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CHAPTER EIGHT: Lust and Greed

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[Calling]: Communication through communication link or phone.

Chifuyu was engaged in combat with several I.S Academy instructors, and they were losing miserably. Though they were coming at her four, five at a time, they could barely scratch her. They were no match against her even thought they outnumbered her.

"Hey, Yamada-chan, do you know why boss-chan seems to be a bit pissed this fine evening?" One of the nurses asked as she tended to one of the severely beaten instructors. Several of the instructors were unconscious because of the pain that Chifuyu inflicted upon them.

Maya merely laughed uneasily as she hid herself under the heap of bodies scattered around the large dojo. She knew that because of her interest in Ichika that Chifuyu would inflict more pain upon her compare to the other instructors. "Ichika-kun is out for the night, attending a party." Maya answered quietly as she tried to make herself as invincible as possible.

The nurse paled at that news as she ducked to avoid another body being thrown at her direction. "Okay, that's understandable but why is she venting her anger on someone with flesh and bones. Usually, when the Prince attends some party, she just breaks some random steel or something." The nurse mumbled while bandaging one of the bruises of her colleagues.

Maya's expression suddenly darkened as she said two words that summed up their current situation. "Emperor's daughter,"

"Oh," The nurse muttered before she adapted a panic filled expression. "Oh shit," The nurse muttered fearfully, feeling pity for her colleagues. The name of Japan's youngest princess was a taboo in I.S Academy because of one reason…

For Chifuyu, among Ichika's female peers and suitors, the Emperor's youngest daughter was the only serious contender that may steal her brother from her. At the tender age of 14, she was one of the few that has it all, fame, power, beauty and wealth. A famous actress and a skilled singer and dancer. She is very rich even without her father supporting her. She was also considered the most beautiful woman in Japan, probably the whole of Asia. She was well love by all. She was also an excellent I.S Pilot, able to last against Chifuyu for a full hour.

Chifuyu coolly threw one of her subordinates over her shoulders before gazing upon the heaps of 'corpses' scattered around her. "I expected more from all of you." Chifuyu snarled while those who were barely conscious sweat drop at her comment.

'Does she even know how freakishly strong she is?' Those who were conscious enough to hear those words wondered as the nurses, whom were spare from sparring with their insanely strong headmistress, tend to them.

"Yamada-sensei, I know your hiding over there." Maya suddenly froze on the spot as she heard footsteps approaching her. "Somebody, tell me the time." Chifuyu demanded, her tone low but dangerous.

"9'o'clock, headmistress."

"That means you lot have four more hours in dealing with me." That announcement was met with several loud groans of pain.

(Scene Change)

A single, beautiful girl was standing in the middle of a stunning stage.

The girl is a short, but slender girl with a curvaceous figure and large breasts, significantly larger than what 14 year old girls should have. She has long, bright and vivid lavender, waist length hair. Her hair is split near the middle and is quite messy. She has heterochromia, her right eye being a vibrant red while her left eye being a vibrant orange. She was wearing a camisole dress that resembled a Japanese Gothic Lolita fashion that revealed a good portion of her legs and also emphasize her breasts. Her skin is as fair as that of an iris.

The girl was standing elegantly in the middle of the stage, eyes close, ignoring the thunderous applaud and wild cheering of the tens and thousands of people in attendance. As she stood in the stage, many lights, different in color, was focus solely on her.

The girl took a deep breath before opening her eyes, and on cue, the volume of the cheering increase by a large margin.

Again, the girl ignored the loud cheering and merely scanned the crowd before letting out a small smile when she laid eyes on the person that she so desperately want to see. That person was the person that she valued the most.

Seeing that particular person in attendance made her determine to perform with the best of her ability to show him how brilliant she is as well as impress him.

Leaning toward the microphone, her lips parted and she started singing as the band behind her began playing the instruments.

(Da Capo)(Yui Horie – Soyokaze no Harmony)

Kokoro no hane wo iyasu soyokaze
Sakura no ki no shita meguriaeta

The moment she opened her mouth and sung the lyrics of the song, a beautiful, breathtaking, soprano voice flooded the concert hall. Her voice was so beautiful that it was enough to silence the crowd, their attention focus to her and to her alone.

Each of the tens and thousands in the crowd were enthralled by her angelic voice.

Yasashii hitotoki mune wo atatameta no
Taisetsu na hito to yonde shimatte mo ii desu ka

Yasashii hitotoki atatameta no mune wo
Taisetsu yonde catfish to you shimatte ii desu ka

As the song proceed and with each lyric that she sang, her voice became more vibrant and more fluent.

Kaze no sasayaki ga hohoemi wo sasou no
Itsuka kono kimochi todokeraremasu you ni

Sasayaki no Kaze ga wo sasou no hohoemi
Itsuka kono kimochi of you todokeraremasu

Chiisa na tsubomi wo yurasu hikari
Hitomi wo tojite sotto negau no

While she sang with a voice of a Goddess, her eyes did not leave the person that she considered her everything. For her, the performance, her concert, was all for him.

Her performance was dedicated to him and to him alone.

Need your yurasu tsubomi Hikari wo
Hitomi wo sotto negau no tojite

Kotoba ni dekinai omoi setsunaku naru
Hontou no watashi wo anata ni misete mo ii desu ka

Setsunaku dekinai omoi Kotoba by naru
Hontou no watashi wo Anata of you misete ii desu ka

Her voice and her angelic beauty made her truly a one of kind young lady. With her in the spotlight, she was shining like a bright, shining star that would dazzle anyone who would lay eyes on her.

Everybody, without exception and regardless of gender, would be dazzled and stunned by her.

Kaze to utau you ni doko made mo issho ni
Tonde yuketa nara ii na sora ga KIREI

Kaze to utau you doko made by you of Issho
Nara Tonde yuketa Kirei ga ii to Tod

Kaze no sasayaki ga hohoemi wo sasou no
Itsuka kono kimochi todokeraremasu you ni

Sasayaki no Kaze ga wo sasou no hohoemi
Itsuka kono kimochi of you todokeraremasu

The moment the song ended, the concert hall was drowned beneath a storm of applause.

Again, the girl ignored this, and merely focus on the person that she valued the most. The smile on his face made her breathless, and that smile was her driving force to perform even better, just for him.

And throughout the concert, her performance was nothing short of divine.

Dancing below the beautiful star filled skies, the beautiful young lady, surpassing age, gender, and even the enmity, all were mesmerized by the young girl dancing across the stage, singing like an angle that would either make every God in heaven fall for her.

(Scene Change)

Ichika was currently on the veranda of a very large building, gazing upon the countless stars shinning in the night sky and bluish white moon in the middle of the dark sky, enjoying their sheer brilliance. A high class party was taking place behind him yet Ichika did not even give it any mind.

"You seem to not be enjoying yourself, Orimura-sama."

Ichika could not help but chuckle as he turned his attention to the woman who had joined him outside of the large castle-style mansion before returning his stare on the star filled sky. "We've known each other for over three years now. When will you start calling me by my name alone?" Ichika asked before smiling at her. "You were amazing during your performance. I was actually blown away by how magnificent you were." Ichika complimented her sincerely.

"Thank you, that meant a lot coming from you." The woman answered calmly, grateful that he enjoyed her performance. She then stood by his side, the two merely inches apart, their hands almost brushing together.

"You really have an angelic voice." Ichika praised her, much to the girl's satisfaction. "And your elegance is second to none."

"Thank you; I appreciate all your praises." The woman said with a whisper. "I am sorry that my father ordered you to be my date for the night. I am well aware that you are a very busy person." The woman apologized but Ichika merely shook his head.

"The Princess of Japan shouldn't be apologizing and the emperor didn't order me, he requested me to be your escort for this party." Ichika told her casually. "…and considering that you are the country's representative in the UN and a personal friend, it's easy to accept the emperor's request." Ichika added, earning him a chuckle from the young princess beside him.

"You are truly rare, a man who acts like a Samurai in today's society, a modern day knight. It's hard to find someone like you in today's era." The woman complimented with a chuckle. 'It's no wonder why that woman is afraid of letting you go. You are one of a kind, Orimura-sama.'

"You flatter me too much, Ojousama, your majesty." Ichika said, giving her a curt a bow, oblivious to the effect that he has on her. "But Ojousama, I'm the one who should be flattered. I am just an average boy, and I have the pleasure to spend time with such a divine girl such as yourself. I am truly honored."

