-F is for fairytale-

Fairytales were sweet bedtime stories told to little girls. Tales about dragons and princesses and dashing knights. They told of daring adventures and scary monsters defeated. Every girl loved to hear them in their storybooks before bed. Magic wizards and witches liter the pages of fairytales.

Ginny was no different. At bedtimes she'd cuddle up in her mother or fathers lap and they'd open up the battered story book. They'd read the same stories every night, yet Ginny's love only grew. They read Babbity Rabbity and The Fountain of Fair Fortune, and all the other stories of Beedle the Bard.

Sometimes her brothers would join them. Often times she and Ron would climb up into their parent's laps with little worn stuffed animals clutched tightly in their grasps. Other times she and Ron would cuddle up in their parent's bed, Fred and George on either side of them, for story time. Of course Ron, Fred and George enjoyed story time, but not quite as much as Ginny. Ginny loved fairytales.

Though Ginny tried to deny it in her later years, young Ginny's favorite fairytale was the true story of Harry Potter: The Boy Who Lived. She insisted on hearing that story every night, much to the dismay of her brothers.

"Mummy," her little voice would ring out. "I want to hear Harry Potter!"

"No," Ron whined. "Not that story again!"

"Ronnie!" Ginny glared at her older brother. "I wove that story!"

"It's stupid!"

"No it's not!"

"Yes it is!"


"Ronald, Ginvera, calm down. We can read two stories."

And that was how each night seemed to play out.

Now, years later, Ginny couldn't help but remember those days when it was all just a fairytale. Just a few weeks ago, her daring knight had defeated the evil wizard and saved his red haired princess. The fairytale life Ginny had once dreamed of wasn't much of a dream anymore.