyes.

"Captain," Orimura-dono said in a calm tone. The captain flinched as he took a step back out of fear. The killing intent that Orimura-dono was emitting was suffocating everyone in the bridge. I'm surprised that everyone's still conscious, albeit barely. "The people who harmed my brother are still out there and Sarashiki-san's daughter is still their captive. I've been in this ship for four hours, waiting for results, but it seems that you lot take incompetence to a new level. I want blood, and if none of you can bring me results in the next hour, I will butcher everyone in this room." With every word, every letter, Orimura-dono's killing intent increased to the point that every glass in the room cracked.

This may be an exaggeration, but being around her felt like being held in the fist of a deity beyond the scope of my understanding. A feeling of insignificance, of standing up against, taunting, a being of infinite strength and power, of being crushed under the relentless, calculating gaze of Death itself washed over me and everything else around me. My eldest was right; his brother must be made of brass to endure this kind of presence.

The captain instantly took his seat and began barking orders to his crew. That woman knows how to motivate people and she's what, 19.

I summoned all my strength and will power to approach Orimura-dono. She looks ready to kill, and if looks could kill, I have no doubt that I would already be dead.

"Orimura-dono," I called nervously.

"Yes," She leaned on the wall and eyed me carefully. Her eyes were the eyes of a demon ready to protect or, in her case, kill.

"Thank you," I said, giving her a bow.

"Don't miss understand me, Sarashiki-dono, I am not doing this for you. I'm doing this because they harmed my brother." She said in a sharp tone and I could only nod in reply. Her reason didn't really matter, I was just glad she was helping me recover my daughter.

For the first time in my life, I felt completely helpless and the scariest part about this was that she was making me feel like this by just standing there and being her usual self.

"Sarashiki-dono," I looked up at her and flinched when her deadly eyes bore upon me. How could a human have those kinds of eyes? "When we face them, get your daughter and leave the fighting to me." She told me, her voice with dripping with anger.

"Why?" I couldn't' help but ask. I regretted asking when her eyes seemed to get more intense. Her pupils shrank and her iris grew.

"Because I can't guarantee you that I won't cut you down if you get in my way." I took several steps backward. I felt the air leave my lungs as she said those words. This woman, her looks could literally kill.

I could hear the doors suddenly being opened behind me, and instantly, the atmosphere in the room suddenly became heavier. It must be Orimura-dono's doing.

"Where is my brother?" She asked suddenly. My eyes widened considerably as I shifted my head to look at the new arrivals. My husband and eldest daughter, as well as Sakuno and her daughters, entered the bridge. My husband was standing upright, sweating a little while Sakuno was massaging her throat, the kids weren't fairing well as they were brought to their knees by the killing intent Orimura-dono was emitting.

My husband shifted a bit when the question was asked. 'This is not good,' I thought to myself.

"Your brother is well." Darling, you are going to have us all killed. Please don't make me regret marrying you.

The killing intent that Orimura-dono was emitting suddenly doubled and everyone in bridge collapsed to the ground, some of them even being knocked unconscious. Seriously, she can do that, SERIOUSLY. What is this woman made off?

"I'll ask again and you better give me a concrete answer." Did I just hear the metal creaking? "Where. Is. My. Brother?" My Beloved, you better answer her before she starts killing everyone within arm's reach.

My husband was about to open her mouth when my eldest spoke. "He became the White Knight." I was visibly surprised when I saw Orimura-dono's eyes widening.

"What?" She asked my eldest in shock.

Tatenashi took the deepest breath I ever seen her take before elaborating. "After burning his wound closed…" Why do I hear metal crumbling? Tatenashi dear, please be careful with your words. "He opened some passage and dragged himself to a hangar. When he reached the hangar, he knelt in front of a white I.S, begged it to lend him its power or something and suddenly he was piloting the I.S. He told us that he would go rescue Kan-chan before flying off." I'm impressed; my little Tatenashi gave an explanation to the devil without stuttering. Still, a male capable of piloting the I.S? Interesting.

Orimura-dono groaned a bit before slamming her fist on the hard steel behind her, giving the seven inch, reinforced steel a three feet wide dent. Was my youngest rescued by a family of Demigods or something? "TABANE!" She shouted loudly. Wasn't Tabane the creator of the I.S?