The young princess tried to hide her blushing face with her sleeves. "You are anything but average. Call me by my name, Orimura-sama." She requested with a gentle tone.

"You know I would but not in public. Calling the next empress of my country by her first name in public is disrespectful. I do not want to insult Japan's monarchy." Ichika said formally, much to the woman's annoyance.

She still could not fathom why he acts so formal towards her in public but so casual in private. She knew that image was important but having him treat her like nobility, which she is, in public made her feel weird.

"My family doesn't have that much power. The royal family is only a symbol, the real power lies with the parliament." She told Ichika with a sigh. "Stop treating me like I am made of porcelain." She requested firmly as she faced him, her lavender pink kimono fluttering with her sudden move.

Ichika turned towards her and bowed at her. "My apologies, hime."

"And stop acting like a knight, please." The young princess requested with a blush. 'It's hard enough to resist you without you acting like the poster boy of my dream husband.' The young princess added mentally in her thoughts.

The young woman let out a cough to compose herself before elegantly lifting her hand, gesturing Ichika to take it. "I know that you are not fond of public events, but please bear with it for just a while longer."

"Of course, Shirayuki-hime" Ichika took the arm the young princess offered him before leading her to the ballroom where people were fraternizing with each other. "I will not leave a friend to be devoured by sharks."

"You don't have your sister protecting you from vultures." Shirayuki retorted back calmly before discretely moving closer to him until their shoulders touch. "For tonight, let's not leave each other's side, just for tonight, don't leave my side and stay close to me."

"Of course," Ichika said as they entered the ballroom together, with the young princess clinging on Ichika.

When they were spotted by the crowd, the whispering began. "Orimura-san and Shirayuki-hime, they look so good together."

"Yeah, and Orimura-san is a strong person, no wonder the emperor is so fond of him."

"Shirayuki-hime is so beautiful." That earned a nod of approval from those who were listening.

"Orimura-kun isn't half bad too." A random guess commented. "They look so perfect together."

"Yeah, I've heard that the emperor is trying to marry Shirayuki-hime to Ichika."

"That's to be expected, considering Orimura-san's stature and fame. Him being part of the royal family would the Japanese nobility."

"Here they go again. I wonder why people care too much about the things we do in public." Shirayuki muttered as Ichika led her to the middle of the ballroom, where a lot of guests were dancing. At the very sight of them, everyone dancing stopped and stared at them with varying eyes.

"You're the youngest ambassador of Japan, the country's representative in the UN council, and the next Empress of this country, of course people would care what you do in public." Ichika stated, earning him a glare from the young princess.

"I know that but they are more annoying when you're with me." Shirayuki muttered before letting out a sigh. "But it's understandable; we're both famous in our own way." Shirayuki stated, remembering how they've gotten famous in their respective profession. Ichika became the symbol of men when his ability to pilot an I.S became known, and Shirayuki, after the second White Night incident, became a political diva because of her wit and beauty.

"Agree," Ichika replied before spinning her around until she was facing him. "We have, what, four more hours to waste, let's just try to enjoy ourselves." Ichika said while grabbing her right hand, intertwining it with his left.

Shirayuki smiled gracefully as Ichika gently put a hand on her waist.

"Are you asking me to dance, Orimura-sama?" Shirayuki whispered as those gathered around them looked at the two with expecting eyes.

"Would you rather dance with anyone other than me?" Ichika asked rhetorically as Shirayuki move her free hand until it was on his shoulder.

"My father and brothers aren't around, so I guess you have a point." Shirayuki said shyly with a meek tone as a faint blush adorned her cheeks. "Do you know how to dance?"

"Tatenashi-chan was a very good teacher." Ichika answered with a shiver. "As customary, I will lead."

"And I will follow." And with that, a slow music started and they began to dance with the melody of the song. Most of those who were dancing in the ballroom left the dance floor as they allowed the two to have their moment.

"This is nice." Shirayuki commented with a smile as she allowed Ichika to waltz her around the ballroom gracefully, the two synchronizing with each other's movements perfectly. "My compliments to Tatenashi-san." Shirayuki commented, impress at how great Ichika is in a waltz.

"Remind me to tell her that." Ichika said as he waltz the princess around the ballroom elegantly. The two were gliding in the dance floor, and those watching them were mesmerized by the two.

"Tell me, Orimura-sama, if I offer you to be my fiancé, would you accept?" Shirayuki asked sincerely but Ichika merely shook his head. "I thought so too."

"Why do you always ask that whenever you're with me?" Ichika asked curiously as Shirayuki lessen the distance between them, her breasts almost touching his chest, while the hand on Ichika's right shoulder was suddenly caressing his cheeks.

"My father approves of you and you are the only one my father would allow to rule beside me. For him, you are the only man worthy enough to be this country's symbol, the patriarch of this country." Shirayuki stated calmly. 'Also, you are the only one who I would willing submit myself, mind, body, and soul.'

"I'm honored that the emperor holds me in such high regards but it wouldn't be fair for you." Ichika said with a sheepish smile. "You don't love me after all."

Shirayuki shook her head but did not say anything anymore as she leaned toward Ichika, and in a move that surprise him, the young princess stole a kiss from him. The kiss was chaste, but it was enough for Shirayuki to taste the lips of the person that she loves for the first time.

'He tastes like lime and chocolate, with a hint of strawberry.' Shirayuki thought gleefully, finding the taste to be so delightful.

The murmuring suddenly became louder as everyone in the ballroom saw the act, and there was a flash of light that Ichika caught in the corner of his eye. Ichika would have chased the person who took the picture but Shirayuki held him firmly in place.

"Don't," Shirayuki whispered pleadingly, with a voice that made Ichika obeyed.

"You do know that that picture would be in the cover of some magazine by tomorrow, at the latest." Ichika told her in defeat. Shirayuki merely replied by grabbing both of his arms and wrapping it around her waist. There was another flash and Ichika was on the verge of deploying the side blades of Yukihira Rokusei just to prevent that picture from being publish.

"I don't care, just stay here." Shirayuki requested with a gentle yet commanding tone. "I'll deal with the media if they bother you, as usual, but you will stay with me for the whole night." Shirayuki stated as she leaned forward and rested her forehead on Ichika's chest, relishing at the attention that she was receiving from him.

Ichika shook his head before smiling mournfully. "I'm dead," Ichika muttered while Shirayuki smiled blissfully at the sound of Ichika's heartbeat. The sound of his steady beating heart was truly music to her ears.

'You are going to be the next Emperor of Japan. You are going to be my husband.' Shirayuki was determined to make her father proud and have Ichika as her husband. She will make him the next Emperor of Japan because Shirayuki, the young princess of Japan as well as the crown empress…...

…..was absolutely head over heels in love with Orimura Ichika.

(Scene Change)

Tokyo Imperial Palace

"Orimura-san, thank you for being my daughter's escort this night." The Emperor of Japan himself greeted Ichika as he entered the Tokyo Imperial Palace, the main residence of the Emperor of Japan and his family.

"Believe me, milord, it was my pleasure." Ichika greeted the man that was the symbol of the country with all the respect that he could muster. He would have bowed, knelt even, if it weren't for the fact that he was carrying Shirayuki in his arms.

Shirayuki was sleeping comfortably while Ichika carried her bridal style. Her head was resting on his chest, her arms wrapped tightly around his neck, and a blissful and satisfied expression etched on her face.

That alone gave the Emperor the assurance that her daughter had a good time with the boy that took a bullet for him three years ago.

"I see that my daughter enjoyed her time with you." The Emperor commented, liking the expression on her daughter's face. "I am grateful."

"It was my pleasure, your highness, and she is my friend, making her happy also brings joy to me." Ichika stated solemnly, overwhelmed by the presences of the greatest man in the country. Ichika has so much respect for the Emperor of Japan, and he was so honored to be in his presence.

"That is good to hear." The Emperor commented before snapping his fingers, and instantly, at least three women appeared out of nowhere. Ichika knew who they are. They are all I.S pilots and they are members of the Imperial Guards.

