A Cinderella story!

Sky & Bloom!

Chapter 5

{Both sides}

Sky could not believe who his Cinderella was or how stupid he was to believe Diaspro could be so cruel to her and he let her walk away before he got a second look at the sad red head named Bloom tears streaming down her face with Stella behind her probably hoping he go back to Diaspro then hurt her friend more.

He sat by his computer in his room thinking what to write to her or should he leave her "man I was such a bone head to not see Bloom was my Cinderella" Sky said to himself with thought swimming of her smile, her eyes, her words and how she made him feel good, like somebody.

'Dear Bloom…' delete, delete, delete; he could not write to her like before words became harder to type and tonight was the last of high school, everything was fall down on him losing her, winning the game and working with his dad as much as he like other things, losing his friends cause everyone was heading their own way.


Bloom was finishing cleaning the house while Stella stood arguing about how she should forget what happened and leave this house and this family when Griselda and her step sisters walked down stairs "ok we heading out to get some stuff for this party tonight so we need you to clean the pool and the girls room" she said that was it when she looked at Stella crossed arms thinking how she stood up for what was right and how she fight people even her own family to show she was not a push over.

"No!" Bloom replied throwing the cloth on the ground her step mom and sisters turned slowly facing her even Stella seemed surprised at her boldness "what did you say?" Griselda questioned her

"you heard me, I am sick of your family how you treat me and you know to prove it I'm moving out cause I deserve better then this. No I know I do and you can find someone else to play maid cleaning after you I quiet!" Bloom snapped her family laughed at her like it was a jock "and where are you going to stay huh?"

"With me" Stella said stepping beside her grinning giving Bloom more hope and courage "you can't just walk out on me" Griselda said glaring at the teens.

"watch me" and just like that they both left heading to Stella's home with some boxes when Stella told her father what happened he smiled and let her stay knowing how long it was for Bloom to work for her step mother but now she was free thing felt lighter on Bloom's shoulders.

"I haven't felt at home in such a long time"

"I bet, living with those three …Bloom what's on your mind?" Stella asked sitting on her bed while Bloom looked out the window "I've got to do something don't wait up for me ok" Bloom said getting up putting on her jacket. Walking to school to finish one more thing that had to be told to someone.


Bloom head to the Boys locker room that was full of steam and half naked guys some already in their outfits for football "what you doing her loser"

"yeah what's she doing here" Bloom pushed past them heading to the blond guy she was looking for when she reached him Brandon hit him on the shoulder which Sky looked quickly at him then at her before getting up like ready to say something "ok Bloom I can explain…"

"No, you listen to me Sky, you turned out to be exactly who I thought you be. I never pretended to be anyone else and it was me who got hurt in front of everyone…[sigh] listen I know what it's like to be afraid to show who you are but I'm not anymore and you know what I really don't care about what people say about me." Bloom said looking Sky in the eyes he looked back at her thinking she was bold enough to come here to him to tell him off to break whatever friendship or more that they had on the net.

"but even though I have no family or money for collage, I know I'll be ok but it's you I feel sorry for; I know the guy who sent those Emails is somewhere inside you but I can't wait for him cause waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought useless and disappointing" with that said she turned away walking out she could heard him call her name but she done what she set out to do and now she stood out the boys changing room sighing in sadness and happiness hopefully he heard her to think about his life before it changed before her.

Sky lose her again hitting the locker angry with himself for being stupid, Brandon looked at his friend then Riven who came in the last part of her telling Sky what she thought "you really blew this off dude" Riven said

"thanks I got that from her along with words that hit me harder then a football player" Sky said putting his outfit on "maybe if you lucky something could go right and change her mind or your bro" Brandon said as the went out to head for the field little did he know Diaspro planed his life would be with her but in his mind Bloom was the one he wanted to be with.

As the fighting frogs AKA the football player head to the field he threw the ball at Brandon when he looked at the stands there she was Bloom with Stella, Flora, Musa and Tecna the three that hardly hung around Bloom and Stella cheered while Bloom sat down then looked at him with disappointment when Stella told her something giving her a small smile.

"ok Sky everything set you win this and your future with me is done" his father came and told him and then the game started with one Kick the fight frog had it winning and each time was hard for Sky knowing her blue eyes were on him so was Diaspro, his father even his team mate now was the last touch down as the team did a pack in front of him while he was on one knee ready to kick it when suddenly everyone started to cheer 'Sky, Sky, Sky, Sky' a repeating thing.

Bloom thought she could handle the school again without being afraid with Diaspro and her cheerleaders following with one name being shouted "SKY" Stella must of seen this and turned to her Bloom looked at her "Stella I thought I could handle this but I really can't I'm going to go" Bloom could feel her throat closing her eyes wanting to water.

"You know what I'll tell you how it ends" Stella said and Bloom nod getting up walking out the crowd as fast as possible even when it was so crowded. Sky looked up to check if she was still wanted to watch him when he noticed she was going to run away and everyone was telling him this is the one, thoughts of how people planed his life flooded his mind then just as his mind felt like exploding her words came crashing down to him "I know that guy who wrote those thing is somewhere in side you but I can't wait for him" and "I know what it feels like to be afraid to show your self but I'm not anymore and it's you I feel sorry for"

He looked at his Boys and Riven shacking his head not understanding what he planed to do "sorry boys" like that he took his helmet off running off the field stopped by his dad "where are you going?"

"out of here dad" for once he had a smile on his face and could see Brandon nodding his head knowing he was right "but you throwing away your dream" yeah right my dream no my dream was with that girl in Princeton "no dad I'm throwing away yours" he smirked at his dads blank face.

"it's you game now bro" Sky said handing his helmet to Brandon who took it "go get her" Brandon replied which he nod then ran towards the stands he let her go three times he was not planning to make it again when Bloom was someone who showed him the meaning of being free or not showing fear. Diaspro called his dad called but it didn't matter when he raced up the stares to her who looked at him confused.

"Sky what are you doing?" she asked as he stood in front of her he could see a smile on her face "something I should have done a long time age" he said half out of breath in a quick smooth move he capture her lips in his and all her fear and his vanished her hand traveled from his shoulder to his face and in that moment a drop of water fell on his face breaking the kiss both looked up to see rain coming down on them.

"sorry I waited for the rain" he said looking at her as she smiled at him "it's ok" before they kissed again never letting go he pulled her closer afraid she would disappear Diaspro was completely bummed and angry, Stella and the rest of Bloom's friends gave a high five thrilled at this; "touch down the fighting frog done it, they won" this broke the kiss again both were soaked and Bloom laughed while Sky nodded knowing Brandon could do this and they won with this they kissed in the rain crowds laughing at the rain Bloom step sisters cried of ruining their cloths as for Stella "oh, you gotta love high school" she said.

"after a rain fall that cleared the skies again everyone got what they wanted Bloom finally got her prince charming and her secret Will for the house and the cars which belonged to her, her family was taken down town and was put to community service, while her friends got their guys to their surprise and it turned out her step sister knew where Bloom's real Princeton letter was and now both Sky and Bloom sat on her car while Bloom did well Sky tried putting her cell on her sneak which she took from him earning a kiss.

Before they got in and drove to Princeton together like Bloom's father dreamed she would Sky's father sent money to his son to do well in Princeton but all in all it was just one of those things a girl dreamed about met her prince fall in love and live happily from now on.

Hey she was still a sophomore but what she knew is Sky loved her and chose his own path not letting people choose for him.

The end!