The large screen in bridge that showed only scanners suddenly turned off before the face of the creator of I.S appeared on the screen. I expected a lot of things from the creator of the I.S, but seeing her wearing a cheap western dress that resembled Alice in 'Alice in Wonderland' together with an apron and metallic bunny ears was not one of them. On a side note, her breasts look as big as mine.

[Hello!—This is everyone's favorite idol and the Goddess of Mad Wisdom Shinonono Tabane!] She gave a weird childish pose that made my eldest look giddy.

"Cut the crap, Tabane." Orimura-dono muttered as she literally threw the metal sheet behind her. "Where is my brother?"

[Ikkun, your rape-able brother? That Ikkun?] *CRASH!* *SMASH!* Did something crash outside? I think this ship would be torn apart just because we have a demigod on board.

"Tabane, are you tired of living already?"

[I have good news and bad news, which do you want to hear first?]

"The news that will tell me where my brother is." Somebody has a severe case of brother complex….. Why is Orimura-dono looking at me? OUCH, my knee suddenly hurts.

[Okay, good news first.] How could that girl smile in the face of the devil? [Good news: My first model's still way better than all of the I.S in the market, with the exception of Kurazakura.] Okay, how is that good news? "Bad news, Ikkun's being chase by five poorly created I.S'." The screen shifted and showed a white I.S flying three feet above sea water, weaving through gunfire. The pilot was holding on to a large broadsword, his arms across his chin causing the sword to rest on the right shoulder. It was an awkward way to fly.

"Why is he flying like that?" Orimura-dono asked with a frown.

The image once again change and I gasped in shock to see my daughter being held by Orimura-dono's brother. She was clutching on his neck tightly while his right arm was wrapped around my daughter's body protectively. The large broadsword was in that awkward position to block stray bullets that may hit my daughter, seeing that the I.S shield only protected the pilot.

"Where is this happening?" I asked with an urgent tone.

"Tabane. Coordinates, now." Orimura-dono ordered with a stern and worried tone.

Shinonono-san appeared in the bottom corner of the screen. The rabbit-like woman smiled a smile that causes a shiver to run up my spine. [No can do, Chi-chan. This is Ikkun's fight, not yours.] The hell with that!

"Shinonono-san, I do not care whose fight is this. That boy is with my daughter!" My husband shouted in outrage.

"Tabane, do not push my patience!" Orimura-dono snarled and I was visibly surprise that Shinonono-san was not even fazed by her.

[Chi-chan, I love you, you know that, but I adore Ikkun, more so than you can imagine. Now, I know Ikkun's weak compared to you, but let's be realistic, everybody's weak compare to you.] Shinonono-san said with a wide smile. [Now, Ikkun's piloting my White Knight, registered Core 001. Let me tell you this, Chi-chan: The only reason you're using Kurazakura is because Core 013 accepted you, the same way Core 001 accepted Ikkun.] I have no idea what that means, but the look of shock on Orimura-dono's face was unnerving.

[Chi-chan, you know me. I only care about 3 people, you know them all. I don't care if that girl dies in Ikkun's arms just as long as he lives.] I narrowed my eyes as I grabbed hold the Closed Form of my I.S, Elegant Lady. Those words felt like a hard slap on the face. [With that said, no need to worry Chi-chan, I'll pull them out the moment White Knight's shield get's reduce to 100.]

"The only time I'd entrust Ichika's life to you is when I am extremely and really desperate." The contempt in her voice was very surprising. They must know each other in a very intimate way.

Again, Orimura-dono found herself looking at me, and again my knee suddenly exploded in pain. Strange, I never had surgery in my knee before.

[Chi-chan, the moment my eldest accepted Ikkun is the moment you entrusted his very being to me.] Shinonono-san said with a gleeful tone. [But, because I love you, I'll give you the coordinates after twenty minutes.] She assured Orimura-dono before disappearing, allowing us to concentrate on the battle.

To say that I was impressed with Orimura-dono's brother would've been an understatement. For a beginner, he was doing well. A hail of gunshots, one after another, the attacks continued to rain down on him from all five I.S, and they were all shot precisely. Surprisingly, only a few actually managed to hit him. It was either his skills were topnotch for a beginner, those five weren't firing to kill or - better yet - they just weren't that skilled.