"Please take my daughter from Orimura-san. The two of us have something very important to discuss." The Emperor ordered while looking at Ichika intently. "I hope you do not mind spending the night in my Palace, and do not worry, I have already asked the permission of your sister; and with much difficulty, she agreed for you to spend the night in my home." The Emperor stated, remembering that particular conversation quite clearly.

"That would be very pleasant." Ichika replied as one of the Imperial Guards tried to remove Shirayuki from Ichika's arms but she held firm, her hold on Ichika tightening as she sleepily and unconsciously nuzzled on Ichika's chest even further.

Though he was usually overprotective when it comes to his youngest daughter, her actions whenever she is around Ichika greatly amused the wise Emperor. Ichika was the only man that he would allow her daughter to marry. Ichika was special and a true gentleman and that was very evident from the way he was holding Shirayuki. His hands did not roam around her body, he did not take advantage of the girl that he was holding, he was just holding her like a man would his lover.

And Ichika did not even have any romantic feelings for her.

Hiding his amusement, the Emperor watched one of his guards try in vain to pry his daughter from Ichika's arms before speaking. "Orimura-san, I would like to ask you to please deposit my daughter to her room so she can sleep in her bed. She would be having a very long day tomorrow." The Emperor requested Ichika, causing him to have a very uncomfortable expression.

"Will that be okay milord? I mean, it is considered immodest for a boy entering a girl's room without her permission."

The Emperor chuckled at how polite Ichika is. Usually, any boy would consider it a blessing to set foot on her daughter's room. He was not blind. He was against her daughter being a stage performer, regardless of how much positive publicity her daughter gets. He was well aware of the lewd eyes the majority of men in the country was giving his daughter during her many performances. Since she started being a singing idol, he had seized to trust men when it comes to his daughter, with Ichika being the sole exception.

Ichika still treated his daughter with respect and kindness, with zero amount of lust in his eyes and that was with her daughter trying her best to wow him with her 'Yamato Nadeshiko-type' beauty.

That earned Ichika the respect of the Emperor.

"Be at ease, Orimura-san, my daughter would gladly welcome you in her room." The Emperor assured him while thinking of another thought. 'And she would also welcome you in her bed.' The Emperor thought, having mix feelings with her daughter's attraction towards the lone male I.S Pilot.

On one hand, he is a skilled I.S pilot and there is a chance that if he and her daughter have a son together, then that son would also have the ability to pilot an I.S, which would be good for the Royal Family. On another hand, he would rather be a grandfather when he is in his late sixties.

But having Ichika as the spouse of his favorite daughter is rather an appealing thought. In today's age when men are at their lowest, the Emperor considers Ichika as the only possible partner for the next and first Empress of Japan.

"But your highness,"

"I'm giving you an order." The Emperor cut him off sternly with a regal tone, enough for Ichika to flinch. "While I appreciate you respecting my daughter's privacy and modesty, I would like my daughter to rest in her room as soon as possible, and I do trust you with my daughter. I know for a fact that you won't take advantage of her."

That show of confidence from the Emperor flattered Ichika. It was rare for the Emperor to give compliments.

Taking a deep breath, Ichika allowed himself to be led by the Imperial Guards to Shirayuki's room. Though the guards did not know him personally, they are aware of his relationship with the Emperor and his youngest daughter as well as his reputation as the only male, elite, I.S pilot. They knew that they could trust him with the young princess.

Also, as women, they found it rather cute to see their princess clinging on the boy so lovingly, and they do look cute together.

It took them a full seven minutes to reach Shirayuki's room, and when they reach her room, the guards did not enter. They opted to stay outside in respect for the crown princess while Ichika entered the room, with Shirayuki still sleeping comfortably in his arms.

As Ichika entered Shirayuki's room, he cannot help but look around. Shirayuki's room was built to look like a traditional Japanese Room, with the tatami floor being beautifully flourished.

Ichika also saw many CDs catalog around the room. 'Must be her many records.' Ichika concluded, noting the CDs that he has in his possession.

Ichika smiled a bit when he saw some picture frames that held his image together with hers. Ichika could clearly remember the memories that those pictures held.

With a cheerful sigh, Ichika walked towards Shirayuki's bed. He leaned towards the bed and gently laid Shirayuki to bed. When he was about to stand and leave, Shirayuki suddenly pulled him down to her bed.

There was a small, silent ruffling as Ichika and Shirayuki suddenly laid face to face, their foreheads touching.

Ichika blushed at how close they are, with Shirayuki's over-develop bust pressing on his chest. Her breasts, though she was fourteen, was bigger than Houki's.

Shirayuki was also blushing but for a different reason. She opened her eyes tiredly, and smile slyly at the sight of Ichika lying next to her in bed. Her cheeks were bright pink, and Ichika could smell a faint scent of alcohol in her breath, alcohol from all the wine that she drank in the party.

Though she was fourteen and he was fifteen, the two were allowed to drink. After all, they were old enough to 'responsibly' control a weapon of mass destruction and they have very big paying salaries.

"Sleep with me," Shirayuki requested with a hazy and drunken tone, yet it was still pleading. With Shirayuki's beautifully divine voice, it made Ichika's heart skip a beat.

Ichika was able to recover fast. He was use to dealing with various beautiful women, the most beautiful woman that he knew was living in his subconscious after all, and all the awkwardness that they bring. "I can't, your father would kill me." Ichika stated grimly while struggling to remove himself from Shirayuki's hold, but it was to no avail as the young princess held on tight.

Shirayuki proceeded to tighten her hold on Ichika's body, further pressing her body on Ichika's. Their lips were now inches apart, and the smell of wine combine with Shirayuki's breath was slowly intoxicating Ichika.

Though he does not show lust when dealing with women, Ichika is still a man and he would admit that his current position was enticing. After all, Shirayuki was a very stunning woman.

"He approves of you. It is late, so please, sleep beside me for the night." Shirayuki nuzzled on the crook of Ichika's neck, caressing the nape of his neck with her breath, making Ichika shudder a bit.

Ichika was about to speak again, but a voice interrupted him. "Daughter, do you desire Orimura-san to sleep beside you this night?"

Ichika paled at the sound of the Emperor's voice, the color on his face disappearing completely.

Shirayuki, who was now smothering Ichika's Adam's apple with butterfly kisses, calmly answered her father. "Yes father. Please father, allow Ichika-kun to sleep beside me. I promise I won't do anything indecent, I just want to sleep in his arms." Shirayuki pleaded in a drunken yet sweet tone.

"Very well, Orimura-san, I command you to sleep with my daughter for this night." Although this was a clear abuse of authority, the Emperor would do anything for her daughter.

Shirayuki smiled at this as she leaned towards Ichika's ear and whispered something to him in a very sensual tone. "You have your orders." Shirayuki muttered slowly, kissing him on the cheeks in triumph, and contently resting her head on his chest.

Ichika sighed in defeat. He cannot disobey the orders of the Emperor. As Japanese, he must obey every order of the Emperor, just as long as it does not compromise his morals and his heart.

And though he doesn't love Shirayuki, he cares for her deeply as a very close friend.

And if his friend wants him to sleep beside her, who he is to deny her?

Ichika looked at Shirayuki and smiled at her sleeping form. 'She looks like a fragile glass, crafted by the God's themselves.' Ichika thought as he gently wrapped his arms around her protectively, and slowly proceeded to sleep himself.

Shirayuki, although she was asleep, felt something warm spread throughout her body and it made her tremble in ecstasy. She doesn't need to open her eyes nor be awake to know that Ichika had his arms wrapped around her body.

As she slept in his arms for the first time, the determination to make him hers, to make him rule beside her intensified.

(Scene Change) (Shiraki POV)

The memory of my master's hands caressing my body remains vivid in my mind.

I've been noticing that his work load has been taking its toll on my master, on my Ichika; his stress level has increase significantly for the last week.

The party that he attended tonight finally exhausted him enough for me to give him the special treatment.

I must remedy my master's exhaustion, as his loyal partner and pet, it is my purpose and duty to relieve him of his stress worries.

I was made to be my Ichika's tool and pet. That is the purpose of my creation.

I am an AI, a very intelligent AI, I am not real. I am only real in the subconscious of my master and partner, and that is enough for me.

I am not a real woman, but I programmed and developed myself to be like a woman, the ideal woman of my master. The way I act and the way I look, everything is based upon my master's ideal woman. Everything my master wants in a woman; I know it and I incorporate it in this form of mine.

