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He took her hand and put his other arm around her waist. Her face reddened slightly, and in turn, he grimaced, giving her once last chance to back out. Her head tilted sheepishly, but she nodded, denying his offer.

The lights dimmed and the music began moments later. It wasn't instantaneous, catching them off guard, but nor was it an awkward, over-exaggerated silence. It was just enough time for them to gaze into each other's eyes and sense the spark of mutual affection that shot between them. As the music started, he led her out onto the dance floor, while other couples were maladroitly getting each other's permission to do the same.

They started out swaying. She seemed somewhat uncomfortable, (as did he, although he would never admit it to anyone,) so he decided to begin there. Swaying. Just swaying. Back and forth, as the music hummed on behind them.

"Um… Jen?" He started; trying to decide if then was the right time or not.

"Yes, Si?" Her eyes fluttered as she spoke, almost unnaturally, and he began to wonder just how intentional that gesture had been.

"I, um, have something for you… Here." He dug around in his pants pocket, and withdrew a small, heart-shaped locket strung on a long, gold chain. He handed it to her slowly, indulging in the fact that they were, to an extent, holding hands.

"It's beautiful." She whispered, admiring the craftsmanship.

"Open it."

Children. Inside the locket were mere children. Just a boy and a girl playing dress-up in an old attic. But still, when she saw the picture, she began to hyperventilate. For the kids were playing wedding; and it was none other than her five-year-old self wearing the veil, and his six-year-old past in the black tux.

Her eyes began to tear up, and she gave him back the necklace. At first he was surprised, assuming she didn't want the token, but when she turned around to let him put it on her, he knew it was all right.

"Thank you," she breathed, and slid back into his embrace.

Soon after; well, too soon for their liking; the melody quickened, as the song neared its peak. Their eyes met, and what he saw was unmistakable. Trust. If he thought he could pull it off without making her fall, she trusted him. If he didn't think he could, she trusted him. He laughed nervously, then sighed. He pulled his arm from her waist and flung her into a twirl. She flawlessly spun around once, her purple satin dress trailing along behind her.

But in her whirlwind, their legs entangled, sending them both stumbling to the ground, sprawled atop one another.

Panic arose in her eyes. She hadn't! This had been her chance, her night, to be with him. Too many years of flirting; too many board games they had played; too many heart-to-heart conversations they had had; too many times she had to remind her sisters, "We're just friends," to have all that ruined in one klutzy move. Her mouth went bone dry as the color drained from her face. "I'm, I'm so sorry, Simon." she muttered as she scrambled to her feet and helped him up. Situating his glasses back on his face for him, she took one last look into his sapphire blue eyes, then tore herself away, sprinting to the nearest exit.

Tears welded up in her eyes. Keep it together, ol' girl. she told herself. Make it to the bathroom; just make it to the bathroom. You can call Miss Miller and go home. You'll never have to go to another dance as long as you live.

"Jeanette! Jeanette!" he frantically called after her. She didn't hear him. She either wasn't listening or wasn't paying attention. "Jeanette!" He continued, racing after the girl he now knew he was in love with. "Sorry, excuse me, pardon me. JEANETTE!" he yelled as he shuffled his way through the crowd of couples who were still enjoying the evening's last dance.

The door screeched as she threw it open, leaving the dance for good. She kicked her heels off and pulled up her dress so she could turn her sprint into a run. Mascara was now streaming down her face, along with the tears that were so overpowering. Faster, faster. She repeated, struggling to force her attention away from her problems. Faster, faster…

"Oh, what's the use?" She sniffled. Her feet collapsed from beneath her, as she fell to the ground with silent sobs racking her body. Her knees were hugged against her chest, and her face was buried deep between her legs. "Why? Oh, why?" Her words were barely audible, even to herself. "Why me? Why me? Why did I have to spoil everything? And why couldn't I have fixed it? Had Brittany crashed into Alvin, she could've turned it into flirting! Probably could've gotten a kiss out of it, too! So why couldn't I? What's wrong with me?" She pulled the locket from around her neck, and began to examine the picture inside.


"For a moment- a brief, fleeting moment- I felt something. Something was there. And I thought he felt it, too… Now it's gone! It's all gone!" A single tear slid down her cheek, and dangled from the edge of her chin.


"I'll never be with him… It's over! It's all over! Brittany was right! I should never have come to this dance! I'm not coordinated enough; I'm not flirtatious enough; I'm not pretty enough… I'm just not GOOD enough!" The teardrop plummeted down, landing on the picture before her; directly atop the boy's profile; distorting the ink around it. She gasped, and started dabbing at the picture with her dress, trying to salvage whatever it was she could.


She stopped what she was doing and gulped back her wailing, but she wasn't able to gulp back her tears.

"You still owe me a dance." informed the bespectacled chipmunk before her.

She gazed at him for a brief moment, somewhere between bewilderment and confusion. She wiped the watery mixture of mascara and eye-shadow from her face, and let an embarrassed smirk find its way to her mouth, then nodded. With a humiliated giggle, she thrust herself up, and let him take her hand once more.

As the song finished with its final notes, she impulsively laid her head on his chest. His heart raced with anticipation, and she glanced up at him. He was smiling. She closed her eyes and eased back into relaxation. "Oh, Simon…" She whispered.




"Simon… Simon!"