The one who was piloting a customized Razrushitel aimed her pistol sword at the boy, Ichika I think his name was, and fired four consecutive shots. Ichika-kun seemed to notice the attacks (or a better explanation would be that his I.S alerted him of the attacks) as he suddenly flew up to avoid the four railgun powered projectiles before a missile intercepted him. He seemed to realize that he couldn't avoid the attack and quickly embraced my daughter tightly with his right arm, blocking the missile and explosion with his body.

[ICHIKA!] Our eyes widened at the sound of my daughter's voice. [Are you okay?]

[I'm fine...] The boy answered in a weak tone, indicating that he was anything but. It seems that Shinonono-san hacked the White Knight I.S and allowed us to listen to every word they said. [What about you, are you hurt?] Ichika-kun is so sweet. If the situation wasn't so grim, I would have smiled.

[Ichika…] My daughter muttered in a gentle yet helpless tone. She was being affected by this boy's selflessness and courage and, truth be told, so was I.

He quickly recovered from the whiplash of the explosion and proceeded to dodge the hail of bullets and missiles that were now being fired at them. It seems that, with the White Knight I.S, Ichika-kun was able to dodge ordinary projectiles with ease and only being hit by a few stray bullets. The railgun's projectiles were giving him trouble, and understandably so. Railgun powered projectiles move at the speed of 5,400mph. Despite this, he continued to dodge the barrage of railgun powered projectiles fluidly. It was hard to believe he was supposed to be an amateur.

Ichika-kun quickly performed a sharp turn to avoid another barrage of missiles before cutting down a missile that nearly exploded in front of him. He moved the large broadsword in front of my daughter to shield my daughter from the rain of bullets coming from the rifles of to enemy . My heart ached in pain as I heard my daughter screaming.

With a quick burst of the White Knight's thrusters, he charged in towards his attackers, flying through the gunfire, and hit them with his shoulders before pushing them aside. He then performed a dive to the ocean surface before dematerializing the large broadsword, deploying a large cannon on his left arm. He aimed the cannon at the water and fired, the cannon releasing a red beam. The red beam hit the surface of the ocean, causing water to erupt upwards. The sudden burst of water temporarily gave him a small gap between him and his pursuers.

I release the breath that I did not know I was holding. Ichika-kun, for an amateur, is not that bad. Sure, he was running but the fact that he was dodging attacks from five heavy artillery type I.S' spoke volumes of his potential.

[Kanzashi, you didn't get hurt, right?] Regardless of facing extreme peril, he still cared for my daughter's well being. This boy is a rare one.

[Are you really this selfless? Do you even care what would happens to you?] My daughter asked in a sullen tone and I could see her hold onto the boy tightly, tears falling from her eyes.

"No, he doesn't." Orimura-dono muttered in frustration. She was clutching on the captain chair so hard that she was crushing the steel with her bare hands. That woman is something else entirely.

I could not see Ichika-kun's expression through his helmet, but I could guess that he had a solemn expression. [I don't care what happens to me, the only thing I care about right now bringing you back to your family in one piece.] He told, no, he promised my daughter in a determined voice.

The look on my daughter's face was heart wrenching, like something dawned to her that broke her heart. I fear that my daughter was about to do something that she would regret.

[Drop me...] ...My daughter has officially lost her mind.

"What- Kanzashi Sarashiki, what are you saying?" My husband shouted, but it seemed that the communication line was only one way. Tatenashi and Honne shouted as well, hoping that she would hear them.

Sadly, I understood where my daughter was coming from and I do not blame her for her request.

[Are you crazy?] No, but she was very close. My dearest daughter, you and I are going to have a long talk after this.

[No, but I've made my decision.] I groaned a bit as I leaned to my husband. [Your life's worth more than mine. I told you before, I'm just my Oneechan's replacement and if my parents have to choose between the two of us, they'd choose her. After all, my Oneechan's perfect, the perfect heir of the Sarashiki family, my parents said so themselves.]

My eyes widened, my heart broke, and I could feel tears falling from my eyes. Did my youngest really things of herself like that? I know we compare her to Tatenashi a lot, but I never would have thought that she would think something along those lines. Did she really think herself as Tatenashi-chan's substitute?

