Chapter I Blood for Blood

"And I think it's gonna be a long, long time, till touchdown brings me around again to find. That I'm not the man they think I am at home. Oh no, no, no. I'm a rocket man. Rocket man, burning out his fuse out here alone."

"Leo! Shut the hell up!"

Leo paused his iPod and put it on the table. Aeris had never liked him singing, especially not to Elton John. Haters gonna hate, he always told her. But now he was curious because from the sound of it, the voice didn't come from her room. He got out of his game chair and walked around the apartment trying to find her. His investigation ended when he stumbled into Marcus' old room and found Aeris sitting on his bed looking at the dresser.

"Uh Aeris?" Leo began. He walked into the room carefully, trying not to disturb anything, but Leo being clumsy bumped into the dresser. "Damn it."

"It's funny." Aeris said not looking up, "He's only been gone for 4 hours and there's already dust on everything." Aeris dragged her finger across the dresser and brought her finger up to her eyes to inspect the amount of dust that had accumulated over time.

Leo began to open his mouth to make a sexist joke but dismissed the idea. "Well I don't think he cleaned it either." Leo said instead. Leo walked over to Aeris and sat down next to her.

"It's all that fuckers fault." She said coldly under her breath while clenching her fist.

"Whose?" Leo asked, not sure whom she was referring to.

"His father. If not for him, Marcus would still be alive. He broke him down until there was nothing left. He's the reason that Marcus suffered his entire life," Aeris replied, adding emphasis to the 'entire' part.

Leo had a puzzled look on his face. "Yeah, but if it wasn't for his father, then we probably never would have met him." Leo was proud of himself for bringing up a valid point. However his pride was crushed when he saw Aeris turn around and began to scold him. Leo raised his hands up on reflex. "You know I didn't mean it like that. It's just… you can't beat yourself up over something you had no control over."

Aeris sighed knowing he was right. "Yeah you're right. But I'd rather him live not knowing us than die in agony being friends with us." She brought her vision back down to the dresser and wiped her finger across the surface once again.

Leo looked around the room. It's funny how when someone dies the whole world just continues. Leo brought his attention back to Aeris. "Yeah, I agree. Sometimes I wish I could get my hands on his Dad. I'd make him pay," Leo said with steel in his voice.

Aeris froze; she stared at the dresser and then out of nowhere stood up. "That's it!" She exclaimed with excitement. "Why don't we do that? What's stopping us? We could go to the States and get him!" She raised her fist in the air with a devilish grin resting on her face.

"What?" Leo jumped up confused, not knowing whether to take her seriously or not. "Are you kidding?"

Aeris looked down at the baffled Leo. "No. Why would I be kidding? You said so yourself, you want blood. Well I do too, blood for blood."

Leo was still staring at Aeris, astonished she would even suggest an idea such as murder. "Well for one it's illegal!" Leo barked, trying to convince her to change her mind. But he knew that once she had her mind set on something that it was almost impossible to change it.

"So fucking what? We could do it. He's a piece of fucking shit! No one would miss him. It would be so easy."

Leo sighed heavily, knowing that he was losing the invisible battle that was waging on between them. "Aeris," Leo started, "Revenge is like a ghost, it takes over every man it touches. Its thirst cannot be quenched until the last man standing has fallen."

Aeris glanced at him. "Why does that sound familiar? Who said it?"

"Makarov." Leo said slightly grinning. Aeris sighed heavily and kicked him in the shin.

"What have I told you about quoting video game characters?"

"Don't do it?"


Leo sat down on the bed and after what seemed like an eternity he spoke up. "Fine. If you're this bent on getting this man then I'll go along with you. I do want justice."

Aeris smiled. "Good, I knew you would see the light."

Leo rubbed the back of his neck, "Yeah, something like that."

Aeris laughed slightly and she sat down next to Leo. "He'll pay, Leo." Leo nodded to himself and looked around the room some more. Aeris sat frozen for a second and exclaimed a curse word.

"What?" Leo asked. She stood up off the bed and looked at him.

"We don't know where he lives; all we know is that it's in the States." She looked destroyed due to her dream shattered so easily.

Leo spoke up and began to stand as well. "I think I know a way." Aeris almost immediately looked over her shoulder and stared at him.

"How?" She asked curiously.

Leo looked at her and pointed his finger towards the corner of the room. Aeris followed his finger to where it pointed and saw papers. "His medical files." Leo said. "They probably have his address on them somewhere."

She scurried across the room and picked up the papers. She browsed each and every paper for about 2 minutes. She finally looked up with a smile on her face, waving the piece of paper happily. "Got it. Good idea, Leo," she said, somewhat shocked by what just came out of her own mouth.

Leo returned the smile and bowed slightly. "I have my moments."

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