-B is for Baby Blowout-

James- 3 Albus- 2 Lily- a couple of months

The day just kept getting worse in Ginny's opinion. How was it that they could be late to such an event? Sure it wasn't the most important place to be on earth, but it was Kingsley's nieces' wedding. When Harry had posed her with the invite, Ginny had at a glance brushed it away. But, Harry had pushed it further, saying that not very many people would be in attendance, and that it might be the least they could do. Ginny had still been a bit weary, but he'd convinced her like he always seemed to do. But, as they filed into the large chapel, Ginny noted that it was packed full and an overflow room had been opened. They were the very last row.

Ginny noted Ron, Hermione, Rose and Hugo somewhere towards the front, and she felt like yelling at Harry for his making them late. She hated sitting in the back, especially when her family was so much closer to the front. From the corner of her eye, she could also note that Percy, Audrey, Molly and Lucy were seated much closer than even Ron's small family. Leave it to Percy to overachieve, Ginny figured.

"Mummy," James' voice was loud and she turned to look at her anxious son.

"James, you need to be quiet." Ginny reprimanded him for the tenth time since their arrival. "You have to be quiet."

"I don't want to be quiet." James didn't lower her voice, and Ginny rolled her eyes at her son. He sat in between his parents, those his bright blue eyes were fixed at his mother. Albus sat on the other side of Harry, a cardboard book in his chubby grasp, and baby Lily was in her father's arms.

"James Sirius," Ginny tried, too tired to try any stronger tactic. She was great at time outs, but this didn't quite seem like the time or the place. It had been a long day, what with Lily's consistent cries, James' protests and Albus' anguishes caused by his older brother.


"James." She gave him a hard look, and the tiny boy seemed to realize he wasn't winning anytime soon, for he turned away, looking at the stuffed animal in his own hands. Ginny had insisted that the boys bring something to entertain them as they sat at some wedding for people they had no acquaintance with.

The program went on as most weddings seemed to proceed. James had only a few more sudden outbursts, and for that Ginny was grateful. Not a peep was emitted from Albus, and Lily was quiet, besides her few whimpers here and there. Success wasn't quite the word waiting to bristle Ginny's lips, but it wasn't quite failure either. But, it seemed luck wasn't really on Ginny's side that day.

"Gin," Her husband murmured from beside her, but she chose to ignore him. "Gin."

"Harry, you're acting like the boys." Ginny murmured back, though she didn't turn her head.

"Ginny. Lily smells horrid."

"Go change her, then." Ginny muttered back.

"Where? The changing tables are in the woman's bathroom."

"Harry, be a mature adult for just one second."

"Ginny, please just change Lily-bug."

"Ugh," Ginny groaned, finally turning her head. "Yeah, because you're so equipped to handle both James and Albus without me."

"I'll try and manage." Harry offered his wife a wry grin and she rolled her eyes.

"Fine." Ginny held her arms open for their daughter, and Harry passed her over seamlessly. Grasping Lily in her arms, she held one hand underneath the infants rounded bottom, and the other one at Lily's head. Being mature enough to not the smelly baby arm's length away, Ginny went to cradle Lily, before she felt something terribly wrong.

Glancing down quickly, Ginny saw what could have been someone's worst nightmare. Lily's bottom was drenched in her own waste, and it dripped steadily into Ginny's lap. She fought the urge to throw up, as she looked over at her son and husband. James' lap was covered in the stench, as was Harry's nice dress robes.

"Harry!" Ginny tried not to exclaim too loudly, as she tried to get her husband's attention. They had a problem on their hands that needed solving immediately. "Harry!"

"Yeah, Gin." As Harry turned his head, Ginny watched the realization hit his features, as he surveyed the baby held far from her mother a look of disgust crossing her features, and James' eyes were collecting with tears.

"Merlin's beard!"

"Do something!" Ginny whisper yelled.

"Get it off of me!" James had no shame, as he exclaimed loudly, and Harry put a finger to the boys lips. Doing the first thing that came to his mind, Harry yanked James' shirt off of his body, careful not to smear the stained shirt across his son's face, or into his perfectly poised hair, or at least as perfect as Potter hair could be. Once he had waded up the shirt, and set it on the ground, he stood James up and pulled the rest of his clothing off, until he stood on the bench in only 'big boy' snitch underwear that he'd only been wearing for a few weeks. Potty training had been hard on Ginny, but he had finally pulled through, though that was hardly the issue of the moment.

"What now?" Ginny gave Harry a look. "Now we have a naked son, a leaking daughter and we're both covered in her poo!"

"We have to leave."

"Obviously!" Ginny glared at her husband, though she did slide out of the bench, grabbing Lily's blanket and wrapping her in it. Ginny could wash the blanket later, and she wanted nothing to do with spreading the leak any further.

"Come on, Albie." Ginny could hear her husband encouraging Albus to get up, for Harry really couldn't pick him up at the moment, for his front was drenched. "Follow Daddy, James." Harry added. And so, with Ginny carrying a now sobbing Lily, with a naked James, soiled Harry and solemn Albus, the Potter family left the building.

In the end, Harry and Ginny concluded that they really couldn't remember a time they'd laughed quite as hard. They also realized that, had they only used magic, the mess could've been cleaned up a lot faster. It would just have to be one of those memories they could sit and laugh at later.