What have I done?

Beside me, I could hear my husband groaning in dread and my daughter let out a strangled cry. Those words affected them as well.

(Scene Change)(Kanzashi POV)

The fear in me disappeared when the realization hit me: Ichika, my beautiful angel, wouldn't give up. He'll continue to fight this losing battle because of me. I also realized that I'm still the target and that Ichika wouldn't live through this if he kept protecting me. I already made my decision. His life is worth more than mine, he can change this world; I can't. My mother once told me that sacrificing one's life to love is the best way to go down. Looks like I'll be seeing if those words were correct.

"Kanzashi, I never thought that you'd think so lowly of me." He muttered, startling me bit at how serious his voice was. "You're my friend. If you think, even for a second, that I'd abandon you, then you must be crazy. My nee-chan taught me better, she taught me to never abandon my friends. I won't abandon you, even if I die. I'll bring you back to your parents even if it kills me."

He's truly a saint in human flesh, an angel among angels. I expected this from him. I knew that he will not just let me go, he will not leave me to my maker just like that. He will fight for me, and that's the reason why he must let me go. He will fight for me and he will most likely die because of me. I cannot have that in my conscious.

"Ichika...thank you." I whispered before letting go of him.

"KANZASHI!" Ichika shouted and I smiled, thankful that he was still worried about me.

"I have no regrets. I love you, I'm sure of that now." I didn't know if he heard me, but the arm that was wrapped around my waist loosen thanks to the missile that hit him on the back.

The distance between me and the ocean surface wasn't that far, to be precise, it was barely ten feet. As I sunk to the ocean, my life flashed before my eyes: The day when I was born, the day when Honne was introduced to me, the days when I admired my sister all the way to the day I became jealous of her, the day I was kidnapped and the moment I met the angel that stole my heart. It all came to me in a flash of a second.

I smiled as I closed my eyes, content to what's going to happen to me. I could feel myself being suffocated slowly by the water and I offered no resistance to even float or to breathe. If I die, my angel lives and he won't be in danger anymore. A very good trade if I say so myself.

"YOU IDIOT!" I opened my eyes and was met by the sight of Ichika diving down to get me. He was still wearing his I.S, but the helmet was absent, giving me a clear view of his face. He was crying. Why's he crying?

He grabbed hold of my arm and I wanted to pull it away from his grasp, but I wasn't given the chance. He pulled my prone body towards him before giving me a kiss on the lips.

The moment our lips touched, I felt something unfamiliar course through my body. Warmth, life, joy, bliss, I couldn't describe the raw emotions and feelings that were currently coursing through my body. For the first time in my short life, I can say with full confidence that I'm content, blissful even.

The kiss ended after sometime and he gave me a stern look. I was holding my breath now, either it was by reflex or because it was because the kiss took my breath away, I didn't know.

I could see him sigh before one of his arms wrapped itself around my frame. He rocketed upwards and, before we could get out of the ocean floor, he thrust his right arm and dragged one of our attackers down to the ocean with us.

She was startled by this, but before she could recover, Ichika punched her on the face repeatedly before firmly grabbing hold of the woman's I.S. The I.S of our attacker glowed white before the machine forcibly ejected the pilot. I was shoved to the I.S by Ichika and information suddenly flooded my mind.

When the information settled in my mind, I suddenly found myself in an I.S, the same I.S that assaulted me and my family, the Razrushitel, much to my surprise. Ichika dragged me to the surface before throwing me behind him before he deflected countless bullets with his large broadsword, his helmet back on his head.

[Tabane-nee, the favor you owe me three years ago, I'm cashing it in right now.] I could hear Ichika exclaim through a communication link set up between our I.S. [Get Kanzashi to safety, I'll buy her some time.] I was taken aback by what he just said. He was going to be bait?

Before I could fully comprehend his words, the I.S that Ichika force me into suddenly moved without warning. [If Ikkun wishes it, so it shall be.] A disturbingly cheerful voice exclaimed and I found myself flying away from him at a high speed. I watched helplessly as he was bombarded by attacks from the four remaining I.S.

