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"For Christmas this year, the whole First Year will be doing a gift exchange. You might get someone in a different class, though. You will have to draw a name out of a hat. We will be doing this tomorrow." Sensei announced.


"Okay, stand!" Everyone stood up. "Bow!" Everyone bowed. "You all may leave now." Everyone filed out of 1-C.

I held my head low, and looked at the ground as I walked through the halls of Ouran Academy. I let my long side bangs fall and cover my face, hoping to look like another one of the students passing by.

Oh yeah, I should probably introduce myself, shouldn't I? My name is Sakamoto Arina. My real name is Hyacinth, but a name that isn't Japanese just attracts too much attention. I dont like getting attention. So I decided to go by my middle name. My mother was upset when I decided to. She said it was a 'pretty' and 'unique' name, and that its meaning suited me perfectly. Hyacinth means, 'young and beautiful.' It's also a flower. My mother decided to name me that because when she and my father went to Greece for their honey moon, she saw lots of 'beautiful' hyacinths. Curse you flowers, for letting yourself be spotted by my mother. Hang your petals in shame. I hope someone picks you, separating you from your roots. Or better, someone accidentally steps on you.

Okay, right...Ahem. About my personality now...Well, I'm three-faced. Around my friends, I let loose and show them the real me. Which is a weird, but nice person. Around my family, I'm quiet, and obedient. Around my schoolmates and teachers, I'm quiet, shy, and unnoticed. Which is a good thing.

What else? Oh yeah, I'm not one of those rich snobs. Then how did I enter this school? My cousin is rich. When I graduated from elementary school, I moved near her neighborhood. She told her mother that she wanted me to go to the same school she does, so her mother asked my mother for permission. When my mother heard this, she said it was a great idea. My aunt then made arrangements for me to enter Ouran's Middle School. She paid for the expenses and everything. I had asked not to be introduced when I entered though, and I made sure no one knew I was a commoner. Did I mention that I hate getting attention?

Now I'm in High School. Class 1-C. I wasn't always in the C classes...when I first entered the middle school, I was in 1-D. Yes, I know. I'm not smart. When I was in my third year, I was moved up to class C because my marks started to improve.

Honestly, everyone thinks you're dumb just because you're in class C or D. Well, I have to admit, it's sort of true. When I was in class D, everyone was...stupid. In terms of your brain smarticles. Also, there were lots of weird people. Mainly Yakuza. There was this girl, her name was Kanazuki Reiko. She was my only friend in the whole school. If you exclude my cousin. She has rich friends, and I was uncomfortable around them. Okay, back to Reiko. We hung out a lot. From a first glance, she was a pretty and mysterious girl. Once you got to know her, she can be odd. When we entered High School, she did the worst thing you could ever do. She joined the Black Magic Club. She started becoming isolated. Not wanting to attract attention to myself, I stopped hanging out with her. At school, anyways. You might think I'm a terrible friend...but hey, you're not me, so you couldn't possibly understand. At least I still hang out with her.

I classified the whole first year into 3 groups. Popular, Normal, and Loser. If you were popular, you had a lot of friends, and was admired a lot, envied just as much. Everyone talked about you. If you were a loser, you were isolated, and had little or no friends. Everyone made fun of you and talked about you a lot. If you were normal, you had a few friends, and wouldn't be noticed or talked of often. Thankfully, I was normal. I hate getting attention.

The yellow dress flowed around me as I continued to walk, hoping I was 'invisible.' I quickly stepped out of the building and into my cousin's limo. She smiled at me. She had short black curls that went slightly past her shoulders. Her eyes were hazel. "Hi Hyacinth!" I scowled, and looked at the floor.

"Fine! Arina, gosh." She sighed. "No matter how many times you tell me, I still can't understand why you insist on being called Arina! If you're not gonna use the name Hyacinth, can I have it?" She said, raising an eyebrow and smirking.

"Yes, go ahead, Ayumi. Take the stupid name." I flipped my long black hair over my shoulder, and positioned my side bangs so that my face could be seen again. Most of it. My side bangs were still covering my right eye.

"I was kidding." She said, raising an eyebrow at me.

"Well I wasn't." I deadpanned.

"Oh, and your eyes! Why do you cover your amazingly awesome blue eyes with brown contacts?" Ayumi whined.

"Brown is a common eye color for Japanese. Blue eyes attract attention because it's not everyday that you see a Japanese girl with blue eyes walk by." I said, rolling my eyes. Ayumi is awesome, but she can get annoying sometimes.

"Eeeeexactlyyyyyy!" She exclaimed, throwing her hands up. Awkward silence followed. Ayumi cleared her throat. She hates awkward silences. "Did your teacher tell you about the gift exchange?" She asked.

"Yes, what about it?" I huffed.

"Aren't you nervous about who you're gonna get? I mean, what if you have to get someone like Kasanoda Ritsu a present?"

I laughed and pointed at her face. Her expression was priceless. Ayumi frowned, and started wiping her face. "What is it? Do I have something on my face?" she said, narrowing her eyes.

"Well maybe, sort of." I said, ignoring her question. "But what if it's the complete opposite, and you pull out Fujioka or one of the Hitachiins' names from the hat?"