I chuckled to myself as I prepared myself for the coming of my master. I would have my master do many naughty and dirty things to me, so I must thoroughly prepare myself.

Using the control I have in my partner's subconscious, a part of himself that he sacrificed to earn my loyalty and allegiance, I made it rain, and I stood in the middle of the rain, enjoying the rain's hot spray of water for the longest time.

I allowed the water to run its course over my body. The feeling of the hot water touching my skin sends several shivers of bliss down my spine. As I shower and cleanse my body with the blistering hot rain water, I cannot help but think of my beloved master.

My body always responded well when I thought of him. Even my pussy began to throb as I imagined the tortures he would inflict upon me this night. The tortures that I would have him do to me.

My master is such a wonderful and unique man. He does not have any ounce of lust in him, something that I found very strange considering that he is a man in his teens, and according to my human knowledge, male teenagers should be very much filled with testosterone.

But no, my master is special. He is not like an ordinary male. My master is too good, too special to suffer from lust, something I, a being of lust, find rather respectable. He doesn't lust over women, but purely admires and adores them. This means that he is impossible to be seduced by a beautiful body alone, which makes him such a special lover.

I smiled at this as I changed the scenery from a lake to a full body mirror. I don't have to take special care of my appearance. Master hates make-up. Master adores the natural beauty of a woman and hates those nasty cosmetics that, according to him, eclipse the real essences of a woman's beauty.

I chuckled at the preference of my master as I comb the white hair that he absolutely adores carefully. My master enjoys caressing my hair. My hair is the only thing I need to prepare, now time for my attire.

Knowing my master better than anyone, my master would prefer me to be cloth in a kimono that hides my body yet shows my curves to his passionate eyes. I snapped my finger, and I was instantly clothe with a lavender kimono that did not show any skin but my slender neck, yet the kimono was tight enough to show my master everything that I can offer.

Also, I wasn't wearing anything under the kimono.

With my preparations complete, I snapped my fingers, and the throne room made of marble and diamonds appeared before me, and there, sitting in the throne, was my master, his eyes in a daze.

There he sat. So handsome, so regal, so irresistible. His face having the kind and gentle expression that I grow to love and adore. That look was what made him truly irresistible. How he begged for me to lend him my power with that expression was what made me fall head over heels for him in the first place.

I chuckle at this. Though he is my master, I am still in control of his body whenever he is asleep, but I am still the servant and he is still the master.

When he is awake, he is a kindhearted yet firm master. That is his natural nature and I love him for it.

When he is in his subconscious, my world, I made my master cruel yet loving. He is too kind for his sake, so I want him to be cruel in this world. I want him to be cruel to me, yet also love me.

After all, the degree of pain inflicted in the body, the pleasure that the body will experience will be ten folds.

I smiled at the sight of my master before slowly approaching him, swaying my hips sexually for him to adore before kneeling before him to show my obedience. The distance between us is significantly small.

In essence, I am nothing but his toy, his slut, his obedient slave. I am core 001, I am the core of Lust, and I shall and will have my master indulge himself in lust, whether he likes it or not, because I know that he needs to indulge himself with the flesh of a woman, artificial or not is irrelevant.

I smiled a bit as he lean towards me and brushed my lips with the softest of kisses. The effect of the light touch caused my head to spin. Yes, I am in need of him touching me. I may not be real, but I still crave his touch, I am hungry for his touch.

"Stand, Slut." My master ordered me, and I felt a surge of excitement going through me. Master usually never insults a woman, no matter how bitchy a woman is, he would never insult them.

But in his subconscious, my world, I will have my master insult me; I will have my master call me every dirty name in the book, and then have him do me in every way possible.

Because I am his pet, his obedient, sex craving pet.

I stood immediately before him, enjoying the look that he was giving me. The lust and hunger in his eyes that I force upon him in my world were gazing upon me, and it excited me.

My master licked his lips in anticipation as his hands caress my body sensually before slowly grabbing the stash that held my kimono in place, before gently removing it, and with one smooth movement, my outfit fell to the ground.

I know stood before my master in all my glory. My breasts press forwards, nipples hard and erect, and my pussy moist ready to be fuck as brutally as humanly and as inhumanly possible.

My master licked his lips in hunger once again as he barked out his next orders. "Spread your legs wide, bitch, and take one more step forward. "

I did as I was told and took a step forward and parting my legs even further, displaying the wetness of my womanhood even further for my master to enjoy.

Without rising from his throne, my master extended his arms, and strong hands gripped my breasts. I gasped at the touch on my needy flesh. This is how I like to be touch, forceful yet tender. How I enjoy my master's touch. His mere touch alone almost made me cum. "Oh, Master, I love it when you touch me like that. I need your touch." The hard kneading of my mounds, the rough twisting on my nipples furthered my lust. "Oh, Master, yes. Please squeeze my nipples harder. Please!" I begged my Master, but instead of continuing, he suddenly stops, much to my disappointment.

"Master…" I mumbled confusedly as my master gave me a hard look.

He raised his hand ominously before backhanding my breasts, making me whimper loudly at the sudden sting my breasts felt, giving me a feeling of pain mix with pleasure. "I didn't give you permission to speak." My master told me coolly, before backhanding my breasts again, this time with the other hand, this time even harder.

I whimpered pathetically and meekly once again as my breasts swayed with the impact. "Master," I moaned, and that earned my breasts another hard slap.

"Don't speak, slut!" My master scolded me as he proceeded to slap my breasts earnestly and repeatedly. My breasts swayed with each hard slap, and with each slap, I whimper loudly due to pain and pleasure, but mostly pleasure.

My breasts are extremely sensitive, I made it that way so I could thoroughly feel every touch, and every squeeze, and every action my master does to my breasts.

With every slap my master gave my breasts, I could feel my pussy getting wetter, moister, and I would even bet my master can fit that nine inch manhood of his with one thrust.

I cannot wait!

My master stop assaulting my breasts when both of them were swollen red, though it did cause the desire effect as my pussy was now extremely wet. I could even feel a trail of my juices running down my legs.

My master laughed as his hands started to trace my body, caressing every inch with care and delicacy. "Such a slut." Powerful hands slid down my stomach and over my hips while he spoke. I tried to stand still. The urge to thrust my pelvis forward was hard to control. He was right. I am a slut. Loud groans escaped my throat when one of his hands found the wetness of my pussy. The lightness of the fingers over my swollen lips was matched only by the force in which he drove them inside me. My head reeled back from the sensations it caused.

"Tell me slut, what do you need?" My master asked sensually, kneeling forward to bite one of my erect my nipples, his tongue flickering across my hard bud.

I arc my back in pleasure as my right breasts was assaulted with his tongue, while he fingered my pussy with skills that would truly numb the mind.

I was about to open my mouth, but when his free hand pinch my other nipple before twisting it, I let out a very loud squeal that sounded like a pig, but this reminded me that I was not allowed to speak.

To show my master what I wanted, I gyrated my hips and grinded my pussy further on his fingers. I rode his fingers like a common street whore.

And I enjoyed every minute of it.

My master chuckled as a vicious grin appeared on his face as he plunge another finger inside of me, and with three fingers, he started thrusting his fingers in and out of me vigorously, each thrust matching the movements of my hips.

I opened my mouth and release a moan of pleasure and approval as I my master's increase the pace of his thrusting fingers. My eyes were starting to blur because of the intense pleasure that my master was giving me, but I was still able to remain awake. In the corner of my eye, my master was undoing his pants, which made his hard cock sprang forward to view. My eyes were transfixed on it, on his cock. That was the tool that my master will use to rearrange my inside so that only his dick would fit in me. I needed to quench the fire I felt inside of me with that glorious cock.

That cock is the only tool that is capable of pleasuring me to submission.

My master leaned forward, and lick my earlobe a couple of times, making me yelp "Is this what you want, pet?" My master asked me, his fingers thrusting quickening, which overloaded my mind with pleasure.

When he was young, two years ago, I taught my master how to touch a woman, and I am proud to say that my master was a natural born lover.

Expert fingers fondled and probed my soaked slit. In my wetness, he found my clit and squeezed it roughly. I cried out in my need. "Ooohh, I'm going to come."