(Scene Change)(Ichika POV)


Those words appeared in front of me and I couldn't help but groan in dread. Good news: Kanzashi's out of harm's way and I did what I wanted. Bad news: I have four skilled I.S pilots who are hell bent on destroying me. It's been twenty minutes since Kanzashi was taken to a safe location courtesy of Tabane-nee, twenty minutes have passed since a storm of bullets, missiles, and golden colored projectiles rained down on me. The armor of the White Knight took a lot of damage from that time span.

My four enemies circled me like a shark circling its prey. I readied my broadsword and waited for them to attack. If I'm going down, I'm taking them down with me.

"Not necessary, Black King." I could hear Shiraki saying before the surroundings changed right before my eyes. The wide ocean and four enemies disappeared and were replaced by a ballroom made out of crystal. I was surprised when I found myself not mounting the White Knight anymore. Instead, I was wearing a pitch black, expensive looking tuxedo.

"You look dashing." I turned my head to Shiraki and I was once again left breathless at how overwhelmingly beautiful she was. She was wearing a pure white gown and I couldn't help but blush when I saw her.

"You look amazing." I couldn't help but comment as I felt myself unconsciously move towards her. I know that I should be worried about the fact that four I.S' were about to rip me to pieces but, frankly, seeing Shiraki in front of me put me at ease. The sight of her beautiful self, her breathtaking beauty, made me forget about the one sided fight I was just in. She made me forget everything I know, everything about me, the only thing on my mind was her and, strangely, I'm okay with it.

She gave me an elegant smile before extending her arms at me. "Dance with me." Her arms looked so inviting, so comforting that I accepted her offer without any second thoughts. My right hand intertwined with her left while my left hand was placed firmly on her waist and her right hand was lying comfortably on my left shoulder.

A beautiful song echoed in the ballroom and our bodies moved according to its relaxing melody. I wasn't much of a dancer; in fact, I don't know how to dance. But, with Shiraki as my partner, I could dance quite well. I waltzed with her around the ballroom, our bodies locked in rhythmic and passionate movements. She followed my movements fluidly and gracefully, like we were perfectly in tune with each other, like my movements were her own and vice versa.

I was so enticed with our dance that I didn't notice the strange song disappearing until she pushed me down. I fell on a comfortable bed and I found myself suddenly naked from the waist up. She stared at me for a moment before white wings erupted on her back, unlike me, she was completely naked. She then laid over me, chest to chest, nose to nose; our bodies were so close that I could feel her heartbeat and breathing. It was intoxicating, so intoxicating that I thought I was losing my mind.

"Do you know the purpose of darkness?" She asked me out of nowhere while wrapping her arms around me, further pressing her body to mine. "Darkness is created for the simple purpose of protecting Light. Light is such a pure being, so pure, in fact, that something ruthless, something evil, must be created to preserve its purity, to protect its purity, that is where Darkness comes in; hence, why Darkness and Light are never separated." She told me. She then pressed her forehead to mine, our lips only millimeters apart.

"You're my Light, I'm your Darkness, and I will protect you." I don't know how many times our lips met at that moment, but the kiss that she gave me was unlike anything she had given me before. This kiss filled me with power.

(Scene Change)(M POV)

I raised an eyebrow when the annoying White Knight rip-off suddenly stopped moving. For a supposed legendary I.S, the pilot was mediocre. The pilot's only talent was dodging and running while its fighting skill was non-existent. It was so laughable. I stayed behind while one of my so called comrades - more like cannon fodder - closed in towards the frozen I.S, a cannon on hand. I didn't know why, but I felt like approaching that I.S right now would be suicidal, which is strange considering the lack of talent that pilot possesses.

When she was close enough to fire point blank cannon shots, the stationary I.S suddenly burst back to life. My eyes widened as the White Knight threw a slash, too quickly for that idiot to react. The blow was able to cut her in half vertically, killing her in one, flawless movement.

I couldn't help but smile as the White Knight rip-off charged at us. "Looks like the party's begun." I commented gleefully as I flew away from the charging I.S, leaving my cannon fodders to fend for themselves. I need to see if that bitch actually knows how to use that sword.

