A Cinderella story {winx style}

Sky & Bloom!

Chapter one!

{Red fountain-Alfea high}

{Bloom's pov.}

Here I am standing in front of my third year of Red Fountain-Alfea looking out for my best friend Stella with my other friend Kiko sure he was a bunny but to me, he was the closest thing to family compared to my step mom and twin step sisters. I had other friend Musa, Tecna and Flora but they were like so busy these days that we hardly ever saw them.

They were more like my nightmares I wake up everyday, slowly I make my way in the school still searching for Stella when I hear a laughing more like snickering, and I turn to see Stella arguing with our most stuck up, ego, snob of cheerleaders Diaspro and her two mini images of herself Mitzi and Anne.

I wait till Stella gathers her things that they knocked off her shoulder then started to walk past me when I heard Diaspro say "this is our area, no losers" her friends laugh at me and Stella who stood by me once they walked off.

"I swear one day that girl will totally get a punch in the face if she carry's on" Stella cursed under her breath just enough for me to hear, I look at her then take her arm in mine like we always do but we were laughing to much about what Diaspro would act like or look if their cheerleading came tumbling down.

That both Stella and I bumped into someone knocking us to the ground for Stella this would be the second time for me this was high school. I look up to see Sky, Brandon and Riven looking down at us, I knew Brandon like Stella and she gave him a hard time due to how ego ran in their group.

Riven was laughing as the jerk, Brandon smirked at Stella as she just helped me pick up the last of my stuff and Kiko jumping on my shoulder as we slowly stood up Sky only looked at me with something written in his eyes when suddenly Diaspro pulled his face to her kissing him although I swear she was sucking the air out his lungs because the time he broke the kiss they were breathing heavily.

"Sky I missed you all summer" she told him yet he looked at me once again this time I choose to ignored him and grab Stella's hand pulling her away even when I hear Riven yell at us "what no good come backs?"

Stella was like his favorite to annoy and she would send call back but today I just wanted to get way from the ego popular girls and guys. I let go of Stella's hand when we walk down the halls among the many kids in the school we come to a stop because for once we bumped into Musa heading to the music room.

"Hey guys long time no see" she said

"You can say that again Musa, still working on that song for the school dance?" I asked

"for sure but I have to go bye guys" she replied before walking away leaving Stella and I looking at her when my phone sent a text which I smile and Stella rolls her eyes.

"ah, yes the secret admirer beckons" Stella jokes while I walk away to the middle of the school where you see many kids and teachers doing everything, Stella has known all about this 'Nomad' that I met in Princeton chat room. Oh AKA my future to collage and away from my hell life here in Magix.

Nomad: 'wherehaveyoubeen?Wehaven'ttalkedinages'

Me: 'wetalkedthismorning' I let out a soft laugh before I read what he says next but I keep looking around for any signs of him due to how many boys text on their cells around me to other students or girlfriends.

Nomad: 'Ican'tstopthinkingaboutyou,what'sonyourmindrightnow?"


Nomad: well,I'mthinkingthatProfessorWizGizdissectedonetoomanyfrogs.[IlookuptoseeourshortprofessorwasspitinghislunchoutlikeafrogwhichIgigglelittle,stillsearchingformyprincecharming]Ribet,Ribet'


Nomad: 'I wanna hear your laugh. When can we finally meet?'

Itextbackbeforeheadingtoclass/ontheothersideofwhereIsatwasmyprincecharmingyetIhadknowidea,Sky: 'soon!' closing his phone with a heavy sigh.

[Sky & Bloom]

We were both in computer class as I think he might just be in all my classes but instead of listening to the teacher we chat still enjoying listening to each others messages.

Sky: 'how'syourdaybeensofar?'

Bloom: 'raging step mom and cool kids. Who can't get over themselves; ever feel like you don't belong?'

Sky: 'Absolutely, I can be surrounded by a sea of people and still feel all alone. Then I think of you'

I sigh thinking how sweet that sounded; me: 'hey Nomad, do you ever think we've met?'

Sky: I don't know? Our school has over 3500 kids.'

I'm finally walking home still speaking with him 'well that narrows it down.'

Sky laughs in his room 'well, at least I can eliminate the guys. You're not a guy right? Because if you are, I'll kick your butt'

Yeah right I'm every bit of a girl, yet I find it funny and a little insulting too. 'I am not a guy! Have you told your dad Princeton yet?' After a long walk home I sit on my computer chatting while Kiko is sleeping on my bed and my so called step up family are all asleep.

Sky: if only I could, I haven't even told him I wanna be a writer'

Bloom: my father always encouraged me to pursue my dreams' before my whole world fell apart thank to the badly earthquake that left me parentless and bossed around by my Step mom and stupid yet annoying step sisters.

Sky: 'not mine; he has another plan for my life'

I look at the time and smirk but feel sorry for him, still how could one father be so stuck up to let his kid live his life and not have it run by others? 'Its 2 a.m. we've been at this for five hours'

Sky smiles at this 'well, I think we broke our record'

Bloom giggles a little 'we should turn in, Sweet dreams'

Sky: 'wait, I can't sleep without knowing there's hope. Half the night I waste in sighs, in a wakeful doze I sorrow. For the hands, the lips…the eyes; for the meaning for tomorrow'

Wow now that was so sweet yet breathe taking like how Diaspro somehow manages to suck air out of Sky's lungs every time she kisses him, just the thought is gross. 'Quoting Tennyson. Impressive'

Sky: please meet me at the homecoming dance. I'll be waiting for you at 11:00 in the middle of the dance floor. Sweet dreams'

Now I was lost for words, I wasn't miss perfect snob Diaspro or anything cool so why was I so afraid even when I knew nothing of the guy but we chat in the network. The only thing that stood in my way was step mom Griselda. I needed Stella and the girls help to figure what to do so I texted them to met me in the middle of the school grounds to find answers.

I knew Flora was doing the flowers and decorating, well Tecna was all on the making sure the light effects and sound system was all 100% as for Musa you can guess her thing was going mix up the music and make the Halloween-homecoming dance I blast.

Stella and I went to the mall to find perfect outfits and to talk with me about this guy who sounded like the real prince charming I hoped he be.

To be continued…

Hope this is a good start after all most of this stuff is based off A Cinderella story with Hilary Duff in it. Please review soon as this one is kinda new and hard to write out.