"Don you dare, you hare!" In one quick yank, my master had pulled me onto his lap. The grip of his strong hands on my hips lifted me onto his stiff dick. Moans disguise as a scream escaped me as his cock suddenly entered me without warning, his cock stretching me wide; I was so wet that my master's nine inch cock went in without a hassle in my virgin pussy.

My master fucks me every night, but after every intercourse, I made myself a virgin again. Every night, my master would fuck a virgin because a woman's virginity is the greatest gift a woman could give to a man, and I will give that gift to my master every night.

There is nothing like the feeling of fullness that my master's cock brings me. The feeling was so exhilarating that I was able to ignore the pain of having my hymen break. I pressed my body into his, craving his touch, addicted to his touch. My breasts flattened against the hardness of his chest. My fully erect and engorged nipples rubbed against him while I rode his hard cock. The fucking was so intense and my body craved to explode in orgasm.

My master in a low voice growled in my ear. "Don't you dare cum you little fuck toy. Not until I give you permission." A groan escaped my lips at those words. He knew I was at my peak and wanting to torment me further, pulled me harder onto his throbbing member before speaking again, his thrusting becoming more vigorous. "If you cum, slut, you will owe me your ass."

Those last words sent me over the edge. Hard as I try, I could not stop my climax from coming to me, and my master was not helping me one bit as he increase his thrusting speed. He was pounding into me, the tip of his dick poking my uterus, his penis sledge hammering my vagina mercilessly, hitting every sensitive spot with each violent thrust.

With this kind of assault, I was no match. My orgasm took me to the place where there is only pleasure and delirious ecstasy, my eyes blinding me due to the pleasure of my orgasm.

It did not last long. Fingers pinched my nipples roughly. Awakened from bliss, I was pushed to the floor. Painfully aware of my master's displeasure, I pled for mercy but it fell to deaf ears.

My master rose from his throne and grabbed my long hair before throwing me to his throne.

"Lean over," My master ordered me harshly.

I rose obediently and went to the side of your chair. Reluctantly, I bent over and exposed my backside to him. Tears of joy disguise as anguish formed in my eyes. His cock, so big, that it's always painful when it fucks my ass. That is the part I enjoys the most. The control and power to take what he wants from me, the part of my master that he lacks in the real world, a part that I give him whenever he is in his subconscious.

I am the only one that will enjoy this side of my master.

My grip tightened on the arms of the chair as my master approached me ever so slowly. The head of his cock touching my delicate ass opening made me tremble. The moment had come as he sheathed his nine inch manhood in my asshole. Swollen man meat pushed into my ass without mercy, filling my asshole with one thrust. I cried out in pain, but in truth, I was crying in ecstasy. There was no mercy, just the way I want it.

The stroke of his cock was fast paced and my eyes watered with each thrust. I could only shed my tears and wait for my master to finish with my ass.

Fast and hard, caring only for his pleasure while unwillingly giving me the fucking of a lifetime, the fucking that would make any woman open her legs wide and willingly for you, this is what I love.

I close my eyes and gripped the throne tightly until my knuckles bled as I relish my master's pleasurable punishment. My mouth was wide open as I scream my master's name in pain and ecstasy, drool spilling out from the corner of my mouth as I gasped from the pleasure that surged through my body from having my master abuse my tight ass. I could feel his ball sack slapping my pussy lips with each thrust. He would pull back his cock until only the tip remains in my ass before slamming it in back into me with enough force to break steel.

I can feel it; my release is so close, as well as my master's. It would only take a little more time.

Hot spurts of cum shot into my ass, and that were enough for me to cum as well. With an ear piercing yell, I cum wildly on my master's throne, staining the beautiful throne with my juices. The weight of my master's body lay against me before he slid out of my asshole before shoving me face first on the throne.

I did not need to be told twice what I should do. I hurriedly lick my cum off the throne, tasting myself in the process. After I lick all of juices from the chair, I hurriedly suckled on the stain that was made by my cum until it disappeared.

After the deed was done, he pulled me off his throne before sitting back on it. Gripping my hair, he tugged me in front of him, making me kneel before him, and without a word, my mouth was guided to clean his cock that was covered by my juices.

As I suck on his dick, using my tongue to clean it while avoiding grazing it with my teeth and lubricating it with my saliva, the softest touch then wiped my tears away. I looked at him and smiled. Even though my ass ached from the invasion, his gentle touch soothed me. The smile on that face melted my heart. I couldn't have loved him more than at that moment.

"No tears slave, your fine."

I nodded solemnly. My Master then removes his cock from my mouth before shoving two fingers inside of my mouth while leaning in to kiss me on the forehead. As I suckled on his fingers, I cannot help but feel helpless, useless, yet still feel so love.

I love this feeling so much.

"Love you, Master," I whispered as he remove his fingers from my mouth.

"I love you, my little cum slut. And such a naughty little cum slut you are." His hands found my breasts again. A firm squeeze delivered before fingers twisted on my nipples. Pleasurable pain followed. "Yes, slave. I love the way you respond to my touch. You like that, don't you? Look how you press into my grasp. That's it, bitch, pull back. Give those nipples a good hard tug."

"Please, Master, don't stop. I need more." Sweat beaded on my lust-crazed body. There was pain, but I needed it. I become an animal when in his hands. I would have done anything to keep him from stopping at that moment.

But I will not manipulate him to. After all, I am the God in his subconscious, but he is my king. I will only give him the ability to lust, and because I am the most beautiful woman in the world for him and with the lust that I give him, the things that my master could do to me with his dick would be mind-blowing.

My master chuckled in amusement before shoving me to the ground with his feet. I yelp as my face develops a bruising, but I wasn't able to lick my wound as my master mounted me.

He focused his attention to my swollen breasts. Because they are swollen, they are more sensitive than usual. With skill fingers, my master traces circles around my erect nipples, before squeezing my assets forcefully until it became even more swollen. It was like my master was trying to milk me.

I arched my back and moaned my master's name as my entire body tingled in delight. My master squeezes both of my breasts again, matching my throbbing and pounding heartbeat. I enjoy the fact that my master knew my body so damn well. There was no rhythm in his kneading. He acted like my breasts were made of bread dough as he knead my breasts without mercy, trying so wildly, so roughly to reshape my breasts. I hissed in pleasure when he flicked his thumbs across my nipples, before taking the left one into his mouth.

I growled loudly as my master chewed my nipple like it was gum and my growled increase when he sucks on it so hard. He was really trying to milk me.

I can arrange that. With a simple snap, I modified my body to allow my breasts to produce milk for my master to drink. I allowed my breasts to release a torrent of breast milk from both my nipples and I can tell that my master enjoyed the taste of my milk.

This is evident as he greedily sucked my left nipple, attempting so hard to suck all the milk from my left breast. The suction of his mouth was so strong that I felt my left nipple was about to be suck off from my left breast. One of his hands on the other hand was kneading my right breast so roughly yet it has such finesses. With every squeeze of my mounds, with every pinch of my nipples, a fountain of milk erupted from my right nipple, coating his hand and my right breast with my breast milk.

I clutched the rug below me so hard that my knuckles bled, but I cannot help it. This pleasure, my master could kill a normal woman if he inflicted them with this kind of pleasure. I tried to look at my master, but I can only see a blur as my mind was overloaded with bliss and ecstasy from the pleasurable hell that my master was inflicting on me.

I had to endure this hell for a long time, possibly a day or so, I can't tell for my mind was already numb, both my breasts was constantly squirting breast milk from my master's hard treatment, the milk that came from my breasts either being drank by my master or flowing down my body, covering his hands, my breasts, my stomach, and my legs, and I think I came three, four times from this treatment, I don't know, my mind was too clouded from the ecstasy\, but after sometime, my master remove his hand and mouth from my mounds.

I could still feel my breasts convulsing milk, but I did not stop it. It seems my master enjoyed drinking my breast milk, and to be honest, this is the first time I've been covered with my own breast milk. I've been covered with my master's cum and my own cum before, but never breast milk.

I must say, this is such an interesting experience.

I forced myself out of my musing when my master flip me over, I was helpless when my face unceremonious me shove to the ground. I then felt my master touching my hair and I could not help but shudder in anticipation.

Yes, it is time for my favorite.

I buried my face on the rug helplessly as my master braided my hair, and this allowed me to rest for the next round, when my master will plow through my cunt with reckless abandon.