They opened fire at the White I.S. I'll use this moment to say that their aim sucks. The White I.S dodged the barrage of attacks using sharp turns and amazing reflexes, and with sudden acceleration, it appeared in front of the two idiots. One of them was able to back away (lucky her), but the other tried to engage the White I.S in close range combat. She's dead.

The lone Razrushitel deployed its close range weapon, a combat knife, and tried to stab the White I.S. With a simple flick of its wrist, the White I.S disarmed the knife from Razrushitel. The idiot tried to back away, most likely to get into firing range if that rifle's anything to go by, but was prevented when the White I.S thrust one of its hands and grabbed her neck. The massive broadsword of the White I.S emitted a golden glow before it was swung in a wide arc.

I couldn't help but laugh as I watched her head drop to the sea below. This girl's my kind of girl, a pity I have to kill her. I brought my pistol-sword up and waited for an opportunity.

The pilot of the White I.S turned her attention to my last remaining cannon fodder. By her expression, my cannon fodder saw the face of the White I.S pilot through her helmet. She was scared shitless. Good, scared bait's the best bait.

I took my aim as the White I.S charged in towards my cannon fodder. Because of her panic, she fired blindly at the White I.S, bullets sailing past it as not one shot hit its mark. By the way, I've never seen such pathetic accuracy with a gun before. I could fire a gun ten times more accurate blindfolded. I shook my head and waited for the pilot of the White I.S to approach her and finish her off.

I'll admit that the pilot of the White I.S got way better in a short period of time. I waited patiently for the White I.S to reach a certain distance between her and the cannon fodder. When the distance was 4 meters and the White I.S was about to swing its sword, I fired. The predator's always at its most vulnerable when attacking, a thing I learned during my days of training.

My shot hit the White I.S on its helmet, causing the protective head gear to break. It immediately halted its attack, the blade stopping just a few inches from beheading my bait. Damn, I should've fired after that cut. Oh well, no sense crying over spilled milk.

The pilot of the White I.S turned her head at me, giving me a clear view of her face. I instantly noticed two things.

One, she's actually a he.

Two, it was my little brother.

I gaped in shock. I thought my brother died when that bullet shrapnel pierce him on the chest? He glanced at me with lifeless eyes and I couldn't help but….smile sincerely.

I hate him; I hate him because nee-san chose him over our family. How could my strong nee-san choose a weak, little punk over her family? Also, through the years, I noticed my nee-san's slowly getting softer. It sickens me, how could she not see the boy is holding her down?

Since the day I laid eyes on him (I was three years older than him, by the way), I wanted to kill him. I wanted to kill him to free my nee-san from her prison. I knew that once he died, my nee-san's free to reach her full potential. That is why I was slightly happy to see him get pierced by that stray steel. I was satisfied to be done with him.

Seeing him alive before my eyes, I should be angry. I should be angry because my nee-san's shackle still exists. Strangely, though, I'm not angry, I'm actually happy to see him alive. Seeing him kill like that, with such skill and such finesse, made me happy to have him as a brother. In fact, I could feel my body hitting up in bliss.

My brother's so much like me and nee-san. He has nee-san's skill with a sword and my ruthlessness to kill, a perfect combination of Chifuyu-nee's skill and my disregard for life.

I watched him turned his attention back to the cannon fodder, who was stupid enough to fire at him, and continued his attack He moved in close and grabbed her throat again, I watched gleefully as the stupid cannon fodder squirmed in fear under my brother's grip. My little brother raised his massive sword, the white broadsword now glowing with golden energy, and brought it down swiftly, cutting down the fool and killing her.

I was beyond elated. He looked cute while killing that fool. So cute, in fact, that I want to capture him and keep him in my room back home. I could do so many things to him. Yes, so many things. I always wanted a brother, a brother that I could have my way with and he's good looking enough, I guess.

Yes, capture him, hide him from the two idiots I call parents, and have my way with him for the next eternity or so. Yeah, that sounds good.

My cute, little, rape-able, brother slowly approached me, his sword by his side, ready to strike. I smiled at how brave my brother was, stupidly brave, but brave nonetheless, for even thinking of fighting with me. He's good, but I could still trash him. I removed my visor and gave him my patented smile (a sadistic smile filled with malice).

