A/n: This goes with a Dramoine playlist with the songs as inspiration for the short chapters.

It's Tough to Have a Crush

Well it's tough to have a crush,
When the boy doesn't feel the same way you do.

Draco stalked the halls for something he had misplaced. He was ready to blast the walls to bits if he didn't find his potions report soon. It had fallen out of his suit as he rushed to the next class. It was embarrassing because Malfoy's didn't rush. They took their time.

Then he spotted it in the hands of the know-it-all Granger. She was about to open it and held a confused expression on her face. It was an expression rarely used for her but it was sort of cute.

"That's mine!" Draco's voice raised from far away as her walked over to her.

Granger halted and shook herself out of the thought.

"Sorry-" She released the scroll from her tight grasp and motioned for him to take it, "I found it on the ground. I cleaned it up a little because the dust had settled."

He was ready to snatch it and growl but calmed himself and lightly picked it from her hand careful not to touch her hand.

Draco had to be polite at the most but the words wouldn't come out. He spat them out like vomit, "Thank you." It was too uncomfortable to see her expression so he turned suddenly and left to hand the report in to Professor Snape.

Hermione sighed with a small smile and watched as he walked away. The first time he had ever thanked her. She was surprised to say the least and a little apologetic at how hard it had seemed for him to say. Still it was a vast improvement from the usual dreadful insults. She squished the butterflies in her stomach and walked to the Great Hall in time for dinner with the smile still on her face.