Instantly her face turned red. Ayumi has a crush on Haruhi. She always goes to the Host Club after school. But first, she has to drop me off at my house. Why she decided to go on the drive home with me, I don't know. She could've just asked her driver to bring me home while she went to the Host Club. But of course I'm not telling her that. Ayumi can sometimes be stupid. Even though she's in 1-A.

"H-Hyacinth! Let's n-not think about t-that..." She stammered.

I frowned, and turned to face the window. Ayumi had used my real name. Purposefully.

"A-Anyway," She coughed. "What about who gets your name?"

I turned back to face her. "If it's a Yakuza, you're doomed. If it's a Host, you're screwed." I replied.

She knitted her eyebrows and scrunched her nose. "I understand what you said about the Yazuka, but the Hosts? I'm confused."

"Well, it's pretty similar if you really think about it. The Yakuza will probably get you something you won't like. Fujioka, would probably give you chocolates or something. The Hitachiins would probably get you a gift card, or whatever. They won't put much thought or feeling into it, just want to get it over with." I said.

"Oh come on, you're just exaggerating things. You won't be screwed." She pouted.

"Miss Sakamoto, we've arrived at your house." The driver said. He got out of the limo and opened my door. He offered a hand. Hesitantly, I took it (What? I'm not going to be rude when he was being so polite...) and hastily called over my shoulder, "Bye Ayumi." I walked to the door and unlocked it. I stepped inside the house, and went upstairs to my room. I plopped down onto my bed and sighed. "Maybe I should skip tomorrow..."


I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. 1-A, 1-B, 1-C, and 1-D were all squished into the gymnasium. Everyone was sitting on the bleachers. I was seated next to Haruhi, Kaoru on her other side. On my other side was a girl. She had long black hair, and bangs that covered her right eye. Speaking of eyes, hers were blue. I don't recognize her. Maybe she's a new student. Beside that girl, was Higarashi Ayumi, a regular guest of Haruhi. Ayumi was looking at Haruhi with a light pink blush dancing across her cheeks. Poor girl. She doesn't know Haruhi is a girl.

"Okay, everyone! Quiet down! I will call everyone up by the order of last names. First is Akasuki Ryuji!"

"Hey Haruhi, you don't have anything on you, do ya?" I asked, obviously bored.

"No." She sighed. "Could you please leave me alone? In the time that I'm waiting for my name to be called, I would like to read a book."

"Don't wanna~" Kaoru said playfully. He glanced at me quickly, then looked back at Haruhi.

"We're bored. Entertain us." We purred.

"Could you guys be quiet? You're being annoying." Haruhi deadpanned. We pouted at her. From the corner of my eye, I could see the girl beside me observing us through a curtain of hair. When she saw me look over at her, she quickly looked away.


Oops...I let him catch me. I think. I think he also saw my blue eyes...I was in a rush this morning, so I didn't have time to grab my contacts. I don't know if that was Hikaru or Kaoru though. The only reason we were sitting beside them was because Ayumi wanted to listen in on their conversation to see if they mentioned anything when Fujioka has to go up and pick a name out of a hat. She put me beside Hikaru or Kaoru because I have better hearing than her. Not my words.

"Fujioka Haruhi!"

Fujioka looked up from the book he was reading and went up to the teacher, and made his way down to pick a name out of the hat, which was abnormally large if you ask me. Once he had picked a name, his eyes looked over it for a second, and shoved the little piece of paper into his pocket. Then he made his way up the bleachers to his seat.

"Haruhi~ Who did you get?" The twins sang.

"The Class President." He replied.

"Aww..." Ayumi silently whispered to me.

"No need to make a big deal out of it." I grunted.

"I wanted chocolates made by Haruhi-kun..." She sniffled.

"I shouldn't have told you that..." I said, regretting what I had said yesterday.

"Higarashi Ayumi!" the teacher called out. Ayumi made her way down the bleachers, her black curls bouncing as she did so. She picked a name out of the hat, and made her way back to me. "I got Kanazuki Reiko."

"Hitachiin Hikaru!" Sensei called.

The one beside me stood up and made his way down to the teacher. Ahh, so I was sitting beside Hikaru, huh? He took a name out of the hat and looked at the paper and raised an eyebrow. As he made his way back to his seat, Sensei called out, "Hitachiin Kaoru!"

Kaoru made his way down the bleachers, but tripped on his way down. "Kaoru!" Hikaru exclaimed. He ran over to Kaoru and helped him up. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, because now you're here with me." he smiled softly. They hugged each other, causing a lot of squealing from the bleachers. There was an annoying aura that sparkled around them.

"Ahem. Hitachiin Kaoru." The teacher grumbled. Kaoru slowly walked over to the teacher and pulled out a name. He and Hikaru walked back up to their seats, holding hands.

"Geez, did you guys really have to do the whole twincest thing here?" Fujioka asked.

"What name did you get?" the twins asked each other, ignoring Fujioka's question. He just shrugged, and went back to read his book.

"I got Bossa Nova-chi!" Kaoru said.

"At least you got someone you know. I got someone named Sakamoto Arina."

My ears perked up. Me and Ayumi glanced at each other, eyes wide with shock. "Oh my gosh! You're so lucky! You're going to get a gift from Hikaru Hitachiin for Christmas!" She whispered/squealed.

"I'm screwed." I gulped. Ayumi shot a glare at me.

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