I was delighted when he froze on the spot at the full sight of my face. Yes, I have a huge resemblance to nee-san. I opened and extended my arms to him. "Come to Madoka-neechan, Ichika-Otōto." I invited him, wanting to hold my little brother for the first time.

I was so excited to hold him….but it was prevented by one thing, and that something was a massive, compressed, air blade that blasted me from the side and threw me for at least 10 meters. I vaguely registered the IS warning me that my shields were at zero percent.

I glared at my surroundings and readied my weapon. Who dares interrupt my heart warm meeting with my cute brother?

"Yare, yare, yare, this is the reason why I prefer Kurazakura to you, White Knight. You're too independent." A voice that caused my heart to flutter in joy echoed in my surroundings. My beautiful nee-san's here. Yes! A family reunion.

I glanced at where my cute little brother was hovering (I am so going to rape him one of these days) and I was surprised to see nee-san holding him in her arms. She was in her Kurazakura I.S, the black armor of the I.S. gleaming threateningly.

She tapped my little brother's forehead with her fingers and, instantly, the White I.S that he was using disappeared. Now that I think about it, how could he pilot an I.S, being a boy and all?

I also noticed a good comparison between us three. Ichika-otōto's the sunlight; I'm twilight, and nee-san's midnight. White, Grey, and Black. All mix into one glorious family.

Hmmmh, maybe I should check on that when I give him a 'full body examination'. "Nee-san, over here." I called gleefully. My call was answered by another air blade being hurled at me. This time, I dodged to the right. A vacuum blade made by nee-san would rip my body and I.S to shreds without an I.S shield protecting me.

"Madoka," Nee-san said in a deadly tone. "Because we have history together, I'm allowing you to run." Nee-san's so sweet.

"Okay, Nee-san. Can I ravish Ichika-otōto before I go?" I asked hopefully.

This time, I was met by a cyclone vacuum. It's still a mystery how nee-san can do those types of attacks while using a sword that only has the Barrier Void Attack ability. I suddenly remembered that Yukihira's a sword, and as long as nee-san has a sword, then the air itself is as good as your enemy.

I was barely able to avoid the cyclone that nee-san sent me. I wonder what her problem is? Isn't nee-san glad to see her imouto? Oh well, that's not important right now.

"Come on, nee-san" I flew to my left to avoid a crescent shaped air blade. "I just want to rape him for 12 hours, I promise to return him after I'm done with him." Nee-san's infamous slicing spiral wind attack grazed my arm armor, ripping it off. The attack was so accurate that it completely cut off the armor from my shoulder down to my hand without even giving me a wound.

"You have five seconds to get out of my sight." Nee-san warned me as she prepared to strike. Even with one hand, nee-san can create pretty strong vacuum blades.

I instantly realized that nee-san might still be affected by being abandoned by those idiots, and talking to her right now might result in pain (For both of us). I conceded and flew away from her.

Under the star filled night, sunlight, twilight, and midnight met.

And I, the twilight of the family, will one day take the sunlight for myself.

(Scene Change)(Chifuyu POV)

"You two better get your daughters off my brother." I hissed in irritation. An hour had passed since that incident and my brother was finally asleep. He was clearly exhausted, having fought with a wound that big which was now a big scar on his chest. Also, having use the White Knight I.S, which was physically taxing (I should know) for more than seven hours, and being possessed by I.S core 001 (I'm going to have a talk, a very violent talk, with Tabane later) had taken a lot out of him. He was sleeping peacefully, a serene expression on his face.

I would've found this cute if it weren't for the fact that those two blue haired brats were sleeping on my brother's chest. I don't like them, especially the weak, bespectacled one. Because of her insecurities, and that stunt she pulled during her rescue, I almost lost my brother, and to Madoka, of all people.

"They look cute." Their maid muttered. I glared at the woman and she instantly left the room.

Their parents reacted according to my demands and took their daughters off my brother. My eyebrow twitch when I notice that bespectacled girl holding on to my brother rather tightly and I felt annoyed when I saw her snuggling to his chest.

"Get. That. Girl. Of. My. Brother. NOW." I snarled as I deployed Yukihira. They took note of my tone and hurriedly removed her off my brother. She whimpered when she got separated, but she didn't wake up. Good, I have half a mind to murder that snot nosed brat.