My master was deliberately taking his time braiding my hair, and it was feeding my anticipation, my excitement of being treated like a slut by him again. I was so excited that my pussy, which was still glistening from my earlier orgasms, was slowly getting wetter and moister.

Master, please hurry up. I want to have that hard cock of yours in me again.

Seemingly reading my mind, my master chuckled sadistically, as he whipped my ass with my own hair. It seems my master tied my long white hair like a thick rope. I bit back a yelp as he continued to use my tightly braided hair as a whip and proceeded to repeatedly hit my ass and back. Each hit stringed, and each hit made my cunt wetter and wetter, my fluids now dripping from my cunt to the rug.

"You are such a slut; you know that, Shiraki-hime." My master taunted me before grabbing both my arms. "But you are my slut, and I will have you remember that. I will engrave that fact to your mind, and I will reshape this slutty body of yours so that it will only submit to my touch." My master whispered maliciously, and it took everything I had not to cum from those words alone.

I love it! I love it so much whenever my master talks to me like that.

I was unmoving as my master dragged me to my feet and proceeded to gag me with my own hair!

My master then proceeded to wrap a good portion of my braided hair around my throat, before bounding my arm and wrist with the use of my long hair!

Lastly, the remaining portion of my braided hair was then tied on my right thigh!

It still baffled me at how well my master knows his knots. I am 5 foot 7 inches tall, and my hair is that long as well. My hair is very healthy, silky, shinny, and more importantly, very strong. Now, with my master braiding my hair with a rope, my waster will have a 5 foot, 7 inches tall rope that is still attach to my scalp. With that limited material, my master was able to tie me up so that my back was arch in a very painful and unnatural way; a human spine is not meant bend in a perfect crescent arch.

"Create a mirror; I want you to see your face when I screw you." My mastered ordered me while tugging my hair.

I grunted in pain as I felt my wrist being twisted, my thighs being squeeze, my throat getting constricted, and my mouth being squished.

The pain that I felt by that simple tugged was excruciating, but damn it, that pain that course through my body made me cum hard.

I could hear my master chuckling at me as he plunge three fingers straight through my wet pussy, I moaned from my gagged by the sudden intrusion as I made a room filled with mirrors.

I stared at myself, and I could not help but feel more arouse at my current, erotic appearance.

I was bend over, my back making a perfect crescent arc, my breasts press forward, a steady flow of breasts milk coming out from my nipples, my face and stomach covered in sweat and breasts milk, and my breasts milk flowing down my thighs and was being mix with my cum which made it glistened.

What made me feel very blissful inside was the look of raw and pure lust in my master's face as he gazed at my body like he wanted to devour me, like I'm just meat for him to eat!


"My beautiful, princess slut, I'm going to screw you so bad." My master promised me with a hoarse tone as he grabbed my waist, and gripped it until it bruise. I wince in pain and anticipation as my master lined his dick to my pussy lips and from the mirror, I could see my master licking his lips with a look of hunger.

That's the look that I want to see in my master's face. That's the look that completely turned me on.

For a moment, my master smiled kindly and I felt solace in that smile…

… but that smile was just a distraction. As I least expected it, he impaled me with that hot, fat, thick, nine inches dick of his.

My eyes almost popped out of my skull at that sudden action from my master. Though my pussy was extremely wet and moist, my master filled me with his cock so suddenly that I wasn't able to brace myself.

Before I could recover my bearings, my master started moving, thrusting his cock in and out of me with gusto. With each thrust, my breasts swayed forward. With each thrust, I could feel my master hitting all of my g-spots. With each thrust, I could feel my master poking my womb. With each thrust, I could feel my master going deeper and deeper within me.

I taught my master well, so damn, FUCKING WELL.

If my hair was not covering my mouth or restricting my movements, I would have probably let out a shrill shout of raw ecstasy, would have thrown my head aback, I would have probably curse in every language known to man, or I would have even thrash wildly as I felt pleasure beyond anything I ever experience course through my body, flooding my nerves with numbing bliss.

As my master plow my pussy mercilessly, pounding in and out of me with his dick, I cannot help but look at myself at the mirror, the pure bliss and happiness that I am feeling right now reflected on my face. My eyes were in a daze and were in the process of rolling to the back of my skull. The hair that was covering my mouth was very wet. And my breasts were now convulsing breasts milk none stop.

This is ecstasy; this is pleasure beyond anything a human being could endure. I have this all to myself, courtesy of my beloved master.

This is the pleasure that my master, Orimura Ichika, is currently inflicting upon me, and though my brain is probably a mush from all the ecstasy that I'm feeling, I am enjoying every second of this.

I mean, how could I not enjoy the rough treatment my master is inflicting upon me. He was hitting every sensitive spot within me with each of his thrust. Also, the way he tied me up also added to the pleasure. With each hard thrust, I could feel my wrists twisting in their binds and I could feel my throat tightening, which in turned caused my pussy to constrict and squeeze my master's cock even tighter, which increase both our pleasure.

My eyes widen once again widen as I felt the tip of my master's dick hammering my womb repeatedly, and with one last hard thrust, I release a sound somewhere between a hoarse groan and a strangled moan as the two of us cum together, my master filing me with his seeds to the brim and me covering his cock with my cum.

Though he had climax, my master was far from done.

Cumming hadn't diminished my master's stiffness and hardness in the least; if anything, it just made him harder, unlike me who was near catatonic from the mind blowing orgasm.

My master increased his pace, slamming into me with long, powerful strokes. I could feel my inner walls clamping around his cock, and I rejoice at the feeling of my master's cock pulsing within me, penetrating me deeper and deeper with each thrust.

This assault on my already abuse pussy made me cum again, but that merely encourage my master to savagely and brutally ravage my pussy with his glorious dick again and again and again.

I already cummed twice but my master continued to ram into me vigorously, not stopping, not stumbling for a moment. I was not able to recover from my previous orgasm making my cunt much more sensitive than it was suppose to be, but my master seemed to not care as he continued to impale me with his cock.

I cummed again, and again, and again, and again as my body convulse in pleasure…

After hours of my master's rough treatment, I finally lost control of my body. My legs were jelly from my master's relentless assault, and the only reason I was able to stand up was because of my master's rough hold on my waists.

My master increased his pace every time I cum, redoubling the force behind his thrust, slamming into my pussy with bone breaking force and blistering speed without even slipping out. It was like my pussy was devouring his cock, refusing to release it regardless of how hard he penetrates.

Everything was perfect. This is perfect for me. My master's pace, the force behind his thrusts, the way he rolled his hips to massage my clit, the way he hit every single spot inside me. I can't help but cum uncontrollably as my master have his way with me.

I scream loudly as I reach my….I don't even know how many orgasms I had. I already lost count. All I know is that my pussy was being delightfully abuse by master's dick, and my juices were flowing down from my cunt down to my legs like a waterfall.

My master only cum four times, while I had at least twenty times that.

And my master shows no sign of stopping.

My master scraped his nails into my waist, making them bled. He loved giving me pain because it was making my wet cunt tighter!

Master shifted into higher gear once again, his thrust becoming faster and erratic as he continued to assault my soaking cunt. I could feel the head of his penis smashing into the entrance of her womb, I could tell that he was about to break through. I felt myself squeezing his cock as the pain of being choked by my own hair combine with his nails scraping my waists made me unconsciously tighten my inner walls. My inner walls was rippling and pulsating with each of his thrusts.

I was officially drowning in an ocean of pleasure. My vision alternating between flashes of light and absolute darkness.

But that did not last long as with one forceful thrust, my master finally broke through my womb and ejaculate a lot of cum directly into my womb. That made me have the most powerful orgasm I had in this intercourse as my master finally remove his now limp dick from me and allowed me to fall stomach first to the rug that was now moist from all the fluids that came out from my breasts and pussy.

I would have landed face first if it weren't for the unique way my master tied me up.

Though I was in the verge of losing consciousness, I could prevent it but I am not in the mood for it, I could still feel my pussy convulsing my juices and my breasts squirting out breasts milk.

I could feel my master untying me from my binds, before kicking me lightly on the stomach, causing me to look up.

There was a mirror above me, and the mirror reflected my current state. I was a mess! I was drooling from my mouth. My eyes were a daze. My cunt was still convulsing cum. My breasts were still squirting breast milk like a fountain. My crotch and legs were coated with my cum mix with my master's cum.

