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Chapter VI Good Intentions

Leo looked eagerly at the door closing as Aeris left the hotel room. As soon as he heard the car start up he let out a sigh of relief and quickly ran towards where he had stashed his things he had bought earlier at. I thought she would never leave, he thought to himself. He put all of his items on the table and looked at each of the objects for a while until he spoke to himself. "Let's get to work."

10 Minutes later…

Leo had just finished putting the finishing touches on his project when Aeris came walking through the door. Leo panicked as he threw a sheet over his invention. He looked up at Aeris who was staring at him inventively.

She rose an eyebrow and spoke up. "And what is that if I might ask?" She pointed a finger towards the sheet that covered the table. She put down the bag that contained their dinner and walked over towards the table. She reached for the sheet until Leo playfully slapped her wrist as he shook his finger.

"Please, allow me." He said. He put both hands on the sheet and yanked back towards him hard. Aeris starred at the strange foreign object for awhile and let herself get a better look at it. It was paintball gun with a knife glued at the end of the barrel.

"Did my money pay for this?" She asked irritated. She scowled at Leo as she predicted his answer.

"Yes. But…" Leo said, quick to change the subject. "But do you know what it is?"

Aeris frowned. "Retarded?"

"No. Imagine a ballistic knife." Leo held out both hands towards the weird device. "Here, I'll show you how it works." Leo picked up the gun and pointed it towards the wall. He flipped the safety off and looked back towards Aeris. "This is going to be awesome!"

He turned back towards the wall and squeezed the trigger, however was presented with a faint hiss of gas.

"Can't say I'm surprised." Aeris said agitated.

"No, no. hang on let me try it again." Leo pulled the trigger once again, only to have the hissing to grow a little louder. He stared at the gun a little. "It should work, I don't understand." He pulled the trigger several more times until eventually the back of the gun exploded, causing Leo to jump in fear and drop the gun.

Aeris immediately began to laugh at his foolishness and walked towards him. "You alright?" She eventually asked as her laughter subsided. Leo was still shaking but slowly nodded his head.

Aeris picked up the broken gun and examined it. She sighed as she looked back towards Leo. "Well, you get an A for effort." She said sarcastically. She motioned for Leo to grab the bag of food that rested on the counter. "Come on. Let's eat and go to bed. You're going to need your energy soon."

Leo reluctantly obliged her demand and snatched the bag from the counter. He took out the burgers and began to wonder how he was going to sleep tonight.

An hour later…

Aeris lay down on the bed and closed her eyes. "Good night Leo." She leaned up and fluffed a pillow before laying back down.

"Good night!" Leo said. He quickly got into a comfortable position and closed his eyes, but he knew almost instantly that sleep wasn't coming. He relaxed and let his mind wonder.

Am I really about to go through with this? He thought to himself. I agree that his father is a bastard but I think that this is a bit extreme. I mean, I've never killed anyone before and I really want to keep it that way. Why did I even suggest this? His mind wondered even further and he knew why he was doing what he was doing. It seems like I'm not even doing it for Marcus anymore, I'm just here to what? Try to impress Aeris? Sure I would kill for her, but not someone who isn't threatening her. But if it's really that important to her then I'll go through with it. I have to be brave, for her. I'll never tell how I truly fell about this.

While Leo was pondering the subject, Aeris too was thinking to herself, not asleep at all. What the hell am I doing here? She began to think. Leo is right, this was a shit idea. I can't even begin to think that he was right about all of this. I can't imagine killing someone I've never met before, I won't even try to think how Leo must think about all of this. But he isn't protesting anymore. Does he really believe in this? Does he support the cause or does he side with me and my intentions? I won't bring it up to him, my true feelings about all of this. But if he asks to go home I won't object. Oh Leo, I hope you say something.

About 6 hours later…

Leo woke up to Aeris slightly shaking his shoulder. Leo slowly rubbed his eyes and glanced at Aeris. He was surprised that he even fell asleep. He stretched and scratched his back. "What time is it?" He whined.

"5 till 4." Aeris responded, not having to look at a clock. She must have had an alarm Leo guessed. "You ready?" Aeris asked. Please say no, Aeris thought to herself. Just say lets go home.

Every fiber in Leo's being wanted to shout no, to scream out his disapproval, but his heart betrayed him. "Yeah." He replied simply.

Both of them unsatisfied nodded to each other as Leo got out of the bed and reached for the bag that contained their gear.

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