"Orimura-dono, thank you for your assistance and please give our family's gratitude to your brother when he wakes." The Patriarch of this fuck-up family said in a noble tone.

"Thank you for the room." I'm tired and I want to rest.

"It is the least we can do." The Matriarch replied casually. "We owe that boy a great deal."

No, you don't. My brother's an idiot. He'd sacrifice is life for a stranger without any seconds thoughts. That's his biggest weakness...and what I love most about him.

"Drop us off at our house tomorrow morning and please don't disturb us." I requested calmly. I really want to put all of this behind me.

"Of course." The patriarch said with a bow before walking away, his oldest in his arms.

"By the way, Orimura-dono, we are moving into your town soon." The matriarch said and I suddenly froze. What did she mean she was moving into our town? Didn't she get us into enough trouble?

I narrowed my eyes at her instantly. "I am almost afraid to ask, but why?"

The matriarch smiled at me before giving her youngest daughter a fond glance. "My daughter found love; I won't separate her from her first love."

"That brat's ten years old. What does she know about love?" I asked her passively like I didn't care all that much. Inwardly, I wanted to rip both their heads off.

She didn't answer me and just walked away, whispering something to her sleeping daughter.

I frowned as I closed and locked the door of our temporary room. The Sarashiki family's an influential family. They practically run, in the shadows, the economy and politics of Russia and Japan. Them knowing my brother's ability to pilot an I.S may result in a problem and their daughter being interested in my brother doesn't sit well with me.

"...No," I muttered under my breath, no one will take him away from me. He belongs to me.

I have no family but my brother. I only have a brother. I only have a brother. A brother that I nourished since he was a little baby, a brother that took all of my cruel methods and mistook them for tough love, a brother who stood by my side regardless of my cold demeanor and overwhelming strength, a brother who takes care of households chores because I can't, a brother who strives to be strong because of the illusion that he has no right to stand beside me if he's weak, a brother that I'll never let go, a brother that I am unconditionally and irrevocably in love with, a brother that I've raised to be my husband, and more importantly, a brother that I'd kill and die for.

I smiled at the sleeping form of my brother. He looked so peaceful and cute that I cannot resist it. I remove my top and my bra, allowing my breasts to bounce because from the lack of restrains. I don't care if I exposed my breasts; I checked the room before hand and there weren't any hidden cameras so doing this in this room is okay.

I went to bed and cradled his head in my arms. "I'll never let you go." I ripped my brother's shirt before pressing my expose breast to his chest. "You belong to me." I whispered before enveloping his lips in mine. I laid his head on a pillow and proceeded to ravage his mouth before wrapping my arms around his head and deepening the kiss.

Even though my brother didn't regain consciousness, I heard him moan into the kiss as well. I was glad; his moans and whimpers meant that I wasn't the only one who was enjoying this sinful act. I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepened the kiss. I pinned his body and pressed my body into his even more, I moaned silently as I felt my naked chest on his. My tongue entered his mouth and entwined with his, sucking hard on it.

I pulled back as the need for oxygen finally overcame me, a trail of saliva between our lips. I took a deep breath before kissing my brother again, this time longer and with more passion.

This isn't decent. This is immoral. This is a sin. A sister shouldn't love her brother like this; siblings shouldn't lust for each other. But frankly, I don't give a damn about what society thinks about my affection for my brother.

So what if I love my brother, not as a brother but as a man? I know for a fact that my brother's admiration towards me surpasses that of an ordinary sister.

So what if I want to keep him forever? My brother promised me to never leave my side for as long he lived.

So what if I've been training him since he was six to be my husband? He doesn't seem to mind my harsh treatment; in fact, he's already a good house husband.

So what if I don't want to entrust him to other women? He is much more selfish than me in that regard. I know that he scared off all my suitors during junior high and high school. He's so sweet.

So what if I want to marry my brother and carry his children? Inbreeding was considered legal before.

Me doing this to my brother - kissing him while he was sleeping - wasn't wrong. He's mine, he belongs to me, he's my brother, and I'm his sister. It is my God given right to have my way with him.

My whole life has been filled with darkness. In the midst of this darkness. A path of light exists-outside of the light, nothing can be seen, nothing exists. I-am one who runs in the midst of that light. And that light is my brother.

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