I could not remember being more beautiful.

(Scene Change)

Greed, according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is a selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed.

According to Wikipedia:

Greed is the inordinate desire to possess wealth, goods, or objects of abstract value with the intention to keep it for one's self, far beyond the dictates of basic survival and comfort. It is applied to a markedly high desire for and pursuit of wealth, status, and power.

As a secular psychological concept, greed is, similarly, an inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs. It is typically used to criticize those who seek excessive material wealth, although it may apply to the need to feel more excessively moral, social, or otherwise better than someone else.

The AI of this core manifest itself into a beautiful Greek woman garbed with the finest robes, decorated with the most expensive jewelry, and was usually seen drinking from a grail filled with the most exotic and most delicious wine.

Among her sisters, Core 013 is quite unique. For one thing, she is very light with her theme. Yes, she is very greedy, but she would willingly bowed down and submit to a person that is greedier than her. She would gladly lend her powers to a person who can prove to be much greedier than her.

That is why Tabane gave Core 013 to her best friend, Chifuyu because she was the only one greedy enough to have the core submit to her.

And the core did completely submit to her.

Every person is very greedy in one or more aspect, and Core 013, the moment it was attach to Chifuyu's I.S, the core instantly found the aspect of which Chifuyu is the most greedy, and the core was impress, so much so that she bowed down to Chifuyu the first time she revealed herself to her.

The core was so impress with Chifuyu's greed that the core did not require Chifuyu to sacrifice her entire subconscious to her, just a small portion, enough for the core to live lavishly.

She also told Chifuyu that whenever she wanted indulge herself with her greed whenever she sleeps; she just needs to enter her territory in her subconscious.

And this particular night, without her brother to sate her needs, Chifuyu did enter the world of her partner, Core 013.

In a far corner of Chifuyu's subconscious, there was an extravagant room filled with the most beautiful and most flourish furniture made from the best material. The room was decorated with the most beautiful arts beautifully painted and statue made from marble.

In the center of the room, there was a comfortable looking queen size bed, and in the middle of that bed was a naked Chifuyu, kneeling on the bed.

Chifuyu still has a strict and stern expression, though her cheeks were pink as at least six people were looking at her, six very familiar and similar people.

Actually, people is actually taking it to far. All those six people was actually a single person, it was her brother. The six people that was staring intent at her was her brother when he was ten, her brother when he was eleven, her brother when he was twelve, her brother when he was thirteen, her brother when he was fourteen, and her fifteen year old brother.

All six of them resembled each other, with the 15, 14, and 13 year old Ichikas looking like triplets but different heights and they are all naked, their nine inch manhood erect for Chifuyu to drool on.

This is the definition of her greed, her brother's attention focus solely on her.

Each of them was looking at Chifuyu with eyes filled with love and passion, and that alone arouse Chifuyu, enough to send her to bliss.

(10-Ichika (10 year old Ichika), 11-Ichika (11 year old Ichika), 12-Ichika (12 year old Ichika), 13-Ichika (13 year old Ichika), 14-Ichika (14 year old Ichika), 15-Ichika (15 year old Ichika))

"Neesama looks so beautifully." 10-Ichika complimented with a child like glee.

"Neesama looks very luscious." 11-Ichika stated, his eyes admiring every inch of Chifuyu.

"Neesama is very sexy." 12-Ichika commented with a delightful chuckle.

"I want to lavish Neesama's body with kisses." 13-Ichika stated passionately.

"I want to make Neesama feel special." 14-Ichika commented eagerly.

"I want to pleasure Neesama." 15-Ichika exclaimed excitedly.

The five Ichika's alternately and simultaneously complimented Chifuyu, praising her with every compliment in the book.

Chifuyu was enjoying all the praises each version of her brother was showering her. Those heartwarming compliments were enough to make her body tinge in glee. This is what she wanted from her brother for all eternity, his attention, his kindness, and his heart, all for her.

This is her heaven.

"I can't take it anymore!" 10-Ichika shouted as he jumped into the bed and literally tackled Chifuyu to the bed. Chifuyu did not budge, but that did not stop 10-Ichika from deeply and passionately kissing her, and this made Chifuyu opened her legs wide.

And that made the other version of her brother to jump in.

While 10-Ichika was passionately making it out with Chifuyu, 11-Ichika was caressing her thighs. 12-Ichika was massaging her shoulders to relax her body. 13-Ichika was suckling her right nipples while 14-Ichika was sucking on her left. As the two Ichika's were treating her nipples, 15-Ichika was massaging her mounds, kneading them gently, careful to not disturb his younger version.

If it weren't for 10-Ichika making out with her, Chifuyu would have moaned like a whore from the assault that the six versions of her brother was inflicting upon her. All of them, each and every one of them were doing such a stellar job overloading her body with mind numbing pleasure.

Each versions of her brother's were doing everything within their power to pleasure her, and this was Chifuyu's definition of paradise.

10-Ichika suddenly broke the kiss, but before Chifuyu could be disappointed, another version of her brother, 12-Ichika, replaced 10-Ichika and began making out with her.

10-Ichika positioned himself behind her, and started nibbling on the nape of her neck. 11-Ichika stopped caressing her thighs and started fingering her pussy, thrusting two fingers in and out of her in a steady pace. 13-Ichika then went down stairs and started nibbling on her clit, while both 14-Ichika and 15-Ichika focus their attention on Chifuyu's ample breasts, the two of them kneading and sucking her right and left breasts respectively.

Her eyes were now in the verge of rolling to the back of her head, but she remained firmed. She wanted to see what the versions of her brother would do to her.

For the next three hours, the six versions of Ichika touch her body alternately and simultaneously. There was always a version of her brother making out with her, there were always two versions of Ichika massaging and sucking her breasts, and there were always two versions of her brother assaulting her moist cunt, fingering her or licking her simultaneously. For the last three hours, there was not a moment when her body was not smothered with massages, caresses, and kisses.

Chifuyu did not do anything as six versions of her brother sent her to a sexual frenzy, causing her body to be numb in pleasure, but they did not made her cum, they always stop and pause the moment she was about to climax, keeping her to the edge of pleasure before stopping, just the way she wanted it. As match as she enjoyed her brother's hands caressing her body, his lips kissing her flesh, his teeth biting her skin, and his tongue coating her person with saliva, the only way she wanted to cum was from her brother's dick servicing her.

After the three hour mark, the six version of Ichika gently laid Chifuyu on the queen size bed. Chifuyu was covered with sweat and saliva; her crotch extremely wet from the tongue and finger treatment that she received from her partners. She was panting, trying to catch her breath while the six Ichika's surrounded her.

14-Ichika and 15-Ichika held her hands, intertwining one of their hands with her left and right respectively, effectively bounding them in place over her head, while licking her armpits enthusiastically. 13-Ichika and 12-Ichika returned their attention to her breasts, the two of them kneading her breasts with one hand while their free hand was gently rubbing her stomach. They were doing this while alternating from licking and nibbling on her slender neck.

11-Ichika on the other hand was kneeling upright, his nine inch cock gently press on Chifuyu's lips. Chifuyu was not need to be told twice as he started giving the 11-year old version of her brother a blowjob.

And the nine inch dick shove down her throat was enough to muffle her loud moan when the 10-year old version of her brother entered her, filling her up with one thrust. 10-Ichika stayed buried within Chifuyu for a full minute before he started pounding into her with speed and force that his young body will allow, grabbing her hips for leverage.

Chifuyu smiled as she started deep throating 11-Ichika, finding the sound of his and 10-Ichika moaning and growling like crazy very pleasant.

Soon the two came and Chifuyu felt a hot load of cum entering her womb while her mouth was filled with cum as well. Chifuyu drank the mouthful of cum gleefully and hungrily as 10-Ichika emptied his load in her before unsheathing his manhood from her drench cunt.

Chifuyu was not allowed to rest as she was gently force to her knees while 11-Ichika lay down on the bed. The other five version of her brother guided her until her moist pussy lips was positioned on the tip of 11-Ichika's dick, before gently pushing her down, the nine inch manhood sliding inside of her without problem. Chifuyu threw her head back as she was once again filled with the dick of her beloved. She started riding his cock while she gave both 12-Ichika and 14-Ichika a handjob, stroking the shaft of their dicks while occasionally turning the head.

Chifuyu let out a loud moan as 11-Ichika started to thrust into her roughly and brutally, but her moans were muffled as 10-Ichika shoved his limp cock down to her throat, forcing her to taste her cum mix with his. 13-Ichika positioned himself behind Chifuyu, poking her anus before thrusting into her, making her cry out loud which was silence by 10-Ichika's dick.

Her sudden cry was enough stimulation to cause 10-Ichika to cum to her mouth. 10-Ichika was replace by 15-Ichika and Chifuyu deep throated him eagerly as well.

One after the other, each of Ichikas came again and again, using Chifuyu's body in any way they could.

In a matter of minutes, Chifuyu was covered in cum, with it dribbling down her chin and out of her pussy and ass.

Though the six Ichikas have their way with her, their focus was still to pleasure her. True, there way of pleasuring her were violent, brutal, and somewhat humiliating, but they knew that they confirming with the wishes of Chifuyu, after all, Core o13 made sure that each and every one of them would only care for Chifuyu.

15-Ichika shoved his cock into her ass, which was now lubricated with cum, while 14-Ichika came into her pussy. He pulled out and 10-Ichika took his place, with him moving up to her mouth and letting her suck him clean.

12-Ichika was using her breasts as a masturbation tool, sandwiching his nine inch cock with Chifuyu's ample breasts, pinching her nipples as he thrust vigorously between her breasts.

Chifuyu was in a blissful paradise as six versions of her beloved brother fucked her into a coma.

She was so happy from the orgy that she was having that she was not able to see the avatar of Core 013 watching her from the corner of the room, drinking wine while sitting in a throne. A smirk plastered in her lips as she watch a human being indulge herself with greed.

The greed of love is both the ugliest and the most beautiful form of greed in the world.

(Scene Change)

"You're babysitting that girl again, huh?"

"[Sorry Chifuyu-nee, but I really can't deny the Emperor and Shirayuki really needs an escort.]" Ichika apologized to his sister as the two talked via phone.

"Where is that girl taking you?" Chifuyu was doing an excellent job hiding her displeasure.

"[Italy, apparently Japan and Italy made an agreement to have a technology trade. Shirayuki is going to finalize the agreement and she needs me to be her bodyguard.]"

"That's the job of the Imperial Guard." Chifuyu pointed out.

"[I know and they probably hate me right now, but Shirayuki insisted for me to be her guard and escort, something about showing a great front in front of other countries. She also said that she's comfortable with me.]" Ichika explained, and Chifuyu merely rolled her eyes as she glared at the magazine on her table. On the cover were her brother and the Emperor's daughter waltzing around the ballroom, the Emperor's daughter cloning on her brother lovingly while her brother held her tenderly and gently.

That picture made her sick.

"Of course she does, that prick." Chifuyu mumbled in exasperation. "When are you going to be back?"

"[Three days,]" The only saving grace from that news was the sadness in his voice. "[I'll make it up for you, I promise. What do you say we go on a date when I get back?]"

"Of course we would." Chifuyu replied sternly, licking her lips in excitement while thinking of the many things she would do to her brother's body when she has him in her bed. Thinking of the many immoral things that she would do to him made her cunt moist. "Buy me something nice, okay."

"[Of course, Nee-chan… I have to go, our plane is about to live…I love you Nee-chan!]"

"I love you to; call me when you get to Italy."

[Okay Nee-chan, see you when I get back.] The line went dead after that.

Chifuyu threw her phone to the other side of the room before taking the magazine and tearing it to shreds. Chifuyu so wanted to hurt that girl, but the fact remains that the Emperor's daughter is untouchable in the country, even for her,

After all, even she cannot touch the next Emperor of the country, even if the said girl was trying to steal her brother from her.

"I shouldn't worry too much. As much powers that girl as at her disposal, she still has that damn reputation to maintain." Chifuyu assured herself, but it felt empty, something she ignored.

"Chifuyu-dono," A voice coming from outside her office called for her attention.


"She's here, Chifuyu-dono."

"Excellent, tell her to get in." Chifuyu ordered as she composed herself while her secretary escorted a student to her office.

The student did not look please as she entered the office of the Principal of I.S Academy.

"Leave us…" Chifuyu ordered as she fixes her gazed on the student that entered her office. "So you're the I.S Representative Candidate of China huh, I must say, the quality of I.S pilots are lowering each year." Chifuyu commented, causing Rin to look at her indignantly.

"With all due respect, Chifuyu-san, I've earned my title." Rin exclaimed, defending herself.

"I know, and that is what I meant by the standard of each country getting worst." Chifuyu dismissed her before shaking her head. "Personal feeling aside, welcome to I.S Academy, and word of wisdom, do not break any rules and regulation or you will be punish severely. You are now under my jurisdiction, and you will follow my rules."

"I know, Chi…"


"I know, Orimura-sensei." Rin had to bite back a retort. Ever since that Sarashikis entered their lives, Chifuyu became viciously territorial and possessive of Ichika.

"Very good, now I am going to assign a student to show you around the school. Class starts at nine, and I expect to attend your first class." Chifuyu informed her as the door once again opened, and Chifuyu's secretary ushered in a new student.

"What do you want this tine, Orimura-…..

"YOU!" The student and Rin spat loudly and exaggeratedly as the two pointed at each other.

"You two know each other, so introduction is not necessary. Sarashiki, show Lingyin around." Chifuyu ordered, hiding her sadistic amusement at their discomfort.

"BUT I DON'T LIKE HER!" The two shouted indignantly as they pointed at each other, Rin glaring at Kanzashi, while Kanzashi was narrowing her eyes at her.

"I don't care." Chifuyu told them bluntly before reaching down her desk before throwing a magazine at them. "You (pointing at Kanzashi), consider this a punishment for bringing that girl in my brother's life." Chifuyu all but spat as the two girls looked at the cover of the magazine and both of them stumbled.

"SHIRAYUKI!" Kanzashi shouted as she glared at the magazine cover. "That power abusing little…"

"I blame you for this!" Rin grumbled under her breath while gazing hatefully at the magazine.

"I was not the one who dragged her around during the White Night Incident!" Kazanshi retorted hotly. Event the two of them acknowledge Shirayuki as the only one capable of taking Ichika away from Chifuyu.

How could they not after all? Shirayuki is a very beautiful girl with a body made for sweet sin. She sings and dances like an angel. Her reputation and influence is unrivalled. She has an entire country at her disposal.

The only reason Ichika wasn't already her fiancé was because of the fact that he was oblivious to the feelings of the women around him, and Shirayuki wanted to earn his love fair and square without resorting to her father's authority.

"If you did not dragged her with us back then, then she would not have been interested in Ichika. You know as good as I do how irresistible Ichika could be without him knowing it!" Kanzashi added, now fully glaring at Rin.

"You were the one who force her to hang out with us!"

"You weren't even invited back then!"

"You think I would allow Ichika to be around you for a long period of time, you harlot!"

"At least this harlot did not leave him, unlike you, you mongrel brute!"

That was low, even Chifuyu would admit that.

"HOW DARE YOU!?" Rin spat out as she threw a punch, partially deploying her I.S's right arm. That punch was block when a circle composes of small bone-like parts appeared and floated in front of Kanzashi. The space between the loops of the circle is filled with an energy, transparent screen that was able to neutralize Rin's punch.

"You are not the only one with a Persona I.S." Kanzashi informed her as they glared at each other.

Though Chifuyu was amused by them, she did not want her office to be destroyed by them. With speed that was only possible with the use of an I.S, Chifuyu deployed a black sword and proceeded to destroy the weapon and the armor that the two deployed. Chifuyu was tempted to cut off an appendage but was able to control her malicious urges.

"Both of you, get a grip and stop talking like my brother is just some kind of prize." Chifuyu scolded the two, her sword in between them. "I will not permit any Representative Candidate using their carelessly." Chifuyu told them as the two calm themselves down, not daring to do anything that would further aggravate her.

When the two of them were finally calm, their intent to hurt each other severely finally subsiding, Chifuyu ordered them to get out of her office, while reminding Kanzashi to show Rin around the school.

Chifuyu knew that this arrangement would make the two very miserable but she doesn't care. Chifuyu was miserable because her brother was force to baby sit the Emperor's daughter and misery loves company.

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